Working Under Cindy


You arrive at work, and are a bit anxious as this is your first job after college and you want to make a good impression. While at university, you were a bit apprehensive about the job opportunities and you really didn’t think the interview you had with OMG Electronics went all that well, but here you are. You were hired as a process engineer for one of their control board lines and can’t wait to hit the ground running.

Your first day is a complete blur and you are lucky if you can remember where you parked let alone who everyone is. Time passes quickly and you are proving to be a big asset to the department. You have also made friends with several of the folks who work in the production office, one of them being Cindy, the Scheduling Manager. She is a beautiful voluptuous brunette who stands about 5′ 8″ and is always wearing business dress, meaning skirts and blouses or dresses. This also means she is always wearing pantyhose and high heels, in fact on several occasions you have stared longingly at her wonderful backside as it has sashayed down the hall.

It has started to get cooler, and so you have started wearing pantyhose under your pants, partly for warmth, but mainly because you love the feel of pantyhose on your legs, you love the look of pantyhose on legs and feet and you just love pantyhose. Since you are wearing them to work, you have been wearing black pantyhose since you figure they look like dress socks more so than any other color you own.

You open your email you see that there is an all employee meeting at the local convention center later on that day. You attend the meeting which entails snacks and drinks and just happen to get a seat next to Cindy. As you listen to the Plant manager drone on about things well above your level, you don’t think about it and stretch out your legs and lean back in your chair.

Just at that moment Cindy looks down at your ankles and notices your pantyhose. She nonchalantly asks you about your foot wear. You realize what she has seen and instead of keeping a calm head about it and shrugging it off, you over react a bit and try to bluff your way out of it, but she is not being fooled.

You continue to try to come up with a plausible excuse she merely silences you and tells you go to the bathroom in 10 minutes. She then gets up and heads that direction. You are completely embarrassed and can’t imagine what Cindy thinks of you or what she is going to do. As the time nears you quietly get up and head toward the bathrooms which are located outside the auditorium and down the hall.

As you near the men’s room you see Cindy standing next to another door. As you approach she signals for you to enter the room which you do and as she follows she closes and locks the door behind her. As you look around you realize that it is a coat room and only has one door. As you turn around you see Cindy with a very stern expression on her face and she again asks you what is going on and tells you that if you don’t tell her the truth that she is going to report you to HR for sexual harassment.

The uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach doubles. As you stand there you explain that you are wearing pantyhose as a way to insulate your legs against the cold and that since you have been going out to the warehouse here lately it has been getting quite cold out there. She listens to your explanation and as she does a mischievous smile crosses her face.

She tells you that she wants to see your hose and for you to take off your pants. You can’t believe what she is asking; here is a gorgeous woman whom you have fantasized about on several occasions telling you to drop your pants so she can see you wearing pantyhose.

Without giving it another thought, you undo your belt and let your pants fall to the ground. Since you enjoy the feel of pantyhose on your skin you do not wear underwear and are standing there with a semi hard on in pantyhose with your pants around your ankles. She walks up to you and grabs your hard on and tells you that she thinks you enjoy wearing pantyhose for other reasons. She starts to rub your ass while holding your hard on which begins to grow more.

You realize she has you and admit to her that you love wearing pantyhose and that it gives a thrill throughout the day. As she continues to bring you to your full hardness her hand on your ass moves to hike up her skirt and you see that she too does not wear any panties while wearing pantyhose. You also notice that there is quite a big wet spot on the front of her pantyhose and it seems to be growing. Without being told to do so you drop to your knees and begin to lick her pussy through the pantyhose.

She leans back against the wall and grabs your head with both hands holding you there while you lick and suck her through her hose. As she becomes more and more excited she reaches down and with her fingernail rips a hole in her pantyhose so you can insert you tongue into her hot, dripping snatch.

You reach up with your hands and make the hole bigger şişli travesti and go to town on her, lapping up her juices as they flow out from her. You continue to suck and lick until she shudders and lets out a deep sexual moan. As you look up at her with her juices covering your face she smiles down at you and tells you that you are now hers and that she is going to use you whenever she wants.

She then pulls you to your feet and notices that you too have a rather large wet spot on the front of your pantyhose. She then drops to her knees and begins to lick your pantyhose encased cock. She reaches up to your waist band and pulls your hose down and engulfs your prick and sucks you until you erupt in her mouth. Once she has captured all of your semen she stands up and leans into to kiss you forcing your cum into your mouth with her tongue. You are so dazed that you don’t even resist and eager accept it.

She steps back from you and smoothes her skirt in place and tells you that you are to come to her office tomorrow morning with three things. They are a new pair of No Nonsense, size Q suntan pantyhose for her pair that was destroyed today; all of your body hair removed from your neck down and a ribbon which she produces from her purse. You understand the first two, but wonder about the last item until she again drops to her knees and ties the ribbon around your cock and balls.

She tells you that she now owns your ‘stuff’ and that you are not allowed to play with it without her permission. She ties it a bit tight, but tells you that is so you can still remove all the hair. It then sinks in what she means when she said, “all of your body hair below your neck”. She tells you that you are not to wear anything under your pants tomorrow. She tells you to wait 10 minutes before leaving so as to not give anyone a reason to wonder about you two. Once you leave, the meeting is getting over with and you are able to make your way to your car and head home.

On your way, you realize that your life at work is going to be very different and decide to stop at the local Wal-Mart to pick up the needed supplies for tonight. When you get home you go straight to your bedroom and empty out the bags from the store, and look at the disposable razors, hair depilatory solution and several pairs of No Nonsense pantyhose.

You begin by undressing and applying the solution, while you wait for it to do its thing, you think back to your encounter and start to get hard again, but the ribbon restricts you and you quickly come back to reality. When the time is up you jump in the shower and as you watch all of your hair washes from your body and down the drain.

As you step out and towel yourself off you notice some stray hairs and work on removing them as best you can. As you lay in bed that night you toss and turn thinking about what tomorrow will bring and before you know it your alarm is going off.

While you dress for work you remember to not put on anything under your pants and notice that they feel quite different with no hair. Again your thoughts cause you to start to become aroused but the ribbon keeps you in check. As you arrive at work you can hardly keep the smile from your face or the excitement from your eyes. As you reach your cubicle you notice a note on your computer screen telling you to come straight to Cindy’s office.

You do so without hesitation and when you approach she tells you to come in and shut and lock the door. As you turn around you see that she is still sitting behind her desk beckoning you with her finger to come to her. Half way there, she tells you to stop and undress completely for your inspection. You do so quickly and resume your approach. She has you stand in front of her at the side of her desk and tells you to lace your fingers together atop your head and to spread your feet 3′ apart and to look straight ahead.

You get into the position and she tells you that this is called the “inspection” position and that whenever she tells you to assume it you will do so immediately without hesitation. As you stand there you can feel her moving around you looking at your shave job and hope that you didn’t miss any hairs.

She straightens and places a hand on your ass and tells you that you did a very nice job of ridding yourself of that nasty hair. She removes her skirt before she sits back down and then orders you between her legs. So, there you are completely naked, hairless from the neck down and your cock and balls tied together with a bright red ribbon, looking at one of the most beautiful sights ever.

You notice that she is shaven also and that she is wearing a garter belt and nylons and no panties. As you drop to your knees and approach her she grabs your head and brings you right up to her crotch. She tells you that she is going to instruct you on how to please a woman and that you are going to keep doing it until she is satisfied.

She spreads her legs as far as the arms on the bakırköy travesti chair will allow her and scoots her ass to the edge so that her lips are right there. She then tells you to use only your tongue and start at the bottom of her lips and lick your way up. She has you do this for several minutes. Finally, she tells you to take your hands and gently pull back her outer lips so that you can do the same to her inner lips.

You keep this up until you start to taste her juices and her nubbin begins to protrude. Without being told, you work your way up to it and begin to lightly flick it with your tongue, which sends shivers of pleasure down her body and causes her to forcibly grab your head and pull it in hard to her mound.

You take that as a good sign and begin to lick and suck her nubbin, while you are doing so, she tells you to go slowly and to change the angles at which you approach. In doing so, she is able to enjoy this for quite some time and eventually explodes in an earth shattering orgasm, which causes her to cum what seems like buckets. As she calms down she tells you to clean her up good, because she didn’t bring any panties and doesn’t want to leak the rest of the day.

Finally, she pushes you away and you realize that you have been between her thighs for nearly an hour and that your knees are really stiff. Unfortunately, due to the ribbon that is the only thing stiff. She tells you to assume the “inspection” position which you do so quickly.

She then tells you to bend at the waist and grab your ankles. Once in position she tells you that is called “position

“. As she walks behind you, you realize how vulnerable this position makes you. Standing behind you she reaches under you and grabs your cock and balls and begins to grate her nails over them.

This causes you both pain and pleasure and she can tell. While you are distracted with her ministrations, she takes out a tube and squirts a dollop on your rosebud. You jump at the coldness and then at the finger she begins to work into you. Eventually, you relax enough so that she has two fingers in you.

She keeps thrusting them in and out and before you know it your semi hard penis begins to drip cum. At that point she thrusts her finger inside you and begins to milk your prostate until you have a good size puddle on the floor. She tells you to get on your hands and knees and clean it up, which you do so eagerly.

As you finish cleaning up your mess she asks you if you brought the pair of pantyhose, at which you tell her they are with your clothes. She goes over and retrieves them returning to her desk. As you kneel before her she produces a sexy thong which she puts on. She then tells you that you will report to her office every morning at 6:30 am.

Since you are not required to be at your desk until 7:30 am this will give her an hour with you. You are also to wear nothing under your ugly boy clothes and at the end of each session you will be allowed to wear her sexy under things from the day before. She then produces a Ziploc with a pair of pantyhose, which she tosses at you. You instinctively catch it. She tells you to open the bag and breathe in her aroma.

You open the Ziploc and your senses are assaulted by her pungent scent and you wonder how long she had these on. She then tells you to put them on and put on your clothes because she has other things to do. You dress quickly and leave, with your cock and balls still tied together and a huge set of blue balls. What you don’t see as you leave is the simply mischievous look on Cindy’s face.

The rest of the morning is uneventful, unless you count the fact that your newly shaved legs encased in pantyhose are driving you crazy. Every time you walk or move the nylon rubs and sends shivers of delight up and down your spine. You are sitting in a meeting when you receive a text from Cindy. She tells you that you are needed in the JTEC storage area to discuss some pieces of equipment.

You excuse yourself from the meeting and head up to the storage area. When you arrive it takes you a while to find Cindy but you finally do. She is in the far back reaches of the storage area in a poorly lit area. As you approach, she turns to face you and reaches out and grabs your crotch while kissing you very passionately. She whispers in your ear that you have been extremely good and that as a reward she is going to release your monster from it confines and then take care of your needs.

At the sound of that your member twitches and you passionately kiss her back. She breaks the kiss and squats down in front of you. She then unbuckles your pants and pulls them down. While she stares at your pantyhose encased lower half, her hands are roaming all over the place, grabbing and pinching as they go. Finally, she hooks her thumbs into your waistband and pulls down your pantyhose, she then proceeds to use her teeth to grab hold of the ribbon and untie it. While she is doing this you istanbul travestileri can feel her breathe on your groin and you feel like you are going to explode.

As your cock springs free and begins to inflate she takes it in her mouth and begins to suck and lick the entire length. Just as you think you are going to blow your load she reaches up and grabs your nuts and pulls ever so slightly so as to halt that action. Once she has you nice and wet she stands up and turns away from you while hiking up her skirt.

You go to reach for her, but she swats your hand away and tells you to just relax and enjoy the view. She then reaches back with her hand and while holding onto your member guides/turns you so that you are leaning up against a set of lockers. As soon as you can no longer move backward she reaches back with her other hand and pulls her thong aside revealing that beautiful, shaven mound smiling at you in the dim light.

She then takes your cock and places it at her entrance and begins to ever so slowly impale herself on you. When she is all the way back against you, she asks you how it feels and you merely mumble something unintelligent. She then proceeds to squeeze and massage your cock with her pussy muscles.

You have never felt anything like this before and are afraid you will bust a nut, until she finally begins to slide back and forth on your tool. When she senses that you can’t handle it anymore she slams her ass against your groin and milks your rod until you are completely spent.

She disconnects from you as you deflate and turns around, still bending at the waist she leans down and licks you clean. She then turns back around presenting you with her now beautiful, shaven, fucked mound and tells you to get down on your knees and clean her up. You are in such a state of euphoria that you do so and begin to lap up your cum from her pussy.

Once she feels you are done she bends down and pulls up her thong and tells you that tomorrow’s set of under things will be interesting, especially if you didn’t clean her out good enough. As you both leave the storage area you realize that it is time to go home, so you both swing by the office and grab your things and walk out to the parking lot together. As she gets in her car she tells you to hand wash the pantyhose tonight and bring it in tomorrow. As you watch her drive away you can’t believe the situation you are in.

The next morning you are at Cindy’s office right on time and see that she is already in. You quickly enter, lock the door and begin to undress and assume the Inspection position. Once there, she finally looks up from her desk and as she drags her nails across your stomach and thighs, asks you how far you are willing to go? You are in such a state of sexual desire that there is no way you are thinking with anything other than your little head and rather quickly tell her that you will go to any lengths to prove your dedication and devotion to her.

She smiles wickedly and grabs your nut sack and squeezes while telling you ‘we’ll see my pet’. You begin to let out a yelp but she warns you not to make noise or else someone might get suspicious and break the door down trying to respond. You quickly stifle your cry of pain. She lets go and tells you that you had better get down under her desk now before she decides to do something else.

You position yourself under her desk and notice that she has cushions down there to help ease the strain on your knees and when you look up you see her beautifully shaved pussy encased in pantyhose. She tells you to begin sucking and licking her and to not rip her pantyhose or else you will have hell to pay for. You begin to administer to her pussy and know that you are affecting her as she squirms ever so often, however, after 30 minutes your tongue is starting to feel raw and you wonder how much longer you have of this and want to be able to get at her unimpeded.

But, alas she doesn’t let you up and so you continue to lick and suck as best you can without ripping a hole in her pantyhose. Finally, she tells you to get up and get dressed, as you emerge from under her desk you see a Ziploc with her lingerie from yesterday. You quickly put on the garter belt and she marvels at the fact that you know how to put it on and that the nylons go on first and then the thong. You continue and when you get to the thong you realize that you did not clean her up very well yesterday afternoon, in fact her thong is still slightly damp and you can smell your joint aroma waft up as you pull it up your legs.

As you put your cock and balls in place you can feel the dampness and look down at Cindy smiling because she knows what you are feeling right now. You put on your pants and shirt and leave her office again, in a trance like state.

This scenario continues for several weeks, with occasionally a romp somewhere else in the building. You mainly satisfy her and take care of her needs and she makes some of your fantasy’s come true. Everything is going as usual until one day as you stand there in the Inspection position, she tells you that she has a surprise for you and blindfolds you and cuffs your hands behind your back. You realize that you would do anything she asked of you; however, being that you are naked in her office and wearing a blindfold and cuffs you are a bit apprehensive.

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