Waiting for My Sexy CD Slave


Sitting here waiting for my sissy lover

She is due in 90 minutes. She has just received two new dresses to wear plus assorted lingerie and I am to pretend be a photographer from a model agency who will gradually reduce her inhibitions about posing until I am lying on the floor shooting straight up her skirt.

Then the real fun begins because I shall lead her to my room. Stand her by the door and command her to strip, just leaving the lingerie on.
She will be instructed to crawl to me and accept and wear the blindfold I shall hand her. She is then to extend her wrists so I may tie them and finally she moves so she may bend over my bare thighs (did I mention I undressed after she put on the blindfold?)

I shall caress her silky bottom for a wee while and as she settles I will suddenly SLAP her cheek. This will be followed by nine more. She really likes sets of ten with a space in between. I use this opportunity to change spanking toys, paddle, belt, cane, slipper etc. I remove her panties by just sliding them down her legs so I can feel her hard clit pressing against my thigh. Often when we are doing this she will cum and that feels really nice but regardless she will receive her ten sets of ten strokes.
Once this has finished and she has thanked her Master I permit her to straighten up and untie her wrists but leave her blindfolded.

Now she is required to take my very erect cock into her lovely warm mouth and express her love for me.

Where it goes from there will vary day by day but often we finish in a 69 position as I really like sucking her clit, she in turn will finger my ass and insert a very wet/lubed finger. Ahh the possibilities are quite endless.

She is my loving and willing slave and I love her dearly

OK the story continues after she arrived….

The afternoon went much according to plan, she arrived and went off to change and emerged otele gelen escort looking radiant. Her new wig looked superb. Her choice of the two frocks was impeccable so lots of photos we taken – we played the photographer, shy teenager roles out in the process and then it was time to retire to my room, she went back to the bathroom to divest herself of her frock and then emerged just wearing panties and a robe.

As per my instructions she donned a face mask I had left on the door handle and then I asked her to walk slowly across the room towards me, taking her hand as she approached.

I bound her wrists together and then turned her and got her to kneel beside me. I had undressed while she was in the bathroom and was just wearing a robe.
I bent her across my knee. This lovely broad bottom (she is a large girl) so temptingly placed just in the perfect position by my right hand. I caressed it for a minute and then SLAP!! She cried out and winced and I felt her press closer to my thigh. SLAP again and again. That was three. I eased her back up and slid her panties down and then bent her back over my knee. I could now feel her clitty, already leaking fluid against my thigh.

I caressed her some more and then administered the remaining seven slaps of the first set of ten. She has a safe word so I know I can take her to the limit.
At this point I straightened her up and just held her against me. She thanked me and told me how she loved me. I caressed her bottom which was beginning to become quite red and then, without warning, pulled her back down by tugging on the end of the rope around her wrist.

This time I used a leather paddle. Not too hard but sufficient to sting. The feel of her clit, wet and sticky and warm pressing against my thigh is so erotic and arousing.
By the end of this set she was sobbing softly so again I straightened türkmen escort her up and held her very closely. I told her I loved her, that spanking her was necessary for her training although I hated causing her pain it was necessary for both of us to establish a true relationship. I kissed her. Because of the face mask I could not see her tears although I knew they were there.

I bent her over again. This time I caressed her bottom for quite some time. It was red and very warm. No bruising, I am very careful about that. She would not want to make any explanations to her wife back in the real world when she returned home and became to macho husband she appears to be.

I chose a soft leather sandal. Nice and flexible and whippy. Ten spanks with this and she was sobbing her heart out. Her bottom was very inflamed and my thigh was soaked with precum. I really had overdone the last set. There was no way she could manage the ten sets she had requested in her email to me the previous day, so I allowed her to straighten up and softly caressed her burning skin. I untied her wrists and kissed her. She clung to me so warmly and when she had settled a bit I told her that now was the time to show master just how much she loved him.

Over the past week we had imagined all sorts of scenarios to cover the next period but like so many well made plans, we took a totally different course.
My cock was rigid, she felt it with her finger tips – my sweet slave knows well that I respond best to featherlike touching and licking and sucking.

I neglected to say that when she turned to face me, she asked me to wear a blindfold.

She had removed hers with my permission, so I reached out to the toy stand and got the second one. Hers would have been too wet with her tears to be comfortable.

First, she said, I just want to lick your head, and evi olan escort then I will descend lower. I lay back across the bed, my legs over the side, my Princess on her knees between them. She very gently just teased the top with her lovely warm, soft sweet tongue which I had been kissing and sucking into my mouth a minute previously. just licking around the top getting me more and more aroused, meanwhile her fingers, like little feathers, were caressing my balls.

Then she softly licked down my shaft and back up again. We are not talking a few licks but many minutes of constant, gentle attention until I felt like screaming, the arousal was so great and then, at long last, I could feel those lovely warm lips just touching my shaft as she took me deeper into her mouth and then down her throat. Very, very slowly and meanwhile her tongue was delicately flicking my shaft and her fingers teasing my balls.

Slowly she moved her head up and down, taking me fully down her warm throat but always with such featherlight pressure that the exquisite buildup was incredible.

“Sweet one I am getting close, you need to stop” I said but a big part of me did not want her to obey me. A tiny part of my mind thought of all the other scenarios we would never complete if she brought me off now but another bigger part just did not care.

She did not care either!! She took me as deep as it was possible and then just held me there, letting the warmth of her mouth and throat and the gentle teasing of her tongue and fingers to do the rest. For possibly two minutes I resisted and then it happened. The most massive orgasm.

She knows how sensitive I am after I cum so she patiently and lovingly knelt there, just holding me still in her mouth until at last I was able to move and she slowly lifted her head from me, kissed my still very erect cock and just lay her cheek beside it as I stroked her face.

Eventually I was able to sit up, and remove the blindfold. She hopped up on the bed beside me and we chatted for ages and then it was time for her to resume her everyday costume of the successful businessman and Company owner and to leave her fripperies safely away at the back of my wardrobe awaiting her next visit.

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