Unwashed and Smelly


I have been married to Janet for two years; two most excellent years! She is the perfect wife for me. I truly think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, although I frankly admit that I am heavily biased. She is only slightly shorter than me, almost six feet, and has a sexy somewhat curvy figure. She is also very strong and fit, but manage to maintain her fitness without loosing her curves. Her long, jet-black hair reaches halfway down her back, and her eyes…. I cannot describe them, I do not know exactly what it is that makes them so beautiful.

She is also a very bright woman, who follows her own head regardless of what others may or may not think about her. She graduated in computer science, as one of the best in her class, and also worked in the field for some years. But she quickly discovered that she truly and intensely hates working in an office. A year ago, she quit and began working as a gardener in a medium-sized company. The pay is not nearly as good, but she loves working outside (even when the weather is pretty lousy), and she is happy and content in her new work. Our marriage was good even when she had job she disliked, but now it is fantastic.

Her flaws? Well, she does not have many. Maybe she has a fixation on personal hygiene. She showers every morning, and again in the afternoon when she come back from work. In weekends, she often takes her afternoon shower anyway. And usually after sex, another shower which we normally share. I like the very faint body odor she has, and would not mind if it were slightly stronger, and my fifth sense was also involved when we made love. But this is only a small thing, and a man is blessed if his wife’s worst flaw is a trifle.

Her best side? That I can trust her completely, and that she trusts me completely. She would never be with another man, and I would never betray her – we simply have too much to loose. Sure, we are both humans. She looks at other men with great delight, and I love to look at a beautiful woman. We are open about that, and agree that looking is OK, touching is not.



I left early for work, leaving Janet in bed. In February, business is slow for a gardener, and she would stay home today. I went to work early, this was the big day at the office. For almost two weeks we had prepared today’s meeting with our new main customer. Once I arrived, the mood was one of anticipation, but not much nervousness. We were well-prepared, and nothing could really go wrong. After all, they needed us at least as much as we needed them, and all the real negotiations were behind us. A few minor technical details would need to be ironed out today, and the final contract would be signed before dinner. We still had a few hours until the delegation would arrive, then we would start with a good lunch.

11:30: The mood it high with anticipation, the last details are ready.

11:35: As a balloon that has just popped!

Fog in the airport had caused the flight to be canceled. There was no way they could make it today. This was not a disaster, we would simply reschedule the meeting in a week or two, but it sure was a disappointment after working so hard. Since we had nothing better to do, and had clocked up a significant amount of overtime, most of us decided to call it a day and go home.


I do not think I was walking particularly silently up the stairs to our apartment, although my mood was a bit subdued. And I certainly did not try to be silent when I unlocked the door, although I did not try to make noise either. But she did not hear me come. I walked into the apartment, and did not see her there. Perhaps she was shopping? Then I heard her moaning from the bedroom. She sounded almost like when we were having sex, just quite a bit louder. And it sounded fake, really fake. I silently walked to the bedroom and opened the door.

She was sitting naked on the bed, her legs spread and her hand on her pussy. In front of her she had placed her laptop. She slammed the laptop shut when she saw me, “Oh my God, oh my god, OH MY GOD. NO, NO, no, nooo!” Tears appeared in her eyes, and I had no doubt they were real.

I sat on the bed, and asked her what the fuck she was doing. I did not shout or anything, but she must have heard that I was upset. Along with a lot of tears, she quickly told me that she was doing a webcam show. It took quite a while longer before I had any idea why. Apparently, she felt a strong need to do something that was not only naughty, but also socially totally unacceptable, and webcamming was one way of doing it without being unfaithful for real. I did not really follow her logic, although I had to admit that she had technically stayed within our agreement of “looking is OK, touching is not” (I was the one bringing this point up – I would have blown my stack if she had said it!). She sure didn’t do it for the money, we are not rich but we do not really lack anything. She had used a webcam site where she was paid in some kind of Internet money, Kadıköy Grup Escort buttcoin I think she called it. Very appropriate. But she had just let her buttcoin accumulate, and had never cached them in.

For a long time we sat together in silence. I think we both cried a bit. Finally, she looked at me and said, “Have I lost it all? I love you, I really do, but I don’t know if you still want me.”

“I most certainly do not want to lose you, ever! Although I must admit that I am not particularly amused right now.”

“Do you think you can ever forgive me?”

I looked at her. I knew I had to be honest with her, and with myself. “I don’t know, I really don’t know. But I think so. My brain tells me that I should be really furious with you now. But my feelings, they just say ‘I love her’. I guess that means that I am forgiving you, but please give me a bit more time.”

We sat together in silence for what felt like an hour or more. I broke the silence first. “I am still upset, but I can forgive you. I feel I already have. But never do this again.”

She looked at me. “Somehow this is too easy…”

I did not answer, but she must have seen the question in my face.

“You know I was raised a Catholic,” she said.

“You left the church as a teenager.” I countered.

“Yes, it does not make sense to be a Catholic if you do not believe in God. But there are so many things in the Catholic church I like, or that just feel right somehow.

“When you have sinned, you can get forgiveness. But it is not free. You have to do two things. First, you have to repent. You must truly realize that what you did was wrong, and desire not to repeat your sin. Well, I am clearly there!

“But that is not enough, you must also atone your sin. You must willingly accept some kind of punishment for your transgression. That may be something pretty symbolic, or it may be something difficult. Atonement is necessary to receive absolution. I need to do something to atone what I have done. I just have no idea what.”

“Well, I somehow cannot see you light wax candles for the Virgin,” I said, trying to lighten the mood a bit. But then I felt serious again, “And I sure as hell am not going to put you over my knees and spank you!”

“No, that would not be a good idea. But I should do something. It should be something that I would never want to do by myself. Something difficult, but not too outrageous. I just have no idea what.”

“Maybe we will come up with something. Come, we are getting hungry, and you should get dressed.”

“I guess I need a shower.” She got up, and walked toward the bathroom, still naked. That was when I knew!

“Janet!” I called, “I know what you should do to atone.”

She came back to me. I knew I was treading on dangerous grounds, and was unsure how far I could go. But not going far enough could be at least as bad as going too far. I knew that her need to atone was real.

“Don’t take a shower. As your atonement you should stop showering or washing yourself until Monday morning. I want you to completely refrain from cleaning yourself. Of course you can wash your hands when you have used the toilet, and before eating. And you should continue to brush your teeth. But that is all. And if you use the toilet, and only need to pee, you should be standing and try to hit the bowl. Do not wipe yourself in the front, even if the last drops roll down your legs. If you can do this for five whole days, then you have atoned your sin.”

“You are out of your mind! There is NO WAY that I can agree to something this disgusting.” She stared at me with disbelief.

“OK, it was just an idea, but it was a bad idea.” I had clearly gone too far. She just stood there, staring at me, arms akimbo for perhaps a minute or more.

“Actually,” she finally said, “it is perhaps not such a bad idea after all. It is certainly something I do not want to do. But I think I can do it. It is humbling, but not truly humiliating, and will remind me constantly of what I did. I am not sure we can find any better atonement. Are you sure you want this? I am going to stink after five days!”

“You are certainly going to smell very strongly of woman,” I smiled at her. “Do we do it?”

She nodded, and began dressing. We ate dinner, not in silence, but both our moods were subdued. After watching an old movie, we went to bed. Make-up sex is clearly the best kind of sex, and we fell asleep in each others arms.


I woke up ten minutes before the alarm clock, she was still asleep but in her sleep she was hugging me. I enjoyed her closeness, and tried to smell if something was different. Nothing yet, perhaps her natural smell was a bit less faint, but I was not sure. I turned off the alarm just before it went off, and woke her up by kissing her instead. We stayed in bed for maybe five minutes, before getting up.

She went to the bathroom, but then she called my name. “You want me to pee standing. The least you Kadıköy Manken Escort could do is watch.” I have never thought that looking at her peeing was particularly interesting, but I must admit that the idea of her doing it standing was somewhat enticing. I stood next to her as she tried to hit the bowl, successfully. A strong flow of morning pee, but as she finished the last drops ran down her leg.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked. “It was your idea that I cannot wipe myself. The least you could do is to clean it up.”

I knew what she wanted, got down on my knees and licked her, until her pussy was clean. Very clean. She stopped me before she came. Back in the bedroom, we began dressing – we both had to go to work, so no time for fun. As she stood with her panties in her hands, she suddenly asked, “May I change these, or should I use the same underwear the whole week?”

“Well, that would certainly add to the atonement.” I had not thought about it, and meant it halfway as a joke.

“It would,” she just said, and put on yesterdays panties and bra. Both were white, so far at least, but if she was going to wear them for five days that might change!


In the afternoon, we came back from work almost simultaneously. I hugged her, and could clearly smell that she had had a day of physical work. We spent the afternoon as most other afternoons, except that I quite often would kiss or hug her. She responded more slowly than usual, and admitted that she felt self-conscious about her smell. I assured her that she smelled really sexy.

After dinner, we went early to bed. I undressed first, and then slowly began removing her clothes, kissing or even licking the skin that I revealed. Her breasts tasted salty, and there was a pretty strong smell from her armpits. She claimed I was being gross when I licked them, but she soon started laughing. She was still more hesitant than usual to engage in sex, but slowly I got her heated up. I spread her legs, and climbed between them.

“No you don’t!” she said. “That is just gross, I have not washed my cunt since yesterday morning.”

“It ain’t nothing yet. In a few days it will be gross, but until then this is the only washing your poor cunt is going to get!” I dug in, and enjoyed her stronger than usual taste. Then when she was almost coming, I quickly licked my way up over her belly, between her breasts, and began licking her face while squeezing my now overly stiff cock into her cunt. We came simultaneously, and I rolled off her, ready to cuddle until we both would sleep. But she had other ideas.

“You clearly enjoy a messy cunt. Well, here is a messy one to clean up.”

She placed herself astride on my face, with my head squeezed between her thighs, and pressed her pussy onto my mouth. There were nothing else to do than beginning to lick. Her taste and mine mixed in my mouth, and finally she felt clean and climbed down. We slept well that night, and when I briefly woke some time after midnight, I placed my face in her armpit, and fell asleep again in her strong, sexy aroma. My wife had never smelled this good.


She again had to get early to work, so not much time for fun in the morning, although we watched each other pee. Was this the beginning of a new morning ritual? She was reasonably happy about going to work, apparently she was going to work outdoor today. That always suits her well, but today in particular she was not too keen on being indoor with colleagues. “I cannot hide my smell indoors.”

At work, there was little to do, the meeting had not yet been rescheduled. I still had a lot of overtime from the last weeks, so I could leave just after lunch. I had something to do before Janet returned, and I could most certainly not do it at work.

At home, I turned on the computer and began searching the net. It took more than an hour before I finally found a video of Janet in a Reddit webcam group. Once I had the first one downloaded, I quickly found two more submitted by the same user. Then I searched for half an hour more, to no avail. Well, the video quality was lousy, and I only had 35 minutes in total, but this would have to do. I made a playlist with the three videos, pulled down the home cinema screen, and turned on the projector. When I heard Janet on the stairs, I pressed play.

Janet froze as she entered, and saw a grainy but clearly recognizable version of herself masturbating with a cucumber on the big screen. I smiled at her. “I will make some coffee, and then we can enjoy the show. I plan playing it for dinner, too.”

She did not look amused, but did not say anything. I went to the kitchen, and made two cups of coffee. I poured a bit of cognac in both, she just loves that. Then I sat next to her in the sofa, waiting for her reaction.

She sat in silence for a while, but finally she smiled at me. “This webcam software really ruins the video quality. I don’t know where you found this, but the guy who uploaded Kadıköy Masöz Escort it should get a better internet connection! Let me show you how it should look like.”

She went into the kitchen, and came back with a cucumber. Wow, this looked promising. Then she undressed, and sat in a chair where she could see both me and the screen. Then she began mimicking what happened on the screen. Soon I was looking at her, drooling, while she looked at the screen. When screen-Janet had finished with the cucumber, she threw it to me. “Eat”. I began eating the cucumber while both Janets started what looked like a gynecological examination of themselves. Before the video had completed, I had removed my pants and was masturbating to the view. I managed to hold off, saving myself for the evening.

Then the video flickered, and started from the beginning again.

“Enough video for tonight,” Janet declared. “Either you switch off that smut, or I will get dressed before we eat dinner!”

Now that was a threat I could understand. I switched off the projector, and we both went to the kitchen and began cooking; she completely naked, I wearing only socks and a tee-shirt. She asked me to strip down before eating, and after a delicious meal we went directly to the bedroom. This time she took the lead, and went directly for a 69, a position we both normally enjoy. She had worked outdoor all day, but it must have been quite warm, the smell of sweat was very strong between her legs (and I could also see small smears of dirt here and there on her body). The effect was quite intoxicating, an I quickly came. It took a while longer before my tongue had brought her to her climax, by then my cock had begun hardening again. She climbed up and started riding me, while I kneaded her visibly dirty breasts with my hands. This time we both climaxed simultaneously, and she laid down on me and promptly fell asleep.


We stayed in bed holding each other for at least an hour, before getting up. She looked at her underwear, now an uneven grayish-brown color, before finally putting them on with some disgust. I also got dressed, and we had breakfast together. She was clearly beginning to itch here and there. Then I went shopping, the fridge was almost empty. We usually do that together, but Janet claimed that she would get kicked out of the supermarket if she showed up this dirty and stinking. I admitted she might have a point, and went alone.

When I came back, it was my turn to freeze as I entered the living room. Janet was masturbating in the sofa, and on the big screen she was giving a show in full HD.

“I was not impressed with what you found on the internet. Here is everything I have made so far, in full resolution, saved directly from the webcam! I have saved a copy of every show I have ever made. More than three hours of me-porn for your pleasure.”

I must have looked stunned. She continued with a smile, “This is the revenge for the terrible itching under my breasts and in my ass. An itch that you have caused. Now you are going to spend all day with a huge boner, until your cock is swollen, red and painful. This is going to run on repeat for the rest of the day. Sit down in the sofa, and enjoy. I will make us some lunch.”

I sat down, she went to the kitchen. Some of her shows were really kinky. I just had to remove my clothes so my erection would not be constrained by my trousers. We ate lunch in awed silence. When we had removed the plates, we sat down together and watched.

“You know, you are really good at this,” I said.

“Yes. Almost too bad I have to stop now. But I don’t want to risk another smelly, itchy week.” She smiled. We both realized that a difficult part of our wedding was now past us, and that we could begin talking freely about this.

“I know a big part of doing this was doing something forbidden. But what was most important for you when you did these shows? That it was socially taboo, or that you did it behind my back?”

She paused a bit before answering, but I don’t think it was because she was embarrassed, it was more like she didn’t really know the answer. “I think the most important was that I was cam-whoring myself. I am raised to look down on prostitution, and doing this was really degrading myself in a most sexy way. I never felt I cheated on you, but of course it was a bit of a spice that you did not know. But that was not the important part.”

We sat watching for another ten minutes or so, before I finally said, “Do you want to continue doing this?”

She laughed, “Not if I have to spend a day unwashed and smelly for every hour of webcamming! But otherwise, yes, I feel I have only just started.” She paused and looked at me. “But don’t worry. I will never do it again. I don’t want to hurt you again.”

“Perhaps if I am sitting in a corner, completely silent and watch you while you perform…”

“Seriously? That would be very hot! But not while I am this dirty, nobody wants to see me perform like this.”

“I do.”

“You are a dirty pervert. No normal pervert would want me to look like this. Anyway, there is no smell in a webcam. Once I am clean again, we can do it.”

I smiled at her. “Deal! But don’t think I will let you wash before Monday morning because of this. Now off to bed!”

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