Two Girls in Tokyo Ch. 02


Retired AV idol Yuki Kusanagi, a.k.a “Snow Princess,” continues the story of her rather late sexual awakening and her decision to employ plastic. Nobu and Yuki enlist the help of an older friend, engage in a threesome, but leave with their cherries intact.

We went upstairs and luckily found Mika at home and her parents and younger brother gone. Mika had gone to the same high school, graduated before us, and of course still lived at home. I had been practicing what I would say, and I was only a little nervous when I pitched her.

“You want me to do what?” she said. By her reaction I’d thought that I’d really blown it. But I’d gone this far, so there was no harm now in repeating it.

“We want you to buy us a dildo?” I said again. “We have money.”

She looked at me, then at Nobuko, who was blushing. Well, a little.

“Aren’t you girls a little young to be playing with sex toys?” she asked. “Aren’t you guys still in school?’

“Well, no,” I said. “To both questions. We graduated last year.”

“Then just go buy them yourselves. Why ask me?” Nobuko and I looked at each other, then back at Mika. Maybe this wasn’t one of my better ideas.

“Either one of you even been with a boy yet?” Mika asked.

“And we don’t want too either,” Nobu said. On the way up here she had insisted that I do all the talking. We also agreed that we were going to try to keep what we were doing together a secret, but now that plan was shot all to hell.

“Oh, I see,” Mika said, a slightly surprised look on her face. “Are you two, you know . . .?” She was pointing her finger at one of us and then the other.

“Yes,” Nobu said, rather defiantly I thought. “What of it?” Mika just smiled.

“So,” she finally said, “after I buy this thing for you, where are you going to keep it? You both still live at home, right? Aren’t you worried you moms might find out what you’ve been up to?” We hadn’t thought about that. Nobuko and I looked at each other.

“Any ideas?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah, I have an idea,” she said. “Buy your own toy and don’t worry about your mothers. You’re not kids anymore.” This from a girl a year older.

“Sorry we bothered you,” I said, obviously disappointed.

“Wait a minute,” she said, standing up. She left the room, and when she came back, she placed a toy on the table. It wasn’t very long or very fat, but it sure looked like it could do the job. It had a wire attached to the base, and this wire was attached to a small battery pack with a switch. Also attached to the base was another piece that was shaped like a small animal with its tongue out, pointing to the head of the thing. I reached to pick it up.

“I thought you weren’t going to help us,” I said.

“I said you can buy your own,” Mika replied. “But I thought you might like to see mine. I assume you’ve never handled one.”

I shook my head and held the thing in my hand trying to imagine how it would feel inside of me.

“What’s this for?” I asked pointing to the “small animal.”

“You can use that two ways. You can rest it against your clit while the main part penetrates you. Or you can use it to tickle your, you know, you’re ass.”

“Let me see that,” Nobu said, taking the thing. I picked up the battery pack and pushed the switch. The thing started to slowly rotate in Nobu’s hand. She jumped a little, her eyes going wide. ‘Wow’ was all she could manage to say.

“Yeah, wow,” I repeated. “That is so cool.”

“Hey,” Nobuko said, pointing to the animal’s tongue, which was vibrating very quickly. “Look at this.”

“Cool,” I said. I took it from Nobu so I could feel it move in my hand. Then I turned it off and put it on the table.

“Where did you buy this?” I asked.

“I can show you,” Mika said, “but first I want to understand something. You said that neither one of you have ever been with a boy, is that right?” We both nodded. “So you’re both virgins, though I take it you know how to masturbate.” We nodded again. “So if you don’t know what it’s like to have someone inside of you, why do you need this?”

“Because we wanna know what it feels like,” I said. “And because we don’t wanna be virgins anymore.”

“And you want to de-flower yourselves with one of these?” We’d never heard the term ‘de-flower’ before. After that we always referred to our vaginas as our flowers. All day during school, one of us would sneak up on the other and whisper, ‘My flower is weeping for you.’ and the other would respond, ‘My flower is crying for you.’ And the respondent would always have to do it one better. If I said ‘dripping,’ Nobu would have to say ‘gushing,’ or something like that. I think we learned every verb there was for describing the movement of moisture.

“We want to do it to each other,” Nobu said. “It seems better than depending on some dumb guy.” And I thought I was the bold one.

Mika thought about this a minute. “Yeah, well my first time was sure a disappointment.”

“So, you’ll help us then?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “I’ll help you.” Nobu and I smiled broadly.

“How Betturkey long will it take to get one? How much does it cost?” I asked.

“Hey,” she said, “slow down here a minute. Let me ask a couple more things. Besides not using one of these, what else have you two done.”

“Everything, I guess. Nobu?” I looked at her.

“I think we’ve done about everything,” Nobu said, giggling a little. “Everything we could think of, that is.” Now it was Mika’s turn to look wide-eyed.

“Instead of buying one, how about if let you use this one?”

“You’re going to let us take this to my place?” I asked.

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind.”

“Huh?” Nobu and I said in unison. We looked at each other then back at Mika.

“You’ve both been really honest with me, so I’ll do the same. I was a lot younger than you are now the first time I did it, and I’ve been with a lot of guys since then, but I’ve never done what you two have been doing and I’ve always been curious. And, well, I thought maybe I could join you. In fact, why not do what you are going to do right here, now?”

I didn’t catch Nobu’s expression because I was staring at Mika. We must have looked stunned though, because Mika went from looking hopeful to disappointed.

“Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all,” she said. She sounded really dejected.

“Wait a minute,” I said, and leaned over to whisper to Nobu. We didn’t take long to decide. “We don’t really know how to use this thing, so we might as well do it here. The only thing we want is to be able to use it on each other.”

“Hey, whatever you want,” Mika said. “The idea of having you watch me masturbate has me so hot I can hardly sit still. Let’s go.”

She stood up and headed for her bedroom. As we followed I whispered again to Nobu and she nodded her ascent. Even though Mika was older, she was clearly more nervous. In fact, I wasn’t nervous at all. This was going to be fun, especially for me since now I had two sets of tits to play with. Mika started to speak, but I put my hand to her mouth and smiled. Then I moved behind her and put my hands on her waist. Nobu moved to her front and kneeled down. Mika was wearing a man’s white button-down shirt and tight jeans, which Nobu was now unfastening. I moved my hands up her torso and on to her tits. She had a bra on, which cupped her breasts tightly. They weren’t too big, but they easily filled my hands. I instinctively pulled closer to her to rub myself against her ass. I undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor so I could feel what it was like to rub up against her jeans because I knew that Nobu would soon have them off.

Sure enough Nobu had them unzipped and was pulling at them. I started to unbutton her shirt from the top, and Nobu shifted her focus and unbuttoned it from the bottom. I opened her shirt and pulled it over her shoulders but didn’t remove it. Her bra was lacy-white and pretty, and I noticed she had a thin gold necklace. I kissed her shoulder and neck, while Nobu pulled herself up a little and did the same to her belly. Mika, her head back, moaned and put her hands on her own breasts. I could hear that her breathing had become ragged. Her shirt was now hanging by her wrists, so she undid the cuffs and it fell to the floor.

I moved her hair out of the way (it was straight and came to the middle of her back) and kissed her back while I unfastened her bra. Nobu was tugging at Mika’s jeans, but having a little trouble getting them past her hips. I reached down to help get them over Mika’s ass. I then saw that Mika’s was wearing T-back panties. ‘Wow’ I thought, I’d sure love to wear panties like that, considering how short I wore my skirts. I touched myself through my panties and discovered that I was very wet. I pulled them down a little and called Nobuko’s name and she simply reached around Mika’s legs and pulled them to the floor.

Mika bent and pushed her pants to her knees, then put her hands on Nobu’s head. I had my hands back on her waist and was rubbing my pussy against her ass. I felt the waist band of Mika’s panties move past my mound as Nobu pulled them down. Nobu sighed, and I looked to see her face buried in Mika’s considerable bush. I don’t know when she had done it, but Nobu had unbuttoned her blouse and undid bra, and at the sight of her breasts I felt myself get warmer still. I again moved my hands up Mika’s sides and slipped them under her bra to cup her breasts. I took her nipples between my fingers and gently squeezed them. When Mika moaned and moved her ass forward I knew what Nobu was doing. I slipped the straps of her bra off of her shoulders and down the length of her arms. She took her hands off Nobu’s head long enough to drop the thing to the floor.

Since my hands were now disengaged, I took the opportunity to pull my blouse over my head, and to take off my panties. It was then I noticed Mika’s full length mirror on the wall. The image I saw in the mirror even today counts as one of the most erotic I’ve ever laid my eyes on (and coming from me, that’s saying something). Mika had her jeans Betturkey Giriş down to her knees, and was naked from there up. Her hands were on Nobu’s head, who was down on her knees with her face buried in Mika’s muff. Nobu was wearing only her skirt. I was standing behind Mika, wearing only my socks and tank-top under shirt, rubbing my hips against Mika’s ass. The sight alone was almost enough to make me cum. I tapped Nobu on the head get her attention, and nodded toward the mirror. She smiled, and returned to what she’d been doing. I turned Mika’s head so that she would see also, and she caught her breath. In fact, she felt like she was about to collapse.

I signaled Nobu to stand up, and we guided Mika over to the foot of her bed (she had an actual bed) and helped her to lie down. We then each took one leg of her jeans and pulled them off. On one ankle she wore a gold chain that matched the one on her neck. She slipped one leg out of her panties, and used her foot to pull them off. The sight of her lying there naked but for those two thin chains that glistened in the little sunlight that found its way through the blinds took my breath away. I knew I need only touch my clit and I was sure I’d convulse into an orgasm that would take my feet out from under me. But it wasn’t only that, it was also simply so beautiful. Then, to make it even better, she slipped hand onto her pussy, while with the other she gently pulled at one of her nipples. Another scene I’d never forget.

I pulled off my top and socks, and Nobu dropped her skirt and panties. I was hoping to get between her legs, but Nobu beat me to it. That girl sure did like eating pussy. It looked like this time though she was going to take her time getting to it, so I decide to sit down and just watch. Nobu knelt at the foot of the bed and tugged at Mika’s anklet with her tongue. Then she started to crawl up onto the bed, licking as she went. Mika was moaning, the hand on her pussy vibrating like an electric toothbrush. Nobu was licking her behind her knee to very good affect, and I could feel my own juices starting to flow. I ran my finger against my slit, and sure enough, I was dripping. Nobu was now up between Mika’s thighs, and Mika was squirming as Nobu licked and kissed each side, working back and forth as she moved toward the apex. This was the first time I’d actually seen anything like this, and the pure eroticism of it, coupled with the very recent memory of what Nobu could do with her tongue, was driving me out of control. I’d parted my inner lips and was moving my fingers the length of crack, moaning quite a lot and quite loudly.

But the noise I was making was nothing compared to what Mika was doing. She gasped loudly and brought me back from the brink. When I opened my eyes I saw that Mika’ had her legs wrapped around Nobu’s head. She was gripping the mattress tightly enough to almost rip a piece out of it. When she finally exploded it looked as though the heavens must have opened for her. She let out a high-pitched scream, and her breasts jiggled from the convulsion that was rippling through her body. Nobu had her head resting on Mika’s belly, and they were both catching their breath. I walked over and grabbed Nobu by the hair, and kissed long and hard, trying to suck as much of Mika’s juice off her lips as I could. She tasted very nice, especially on Nobu’s lips.

Then I got up on the bed and straddled Mika, lowered my pussy onto her quivering breast. I held most of my weight off of her with my legs, shifting around until I felt her erect nipple inside of me. Mika put her hands on my hips to steady me, and I felt Nobuko get off the bed, saying that she wanted to watch this. Mika’s tit was very firm, quite different from Nobu’s, and since I was already so close to climaxing when I climbed on, it wasn’t long before I was gushing all over Mika’s chest. When I came, my body shook so violently I had to put hands on the bed to stop myself from falling on Mika. It was a great ride. I slid off of her and laid down at her side, licking my juices from her breast. My right hand drifted to play with her bush, another first for me, and I was really enjoying myself. I traced the edge of her aureole with my tongue while fingering her moist labia, inserting my index and middle fingers as deep as they’d go, gently exploring her inner passage. I’d never gone this far into myself or Nobu, and from Mika’s reaction I could see what we’d been missing. Not that we’d have to wait much longer (or so we thought). Mika started to move rhythmically against my hand, so I placed my thumb against her clit and put my lips to her nipple. She moaned again, and began to move her hips more quickly. Her second coming wasn’t quite as intense as her first, but she grabbed my hand to hold it tightly against her weeping flower.

“No guy ever did that for me,” she said smiling. She pulled me closer, laying me flat with one leg across mine. She leaned on one elbow and brushed the hair from my face, and looking intently into my eyes. She took me by the back of my neck and kissed me hard, her tongue searching out mine. I responded in kind, and we sucked and tugged at each other’s lips for a long time. We ended by kissing more softly, like lovers, and I pulled her on top of me. She held herself above me, and gently nibbled, licked and kissed my neck. I put my head back, moaning, and pushed at her shoulders, indicating that I wanted her to move down. She kept her tongue on me as she moved to my chest. My nipples were fully swollen and very sensitive, and when she took one into her mouth, I gasped. My breathing became ragged, and I’m sure I could have climaxed if I had been anywhere near it. I had been lightly fingering the outer skin of my vagina, but now I went for my clit and worked at it more seriously. She continued to suck at one nipple while pulling at the other.

I had my other hand on her head, and gave her a little push. She looked up at me, a little uncertainty in her eyes, then started to move down my body, licking as she went. I didn’t have hair at that time, (and still don’t), but my lower belly was covered with soft downy fuzz. I don’t know if it was because she knew what she was doing or because she was becoming more tentative as she approached my pussy, but instead of simply kissing my skin, she lightly tickled these hairs with her tongue. The sensation was incredible, and I worked at my clit the way I had seen Mika do hers. She moved in between my legs and moved my hand out of the way, but she stop licking.

“If you don’t want to,” I said, “that’s okay.” Actually, I was disappointed, but I knew that Nobu would be more that happy to take her place. Nobu. I’d completely forgot her. She was watching from where I had, one hand on her pussy, the other pulling at one of her nipples.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Sure, Why not?” she said.

“Did you come?”

“I’m working on number two,” she said smiling. “I had no idea that watching would make me so horny.”

Mika was now playing with my pussy, opening it up, fingering the inner folds. I put my feet on the bed, my knees up, and opened my legs to give her a better look. “I forgot what it was like to not have hair. I think I’m going to shave mine.”

“I’ll do it for you,” I said, “if I can play with it first.”

She just smiled and put her head down to lick where the outer edges at the top of my pussy. She licked at the folds between my outer and inner lips, down one side and up the other. Then she applied her tongue to where the inner lips met and probed my warm interior. She still seemed uncertain about what she was doing, or perhaps why, but she was driving me wild. I grabbed her head and raised my hips, pressing my pussy hard against her mouth. Whatever apprehension she may have been feeling left her, and she took to sucking and licking at my clit as if she had been doing this as long as Nobu and I had. Mika kept at it pretty intensely, and I was soon close to climaxing. I had my fingers entwined in her hair and I was holding her tightly against me. I was sure I must have been hurting her, but she kept on licking and sucking. I was moving my hips, pushing against her, when my orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I collapsed on the bed, exhausted, but Mika didn’t let up, and I felt the rumblings of another orgasm trembling through my body. I pulled my legs to my chest to get my ass in the air, and give Mika better access. She pulled the lips of my pussy apart and licked every centimeter of my interior, like she couldn’t get enough of my juice.

“Hey,” I heard Nobu say, “I want some too.”

“We can arrange that,” Mika said. She took my hand and we slipped down to the floor. Her room was carpeted in thick shag, and felt wonderful against my bare ass. The shag I was more interested in, however, was between her legs, so I went for that instead of letting her finish me. I was sure I could get Nobu to take care of that, and I wasn’t wrong. I got up on my elbows and knees, with my face between Mika’s legs. Her hair was thick and black, and I became fascinated with its texture, with where it was growing from, how it seemed to “flow” in a certain direction. Mika’s pussy was different from ours in one way other than her hair. Part of her labia was sticking out.

I felt Nobu’s hand on my ass and remembered why I was down here. I put my shoulders closer to the ground to get my ass up higher. I was nibbling on the folds of Mika’s pussy, occasionally probing the interior with my tongue, and at that moment Nobu began doing the same for me. Mika was fingering her clit while I ate her, fondling her own breast with her other hand. I wanted to be able to do that so badly. I felt Nobu’s tongue trace the edge of my anus, and stopped thinking about it. Then she left that and drove her tongue deep into my vaginal canal. I jerked and did the same to Mika, who began working her clit with more vigor. As I mentioned before, Nobu really likes to eat pussy, I mean, she’s pretty good with the preliminary licking and kissing, but once she gets her face in the hole, she doesn’t want to come up even for air. One time we decided to see how many consecutive orgasms we could have. Nobu went first, and I was able to give her five, using my mouth and my fingers. When it was my turn, Nobu used only her tongue, and I lost count at six. I thought that I was going to pass out.

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