Turning The Tables On Tina Ch. 2


Chapter 2. The watcher revealed.

“Well?” Lori prompts after a few seconds of stunned silence. “Go on then. Strip.”

“Fuck off,” the girl retorts.

Lori shrugs. “Fine, go home then. But I’m sure your parents won’t be thrilled when I come over tonight to tell them that their little girl’s been spying on the dykes next door. It’s up to you.”

I want to step in, because at this point the girl looks pretty scared, but Lori’s already pissed off, and to be honest, I’m getting a little turned on by this. Lori’s dominant side has this effect on me, but I’ve never seen her work it on someone else before.

With trembling fingers the girl starts unbuttoning her blouse, keeping her eyes downward. When she gets to the last button she shrugs it off and stands there uncertainly, holding it in her hands.

“Jeans,” Lori prompts impatiently, snatching the blouse away. The girl tugs at the waist button, fumbling at first, then finally works it loose and pulls open the zipper. Her panties are cotton and have little flowers on them. They stick to her jeans as she pulls them down, and she hikes them back up before tugging the jeans all the way down. She kicks them away in a frustrated gesture and stands there, partially hunched over, holding one arm across her bra while her ümraniye escort other hand covers the front of the front of her panties.

Lori gets up from the armchair and starts circling her, eyeing the girl’s tender young body like a lioness surveying its prey.

“So tell me,” she asks casually, “what’s your name?”

“T-tina,” she stammers, her face flushed. She still can’t raise her eyes up off her pink painted toes, although occasionally she sneaks a glance over to the pile of discarded clothing on the floor.

“Tina,” says Lori thoughtfully, as if she’s thinking it over.” Is that short for something?”

“Dunno,” Tina shrugs.

“So tell us what you’re doing here for the summer.”

Tina mumbles something neither of us can hear.

“What’s that?” Lori comes up behind the girl, her soft words coming out almost as a caress, but with an undertone of menace. “You’ll have to speak up so we can hear you.” Or else, she might as well add. She flicks Tina’z bra strap off her shoulder and laughs as the girl hurriedly pulls it back up again.

“I said, I’m just home from college,” she repeats, on the verge of tears.

“You have any lesbian friends at college?” Lori asks, still circling.Tina shakes her head. “Of course, you wouldn’t know, pendik escort would you? Is that why you find me and Debs here so interesting?” she asks, pulling out the back of the girl’s panties to take a peek at her rump. With a squeal Tina pulls away, slapping at Lori’s hand.

Lori stands back and studies her, thinking. Still trying to cover herself with her hands, the girl sneaks a glance up at Lori, her eyes wet with unshed tears. I can tell she’s hoping the worst is over, that Lori will tell her it’s all just a joke and let her go home.

Lori shakes her head and turns to me. “I don’t understand it, Debs, I thought I told her to get undressed.” To the girl she orders, “Now do it!”

“Jesus, Lori, that’s enough,” I say, even though my breath is coming out thickly. “You’ve made your point. Look, the poor thing’s scared half to death.”

Lori shrugs. “Whatever you say, my love. Of course, I know that look on your face, too. You’re getting turned on, aren’t you?” I nod, swallowing hard. It’s impossible to lie to her.

“Well Miss Tina, it looks like Debbie here finds you as interesting as you apparently find her. What do you think of that?”

A sob escapes Tina’s throat and she turns her eyes to me. “Please…” she starts.

Lori rolls her bostancı escort eyes. “I’m getting bored with this, Miss Tina. So if you won’t do what I tell you to, then I suppose Debs here will have to do the rest of the honors.”

She pulls the girl’s arms away from covering the front of her body and holds them down at her sides, taking away her last futile attempts at modesty. I sit there, transfixed by what’s going on in front of me. My belly clenches, and my nipples harden against the thin cotton of my sundress. “Well Debbie, *would* you like to do the honors?”

With shaking legs I stand up and approach the two of them. My throat dry, I reach around the girl’s back to unhook her bra. I’m so close I can feel the heat of the blush coming off her dewy skin as I slide the thin straps down the front of her arms. The cups seem to cling to her delicate rounded breasts before releasing their hold as I pull the bra away. Tina’s breasts are small and a bit paler than the rest of her lightly tanned torso, her nipples rosy pink nubs. I think I’m going to die from anticipation. I want to touch them, taste them, roll them around my tongue, but I know not to move until Lori lets me.

I turn my attention to the girl’s one remaining garment. “Now?” I ask.

Lori shakes her head. “No, that’s enough. It’s time to go.”

Tina looks over at her clothes on the floor and makes a move toward them.

“Not home. Upstairs,” Lori makes impatient gesture toward the stairs. “I’m serious. Or I’ll make you walk home naked. Now move it!”

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