Tuesday at the Mall


The mall was pretty empty, being a weekday afternoon. Actually, if it wasn’t empty, I wouldn’t be there, with all the teen girls, looking much too mature for the goofy boys who followed behind them. Mix in the families with 17 kids on leashes, and assorted old ladies who think they are entitled to cut the lines, just because they can, and you’ve got a perfect excuse for me to stay away, for sure.

It was a crisp September day, and I needed some jeans. The major store had sales going on, and I liked being able to get everything in one place. I entered through the perfume section, and the sales lady offered me a squirt. What the hell, it was free, some new Cowboy fragrance, not half-bad.

When the lady saw I wasn’t buying, she moved quickly to someone else and I heard a voice. “Hmm, that smells manly!”

Standing by me was a woman in her fifties, well-coiffed, with streaked hair. She was thin, about 5’5, wearing a black running suit and pearls. This woman hadn’t run in a long time! She had a great smile, bright white teeth, and her eyes were crystal-clear.

“Yes, it’s not bad, I didn’t catch the name, though.”

She slid closer and sniffed me on her toes to get close. Since I stand six foot, she got good and close, and if it hadn’t been for her age, I would have thought she was coming on to me. But, since I was twenty-six, I figured that was unlikely.

She smiled. “I’ll check with her later. My husband could use a bit of a make-over, the Old Grump!”

I smiled, thinking, “Well, that pretty much eliminates flirting, if she’s mentioning the Hubby.”

She mouthed, Thank you” without saying it, and I thought that was sexy. I guess I was having those Tuesday Afternoon Hornies, and felt a tingle ataşehir escort in my crotch. As I moved away, I made a note to jerk off when I got home.

Up the escalator, I found Men’s/Young Men’s and stopped by Winter Jackets, thinking I could use a new one of those. I was touching and checking the prices, when I heard, “Small World!” It was my Fifty Year old from downstairs, two rows over, looking at Leather Jackets.

“Oh, Hi!” I nodded at the jacket in her hand. “For your husband?”

“Hmmm, maybe, if he’s good! What do you think?”

I moved closer and said, “Very nice! He’s lucky you have such good taste in clothes.”

“Really?” she beamed. “I just can’t get over how soft it is! Feel!” I did, and it was, fine Italian leather, and you could smell it!

“Wow! Yeah,” I looked at the price tag, then saying, “Whew! Too rich for my blood!”

She laughed again. “Well, he can afford it! You need decent clothes, right? His golf clubs cost $2,000!”

I nodded. “Mine were about $200, new.”

And I’m sure you’re a better golfer than him. Probably better at a lot of things!” Those eyes were saying flirt again, maybe I was right before.

“Well, good luck with it, he’s a lucky man.”

“Don’t I know it? But he doesn’t! Anyway, I never remember his size. Could you do me a favor? He’s got a big gut, but otherwise, you’re about his size. Could you try this on for me?”

It was a day off, and flirting was always fun, even with a woman twenty-something years older! So, I shrugged off my old jacket and she held the leather for me, sliding it up my arms, professionally.

I turned, facing her, and she brushed the lapels, slowly, smiling at me. “Hmmm, very nice! It fits ataşehir escort you perfectly! How does it feel?”

It felt great, and I told her that. “You look like a movie star! The girls won’t be able to keep their hands off you.” She continued brushing my chest, too intimately for first contacts, checking the sides, tugging at the buttons.

“Well, if that was true, I’d hock my golf clubs!”

“They wouldn’t quite cover it, Darling, but if it made Larry look like you, I’d hock my diamonds! You look good enough to eat!”

She was definitely coming on to me! In JC Penny’s! And I was enjoying it.

“You know what you should try on? Leather pants!”

Now, I’m not a leather pants kind of guy, but if she was looking for a Ken Doll to play with, why not?

We found a pair, and she knew exactly where a changing room was. Not the block of five together. Off in the corner were two separate rooms.

I scanned the area and there was one salesman dealing with a woman, neither paying us any attention. We got to the door and she whispered, “Come out when you’re ready, Baby, I’ll be right here.”

I hurried, not wanting to waste too much time, hoping I would coax her into my SUV for a brief romp or BJ. My situation was hampered by my suddenly-growing manhood. Stuffing it into those tight leathers wasn’t easy, and I had trouble closing them. I heard a knock at the door. “Ready?”

The door opened, and the Lady in Pearls stood there admiring me. “Hmmm, you look scrumptious!”

She moved in and slid the door shut behind her. “Hmmm, looks like someone has been having dirt thoughts!” She cupped my cock through the leather, and I jumped. “Too tight, honey, better take them off!”

She anadolu yakası escort helped me out of them, and went right back to holding my situation. “Somebody needs some relief, don’t you think?”

With that, she shook her hips and lowered her running pants, keeping the top intact. She turned and bent, showing her bare ass with drenched lips. She raised one leg up on the bench, spreading for me.

“We don’t have much time, baby. Don’t be shy, just give it to me.”

Not being used to such invitations, and hard as a rock now, I entered her from behind as she dropped her head, and leaned forward.

My hands rested on her hips as I pressed onward, inching my way, one inch per thrust. He voice was guttural as she urged me on. “Yes, baby, harder, harder!”

I was not fully inside her, and she swayed her hips for my seven inches, churning like a butter mill. “Faster, baby, faster!”

The bench squeaked as I plowed into her, no time for niceties, racing to the finish line as she trembled below me, rocking her head form side to side.

I thrust one last time, and held, as the waves of passion flushed from my cock, deep inside her, and she threw her head back and grunted in satisfaction, her lips clenching around me, keeping those juices locked inside her.

As quickly as it started, so it ended. She pulled up the pants, spun to face me, patted and kissed my cheek. “I’ll be outside, Baby, be quick!” She slipped out and slid the door closed.

I dressed quickly. There was no spillage, no sign of our tryst. I shoved my feet into my shoes and hurried out, looking left and right for the lady, but she was nowhere to be found.

My jacket was where I left it, and I felt in a daze. This was truly wild! My fingers felt something in the pocket and I pulled out a note. It read, “If you enjoyed, call next Tues” with a phone number. I smiled, sliding it into my jeans and feeling the last few drops of cum drip from me. I couldn’t wait to see what next Tuesday held!

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