Transgender Twinning


(Note: This story does contain explicit sex, but it’s mostly about emotions. If that’s not what you are looking for please skip this story.)

Even though it was an astonishing scientific achievement its discoverers thought it was only a laboratory curiosity. They had found a way to turn one person’s body completely into that of another in only 15 minutes. The person’s brain was unaffected, but everything else was, according to every test scientists could devise, identical. Only 2 people could be twinned at any one time, and the process could be repeated on the same people any number of times.

The effect only lasted for 2 hours, after which the transformed person turned back into their original form. However, there were exceptions, not all of which were understood by the scientists. For example, if a certain type of feedback wire connected the two people they would remain twins indefinitely!

The discoverers thought, despite its relatively low cost, that few would have an interest in using it. But the newly organized company, Transgender Twinning, thought otherwise, and obtained a license to set up a large number of transformation centers. But there was a large restriction on the twinning process that the firm’s lawyers had dictated. Transgender Twinning didn’t supply people whose bodies would be duplicated because the lawyers feared the situation could lead to sex and therefore could be called “prostitution” by those who objected to it on moral grounds. The lawyers advised the company not to take chances. Nevertheless, the transformation centers flourished.

Tom was one of the many who followed the developments with great interest. One evening when his longtime girlfriend, April, was in an especially good mood, he summoned the courage to ask whether he could change into her for a while.

“No.” was her quick and instinctive reply. April wasn’t sure why she had refused – probably frustration or even anger over the state of their relationship. She loved Tom passionately. But never once, during their 2 year relationship, had Tom told her that he loved her. In fact, he never shared much of anything of an intimate, personal, or emotional nature with her. For that reason she also had never told him that she loved him – she was sure he would say nothing in return, and she was afraid of scaring him away.

“April, if you allow it, I’ll let you become me for a while.”

April laughed. “Don’t be offended, but I have no interest in becoming you or any other man. Not even for a couple of hours. I’m delighted being a girl. Specifically, me.”

“April, you should be flattered I want to become you, even if only for a short time. Think of it as a tribute to yourself. To your incredible beauty. To your fantastically sexy face, hair and body.”

“I am flattered. But what would you be doing to my body during those 2 hours? I can guess, and frankly don’t want to think about it.”

“It wouldn’t be to your body. It would be to my body.”

“Well, yes, in a way, but….”

“You could be there if you want.”

“While you masturbate? No way!”

“Do you ever masturbate?”


“Do you think its gross when you masturbate?”

“Of course not. But….”

“Look, I just want to experience a bit of what its like to be a girl. What’s wrong with that? I’ll get in touch with my feminine side. And we’ll be twins! You’ll get to meet yourself! Won’t that be incredible? And think the conversations we could have about the nature of self, of personhood, of gender?

And if you like, we’ll act out any game, any fantasy you like! Think of what you could do with a twin! The possibilities – playing roles or games, acting out fantasies, involving you and — you! Anything you like, I promise!”

“Anything? Anything at all? But… I’m not at all sure what games I’d want to play with another girl… except that the girl would sort of be me, and would sort of be you….”

Upon reflection, April thought that maybe something as intimate and emotional as twinning was just what their relationship needed. Their problem was not whether they were in love. April was sure they both loved each other passionately. Rather, their problem was that Tom found it extraordinarily difficult to express his feelings. To connect with her emotionally. Even for a guy – a low standard – he couldn’t say what he felt. Maybe his true thoughts would come out if they did something as extreme as twinning – anything was possible under such circumstances!

Maybe when they were twins they would feel so close (and he would feel indebted to her for allowing the twinning, so he would try really hard) that Tom could – would – open up to her. She had in the past thought about breaking off their relationship because of her frustration over his lack of openness. But she loved him too much. Twinning was a huge gamble, anything could happen, but it was better than her building anger. And better than breaking up with him without trying everything possible to save the relationship with her true love.

April decided to gamble. When they were twins she would say, for the first time, “I love you”, which Tom might well repeat back to her. Because she was sure, absolutely sure, that he loved her too. So maybe….

“Well, meeting myself would be surreal….”

“Thanks. I’ll set up the appointment.


Tom and April entered the transformation room. He had booked a luxury suit with a fireplace, heart shaped bathtub, one wall that was a mirror, a refrigerator and other amenities. April instead focused on 2 narrow beds that were next to one another and 2 complicated looking machines.

A technician handed them each 15 pages of forms filled with incomprehensible legalize to read and sign. Tom and April ignored the small print while the technician droned on and on. But they didn’t really listen because they were so focused on what was about to come. They each signed and the technician escorted them each to a bed and wired them up. She strapped Tom securely in and wired him up. She then did the same to April, but in a way that permitted one of her arms to be free.

The technician told April how to use her free arm to remove the wires when the buzzer sounded, which would happen after 15 minutes. She also explained that they could keep the special link on as long as they liked, and this would prolong the transformation. She explained how Tom would revert back to his original form 2 hours after they severed their connection, and that they would be charged for each extra hour they used the room. The technician took the signed forms, finished wiring them up, activated the machines, and left.

Within minutes Tom, lying on his back, noticed himself starting to change. “April – I’m growing breasts!” he said excitedly. Tom was dressed in male clothing, but it was soon clear his breasts were growing. They pressed against his shirt, his enlarged nipples showing sexily through the material. Since both his arms were strapped down, however, he could only look at his nipples on top of his forming breasts through his shirt.

April looked too. “You sound as excited at having breasts as a teenage girl.” April then took her free arm and reached towards Tom. She was able to slip her hand under his shirt and feel one of his newly forming breasts. “I’d say you’re at around an A cup. I wish we’d removed your shirt before we started so I could see how you’re developing.”

In another couple of minutes Tom’s body had altered much more, and his face was starting to look more feminine. His breasts had greatly expanded, his curves were developing nicely, and his hair had lengthened. April again reached over, slid her hand under his shirt and felt him up again. Looking Tom in the eye she smiled. “How do you like being felt up? I can feel your nipple enlarge as I touch it – which is a neat feeling. Not only are you getting to know what its like to have breasts, I’m getting to know what its like when guys feel my breasts, to feel how nice it is to touch them. You get to be the sexy one, the sex object, and I get to be the aggressor.

And… congratulations Tom. You’re up to a B cup. Let me feel down below … Your cock is so much smaller now, its changing into a clit! Wow! You’ll get to know what it’s like to have a clit – believe me, you’re going to like it. In fact, you’re going to love having a pussy!

And your face is becoming… well, I can’t say it without sounding conceited… but you’re getting more and more beautiful every second. You’re… gorgeous, Tom. No wonder guys love staring at pretty girls. In fact, you sure don’t look like a “Tom” any more. Would it be OK if I called you “Tammy” from now on?”

“I like Tammy. If I’m going to experience being a girl I should be called by a girl’s name. And I love having your hand on my breast and on my coc.. pussy. It makes me feel — not just sexy, but also so close to you, so connected, intimate, so much like a girl.”

April soon moved her hand back to Tom’s – Tammy’s – expanding breast, rubbing it, kneading it, while looking at his changing face. All the while telling Tom – Tammy – how he – she – was getting prettier and prettier, sexier and sexier. More and more like a girl.

The restraints ensured that Tammy passively lay there, experiencing for the first time what it felt like to have a sensitive nipple excited, to have a soft breast cupped. Tammy started to moan in a feminine voice as April rubbed on her, her breasts now expanded into a C cup, her nipples having become erect from April’s rubbing.

April in turn was surprised at how much she loved fondling another girl’s breast (or was she excited because they were really her breasts? Or because Tom was now a girl?). Twinning really was unpredictable!

Finally the buzzer sounded and April excitedly removed the wires connecting herself to the machine (she left on the special linking wire, however, the one that extended their time as twins). She then walked over to Tammy, who was still strapped down.

“Wow! It worked perfectly. You’re — me!! I knew it was going to happen, but I still find it unbelievable.” April stared down at the horizontal figure with satisfaction, shaking her head back and forth in amazement. She bent down and kissed Tammy sweetly. And then straightened up and thought for a minute.

“Tammy, I’m going to release you soon, but you look so appealing and — well, vulnerable, all tied down, lying there on your back with your large breasts straining against your male shirt, your erect nipples poking against the material – wow! You’re so sexy! Its as if your breasts are asking me to suck them, and your body is begging to be fucked! I just have to see you naked in this position.”

“I can’t believe how great you – I — look. I also can’t believe how incredible it feels to look down at your body. Such a wonderful, powerful feeling. No wonder guys go crazy over girls’ bodies – over my body. Your breasts look so yummy through your shirt and your curvy body looks so heavenly… I… almost wish I were a guy. I… I… I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I wish I had a cock to fuck you with…. My gosh you look so sexy…. and I feel so powerful looking down at you….”

April was now viewing Tom’s new body with so many emotions… including resentment. Tom had never said he loved her, but she had nevertheless let him twin with her. She had permitted this most intimate act even though he had never told her how he really felt about her. That was not right. Simply not right. April’s long simmering anger started to come out.

“Tammy, you wanted to know what its like to be a girl, right? Well, I’ve decided to help you experience a part of it – the combination of sexuality and vulnerability all girls feel. I want you to feel like a girl feels in the presence of person more powerful than they are. You said we could do anything I wanted after you changed, right? Act out any fantasy, right?

Bur before we do I want to say something. Just as I knew that – back when you were Tom – you would never have hurt me or done anything to me I didn’t want, you now know that I would never do anything you didn’t want. Right? But since you’re tied up, you know that I could if I wanted to. Right? Just like Tom could have done to me….

Well, girl, I’m in charge now. As I look down at you I’m getting more and excited at your tied up body. You’re at my mercy. Do you feel it? Now you’re the sex object, with your breasts with their erect nipples begging for it.”

April knelt over Tammy and looked her in the eye. April firmly ran her hand through Tammy’s hair and slowly felt her face. Finally, April moved forward and forcefully kissed Tammy, who closed her eyes. Then an even harder kiss, and then April inserted her tongue deeply and forcefully into her mouth. April was in control, and was using her tongue to penetrate Tammy’s mouth in a way that showed who was in control.

After several minutes April broke the kiss and nibbled her way downwards towards Tammy’s breasts, which were still covered by Tom’s shirt.

April violently ripped the shirt’s buttons off, forcefully removing it from Tammy’s helpless body. Throwing it aside, she looked with delight at Tammy’s large, heaving breasts and fully erect nipples. “No wonder men like them so much. I’m going to do anything I want with them.” She hungrily and roughly sucked each nipple, back and forth, like a man who had been on a desert island for 10 years.

April then inched off Tom’s pants (which were way too loose on Tammy) being careful not to free her from her restraints. “Tom’s underpants look so silly on you. Why does a sexy girl need a fly in her underpants – you don’t have a cock! You lucky thing, you’ve got a pussy now. Let me prove it. April then inserted her hand through Tom’s fly and reached Tammy’s pussy. She found Tammy’s clit and rubbed it while Tammy moaned.

Then a wild look entered April’s eyes. “You love it, don’t you, girl. Don’t you, Tammy! You love being a girl, right? The pleasure is much more than back when you has a cock, right? But you have to take the bad with the good. Now you have a wonderfully sexy body and you can come with more intensity and more times than a man ever could.

You thought twinning would only consist of becoming more sexy, right? But now you’re going to find out what it really means to be a vulnerable girl!”

Rubbing Tammy’s clit so she produced more and more lubrication, April used her fingers to penetrate Tammy, which made Tammy’s eyes open as wide as possible. One finger, then two, and then more, with her other thumb rubbing Tammy’s clit, while her fingers penetrated more and more deeply.

“How does it feel, Tom (deliberately using the male name), to be penetrated? You’re soaking wet, aren’t you? Admit it, Tom. You love being passive, don’t you? You wanted to experience being a girl, and what could be a more female experience than to be helpless and penetrated?”

At these words, Tammy came, screaming while April continued the in-and-out motions with her fingers. Then April ripped off Tammy’s underpants and knelt in front of her crotch.

“Now I’m going to make you come again. Like only a girl can come – because only a girl can come again so quickly. Whether or not you want to come, it doesn’t matter, because I’m in charge!” Tammy screamed when April’s tongue penetrated her as far as April could insert it, in and out repeatedly, and then April withdrew it and tongued Tammy’s clit. April inserted fingers while she tongued Tammy, and Tammy came again and again, moaning and screaming and thrashing her head from side to side, until Tammy gasped, “I can’t take any more, April. Please… no more.”

But April only paused. “Now its my turn to come, girl. Now I’m really gonna fuck you. Now I’ll show you what its really like to be a powerless woman.”

April stripped, mounted Tammy, and lowered her pussy onto Tammy’s. April then kissed Tammy and tribbed her like a madwoman, pussy on pussy, clit dancing with clit, totally out of control, screaming as she came, asking “Tom” how “he” liked being fucked! And Tammy soon started to scream as well, and came even louder than she had before.

After April satisfied herself, she collapsed on top of Tammy. After a few moments she dismounted.

April then unhooked Tammy from her straps and wires, but Tammy was too exhausted to move. Looking down, April whispered, “Sweet Tammy – Tom – I probably went too far. I apologize for going too far. In part I got carried away by your sexuality and the thought of making love with myself, the whole twinning experience. And I did want you to experience the vulnerability of being a woman.

And in part I guess… I wanted to experience the power that men have, without actually becoming a man. I saw my chance, and I didn’t think you’d mind. After all, you said I could carry out any fantasy I wanted.” April also thought to herself that resentment and anger over Tom never having told her how he felt about her probably was an even larger factor in the bondage. She was so angry at Tom for never telling her that he loved her – never telling her much of anything of a personal nature, in fact – that she had kept him tied up.

“But now its your turn, Tammy. We’ll do anything you like. Tell me anything, any fantasy at all, my twin, and I’ll do it.”

Tammy paused for quite a long time, and then responded slowly. “I did feel powerless. I knew if I had asked you to stop you would have, but I sure did experience part what its like to be a girl, to be so sexually vulnerable.

And as you could tell… I enjoyed it. A whole lot. Being the passive one. The sex object. I loved being the sex object for once! Whether this is a part of me I never knew of, or its from being in your sexy female body, I don’t know. All I know is that I really liked being a sexy, passive girl.

But before I tell you my fantasy, let’s take a break.”

April suggested they get cleaned up and refreshed. Tammy prepared a bath, surrounding it with lit candles. Gathering perfume and bath salts they helped each other into the heart-shaped bathtub. Giggling like schoolgirls, they soaped each other up and took a long, luxurious scented bath together. Gently cuddling, caressing, and kissing the whole time. They got out and dried each other off.

Then they talked, ate, and silently stared at each other’s nakedness. Seeing how they both were disheveled, April got a hairbrush and her makeup kit. April slowly put makeup on both, and fixed their hair identically. They sat still on the bed, looking at their naked twin reflections in the mirror and feeling very close. Their nakedness made them feel as close as they could possibly feel to each other.

Finally Tammy spoke. “Do you want to know my ultimate fantasy?” Seeing April nodding she continued. “To have a tender, romantic and passionate lovemaking session with a beautiful woman. With candles, flowers, perfume, Champaign, soft music, the works. And … in my fantasy I’m also a beautiful woman.

My fantasy is two beautiful women, in love, sipping Champaign and feeding each other cut up fruit, staring at one another, sharing intimate secrets, each telling the other how much she loves her, again and again. And then they make sweet romantic love until they both reach the nirvana that only girls can reach.”

April paused. Tammy had spoken the magic word: “love”. A word that Tom could never say. The word she had so longed to hear from her man but now… What did it mean? Tammy’s fantasy involved the two of them telling each other how much they loved one another. But Tom had never been able to express his feelings for her. Somehow, Tom tuning into a woman…. And the romantic setting? Tom has never asked for anything quite like that before. “Tammy, I’d love do act out your fantasy. If only there were some way….”

Tammy excitedly explained that, just in case, Tom had packed the necessary material into his van. Carefully keeping the connecting wire on, they dressed, went to Tom’s van, gathered the material, and brought it back to the room.

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