Transformation Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Nancy’s Sisters

This is part of a series of events that my wife/mistress has told me to relate in the hopes of improving other couples lives. I would suggest reading them all (in order preferably) to get a clear picture of our female led marriage. A FLM does not have to include the delivery of pain or other kinks that some people object to (I do not like pain and my wife hates to administer it but I still clearly know who is in charge). It only needs to include what the wife wants. Look for other stories under my author name: Nancysboybill.

Nancy wanted me to write about her sisters Chris and Jenna and their relationships with their husbands/slaves since they are such a large part of our own story.

Chris and Bob: Chris was the first person to know about Nancy and I and the first to give me a punishment spanking. For the weeks immediately following her learning about us she was practically a fixture in our house soaking up all the information we could provide. As we became used to her presence we gradually went back to our own routines. Chris learned to appreciate the attentiveness I was showing Nancy and to a lesser extent her. Nancy insisted that I address her as Miss Chris and show her as much respect as I did Nancy (actually I now must show this respect to all women). Chris ate this up and her conversations with Nancy turned to how she would get Bob to accept this life style. From the looks I started getting from Bob I am sure Chris told him all about us to gauge his reaction.

I later learned that Chris started demanding more from Bob in bed and giving him fewer orgasms if she wasn’t satisfied with his behavior. A month or so after this began Nancy had me go to my workshop and make a paddle to match ours. Knowing the way Nancy and Chris work I made two figuring that Jenna would need one soon as well.

Several months later we were at Chris and Bobs’ for dinner. Bob greeted my wife as Miss Nancy and I noticed that he didn’t sit down much and when he did he looked very uncomfortable. I also saw the paddle hanging from a hook in the kitchen.

Chris keeps many photo albums of the family from old black and whites from of her grandparents to very recent pictures. These are usually on the shelves in the living room but today two of them where out on the table. I first picked up the on titled Nancy and Bill and was chagrinned to see that the first page was an 8X10 of my ass with a single paddle print, with Nancy and Chris smiling in the background while Chris showed off the paddle. My suspicions were all confirmed when I opened the album Chris and Bob Betturkey and was met with a very similar picture, this time with Nancy holding the paddle.

I believe Chris and Bob lead a life similar to ours although Chris is very public and has even turned Bob over her knee in a shopping mall. They are a fun outgoing couple and I thoroughly enjoy their company. They have had a FLM for 8 — 9 years now and like us seem to be happier. I have not written much about these two as Chris has requested that Bob author the next chapter of our story.

Jenna and Jim: Jenna is a breed apart from her sisters. She is competitive, driven and high strung. She got through college on an athletic scholarship and could have gone pro in basketball or tennis; instead she went to med school and became a very successful surgeon.

Jim on the other hand is a charming slug. I personally believe that he married Jenna with visions of a life of leisure while she pulled down the big bucks. For the first five years they were married that is the life he led. Their arrangement was that he would take care of the house while she worked but as time went on she was doing more of the housework and he did more of the eating and drinking his way to being a drunken fat slob.

Jenna was starting to confide in her sisters that she was getting fed up with Jim and was thinking about leaving him. For all of Jenna’s good qualities she had a blind spot for Jim and was not ready to cut him loose. Her constant theme with Nancy and Chris was that they ended up with the marriage she had always wanted. One night while the three sisters were drinking wine and commiserating in our kitchen she pointed to the paddle hanging on the wall and said to Jenna “I thought that was in your kitchen, what’s it doing here?” Jenna looked at Chris and said “It’s time we bring her into the fold; she needs this even more than we do.” Chris said “yes but let’s have Bill do it. BILL, bring the gift you made for Jenna and explain its meaning.” I brought the paddle and addressed her for the first time as Miss Jenna. After many questions and answers Jenna declared that this would be the rule in their house as well.

Ironically Jim loved the pain and would purposely do things to bring on the punishment. The paddle had the opposite effect it was intended for. Denying orgasms didn’t work as Jim would openly masturbate looking Jenna in the eye and saying she should go ahead and punish him. Then came the family reunion. Jenna saw my chastity device for the first time and knew it was her answer. Measurements were taken that night and the next day his device was Betturkey Giriş ordered with overnight shipping (Chris also ordered one for Bob seeing an opportunity for fun as well as a very effective disciplinary tool). At bedtime that night Jenna told Jim that she had a new punishment for him and he let her tie him to the bed expecting the pain he loves. She then called Nancy and Chris into the room. Nancy was to show Jenna and Chris how to shave and oil him in preparation for the device and also (this is by far the worst part) how to use ice water and a washcloth to get rid of his erection and get him small enough to fit into the device. Jim was raging mad at this development and Jenna asked Nancy to keep the key until Jim calmed down and accepted his new life.

It was a full month before Jenna retrieved the key. By then she had learned about milking and ruined orgasms and had turned Jim into a meek man. After Jim had gotten his first orgasm and was put back into his device Jenna explained the new rules to him. She would have his obedience and respect at all times. If he wanted orgasms he would have to earn them through a point system. She would have orgasms by way of his tongue every day (something he hated to do). He would quit drinking, smoking and lose fifty pounds. If he didn’t agree to this they would be through and he would actually have to work for a living.

Jenna’s diet regimen for Jim was really quite simple and effective, every Friday morning he was to be weighed. The number of pounds he lost from the previous weigh in would be the number of orgasms he would be allowed that week. Likewise any pounds gained would take away orgasms that he may have earned in other ways. Pounds gained were multiplied by two and would carry over to future weeks. Jim once was forced to go 6 weeks without an orgasm. Both Bob and I also started our own diet/exercise regimens at the news of this plan out of fear which certainly amused our wives.

Jim’s other points were earned or lost by completing lists of tasks Jenna would leave him. She fired the gardener and the twice a week cleaning service at this time and their home looks better than ever. Jim has also become a five star restaurant quality cook over this time.

Jenna is also very public and will often invite her friends over. She takes great pride in her control over Jim as he serves them wearing only his device during cocktails and a more proper dress during dinner.

Jim tried to leave Jenna once and actually stayed away for almost a week but found he missed the pain and abuse she loved to give out. I am glad I am not married Betturkey Güncel Giriş to the competitive sister.

Nancy’s notes: I am close to both my sisters and love them very much but I do not like the way Jenna treats Jim and thus stay away from them as couple more than I should. I think that partially it is her nature and partially it is anger over his behavior in the early part of their marriage. Chris on the other hand is much more light-hearted and although she strictly rules Bob it is with a loving hand. You can see the love returned in his pride at pleasing her. Like me, Chris will not spank Jim; I am called on for this task just as I call on her. We both think that this takes the anger out of the punishment and keeps it from getting out of hand. It also adds a humiliation factor that both men hate.

I want to add a word here about how much Jenna likes inflicting pain on a helpless man. Shortly after Bill presented her with a paddle he was in need of punishment so I invited Jenna to do the honors. When Jenna arrived at our house she had a glazed look on her face, was smiling broadly and breathing deeply. This is how she always was before her athletic competitions and I should have recognized it as a warning sign. Jenna insisted that Bill be tied up for his spanking which is something I had never done; I just told Bill to get his ass in the air and take it or we would start back at stroke one. Fortunately I noticed that the way Jenna had him tied his balls were dangling behind his legs and I am sure she meant to paddle them; I untied him and told Jenna “My slave, my rules.” She then stripped down to bra and panties (she said it was for freedom of movement). She even took the time to stretch which I attributed to her athletic training. As she stretched though, I noticed a wet spot starting on her panties which was growing with her anticipation. Her strokes were much harder than Bill had received before but it was only going to be twenty and he had taken many more than that in the past. By ten strokes Jenna had worked up a sweat and was moaning, by fifteen she was using on hand to pleasure herself and she timed the last stroke to coincide with her orgasm. Jenna was not invited to the apology session and will NEVER take part in punishing Bill again.

I also want to acknowledge that this chapter is not particularly exciting to read but that is not the reason these memoirs are being written. Once again they are meant as a glimpse into a lifestyle for those considering adopting it. I know that FLMs range from games on Saturday night to 24/7/365 all out bizarreness but I wanted to give a glimpse into how we live it day to day. I would never want the extreme of Jenna and Jim but I also could not go back to an “equal” relationship with all its’ pettiness and bickering. Admittedly I have become spoiled and probably a bit selfish but as I often say, it’s good to be queen.

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