Tiny Tina Ch. 1

Group Sex

Tiny Tina: Big Slut in Small Packages Chapter 1

Tina wakes up with the sun streaming into her apartment. A glance at her clock tells her she can take her time getting up today. Today is Tuesday, one of her days-off from her job as a computer programmer, and she intends to enjoy it the way she always enjoys her off-days…to search for, and fuck, as many cocks as she can get her small hands on and around.

She slips out of her bed and stretches in front of her full-length mirror. At only 3’5″, the mirror seems to tower over her as she admires her nude form. Her long red hair and green eyes gives her an elfish appearance that she often takes to full advantage. Freckles begin lightly at her neck and scatter over her disproportionately large breasts. Her tummy is tight, thanks to her daily regime of 30-minutes of aerobics before work. Her flat stomach makes her breast appear even larger than their 36-C cups. And as always in the morning, her pale pink nipples are standing at attention. Looking past her trim, tanned stomach, Tina absent-mindedly strokes her completely bare pussy lips with her small fingers. The stimulus causes her lips to bulge obscenely and her clit begins to peek from its hood with interest.

“Come on, baby girl,” she whispers to herself, reluctantly removing her fingers from her pussy and sucking the light film of juices from them. “Control yourself.”

As she turns to go to her bathroom to take a hot bath, she glances over her shoulders and admires her plump bubble-shaped ass. The deep tan line showing where her thong bikini disappeared between her large cheeks. She can’t help but to bend over and watch how her cheeks separate to give her a peek at her by-now very wet pussy lips and her tight winking asshole. She slides a finger between her puffed-up lips. When the finger is coated with her juices she slowly slides it into her anal chute.

Tina closes her eyes as the nerves clustered around her tight backdoor begin to shoot pleasure straight up her spine and back down to her pussy.

“Oh, fuck this!” she gasps as she quickly goes into her closet and pulls out her saddle, a large motor device shaped like a horse’s saddle with a 8-inch dildo standing straight up from the middle. She flips a switch and the motor begins a low-pitch hum.

Tina immediately slides all the way down on the dildo and just sits there as the powerful vibrations hit every exposed nerve in her tight cunt. Her orgasm is quick and blinding. She can’t even squeal, as the power of her orgasms steals the breath from her lungs. She leans forward completely drained yet too weak to move or turn the machine off yet.

And with her leaning forward now her clit is in direct contact with the vibrating device. The vibrations massage her hard little clit rapidly, sending electric impulses through Tina’s entire body. Her entire body breaks out in a sex sweat as the impulses travel through her.

Orgasms after orgasm quickly pile upon one another, as Tina is helpless to move from the machine, only able to shiver uncontrollably. Her stomach muscles begin to tire from the near continuous clenching they endure as her body reacts to the pleasurable feelings it is experiencing.

Suddenly she feels it coming. Her energy spikes dramatically as THE ORGASM approaches. As she comes closer to the edge all of her senses become heightened. She feels her pulse from her head to her curled toes. She feels her teeth digging into her bottom lip. And the smell…the heady scent of her cunt mixed with the intoxicating smell of her sex musk rising from her sweaty armpit rockets her arousal up 10 notches. Her eyesight becomes blurred as her teeth begin to chatter. And then it happens.

Her eyesight slams to a pinpoint as her orgasm, THE ORGASM, consumes her body. With a sudden surge of air her lungs issue a loud wail that echoes off the walls and back to her own ears. A sudden spurt of cunt juices squirts all over the dildo, Tina’s thighs and even on the carpet, making a dark wet spot.

Tina, mercifully, slides to the floor. As the dildo slides from her cunt it catapults backwards, flinging Bostancı Grup Escort a line of clear juices along the mirror surface.

Tina, meanwhile, is barely aware of her surroundings. Her head is throbbing on the verge of a blinding headache; her suddenly empty cunt is clenching open and closed like a fish out of water while still squirting more of her jizz from her box.

Ten minutes later, the strength returns to her legs. She stands on wobbly knees, pulls the plug from the wall for her saddle, and steps/slides into her tub. The cold porcelain wakes her up enough for her to twist the water on. She just sits there as the tub quickly heats up and fills with steaming water that sends tiny thrills to her cunt and nipples. The water flowing into her open pussy causes her bladder to let loose, adding more heat to the tub. The recirculating feature on the tub/spa quickly sucks this out and replaces it with filtered, heated water.

She lays back and lies in the swirling water with a smile and thinks.” What a way to start the day.”

An hour later she steps from the bathroom, her lightly tanned skin glistening and steamy from the heated tub. She walks to her bed, where her clothes are already laid out. The first item that goes on, as always, is her waist jewelry, a gold chain that accentuates her plump cheeks and unusually narrow (for someone of her size) waist.

Next, she slips on one of her many thong panties, this one a neon blue that seems to glow in the sunlight. The thong’s thin band easily disappears between her tanned cheeks and does nothing to hide her pussy lips, which peek from either side of the thin material.

Finally, she slips into a short, loose sundress that barely touches her knees. She looks into her mirror, makes a couple of final adjustments, then she slips into a pair of sandals and heads for the door on her quest to get laid as much as possible today.

Just outside of her door, she spies her first opportunity.

Her landlord, Mr. Fixxins, is leaving the apartment next to hers, his hands full of plumbing tools. The gray-haired man manages a grin when he spies Tina heading the same way he is, towards the old elevator.

“Mrs. Cline giving you some trouble today?” she asks, looking up at the 6-foot ex-high school gym coach.

“Yeah. Never saw a lady shit as big as this bitch does.”

“That’s nasty!”

“”But true! I don’t shit that big, darlin!”


Mr. Fixxin looks down at his tenant. He can easily see down the neck of her dress to the amazing cantaloupes pushing out the top of her dress. Though his wife is bigger up top, her melons do not resist gravity the way this sexy little vixen’s breasts do. As he stares, the small woman pulls her top away from her body, allowing him to see her naked titties and hardening nipples. His cock wakes up as he watches the little tease reach down into her dress, pull on of the succulent nipples into her pink lips, and begin to nurse on the hard rubbery flesh. She lifts her eyes up to meet his as a moan escapes from her throat. She pulls the wet nipple from her mouth and tweaks it, causing a mist of milk to spray into the air.

She then replaces the nipple back into her mouth and sucks in earnest, kneading her breast lovingly.

When the elevator arrives, she simply drops the heavy tit back into her dress and steps into the elevator. He steps in behind Tina, watching her firm ass globes jiggle slightly as she enters the elevator.

“Ground floor?” he asks as he sets the tools down and presses his floor’s button.

“Yes, please.”

When the doors shut, Tina quickly unzips the fly of the man’s overalls and pulls out his semi-erect 7-incher. She wastes not time in swallowing his prick, knowing that she has less than a minute to bring the man off before they arrive at their floor.

Unfortunately, they have even less time. Just three floors down, the elevator stops and the doors slowly slide open to an elderly man. Tina doesn’t even hesitate. She just watches as the doors slide apart while still slurping the pink meatstick Bostancı Manken Escort in and out of her beestung lips. The old Indian is surprised to find a midget bobbing her mouth up and down the rigid cock of the building landlord, but just smiles as he enters and the doors close behind him. The men nod to one another as the elevator continues its trip down.

Tina looks from the corner of her eye to see the old guy’s large prick tenting the front of his pants. She reaches out and unzips his pants and quickly pulls out his thick meat. She begins to jack the man off while continuing to suck the landlord off.

With just two floors to go, the landlord’s cock expands, then begins pumping cum into her throat. When she feels his hot, salty sauce begin to fill her mouth Tina swallows his cock to the root, letting the rest of his cum drip straight into her stomach.

At the same time, she feels liquid heat on her hand as the old guy’s cock shoots a small load onto her hand and arm.

They quickly clean up, Tina licking her hand and arm with her fat tongue, just as the doors open to two older women about to step in. They give Tina disapproving looks as she walks past them.

Before the doors close, though, she quickly turns and says,” Same time tomorrow, Mr. Fixxins?”

He grins and gives her a wink as the doors close.

Tina walks to the bus stop at the corner with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She notices out of the corners of her eyes that every man she passes gives her a double take. She is more than happy to dispel the notion that small people ( the PC-term “vertically-challenged” always pissed her off) could not be sexy.

She knows that small people have appeared in XXX-movies, but in those movies they were more of freaks than sexual beings.

As she approaches the bus stop, she notices that the sky is clouding up with dark gray thunderheads. So much for her trip to the park. She quickly changes her mental daily planner from “park flash” to “mall flash” as she waits for the bus, which arrives minutes later. She climbs into the bus and settles near the back for the 20-minute ride to the Springsdale shopping mall. In five minutes, the clouds burst into a thunderous torrent.

At the next stop three teenage men jump into the bus, their clothes dripping wet. The first two immediately take the last seats at the front of the bus, forcing the third, a young black man, to sit further back just across the aisle from Tina.

As the teens settle in the bus makes its way to the on-ramp. It slowly merges into traffic and is soon rumbling along at 55 mph towards the mall in the next town over.

Tina watches the young man fidget in the seat across the way. Ever since he had sat down, she had locked her eyes on his towering form and was making notes.

6’4″ or so; thin but strong build; nice warm-up suit; this kid is obviously a basketball player.

Tina slips from her seat and slides into the empty seat next to the man, looks up into his light-brown eyes, and gives him her sexiest smile.

“Where ya off to, ” she asks, locking her eyes to his.

“The YMCA gym in Springsdale, Ms…?”

“Tina,” she replies as her hand finds his.

“Ms. Tina, I’m Marlon Wilson,” he answers, his hand easily encompassing the woman’s much smaller one.

“No, no. Just Tina. Miss makes me sound like an old widow. Do I look like an old widow?” she whispers, her tongue slowly swiping her upper lipstick-painted lip.


She smiles again, her hand leaving his and dropping to his thigh inches from his crotch. Tina squeezes lightly, feeling the taut muscles in his thigh flinch slightly.

“Basketball player?”

“Yes, ma’…Tina. Just lead my high school to the state championship and now I’m getting ready to join the local college basketball team, so I’m going to the gym to…”

His train of thought is derailed as Tina finds his semi-hard cock and begins stroking it through the thin material of the workout pants. It quickly rises to the occasion, making an obvious tent Bostancı Masöz Escort in the young man’s loose pants.

Tina locks eyes with him and smiles as her hand plunges down the waistband of the sweats and strokes the heated flesh through the boxers the kid is wearing.

Marlon lifts his hips up, letting his pants slide down a couple of inches for the horny woman to have better access to his throbbing cock.

Tina uses the opportunity to flip his cock completely out of its cramped confines. His ebony tool with its thick bulbous head draws the woman’s mouth closer and closer until she opens her lips and gently chews on his large cockhead.

Feeling her tongue flick over his sensitive nerves Marlon involuntarily pumps his hips upwards burying half of his 8-inch tool into the sultry small woman. The feeling of her teeth lightly raking the steel shaft causes his eyes to roll into his head and a moan to issue from his throat.

Luckily they are close enough to the engine that it drowns out the kid’s pleasure. Tina slides her small frame between the man’s long legs and begins to bob her head in earnest. One tiny hand jerks off the remainder of what she can’t fit in her mouth while the other rolls the large hairy balls lightly.

Realizing the kid won’t last long Tina pops his cock from her mouth, climbs into his lap, holds the thong bottom aside and sinks all the way down. She clenches her pussy muscles once…twice…a third time…then finally clamps shut as the kid suddenly creams her cunt with a huge load of cum, his cream shooting with near firehose intensity.

When he finishes Tina slides from his lap, her quim making obscene sucking sounds until he pops out of her still semi-hard, and squats over the floor. A large load of sticky white cum drips from her pussy and fills in the rubber lining of the floor. When most of the cum has dripped out Tina lets her thong snap back into place (giving her clit a mini-quake) and sits back in her seat innocently with a devilish smile plastered to her face.

Minutes later, the bus pulls off the highway and quickly pulls into the mall’s huge northern parking lot. Tina and half of the bus stand to exit. When the doors slide open the line shuffles forward. When Tina is about to step down she looks back to see Marlon giving his friends a rundown of what had just happened.

The two friends in unison turn and stare at the woman, whom just winks one brilliantly green eye and bounds down the steps.

As the bus rumbles off Tina enters the bustling mall and begins walking with a purpose to her favorite store, Fredricks of Hollywood. Within seconds she is strolling into the store, looking for her friend who works there.

“Shopping for something slutty again, Tina?”

Tina turns to see her friend, Barbie, crouching behind her. As she stands the effect is dramatic, for Barbie is the exact opposite of her friend. 6’2″ in stockings, the brunette has a model like face, brown eyes, small 32-a tits with mouth-watering tits, waspy waist, a nice compact ass, and legs that go on forever. Today, those legs are showcased in a very short skirt that ends just above Barbie’s legs and a pair of stilettos that give the woman another 3-inches of height.

With Barbie standing before her Tina finds herself face-to-face with the woman’s barely covered crotch.

“You know what I like,” Tina replies as she strokes one of Barbie’s toned calves.

“Indeed I do.”

Barbie leads her friend to the dressing rooms and opens one for her. When Tina steps in the saleswoman reaches for a box on one of the Special Delivery shelves and slides it over the door to Tina.

“Direct from France, Ten,” she says, calling her friend by her nickname. “And directly styled for your unique frame.

Tina quickly strips from her clothes while Barbie watches her. As she slips on the soft lingerie Tina suddenly notices a familiar smell. She bats her eyes up to her friend and smiles.

“Are you horny, baby?” she asks in a fake British drawl.

Barbie answers by lifting the front of her dress. The scent of her sex fills the room with an intoxicating smell.

As Barbie slides her thong away from her overheated pussy, Tina thinks,” Today is a good day!”

To be continued… Sorry for the delay in stories, but my relationship was in trouble. Everything is fine now, so my stories will continue as soon as possible.

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