Tickling Pleasure Ch. 01

Big Dicks

Patsy was bored.

As she lay out on the back deck of her family’s home soaking in the summer heat, her mind wandered while trying desperately to think of something entertaining to do. Not much of a reader her tablet battery had died a little while ago leaving her looking around the fenced in back yard simply basking in the monotony of the day. With all her friends away the last few days, she was having a bit of a time handling being alone. She wasn’t scheduled back to work for two more days and the thought of two days sitting around was slowly driving her crazy with boredom.

At twenty one Patsy is a short brunette with long hair piled in a bun high on the back of her head. The red bikini managed to contain her curvy figure although the top was feeling the strain of large breasts for such a short girl. Described as an early bloomer she had long learned the enjoyment of playing the tease, the often open stares of older boys and even the subtle bumps and gropes. Assets she often played up wherever she happened to be and lately at the clothing store she had landed a summer job at a month ago.

Loud sounds from the house catch her attention offering a quick distraction. She knew her brother Mike had a couple of his friends over playing one of the games they were always at. From the sounds of explosions and yelling things were getting pretty wild in gamer world. She rolls her eyes behind the sunglasses, still seeing nothing in the yard to hold her interest. Boredom being the devils plaything a plan slowly meanders through her head to spice up the day. And annoy her brother.

Sitting up on the lounge chair she stretches her arms over her head, twisting her shoulders back and forth. Her breasts sway enticingly in the motion as a slow mischievous smile creeps across her face. Pissing him off and teasing his friends sounded like the perfect way to fill the time and tickle a few of her little pleasures to.

Standing quickly she strolls through the patio door, her bare feet sticking lightly to the floor. The sounds of world war whatever are much louder now, along with the yelling of commands back and forth from the living room. Moving down the hall she steps into the bathroom, never missing the moment to admire herself in the mirror.

Reaching up she releases her hair from the bun letting it hang down to her shoulders, shaking her head enjoying the feel of it brushing across her back. Rolling in the sides of her bikini top she spends a few moments tweaking her nipples, smiling at the sharp pleasure as the little nubs harden under the material. Next she pulls the bottoms into a G-string, turning sideways to slap her soft butt gently in the reflection.

Flicking off the light she skips to her room across the hall, plucking an over large white t-shirt from the bed and pulling it on. The shirt just covers her behind and the low cut with the help of some stretching on her part, offers a nice view of her cleavage. She smirks at the thoughts of her mom’s face whenever she came out wearing this and her dads oh so subtle attempts not to peek. Back to the bathroom her face brightens with how the shirt clings to the sun lotion, each breast swaying like puppies wrestling under a blanket.

The boys were at the far end of the house, over by a fireplace in couches and chairs arranged in front of the large screen TV. So focused on their game they don’t notice her stepping into the kitchen, quietly pulling a beer from the fridge. The slightly sweaty shirt and bikini top catch the cold air, hardening her nipples again to her satisfaction. Walking over she stands behind the couch and waits, growing annoyed that she hasn’t been noticed yet as she takes a drink.

Mike is sitting in a chair to one side, staring at the large screen divided in half. Other screens have been plugged in so the four boys are all in the action. More explosions echo through the room as they all seem to be running aimlessly shooting at shadows popping out of the ruins. At eighteen Mike is a tall skinny kid, in her eyes, smart but dull. With short hair under the ever present ball cap, wearing jeans and a t-shirt despite the heat. Sitting on the Bostancı Öğrenci Escort couch in front of her, Steve and Mark are each frantically working their controllers, bodies jumping side to side with the action playing out on the screens. The same age as Mike, Steve has short reddish hair and an ok build, she thought grudgingly. Mark was taller than Mike with a mess of black hair. A hockey player for years he was by far the largest of the boys. On the other side of the room Evan sprawls in a chair, thin with a darker complexion and the shadow of his dark beard.

As she stood pouting sipping her beer Evan glances over, back to the TV then his head snaps around to stare at Patsy. She feels his eyes lock on her breasts like magnets, slowly sliding over the smooth curves from her shoulders and down. Her arms crossed as she sips pushing them together even more. As his character gets shot the other stop to look at him then behind them to see Patsy’s smiling face.

“What ya doing?”

Steve and Mark turn obviously enjoying the sight behind them. Mike sits back with a look of annoyance, although secretly enjoying the sight as much as his friends.

“Playing a game Patsy,” Mike says tiredly.

“Yeah,” Mark says moving over slightly, “Have a seat and watch.”

Patsy turns her head to the side considering a moment, as if she had any other plans than diving these guys wild. “Sure,” she says, walking around the couch to sit between them.

She feels her breasts swaying again with the motion, the delicious thrill of playing the exhibitionist once more like welcoming an old friend. Backing into the couch Steve and Mark exchange glances at the bare bottom and Mark smiles making a grabbing motion before she sits down. Crossing her legs under her she leans back with another sip of her drink. Both her knees rest on Steve and Marks legs.

Shaking his head while his friends stare at his sister, Mike resumes the game. He knows her well and recognizes a bored Patsy looking to cause trouble when he sees it. Glancing her way again he can’t help but feel more than a little turned on watching her large breasts bounce back and forth with the jostling on the couch. Steve and Mark are moving her way even more, Steve’s elbows bump her breasts a few times while she pretends to not notice. The G-string bikini bottom was a new twist and he had to admit that round ass was looking good.

As the action on the screen picks up both Steve and Mark are moving again, bumping into Patsy between them. Their eyes take in the motion of the shirt, while Evan notices the pulled up bikini front. Feeling ignored she pushes back against the two, letting out the occasional shriek as one or the other catches her with a shoulder.

“So what’s going on here anyway?” Patsy asks sounding bored.

“We’re doing a capture the flag game.” Steve says swaying out of the way of some other character shooting at him. His shoulder bumps Patsy’s breast and pushing her into Mark. The motion causes Mark miss a corner and he barely recovers enough to dodge a rocket whizzing past from one of their enemies.

“Fuck that was close!” he says pushing back against her.

As the online battle intensifies the two boys rest against her again and again. Feeling annoyed she sips her beer, swearing as some spills down on her top. She glances at Mike to see he is focused on the screen, looking like he is hiding under some mesh or something with a big crosshair on his screen.

“What’s that Mike,” She asks not really caring but feeling ignored never sitting well with her.

“Sniper,” he says quickly.

“Huh.” Another sip as the battle rages on the TV.

She watches quietly for a few moments, offering not so helpful suggestions as they play. While they focus on the game she speaks up more hoping to distract or at least be somewhat annoying. As she continues to give advice something apparently changes and both Steve and Mark are suddenly surrounded by their online opponents and moving frantically. Leaning forward they weave and dodge against the TV bumping Patsy harder.

“Geez you guys careful!” she yells Bostancı Çıtır Escort as some of her beer spills on the front of her shirt. The bikini top already showing, the beer makes spots transparent on the already sticky material. She grabs Marks leg and squeezes, yelling again as Steve bumps her on the other side.

Mark lets out a surprised yelp with the squeeze and switches hands on his controller. He drops his hand and squeezes Patsy’s bare thigh a few times. They all stop watching the game shocked by the surprised shrieking laughter as Patsy kicks her legs out. Picking upon a quick opportunity Steve quickly drops his controller and grabs Patsy’s other leg, both his hands squeezing her thigh playfully. Patsy drops her beer on the front of her shirt, the bottle catching between her breasts before spilling over her. Her hands try to push away Steve and Mark while kicking manically.

“Oh watch out you don’t spill that!” Evan says as he jumps up and quickly grabs the bottle, giving a quick handful of soft breasts a squeeze.

“Oh geez guys come on,” Mike says tiredly from the other seat while rolling his head back, “You know this is what she is wanting.” Despite his annoyance he has to admit his sister is pretty hot. Her short bare legs kick more under Steve and Marks squeezing her thighs, making her slide down the couch. Evan steps back to set the beer to the floor, catching a foot that almost connects with his head.

“Here guys, hold on to her a second!” Evan says excitedly getting another glimpse between her legs where the bikini bottom has gotten wedged.

Steve and Mark, laughing along with Patsy’s hysterics, quickly grab her arms and body as Evan pulls her to the floor. Laying her on the floor, Evan turns to the side so he can watch the action then braces one of her legs under his and takes the other so he can hold her foot. Holding the leg against him starting to drag short nails across her soles, fingers dancing on the soft skin. Patsy screams her laughter, writhing manically as the boys watch the shirt bounce.

“Ok! Ok! I’m sorry!” she yells between laughs, squirming to pull away. In her efforts her top had bunched up under her breasts revealing a soft belly glistening with moisture.

“Oh no, too late for that!” Steve says laughing. Releasing the thigh both his hands poke into her hips. She shrieks again, her laughter drowning the action still playing out on the TV as his fingers poke and squeeze playfully. Her free arm slaps at Steve, catching a shoulder as he ducks back.

“Geez man grab her arms will you!”

Mark quickly slips off the couch and pins her arms stretched over her head. Moving forward he keeps them in place with his legs, leaving her head pushing against his thighs. He stops a moment to stare at Patsy’s frantic wiggling, her laughter contagious as Evan pulls her toes back to tickle the tight soles. Steve playing along over her hips, thumbs maybe slipping under the bikini more than once or twice from Patsy’s occasional gasp.

Mark start tickling along Patsy’s arms into her arm pits. The move twists her body more and he can feel an erection throbbing in his pants. He glances at Mike who has turned in the chair and was leaning back obviously enjoying seeing his sister getting tormented.

“You ok with this man?” Mark asks over Patsy’s laughter.

“Go nuts,” he says smiling. “She’s been looking for attention since she came in and I really don’t think she is not enjoying it.”

Mark looks back at her, the boys letting her catch her breath while Evan and Steve slow for a moment to let her recover. Steve’s thumb caresses the bikini again, smiling as her hips push slightly. The boys all make eye contact as Patsy continues to squirm, eyes closed. Looking at Mike who shrugs they give her another moment before starting tickling again.

A laugh of pure joy erupts as Evan tickles her feet again, playing with the toes before trailing down the soles. Her feet wiggle trying to pull away, rolling under his hands uselessly. Steve squeezes her hips again then starts on her belly, wiggling a finger in her navel before moving to Bostancı Elit Escort her sides. Mark, his fingers in her armpits slip their way down her sides, playing along each rib. He catches her breasts with the sides of his hands, pushing them up to tickle their undersides through the material. Feeling brave he cups them both for just a second, a quick squeeze as his thumbs brush across her nipples poking through the shirt. Another gasp and he feels her hands trying to grab at him under his legs.

Listening to his sister’s laughter and occasional gasps Mike finally moves forward. Kneeling by her head the others stop tickling although their hands rest on her quivering body. Steve’s thumb caresses her bikini again until Mike gives him a raised eyebrow.

“Ok Patsy, you’ve had your fun. Are you going to leave us alone?”

“Sure,” she replies breathlessly. “Let me up you bastards!” she says laughing.

The boys move back and watch appreciatively as Patsy rolls over to sit on her feet in the middle of them. Watching the boys hold their breaths, the tension in the air is electric. Her top had pulled down further revealing an impressive amount of cleavage, her breathing holding their undivided attention. She glances at each one, seeming to feel the potential of the moment. That fleeting second where an opportunity can be taken or passed.

Stretching her arms back, pushing her breasts higher she leans back then hops to her feet. “I will leave you boys alone for now then.” Turning quickly to give them a view of her bare butt she hurriedly skips out of the room.

The boys look at each other in shock, still sitting on the floor.

“So, like what just happened here?” Evan says.

“Don’t know man but damn your big sis is hot as fuck.” Steve says leaning back. “She was totally into that.”

“Yeah,” Mike says slowly,” she has always been a tease but I didn’t think it was this bad.” He says laughing.

“I know what you’re going to be checking out tonight!” Mark says laughing while slapping his hand against Mikes arm.

“Hell yeah, he’s not the only one!” Evan says moving back to his chair.

“Yeah really,” Mike replies. “Anyway let’s just get back to playing this round.”

“Sure,” Steve says laughing, “Like I’m thinking of gaming right now.”

Slowly they all get up, slightly hunched and sit back in their chairs. As they game starts again there are more than a few furtive glances down to hall to see if she was coming back.

Moving quickly down the hall Patsy slips into her room and shuts the door, leaning against it.

“Oh my fuck, oh my fuck!” she mutters almost breathlessly. Crossing her arms under her breasts she pinches both nipples hard, a little pull and twist causing her eyes to roll back momentarily with the pleasure. Feeling out of control with desire she quickly moves to her bed, rummaging through her night stand with one hand while the other squeezes a breast tightly. Finding what she is looking for she rolls on the bed, pulling the bottoms to the side as her buzzing friend vibrates in her hand.

At the first touch on her clitoris she grabs a pillow, pressing it over her face tightly as her hips rock forcefully. She screams her orgasm into the pillow, body tense as her hips rise off the bed. Still feeling out of control she keeps writhing, taking a hand off the pillow to pull and twist her nipples again. A second orgasm comes quickly making her roll to her side and press her legs together tightly, finger grinding her vibe against her. The burning need for release filling her as her hips buck against her hand.

After several minutes the fever eases and she is able to turn the vibrator off to lay on the bed exhausted yet still more turned on than ever before.

“What was that?” She says quietly, unsure how she is feeling. She can feel herself getting warm again as her body remembers those hands, tickling her all over, Steve’s thumb caressing her pussy while Evan played with her feet. And Mark, she thought with a smile, caressing her nipples then playing her ribs like that.

She realizes her fingers are playing slow circles around her nipples again and gives another tweak before getting up.

“Well,” she says standing up and stripping off what remains of her clothes. “Fun like that deserves a shower.”

Stepping into the hall naked she is slightly disappointed to find she is alone. With a dramatic sigh she steps into the bathroom.

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