They Change the Letters Ch. 04


I don’t know what really happened that day at Julie’s, but it was like I fell off of a ledge I didn’t know I was standing on. As I sucked her clit, Julie came like there was no tomorrow, and I found myself climaxing like never before.

It was the most incredible and bewildering experience, and hard to explain. I had never cum without touching myself or being touched, and yet the excitement I was causing in Julie sent me into a crashing orgasm. What’s more, I didn’t let it end.

Julie came hard but didn’t seem to come all the way off and I found myself wanting to make her continue. As my orgasm crested and waned, I continued licking her, pulling the dildo out so I could replace it with my fingers, searching for her G-spot, and never ceasing working my tongue on her. As I licked I could taste her juices spilling out of her and I didn’t want to stop.

I came again while Julie’s voice raised in climax for the third time. After that it’s kind of a blur. I slowly wore myself down, the awkwardness of my position and the fatigue of my tongue combined to eventually stop me, and I lay with my head on her belly breathing heavily, the aroma of her sex strong in the air.

As I recovered I panicked, and before Julie could get up, I made a hasty excuse and left, only realizing too late I’d left my purse behind.

That evening I think I was relieved that Julie did not come by to return it. But the next day I had to go back over and get it, so I resolved to go over in the morning as a way of avoiding anything.

I was more nervous than before, but again I resolved to focus on helping Julie learn to help herself. I hesitated outside her door for only a moment before ringing.

Julie greeted me as warmly as ever in an old shirt and cutoffs, but I couldn’t help but notice how happy she seemed. Deep down this helped me feel better about what happened: I love Julie and I was glad I could help her. It occurred to me that with a glow like that she couldn’t help but attract men like alt yazılı seks a magnet.

Inside we didn’t talk long before the subject came up, but by then I had become comfortable and resolved to see her through. As she had nothing to do that morning she asked if we could try again, volunteering that she wanted to learn to make do on her own. With that I followed her into her bedroom.

I was much more careful and methodical in my approach that morning, but there didn’t seem to be any way for Julie to get herself off. As my excitement threatened to overwhelm me, I decided that the best course of action was to do a repeat of the day before. It was the only way to avoid what I feared. As I got hotter, my resistance to her offers to suck me lowered, and I knew I didn’t want to let her eat me again. I would not succumb to becoming a dyke by letting her lick me until I passed out, for it could easily become an addiction.

So I gave in and decided to get her off again. That way, I knew that I could bring myself off in that same way by making her cum, and in that manner avoid the trap. After all it isn’t much more than mutual masturbation, and I’m not *really* bi if it’s only Julie that I do it with. Besides, I’d still be fucking my husband that night and sucking him off.

After four orgasms Julie begged me to stop… I don’t know how many she’d had by then.

I felt so much better that day when I’d left her place without needing her to lick me, and I even let her kiss me on the mouth as we parted. Later that day I fucked my husband while straddling him on the couch and then sucked him clean to a second orgasm.

It’s not quite the same now with Dave, I think because he doesn’t get to the same level of excitement as Julie. She gets so high she can’t control herself and the excitement of bringing her off sends me over so easily. With Dave, my orgasms are nice though. Sometimes when he fucks me from behind I rub myself while alternating porno 92 my hands and licking the juices off my fingers. I wonder if it might help Julie if I got her a strap-on and she fucked me from behind.

The other day when I went over to Julie’s, she answered the door in her bathing suit again, this time wearing heals. I couldn’t believe what they did for her! Julie’s legs and ass were incredible. As I looked at the thong disappearing between her cheeks, I wondered what it would be like to follow the material with my tongue and maybe bite her on the cheek.

As the front door closed, I reached around Julie and cupped her breasts stopping her in her tracks. Julie’s breasts are so very sensitive, and she drew a sharp breath my hands encircled her and she felt me press against her from behind. My nipples tingled as I pressed against her and I began play with her nubbins.

Julie sighed and her head fell back against me. I slipped my hands under the cups of her top and pressed my lips to her ear and said, “Julie this suit is sooo sexy on you.” Then I kissed her lobe and licked around the edge of her ear before continuing. “I am not going to let you go, I’m going to take you right here and bring us both off.” She could only answer with a moan that became a hiss as I moved my tongue into her ear and pulled on her nipples.

I continued in that manner for a minute more and then bent her a bit until she grabbed a hold of the chair next to the door. She was bent slightly at the waist and her ass was incredible. I pulled my hands from her breasts and told her to use one hand to play with them as I caressed her sides down to her thong. My fingers traced the fabric around her waist and down to her cheeks and then I slipped one finger through the cleft and down to her pussy. Moans were the only sounds she made.

I sank to my knees and kissed my way down until I reached her ass and then I began to nibble on it. Now I became more vocal and I described how hot xvideos porno she looked and what I was going to do to her. I bit her softly on both cheeks and then I felt an incredible thrill as I brought my tongue up throw the crevice of her cheeks. Julie finally spoke, “Oh my God.” And I teased my tongue inside and pressed against the fabric of the thong. “Oh, yeah.”

I didn’t think I was ready to try that all the way. I’d read about rim jobs in that magazine, but I’d never had it done or wanted to try it, but I was very tempted. Instead I continued to tease her with my tongue, tasting her flesh and occasionally stabbing it against the fabric over her rosebud.

Julie was talking now and begging me to bring her off, and I brought my hands up from caressing her thighs to pull her thong down off of her. Then as she stepped out of them she moved her legs farther apart and said, “Oh yes, baby.”

I couldn’t bring myself to go that far, but I made one final tease with my tongue through her cheeks lightly brushing her bud before my hands pulled her back against me, and I sent my tongue into the folds of her pussy.

With my fingers I circled her clit while I licked the juices that were spilling out of her. I’d never seen her so wet before, and the taste of her took me higher. In more than a week since I started her lessons I’d been at her place every day. And each day it was easier to bring her to orgasm and follow her with one of my own.

Julie was near gone now as she began to gently rock back against me, moaning then chanting, “Fuck me, eat me.”

As I got closer I pulled her tight against me, my nose pressed into her ass and my fingers moving fast over her clit. I gasped out “Now, baby, now!” and pushed my tongue into her sending us both over the top.

I don’t know how she managed to stay upright, but as she came down I helped her stumble into the bedroom so I could continue…

Anyway, that’s what really happened, and what I want people to know. We’re *not* lesbians, and every time I go over there, Julie doesn’t “lick me ’til I can’t take it anymore”. That was just a fabrication of that magazine. If anything, the truth is that every time I go over there, _I_ lick _her_ until _she_ can’t take it anymore.


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