The Wedding Night


This is a story of growth. A story of exploration, of self-imposed limits and boundaries, and how those limits and boundaries can be passed and extended within a loving, caring relationship. If reading about love and tenderness is offensive to you, I suggest you move to another site more to your liking.


We are at a wedding party, a grand affair which has required us to ‘dress up’. Just who’s wedding, is irrelevant, but having received the invitation, our first joint invitation to anything, addressed to ‘Kate and Sara’ as a couple, I have persuaded you that we will go. I like to think of it as our official debut.

We are both dressed in deep green.

You are wearing a gown, not dissimilar to a wedding dress. Tight corseted satin bodice, laced at the back, but in such a way that glimpses of your white soft skin are visible through the lacing, leading the eye upwards to the expanse of creamy white shoulder, bare except for the silver chain around your neck, on which is hanging a single green stone in a delicate silver mounting which I had given you that morning.

Your red hair, shining and luxurious, left loose, falls softly around your face, down on to your shoulders, the perfect frame for the sparkling, mischievous green eyes, which always seem to hold a promise of adventure and excitement, tinged with gentleness and softness. And love.

The bodice has no decoration, it is completely plain, apart from the boned stitching. There is no need for anything else when you are in it. The bodice barely covers your nipples, but lifts and holds your succulent breasts in a way which has me drooling every time I look at you, itching to just stroke that quivering flesh. The stitching for the boning has been designed to be visible, creating elegant pathways along which my fingers travel all evening, transmitting my touch directly to you.

The bodice curves out slightly over your hips, with the front dipping downwards in a point which finishes just above your pussy, taking the viewer’s eye there involuntarily, and a shorter, similar curving point at the back, stopping just above your ass – a ploy that draws the eye continually.

The soft silk skirt flows gently over your hips, to the floor, drifting cloud-like around you, moving in a gentle swishing sound as you walk.

Underneath? I know – because I saw you put them on – that there is only a black satin suspender belt and black silk stockings. No panties. There is, however, a pleasure belt, which it gave me great pleasure to put on you. During the evening – our preparations and since arriving – I have occasionally turned the belt on low, not too much. I want you to enjoy the evening, not be overcome by too much sensation. Just enough to add a distinct frisson to the occasion, and a particular meaning to the glances which pass between us.

My outfit is also in dark green silk, based on an Indian design. Long slightly fitted top, dropping past my knees, with side slits to my hips. Long sleeves which extend to a point over the back of my hand, just at the knuckle line, the neck has a mandarin type collar, with a gap in the front, revealing a similar silver chain around my throat, but without the stone. The collar then drops into a slit which provides occasional glimpses of a deep cleavage and generous breasts. The material hangs in soft folds, and clings occasionally, but otherwise only provides the hint of the shape underneath it.

With the top, I am wearing pants of the same soft material, loose and comfortable, becoming narrower at the ankle. The looseness is necessary to allow the wearing of my favourite black leather harness. And the pants contain an extra surprise, which you will discover later.

We arrive just in time for the meal, our entrance causing a slight stir; and why not. We are an unusual couple. I sometimes wish I was taller for you, but if it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me. We get round it.

During the evening I insist that you have several glasses of wine, knowing how just one glass makes you incredibly horny. I was looking forward to the effects of the wine in combination with the pleasure belt, with which I teased you during dinner; the teasing resulting in your hand spending a lot of time caressing my thigh under the table, occasionally dipping dangerously closely to my centre. I am also without panties, and the wetness caused by your touch was lying in my folds and curls, seeping into my harness, making my lips rub wetly and slickly against each other.

The silk of my outfit seems to draw your hands to me, like a magnet, you have been touching me.

All evening.

When we dance – only the slow romantic ones – in the low lighting your arms are round my shoulders, and your hands trail slowly over my top, around my neck, down my back, and, under the pretence of brushing off a speck, lightly over my breasts, making me shiver. The effects of the wine are making themselves known. To use your own words, it makes mom porn you ‘as horny as a cat in heat’.

Occasionally you allow your hands to slide inside the side slits of my top to inch around my sides and back, caressing my skin, but also to drop lower and stroke my belly and my bum cheeks through the silk pants, making me shiver. The first time you did this, you discovered the presence of the harness, and your eyes lit up in expectation, the devil in you leaning closer to me, and whispering in my ear, the things you wanted me to do with that harness, making my mouth dry, my heart pound, and my pussy grow even wetter.

My response to your teasing was to simply flick the remote in my pocket, and feel myself becoming more and more excited and aroused at the sound of your moans in my ear, and the tightening of your hands on me.

The belt? It was a double whammy. Pussy and ass. Your favourite combination. Nothing too big, but enough for you to know they are there, especially when they are activated. I especially love the way, as the evening wears on, your eyes close briefly, and your teeth lightly grip your bottom lip when I turn it on.

I watch your face. I love the way it makes you hold me closer, your hands on my bum, pulling me close against you, and the sound of you breathing in my ear, and your whispering, growing need. After an hour or two of this activity, your teasing had become soft pleading, “Kate, take me home now. Fuck me. Take me anywhere, just fuck me.”

The anticipation is delicious, as I turn it off, and hold your gently trembling body against me, “Soon my love, soon. Just a little longer.”

The evening is becoming late, and both of us are now far too interested in each other to take much notice of the proceedings or the conversations going around us. We take our leave of our hosts, and as we turn to leave the room, your hand in mine, I reach in my pocket and flick the switch, turning it to the second level. You gasp, and grip my hand, faltering slightly in your walk, and turning to look at me, your mouth slightly open, tongue flicking out to lick your lips, you mouth two words at me, just two words. “Fuck me.”

Smiling at you, I nod my head, and lead you from the room, drawing your hand through my arm, as I reach to my pocket and, with a grin on my face, flick the switch up to the third level, the sound of your moan adding speed to my walk.

As we reach the lobby, to your surprise, I turn us away from the main door, and head for the lifts. You falter slightly, and look at me questioningly. I simply smile at you, and with my hand on your back, urge you into the empty lift.

Once inside, with the doors closed, and the floor selected, you practically pounce on me, pressing me against the wall, your breasts tantalisingly close to my mouth, your arms each side of me, your mouth a breath away from mine. “I hope you are prepared for a long night, because your teasing has driven me wild. I am going to fuck your brains out.” Your mouth descends on mine, taking my lips fiercely, as you thrust your tongue between my lips, scouring my mouth with your passion and lust.

Your kiss is wiping all coherent thought from my head, but through the haze of passion and need, I manage to get my hand to the remote and flick the switch to the final setting, making you move closer against me, grinding yourself against me, moaning deep into my mouth. “Oh God, Kate, please, fuck me. I need it, you, so much.”

Pulling my head away, I move my hands to your face, and kiss your lips softly, lovingly, “Soon love, very, very soon.”

The lift ‘pings’ our arrival, and I gently ease you off me, and lead you out to the hallway, your walk becoming a stumble in your need.

Briefly, through the haze of your desire, you again realise that we are not on the way home, and look at me questioningly. “Where are we going?”

I stop in front of a large door, and turning to you, smiling, point at the name plate by the door. “The Bridal Suite”. Using the key card I had collected earlier, I open the door, push it wide, and before you realise what is happening, have lifted you into my arms and carried you across the threshold, and using my foot, push the door closed behind us.

“Aren’t the bride and groom sleeping here tonight?” you ask me.

“Not this time love, they are going away for their honeymoon, so I thought it would be fun for us not to have to trudge across town to get home after the evening. It’s ours for the night. Tonight, we are the happy couple.” My smile widens as I watch your face taking in what I have just said.

With the realisation that we are now somewhere where we can fuck, and fuck long, you drop your feet to the floor, and take me in your arms, look into my eyes, and whisper, “If you don’t fuck me, now, I am going to explode.” I can see the need growing in your eyes, the increase in your breathing, as your breasts rise and fall at a steady pace as the belt continues mobil porno its assault on your pussy and ass, driving your need ever upwards.

“Then I’d better do something about that, hadn’t I?”

Pulling myself out of your arms, I gently turn you around, urging you towards a tall wing-backed chair across the room, and guide your hands to hold on to it. My hands begin to work on the laces at the back of the bodice, easing them apart, loosening the corset top, and as each piece of skin is revealed, planting soft, but lingering kisses there, working my way down your back. When I finally reach the waist, I slide my hands inside, and around your front to cup your breasts, and push the bodice away from you, letting it drop at the waist to hang down over the skirt of the dress.

As my fingers caress your breasts, and alternately squeeze your nipples between finger and thumb, your moaning increases, “Oh god, oh god, Kate, please.”

Turning you around to face me, pulling you against me, one arm around your waist, I quickly take a nipple in my mouth, and swirl it with my tongue, gently stroke and flick it, and then move to the other, back and forth, licking, kissing, stroking with my tongue, as I feel your passion rise, “yes, yes, yes, yes, oh god YES,” and as I finally take one nipple between my teeth and nip it gently, your rise on your feet and cum for me, suddenly, explosively, beautifully, crying out your pleasure, as your hands grip my arms, holding yourself up.

Slowly, a quietness, a temporary calm descends on us, as your body slumps against me, your head drops to my shoulder, and I gather you to me, holding you against me, soft in your release. Through your lessening panting, you hear me, “Now, wasn’t that worth waiting for?”

Your answer is to lift your head, look into my eyes, and softly but deeply take my mouth in yours and kiss me in a way that leaves me in no doubt that you enjoyed it.

When you pull away, I can see the fire I have ignited in your eyes, and remember your words in the lift. This is going to be a long, long night. The thought produces shudders of delight, and even more wetness.

Turning around, you ask me to finish the job, and as I reach to continue unlacing your dress, I feel your hands reach behind you to caress and stroke me through the silk, making me tremble.

When I have finished, you turn, and allow the dress to just drift to the floor, before taking my hand for support and stepping out, towards me. “Now you,” and as your hands reach for my top, lifting it gently over my head, and dropping it on the floor with your gown, I am unable to move, completely stunned by the sight of your glorious body before me, shimmering in the after-glow of orgasm. Your hands reach for me, and your finger tips trace an unknown path over my skin, along my shoulders, easing my bra straps down to my arms, then along the skin at the top of my breasts, making me shiver, down my sides, around my waist, and round to my back to unclasp my bra, pulling me close to you, as you drop it to the floor, pressing our breasts against each other, rubbing your nipples against mine.

Mentally shaking myself, as I feel the evening getting away from me, I step back from you, still in my pants, and move to the bed, where I retrieve a bag from the floor beside it. As I pick it up and place it on the armchair, I see your face light up. You have recognised it. It’s our ‘toy kit’.

As I reach for the remote in my pocket and turn of the still thrumming device I ask you to remove the belt. Quickly you unbuckle it, and with a slight shiver, remove the inserts, throwing it on the bed. I take out a vibe, bigger than the belt insert, but not too big, we have a long night ahead of us, and as I move towards you, I show you the surprise in my pants. Reaching for the centre seam I pull the two halves apart, all the way round, from the waist at the front, to the waist at the back. The pants are now effectively two separate pieces of clothing, and you have free access to me, without taking them off. This is my version of your silk stockings, knowing how much you love the feel of the silk on your skin.

The huge grin on your face, tells me that you approve, as I hold out the vibe to you, to clip on my very wet harness. “Ooh, what a wonderful idea,” you purr, and kneel in front of me. I know what’s coming, and take deep breaths as your soft fingers wind their way behind the harness, to guide the vibe into its clip. Accidentally, it would seem your fingers manage to time and time again brush against my lips, as you apparently have trouble doing something that I know you can achieve in 3 seconds flat when the situation demands it.

Finally, when the vibe is in place, you raise your eyes to look at me, slide your hands inside my now non-pants, and gliding your warm hands over my hips, pull me towards you, taking the vibe in your mouth, sucking and licking it, all the time pushing it back against me, the nubs xnxx porno on the inside of the harness caressing me, raising my desire to new heights.

When I can stand it no more, I reach for you, lift you up to me, my arms pulling you close against me, and huskily murmur, “Enough. I thought you wanted me to fuck you child?”

“Yes please, ” you moan at me.

Holding you close against me, my mouth a breath away from yours, I ask you “How do you want me to fuck you my love, hard? Soft? Long? Deep?”,

“Anyway. Just fuck me,” you moan at me, and I know that that one brief release was just the start.

Not wanting to go to the bed yet, that’s the finale, I move you backwards towards the wall, and once you are pressed against it, reach for your pussy lips with one hand to part them, closing my eyes briefly and sighing contentedly at the wetness I find. In one movement, I push the vibe into you, flicking the switch just before it is engulfed in your hot pussy.

“Ooh, yess” you hiss at me, as I push it as deeply as I can in this position. My hands move to cup your bum, urging you to lift your legs, and as I lift you, your legs go around my hips, pulling me hard against you, your arms around my neck, and I press you up against the wall, balancing your weight between my hands and the wall.

Slowly, I begin to ease back and forth in you, loving the sound of your wetness against the vibe, and feeling the gentle vibrations working their way into me through the harness.

Your moans increase, and you move briefly to cover my mouth with yours. Soon, your movements against me urge me to move quicker, deeper, harder, and lifting your head from mine, your voice echoes my thoughts. “Yes, love. Yes. Harder. Harder. FUCK ME.”

I slide one arm around your waist, lifting you slightly, and begin to fuck you as hard and deep as I can, while you, in your limited position, move against me.

Soon, your moans increase, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” in time with the rhythm, and then, as I feel your body drawing upwards, a cry of release, “FUUCCKK” as I push deep and hard into you, feeling your body go rigid in my arms, your hands clawing at my back, as your orgasm surges through you, leaving you limp and breathless in my arms, my own panting a quieter version of yours as I lean our combined weights against the wall.

After a short time, holding you tightly against me your arms and legs tight around me, I turn and with you still impaled on the vibe, carry you to the chair, where I lean forward, and gently lower you into it, as you slide off the vibe and I reach to turn it off.

Bending down, I gently press my lips to yours, and your eyes open, smiling at me.

“Mmmmmmmmm, love, that was wonderful.” As I kiss you again, you murmur against my lips, “Again please”, making me laugh out loud at your delightful enthusiasm.

You smile sweetly at me, “I’m not joking love, I told you to be prepared for a long night. This is just the beginning.”

I lift my mouth from yours, moving lower to your breasts, loving your soft murmur of pleasure as I gently kiss around their shape, echoing the movement with my hand. I looked up at you, smiling and answer, “Then its as well I came prepared isn’t it,” I move away to the bag, taking out a cock this time, not a vibe, and bigger. I remove the vibe from the harness, and quickly clip on the new one. Returning to you in the chair, I kneel, lift your legs over the arms, and begin to gently stroke up and down the silky skin of your thighs, dipping occasionally into your enticing wetness.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, yes, nice, ” you moan deeply, closing your eyes the better to enjoy the sensations of my fingers. I reach under your bum, and with both hands, pull you closer to me, so that your pussy and your ass are open to me. My tongue reaches out and gathers some of that delicious cream, the touch making us both moan at the same time, in joint delight and pleasure. I gently push my tongue into your pussy, and then deliver some of that wonderful wetness downwards to your ass, lathering and licking all over the rosebud winking gently at me. As I lather, I gently probe with my tongue, and then, as my tongue returns to your pussy, gently press a finger tip against your hole, and sigh as your muscles relax to allow me access.

For a while, my tongue and my finger work in tandem, and when I could feel no resistance from your hole, I reach into my pocket and retrieve the slim butt plug I had placed there earlier. Briefly sucking it into my mouth to moisten it, I gently push it against your hole, where it slides easily in, until it reaches the base plate.

“Ooh yes, love, yes, ” was your delighted response.

My tongue continues to lick and tease your pussy and lips, my fingers trailing up and down your thighs, until your moans rise again to a soft pleading, “Please Kate, pleeease, “.

I stand, moving from your taste and aroma reluctantly, and as you feel me move away, your eyes fly open, but your face breaks into a soft smile as you see me holding out my hand to you, to help you from the chair. You take it, allowing me to pull you up and to me, once more lifting you, and taking you to the bed, to gently lay you on the covers.

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