The Wand of Freya


I never believed in magic or witchcraft or any of that mumbo jumbo but Lacy did.

Which was cool because we hooked up and I started dating her back when she was this stacked hot short gothic witch chick.

And she was Bi too which was also kinda hot.

And we went steady for like three years before I dumped her. She’d kinda put on weight and she was like getting lazy in bed and stuff and I didn’t want that kinda relationship.

I mean if I was going to be into that for the long haul with a chick and having things go downhill over time and stuff then that’s what i’d be into and I’d be getting like married and stuff.

And I seen Lacy around a few times too so it was like just kinda getting worse there for awhile and she really slapped on the pounds and then she sort of dropped off the radar.

And I honestly stopped even thinking about her until I seen her today.

She was a little taller than I remember and she lost all that weight and then some except for the right places.

Lacy’s tits were huge and they were literally fucking perfect, like she had work done perfect and I really didn’t care. And neither did her girlfriends?

She was shopping for groceries with three smoking hot girls and they all seemed to get along and get along like they were all into her.

Not just with each other but definitely with Lacy.

You could tell they were all super into her.

And she was like super chill and super confident too.

We literally ended up talking at the cash.

“Shawn hey what’s up?”

“Nothing wow Lacy you look amazing.”

“Thanks, the coven’s been good to me.”

“Coven still into the witchy stuff huh?”

“Definitely though it’s kinda got more real.”

“More real?”

“Yeah we’re sort of a commune like kinda deal now. We bought the old Sinclaire farm.”

“I think I know the place.”

“Yeah still in town but not really in town and we got it for cheap and it needs a lot of work but we’re getting there.”

“You sound happy.”

“Getting there, horny mostly.”

I grin and blush as she strokes my cock through my jeans and I’m painfully hard. “You still live in the same place Shawn?”

“No, I got a bigger place and nicer even if the neighborhood’s iffy.”

“You want a fourway?”


“Can we come over and fool around?”

“How can I say no to that.”

She smiled this really sexy smile and we headed over to my place and she brought some booze the bought in.

Well as soon as they were through the door there were tops off and Lacy told the other two to start making drinks and to get some tunes on as she took off her shirt too.

Great tits, huge full fucking stand up titties.

She went over and we kissed and I played with them.

Then she said something foreign.

“I just cast a spell on you it’s going to increase your pleasure as you feel it and say Freya take me.”



She drops my jeans and pulls my cock out and starts giving me a handjob. “Say it.”

“Freya take me…”

Oh, oh fuck the way the feelings shifted changed it was fucking intense.

Then Lacy went down on me and fucking swallowed my cock whole.

Full deepthroat no gagging.

Of course I kept fucking saying it.

I said it as I was cumming down Lacy’s throat and it was so powerful that it felt like it pulled cum from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet.

I was panting when she pulled off and whispered to my cock in that language again and with a rush my cock grew to life and hardened again.

“What…what was that?”

“Magic, it doesn’t take much to give a guy a boner especially while in a fuck session. Do you mind?”

“Hell no!”

“You want another blowjob?”

“Yes please!”

Oh fuck it was awesome and saying that end thing of “Freya take me.” Still worked, still brought me to almost painfully good orgasms.

Then I fucked those great titties…twice because she asked for it.

Then there was fucking her and that went like three times because she wanted it and I couldn’t say no.

And even fucking her perfect ass too.

It wasn’t all at once either and we drank and drank and ate the steaks that I bought and literally fucked all afternoon and I was rewarded with seeing Lacy eat pussy and all that lesbian fun only it was more like bisexual fun as they sucked my cock too.

Rode me when I was exhausted and hard as fuck from her magic.

We went until my dick literally hurt.

It took everything that I had to walk them out.

“You should come over this weekend Shawn.”

“I will, definitely.”

I was done, just hooked, literally shaking as we all hugged and they left.

I slept pretty much for two days with funky dreams and after calling in sick at work.

Sex was different now to me.

And so was everything else?

Stuff that might have bothered me like my gay neighbors didn’t really bother me.

Actually like a couple days after going back to work hearing them through the wall got me listening, got me hard.

Enough I watched jojobet some gay porn online and shemales too.

Sucking dick seemed?

And the girls the other day liked it.

Lacy loved it.

Like what was going on?

At the same time who cared? It was like being Bi?

There were a lot of cute people in the world all of a sudden.

I was really excited for the weekend enough that I went out and bought groceries to bring, stuff for some salads, chips but mostly stuff for BBQing and lots of booze.

I went over a little nervously that Friday night and the place was easy to find.

A old school actually like from the 40’s done in this three story extended plantation style with two floors with wrap around decks. The whole coven thing looked more like apartments with like a bunch of like minded friends.

They were definitely working on stuff here too with fencing and barns being built of fixed.

Lacy came out to meet me with this whole plaid shirt tied off Daisy Duke thingy and matching jean shorts of course.

“Shawn! You’re here!”

“I didn’t know if I should come over tonight or stop by tomorrow…”

“Tonight’s good, stay the weekend.”

“The weekend?”

“We’ll be doing some work and could use a hand but we’ll be partying too if you’re cool with that.”

“Uhm…sure. This is pretty sudden.”

“For you maybe but this was a couple of years getting all this together.”

“I mean…I thought we ended badly.”

She went over and she helped me with some of the things. “We did, actually you ended us badly. I was really into you.”

“But you’re cool with this now?”

She smiled really big at me. “I am besides things have changed I’m taking you back.”


“Well not just you, all my ex’s are here or will be.”


Lacy looks at me with her head tilted. “Well mostly because things have really changed for me. Mostly because we were good once at one point and I think we could get there again.”

“All of us?”

“All of us, that way we know who some of the other people are it’s not just two people but it’s a group.”

I…it sounds weird, it sounds like a hippy thing.

“It sounds very hippy.”

“Pagan hippy sure, we’re a coven. Not a cult we don’t do like crazy assed Branch Davidian stuff.”

“So what do you do?”

“Mostly we’re going to farm, and we’re going to brew Witch’s Brew.”

“Witch’s Brew?”

“We’re going to make booze, we’re making an indie brewery and we’re going to sell to all of the witchy wannabees and hipsters and all of that plus make some other stuff like perfumes and soaps and all that jazz.”

“So a business?”

“Live where you work, get officially declared as a coven for tax purposes, live together to share housing and labor costs, grow our own stuff. I’m done working as a receptionist, I’m done with not fucking who I want to and I found something real…you felt that.”

“I’m not sure what I felt.”

Lacy set the bags she had on the deck and some girls came out to get them and she kissed me and spoke in that language again and BAM…I was hard as a rock again.

“You felt this…” And she was stroking my hard on.

“Really? I just got here?”

“You’re right, I can hang on if you can.” She kissed me and picked up the things. “C’mon I’ll introduce you around and we can take this stuff to the kitchen.”

Jesus…There were hot people everywhere and mostly women though a few hot big strong good looking guys. And a few shemales even? There were two they looked like girls and kinda not. Not like the porn shemales but more like the everyday actual people.

Most folks were not wearing a heck of a lot, shorts, cutoffs, tee shirts, bikini tops all seemed the thing around here.

Then again it is summer and this place has lots of fans but no AC.

The main house is mostly just living space with certain rooms sort of done in like a theme. There’s like a big room with a big screen and the home theater set up and they literally have like love seats and comfortable chairs and body pillows.

Another was just a chill room but had like three really nice and pretty big aquariums.

And there was a book room which was pretty much a library and even had a handful of table top computers.

The kitchen was huge one of those super big kitchens like for a working place like really old school industrial sized and it had doors going to the outside and this really big side room for dry goods and preserves.

There were women there working and doing stuff and the place smelled awesome honestly. They were really thankful for the things that I brought too and I got some very close hugs and touches and even deep kisses.

I looked at Lacy.

Uhm after she was done kissing one of the girls deeply.

“Is it always this friendly?”

She grinned. “Actually yeah.”

“Wow…that’s strange.”

“We don’t fuck everyone Shawn we just are cool with open affection. People are hurt, they’re hurt deep down because we isolate ourselves. It actually takes a lot of courage and time to unlearn some jojobet Giriş of those boundaries.”

“Yeah but some people are assholes and get violent.”

She nodded and she looked…strong?

“Oh we defend ourselves Shawn, we always will.”

Okay then…

It kind of went on from there.

They had several rooms in the basement for like the furnace and then there was like storage and dry goods and preserves they were making and the rest was a cool games room with ping pong and a few table games like table hockey and foosball plus there was two pinball machines and even two old video game machines on being Pac Man and the other was Donkey Kong far from being in good shape but they worked and I hadn’t seen stand up games since I was a kid.

Outside was different with a definite farm deal going on with lots of gardens and there’s some stuff that I didn’t know about that was cool like all this vertical gardening things. They had a huge crop of strawberries going on with rows of posts and metal hook hangers and the berries just almost were overflowing in growth and still off the ground.

Chicken wire and peas and climbing beans and they even had this whole wall of cucumbers like that that all they did was start using twist ties to fasten the vines to the wire.

I couldn’t keep track of all of it but some stuff just seemed…smart…like a quail barn because hipsters pain big money for quail eggs from all of the cooking shows.

Microgreens and herbs growing in a greenhouse because of the same reason.

And they had animals of all kinds from cows to goats and pigs plus ducks and geese and all sorts of chickens.

Plus barns and there were smokehouses and a drying room shed that was pretty cool like a greenhouse but that was meant to vent the moisture and had just a couple of fans hooked to a solar panel. And not even a new one but like something from the 80’s.

Still though it worked.

And they were building more.

Like the brewery where she showed me the big basement that they poured and had set up and all the stuff there were getting ready there was a lot of work to do.

Everywhere the people were good looking.

The women and sort of women were sexy and sweet and alluring and friendly and the men were friendly and chill and nice but they were all big, all tall and muscular and they all were hung.

And the way that people dressed here you could not help but to notice that.

And I swear most of them while being friendly were giving off this vibe of they would like to fuck me.

And I’m not sure I’d turn it down.

They’re all great looking.

And while the magic boner had faded over the tour the people here made it stir and rise to life sometimes.

Lacy led me back to the main house.

“So usually I like to have sex before we end up eating just because we really eat here and that tends to make us all lazy and stuffed.”


“So care to join me in my rooms?”


Like I was going to say no.

And I wasn’t expecting her to invite another three women to join us.

Like the other two from the start of the week they were intensely into Lacy.

Again I don’t blame them.

I mean I was still trying to figure out why she was even giving me the time of day when she was this cool and this on the ball with everything and the whole coven bit.

Lacy’s rooms were fucking killer, just two rooms in the front and a bathroom. She had a deck section that looked over the place and one half was the bedroom with this huge framed bed and all this sort of hippy witchy stuff and it smelled of herbs and weed and lavender and there was this hint under all of it of honey and pussy.

The other room was a sitting room or living room sort of deal with like bookshelves and couches and some big old cool wicker chairs and lots of potted plants and a serious looking sound system.

We started with putting on some tunes and drinks actually listening to The Beatles while there were joints rolled and drinks poured.

We all got buzzed and naked and Lacy did that hard on spell and we started.

And you better believe I said “Freya take me.”

The orgasms we fucking mind blowing and they still were right there on the edge of painful.

I didn’t care.

I fucked Lacy twice in her pussy and she blew me twice and I fucked her titties and that sweet ass.

And the same for the other girls too.

I was hurting but didn’t care, feverish but didn’t care.

Ate pussy like I was starving and in love.

And sucked cock.

Tranny, shemale… Gigi.

I barely hesitated honestly and her dick was cute and small like three inches and she had to be spelled to to get hard and she too cried out. “Freya take me!”

Gigi though was stunning.

Even with all the girls here she was stunning.

She had a tall body with long legs, a perfect ass and these huge tits.

But her face was lovely too and not just that.

She had this amazing hair, that new aged style where they dye it sort of grey but she had these lavender jojobet Güncel Giriş undertones, these long lashes and these wonderful blue eyes.

But what spelled me without magic was her eyes.

I think even with Lacy and the others there we sort of stepped aside when we started being lovers and we had almost a private encounter.

Then Lacy changed it up again.

She took out this strap on dildo.

Twelve inches long and thick engraved with veins and this big circumcised head. All the girls cooed and swooned and called it “The Wand”.

And there was more magic, real magic not like the words that seemed like maybe suggestion?

When Lacy strapped it to her she chanted and chanted and that dildo fused to her going from white ivory to fleshy pink as it joined with her.

I was the first person she lined up with.

I was eating pussy when she lined up and rubbed my back chanting and she looked at me.

“I want to fuck you, I want to make you one of my sweethearts.”

I said. “Yes, please.”

Her spell loosened me up and cleaned me out and lubed me up.

I stopped eating pussy to watch Lacy as she pushed that giant cock into my virgin asshole.

It hurt.

It hurt good though.

I was so empty and so slick from her spells that that monster cockhead pushed into me and then my insides gave way as her coke bottle thickness invaded me.

Coke bottle thickness…

I felt the cock take me, literally take me and make me feel so fucking good as it filled me. Filled, filled, stretched, just fucking filled!

The way every part of my insides reveled in it was amazing as Lacy found this place inside of me that was so fine the feelings were as close to bliss as I could ever imagine.

Gigi is there with me.

Face to face, kissing, moving the other woman aside.

“Say it, say it ask Freya to take you.”

I cry out. “Freya take me.”

I cum, I cum without spurting from my cock.

And she and I kiss and it goes again and again as Lacy fucks my virgin bottom with that huge beautiful monster cock.

Then Lacy is going harder, fucking everything I thought that I was with her monster cock and I know that sound.

She’s going to cum.

Gigi looks me in the eyes. “There’s always a choice, always a choice but if you want more, if you want to be changed say Freya fill me as she cums.”

Lacy is panting, riding me, fucking me like a champion.

I feel so good it’s hard to think, panting so fast it’s hard to breathe.

She gets to that sound, the sound I make, that men make when they’re going to cum.

I say it.

“Freya fill me.”

Lacy cums.

It shoots into me as she cries out getting off and it’s like if you took those porn squirting chick videos and had all that juice spurting inside of me. Filling my ass with pussy juices.

And I feel the magic take hold and my body draw all of her girly goo inside of me.

I’m instantly feverish, like being drunk or high off an edible.

I feel heat rushing through me and all I can smell is honey?

I can feel my body literally soaking in all this woman cum, all this feminine energy.

She’s spurting so deep, so much it feels like she’s pumping liquid inside of me enough to make my insides swell.

I cum without my cock and I cum and cum as Lacy fucks me and takes me to places my life never dreamed of.

It started from behind, but turned into her with my legs over her shoulders and fucking me into this sweet perfection, into this trance like love of it and me wanting more and more and I cry out for “More Lacy! Please, please more! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

It happens again as she fills my ass, fills my insides with her honey cum.

I’m too worn out to make much sense of anything else as my legs come down and I fall into this blissful exhausted sleep.

I’m out for hours and hours just completely zoned and only before I wake up do anything like dreams happen.

I dream of sex, of eating pussy, sucking dick, getting fucked in the bum.

I never dreamed getting fucked was that good.

So getting gay guys more now.

I still like women though.

It’s really trippy but really gratifying to be in this nest of bodies on Lacy’s bed.

Gigi rolls over next to me with those eyes. “I’m hungry and you need to eat.”

I’m suddenly realizing I’m starving.

“Okay let’s go.”

I can barely move. I feel so sore but good, rubbery, most of all I feel rubbery.

I feel so contented, well fucked too.

I can’t help but stare at Gigi as she walks and sways taking me to food.

“You’re really beautiful.”

She smiles. “Thanks Shawn you’ll be pretty too.”

“I’ll be?”

“I was just like you, one of Lacy’s ex’s. Then we started fucking again and she began fucking me and the magic changes you.”

“You were a guy like me?”

She smiles. “Was yeah.”

Gigi looks at me. “You’re not even panicking, that’s the magic too. It’s already working.”


She looks around and call some hot guy called Danny over.

Hot guy?

She kisses him and just pulls his cock out from his jeans and I’m staring at it.

“Go ahead Shawn, Danny doesn’t mind, none of the guys here mind us doing whatever we want to them because we’re the chosen, Freya’s chosen and right under Lacy we’re in charge.”

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