The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 07


The Sunday morning routine getting ready for church, kept Sarah occupied, her mind only occasionally reverting to the events of the previous evening. She could hardly believe it had happened, hoping that none of the nocturnal visitors to the car park recognized her. It had been fairly dark however, and the whole action had taken no longer than twenty minutes or so. In the cold light of day it all seemed like a vague dream. She had certainly no recollection of any of the other people involved, not even the man who had ejaculated all over her face.

Sarah had to admit to herself though, that it had been a thrilling event. One she would dearly love to repeat, but wasn’t sure if that would be a good idea. It would be tempting fate rather too much. And yet, she thought, other people do it quite openly, but then they don’t have a public profile to protect in the same way. It would be very risky for her.

The church service had been something of a haze for her. Even Sue remarked how distant Sarah seemed to be. ‘Not your bubbling self this morning,’ was her remark. Sarah smiled thinly. It was a bit soon to be spilling the beans to Sue. And certainly not in the Parish Hall over coffee. In her confused state of mind, Sarah considered suggesting to her lover friend, Sue, that the two of them went dogging one evening. Though not in their own car park. My God! The thought of the vicar’s wife being discovered dogging was hilarious! They would have to find another spot. But how safe would it be? How would Sue react to the thought of being fucked by a stranger?

Sarah had been pre-occupied, certainly, wondering whether or not she should mention things to George. He was open minded, yes, but… She didn’t stay long for coffee, having decided to walk back through the churchyard and into the lane which led to the Copse car park behind the house. She was curious to see it again, in the light of the previous night’s happenings. It now had a very different significance for her, being the place where she had allowed a complete stranger to fuck her without any preliminaries. Just a straight fuck!

But her thoughts were interrupted by Janet, their Business manager. ‘Would you like a lift back, Sarah? I didn’t see your car in the car park.’

‘Er… well… yes, thanks Janet. I walked here, actually. Such a beautiful morning. But a lift back would be welcome.’

After waving a cheery goodbye to Susanna, Sarah followed Janet into the church car park. As they got into Janet’s bright yellow Mini Cooper, Sarah took a good look at their wizard employee. Janet had helped them a great deal in securing large grants from government agencies for the refurbishment of their stately family home. She was a whiz-kid with figures, dazzling the decision-makers with her grasp of the tourist business, and the marketing techniques necessary to attract them. She was both George’s and her ‘right-hand man’!

Today she was wearing a pink straw hat with ribbons, a smart white linen two-piece and flat shoes. Her shoulder-length, dark-honey colored hair was in just sufficient disarray to give her a rather rakish casual look. Although very sophisticated, respectable and business-like in her general manner, Sarah thought Janet had an curious attraction. A mysterious person whose private life was just that. Private!

‘We don’t usually see you on a Sunday. And certainly not a glorious day like today.’

‘No! I left some things in my desk which I need later today. I forgot them yesterday, so thought I’d drop in to pick them up. Perhaps do some fiddling with figures later on.’ She laughed, giving Sarah a quizzical look. ‘When do you expect George back?’

It was an idle question, without any apparent significance, but Sarah wondered if there was any special reason for the question. She returned Janet’s look, before turning away. Was there something meaningful in that look, she wondered? Oh, no! She’d known Janet for some time now, and certainly there had never been any suggestion of any interest between them, other than business. Yet, there was that certain ‘something’ in her expression.

‘Oh, early evening I expect. Then we’ll have a leisurely dinner, watch a bit of tele I suppose, before turning in. George is usually tired after his week-ends in London.’

Janet turned to her with a knowing smile. Sarah wondered if Janet knew something she didn’t about her husband’s trip to London. Was she intimating George had been doing things to keep him awake? Then Janet turned the car into the car park to join the other half dozen cars belonging to the staff on duty in the house. They got out of the car, slamming the doors. Janet flicked her remote switch to lock the car as they walked towards the house.

It was then that Sarah noticed movement in the car in the far corner of the park. The corner where the rear gate was situated, hd porno with the security hut beside it, now out of use as new technology had replaced the need for a security guard. As they approached the gate, passing the Audi, Sarah saw quite clearly couple in the front seats.

The couple inside were fondling and kissing. But what astounded Sarah was that the woman’s summer dress was folded open, showing her naked body. Her rather full boobs, and her hair-covered groin, where the fingers of her companion were dabbling in the gash between the slender thighs. The woman’s fingers weren’t idle either. They were grasping the man’s stiff cock, rearing from the open flies of his shorts. Neither seemed to be concerned about hiding their activity from casual observers.

Sarah gave Janet a light dig in the ribs with her elbow. Janet turned to her. Sarah jerked her head in the direction of the car. Janet turned to look, eyes opening with astonishment at the sight of the couple groping each other. They stopped for a moment to take in the sight. Janet was aware that the park was used by doggers at weekends during the late evening hours, but in broad daylight in the middle of the day! Goodness! But how enthralling!

‘My God!’ she muttered. Sarah quietly opened the security gate for them to pass through. ‘Let’s take a look from the security hut,’ Sarah whispered with a giggle. ‘They obviously don’t mind being watched, or they’d have found a more private place to have their sexual encounters.’

Rummaging in her handbag, from the bunch on the key ring, she found the appropriate one to unlock the door of the hut. There was only a deal table and folding chair inside, in front of the window that overlooked the car park. The Audi was in the corner to their right, but offered an uninterrupted view of the woman’s jerking thighs. The man’s fingers were rolling round the clitoral hood, which was lightly covered with fair hair. The labia were well hidden between the outer lips, though the lubrication was clearly seen oozing from the bottom of the gash. Her hand was still busy toying with the stiff cock. Sarah noticed the long slender fingers curled round the shaft.

‘Mm. Nice cock, Janet,’ Sarah muttered, studying the penis with interest. She had long had an insatiable interest in men’s cocks. This one was average size, but the shaft was well covered with whipcord-like veins. The testicles below were of darkish wrinkled skin. The top of the windscreen cut off the faces of the couple, though the large boobs slung over the rib cage, could be seen clearly, with their large area of areola with prominent Montgomery glands forming a rough circle round the large chunky nipples which had been aroused to a full stiffness, ironing out the crinkles.

‘How would you like a length of that inside you, Janet?’ she whispered.

‘Gosh, Sarah. This is turning me on. How about you?’

‘It doesn’t take much to get me going darling. I’m rather wet already.’

‘Me too.’ Janet had surprised herself at being so strongly aroused by the sight of a couple groping each other. Her mouth had dried up and her breathing was shallow. She was standing at the side of Sarah. Glancing down, she saw that Sarah had slipped her hand inside the front of her summer dress, down the front of her knickers, casually pressing her groin. Well, well, she thought. Sarah’s pretty well worked up as well. I may as well join her.

Without a word, Janet wetted her two middle fingers in her mouth, before raising the hem of her skirt. Slipping her fingers inside the crotch of her knickers, Janet felt for the slippy warm labia between her thighs. ‘Mmmm! That’s good,’ she muttered to herelf as her finger pads connected with her clitoris, gently circling the little button.

The couple in the car are getting ready to have their fuck, Sarah thought, as the man heaved his legs over the woman’s belly. She had raised her legs high and wide, as he bent over her, his shorts now round his ankles. With her eyes glued to the sight of the stiff cock presenting itself to the mouth of the vagina, Sarah’s hand slid through her tousled hair, until her fingers were dabbling in the wet sloppiness of her vulva. The sight before her, with the memory of the previous evening, remembering the sheer delight of feeling the cock slipping effortlessly in and out of her ravenous vagina, filled her mind.

Sarah watched the cock plunge deep into the depths designed for it. The labia stretched to allow the trespasser to enter the secret pocket of the woman. Sarah swallowed hard. Her thighs were beginning to shake with arousal. Fucking hell, she thought. What a sight!

‘Let me,’ she heard Janet whisper into her ear. ‘It’s much nicer when someone else’s fingers do the work.’

Sarah turned to look at her friend. Janet’s eyes were full of brazzers porno lust, as Sarah knew her own would be. Urgently wanting attention. They stood looking into each other’s eyes, as though reading each other’s inner most thoughts. Without taking her unblinking eyes from Janet’s, Sarah fully unbuttoned the front of her dress before pushing the knickers down to her ankles, stepping out of them. Her parted thighs were the invitation Janet expected. She accepted the offer, cupping Sarah’s warm fleshy vulva in the palm of her hand, feeling the lush thick lips.

Sarah gasped out loud at the touch. ‘Gosh, Janet! That’s… wonderful!’ A ripple of involuntary convulsions shook her loins as she reached a sudden mini orgasm, panting for breath.

Still looking into each other’s eyes, almost as though challenging to take the next step, their faces closed in until their lips touched softly. Very softly, with the tip of the tongue tracing the contours of Janet’s mouth, Sarah’s lips nibbled those of Janet. Her hands now unfastened the top of Janet’s two piece, slipping it from her shoulders, before unclasping her skirt, allowing it to shutter over her legs, revealing the white lace thong. It offered no resistance to Sarah’s fingers as they snaked under the pouch into the soft patch of hair, before once more reaching the delicious slippery vulva. The thighs lurched gently.

This was delightful! Sarah gloried in the feel of a strange vulva in the palm of her hand. The subtle differences from other vulvas made her feel somehow privileged to be allowed to explore such private territory. And Janet had plenty of territory to explore. Long, heavy labia, with four thick tongues of flesh guarding the entrance to her very seat of her passion, now oozing with the honey of lust and desire. She felt the tremble trickle through Janet’s loins.

Both friends now lost interest in the couple in the car. Their only interest was in each other – the exploration of each other’s inner thighs and vulvas. Both had plenty of interesting pliable flesh to contemplate with their fingers. Now facing each other, their kiss becoming more urgent and passionate, Sarah responded to the expert caressing of Janet’s fingers. It was heavenly. Only a woman can inflame her with such a skillful, delicate touch. Her loins were on fire with lust. The juices oozed freely in anticipation. Their bodies were grinding together.

Sarah’s own fingers were giving Janet similar delight, who was fast becoming restless for her need to have Sarah completely at her mercy. She would take her. Dominate her. Janet had often had the curious desire to control this beautiful lady. To have her entirely at her mercy. This was the time to try. With a loud growl, Janet slid to her knees in front of Sarah, taking the soft labia into her mouth. She heard Sarah gasp at the sudden move, her loins wincing as Janet’s teeth sank into her tender flesh.

But overwhelming desire overcame any pain. Sarah had never before been eaten so fiercely and so completely. Not even Sam, an inveterate nibbler, dug her teeth in so hard. Her whole ample vulva was engulfed in Janet’s hot mouth, aflame with desire and lust. Her loins were shaking and throbbing with the urgent craving for the heights of lecherous stimulation. Fucking hell! She was at the mercy of this ravenous lover.

Leaning against the table, loins thrust forward, legs wide apart, Sarah was wailing and grunting. She responded by taking Janet’s breasts in both hands, squeezing them hard and nipping the nipples. Janet thrilled at it! Fingers clawing deep into the breasts, she loved some rough stuff! She suckled, chewed and tongue-fucked Sarah with great urgency and intensity, searching out every little crevice in the valley of her vulva, slipping deep into her vagina, and stirring her to the heights of passion as her breasts were clawed. She was insane with lust. She would drive her boss to distraction. Janet felt the muscles flexing in Sarah’s buttocks and thighs.

With her body jolting and squirming, Sarah was utterly bewitched. She was Janet’s sex object, unable to refuse Janet anything. With hands clawing deep into the flesh of her buttocks, pulling her loins hard into her face, Janet’s tongue was working feverishly, bringing Sarah to her peak of excitement. With cortorted face, eyes screwed up , lips drawn back over her teeth, Sarah’s whole being churning as the inevitable wave of relief crashed fo the surface.

This was amazing. Sarah was totally out of control of her body. Digging her fingers cruelly into Janet’s soft breasts, the tension within her grew and grew until Sarah though she would shatter into a thousand pieces, her mind a kaleidoscope of fantastic sensations. The pain was almost unbearable. Her vulva was a piece of raw meat to be pummeled and chewed.

Sensing seks filmi that her shuddering friend was ready to explode, Janet inserted her middle finger deep into Sarah’s bum whilst biting her clitoris quite hard. The effect was astonishing. Sarah went into a series of involuntary convulsions of orgasmic explosions. One huge spasm after another racked her body, filling her with a flood of agonizing ecstacy. To her immediate shame, Sarah felt her bladder explode, showering Janet with a womanly ejaculation. Never before had Sarah squirted! She was screaming as she thrust her loins hard into Janet’s face..

When the pain had subsided and the beautiful feeling of warmth and bliss suffused through her whole body, Sarah took Janet’s face in both hands, kissing her deeply and lovingly. Although both Sue and Sam were capable of bringing her to wonderful peaks, never before had she experienced the utter joy of pain and lust combining to bring her to a state of unbelievable physical delight and mental happiness.

Such had been her concentration on satisfying her own lust, that Sarah had ignored those of Janet. Reversing their positions, Sarah knelt between Janet’s thighs, hands easing apart the secret valley of delight, whilst her tongue treated Janet to a lengthy exploration of her inner thighs and pussy.

Sarah loved the plentiful thatch of copper-colored pubic hair that framed the vulva, and marveled at the long fleshy labia, begging to be nibbled and suckled. Sarah was able to fill her mouth with Janet’s hanging succulent flesh, tasting the inner juices. She adored women’s juices. Such a delicious, unique taste, though each woman had slightly different aromas and textures. She always licked her own fingers after masturbating, to savor her nectar.

Janet closed her eyes, whimpering and moaning as Sarah brought her to that ultimate peak of ecstasy. With rolling hips and flexing muscles in her thighs, Janet felt the rising tension within her loins. She relaxed, concentrating all her mind on the wonderful, indescribable sensation of the gathering climax within her, to let the full force of her orgasm overcome her, with a long moan, eyes screwed up and mouth pulled back as if in a silent scream. Yes! Here it comes! Oh, yes! Yes! It’s a glorious feeling! Out of this world! Wow! Come on! Come on! And the climax overwhelmed her conscious mind with its intensity.

With each unstoppable spasm, Janet grasped Sarah’s head, pushing her quivering vulva hard against Sarah’s mouth and nose, crying out triumphantly, glorying in the sensuality, until the tensions finally relaxed. Sarah kept kissing the divine vulva again and again, until the last drop of juice had been consumed and Janet, eyes closed in an expression of bliss, was relaxed and composed.

Sarah stood again, facing Janet, who opened her eyes. They remained standing quietly, searching each other’s eyes, transmitting love and passion. Then their lips met in a long loving kiss. As they broke away, Sarah laughed. ‘That couple in the Audi are just driving off.’

‘I wonder if she had as good an orgasm as I did,’ Janet giggled. ‘But, I never knew you were bi, Sarah. Though I have often speculated, and hoped.’

‘Ah! Well, only this past year or so. Had I known what I was missing, I’d have started much earlier. Let’s face it, Janet, where is the man who can drive us to such dizzy heights of ecstacy?’

Janet laughed. ‘But where is the women who can melt our whole bodies by sliding his cock deep in and out of the passage nature designed for it?’

Sarah bent down to pick up Janet’s discarded knickers. ‘Mm. It all depends what we want at the time, I suppose. Anyway, I would never have guessed that you were bi either, Janet. But then, I never really gave it much thought.’ She held the knickers to her nose, inhaling deeply to sample the scent of the damp patch on the gusset. ‘Mm! Lovely! You smell delightful, Janet. I’m rather fond of women’s vaginal odors. They are all different. ‘

Janet was doing the same with Sarah knickers, after picking them off the floor before pressing them to her nose. ‘You too, darling. Mm! Sweet!’

‘Thanks for the satisfaction, Janet. It was great.’

‘I thought so too. We must try it again sometime. But I really must fly. I’ll keep these knickers if I may.’

‘What on earth would George say if he knew what we’d been up to?’ Sarah laughed as they left the shed.

‘Probably want to join in.’

Sarah laughed again, locking the door. ‘Now, there’s a thought. Shall I try to arrange it?’

‘Come on, you dirty lady! People will talk.’

They held hands as they walked together up the path to the house. Janet speculated on a threesome with George and Sarah. It was obvious that Sarah was unaware of Janet’s casual affair with George. But she’s a woman of the world, Janet thought. After three husbands, goodness, life should hold few surprises for her.

‘We must make love again darling. See you tomorrow.’ And with that Janet walked quickly to her own office leaving Sarah looking after her, with a wistful smile. Mm, she thought. The sooner the better.

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