The Taking of the Moon Maiden Ch. 06


Brian and Seamus engrossed in preparing camp they nearly fell over two gossiping females. “I care no what you say Mary, I would no like a man to treat me so.” Julia a small girl with fair hair and light eyes argued her thoughts.

“Perhaps you would no, but I would love to have a man want me so that he canna stay himself from me.” The girl called Mary answered. She had dark hair and green eyes that sparkled when she spoke of the romance she imagined between Ronen and Emmaline.

“Be quiet and tend to yourselves.” Brian snapped his anger at Julia for not realizing, not all men would have been as kind to the lady Emmaline as their Laird.

Before the girls could reply a shadow crossed their group as their Laird loomed up between them and the setting sun. “Go and tend to your Lady,” came his terse instructions.

Brian hesitated at the thought of young Mary being at the mercy of someone the same as the beautiful lady Emmaline was to Ronen. Brian understood that in another time and place Emmaline would not have been at the mercy of men, but here and now a woman was to completely subjugate herself to whoever claimed her. Suddenly Brian felt unease at the idea of Mary being so completely at the mercy of any man but himself.

“Mary go see to our Lady” It was Lomas who led Brian away to attend the camp needs. Weariness began to set in on Emmaline as she walked into the tent. She staggered over to the skins and fell on them. She did not know how long she laid their unmoving before she heard a small female voice. “M’Lady are you okay?” Emmaline opened her eyes to a young girl with a very worried expression.

“Oh saints be praised. My name is Mary. The Laird wanted me to bring you some food, wine, and hot water for bathing. I am to make sure you have everything you need.” Mary was a bonnie lass, and Emmaline decided she liked her on the spot.

Mary rambled on for a moment, “here is the food and the wine. I will get the water as soon as it is heated.”

Mary looked at the lovely lady. She was so beautiful it was no wonder the Laird had lost all thought but her. Mary’s mother and several of the other older women seemed excited over the thought of the Laird having finally found a woman he wanted to claim as his own.

Mary in her youth fantasized of the Lairds and the Lady Emmalines romance. She brushed her fingers across Emmalines face letting out a soft exclamation at the softness of Emmalines skin.

“Ouch!” An ice cold finger touched Emmaline on the cheek. Mary jumped back when the Lady’s eyes sprang open. “Goodness, was that your finger?”

Emmaline noticed the girl was about to cry so she ran to her and grabbed her hands to comfort her.

Emmaline gasped when she felt how cold the girl was. “Why are you so cold?”

Mary was afraid that if she upset the Lady everyone in camp would be mad. She could not help it that her naturally talkative manner overdid itself.

“M’Lady we got a late start this morning so we didna make it to the Keep before nightfall.” Emmaline flushed knowing she was the reason they had a late start. Mary did not seem to notice Emmalines blush and continued on.

“The wind is so cold tonight. We only have the campfires to warm us. They are enough not to keep you from freezing to death, but not enough not to keep the chill away.”

Moira fearing Emmaline’s lack of response as anger couldn’t seem to stop her prattle. “Please don’t get mad, please don’t leave. We have never been so happy since you came. Our Laird is happy, his guard is happy, even old Gert is happy. Please doona be mad and leave us.”

The girl’s words warmed Emmalines heart and increased her worry as well. “Mary, how many women are in the camp right now?”

Mary tilted her head and seemed to be counting shadows in her mind before she bubbled back a smiling answer. “There are nine in all not including yourself, M’Lady.”

Emmaline did a quick inventory of the size of the tent and turned to Moira to give her instructions. “Mary I want you find Ronen and tell him I need him. Then gather up the women and bring them here. They will sleep in this tent tonight to stay warm.” Mary started jumping up and down, clapping like a small child and raced from the tent.

Mary was nervous as she approached her Laird. She hesitantly stood there as he talked with Brian and Lomas.

Brian spotted her first and asked in an aggravated voice, “what is that you want woman?” Ronens eyebrows raised. He had never known Brian to speak so sharply to a female so he turned the girl with interest.

“Milady Emmaline needs our Laird right away.” Mary reply was to Brian, a small satisfied smile appeared as she felt a surge of pride at putting him in his place. How dare Brian snap at her, she turned to continue to Ronen but he had already left them and was headed towards the tent. Emmaline was waiting for Ronen when he entered. “You needed me?” He had practically sprinted to Emmaline when Mary had said Emmaline wanted him. “I have offered your tent to the istanbul escort women tonight. It is cold outside, I could not leave them outside knowing they freeze because of me.” Ronen had not expected this and answered in a short tone. “Is this a trick so you will no have to share my bed tonight?” Emmaline steeled herself and explained “it was my fault the journey was delayed. I will still warm you tonight when you are ready for bed I will be waiting in the tent. You have but to come and get me and I will go with you.”

“You had better, if there is but one word I will throw the women from the tent and take you until you scream for mercy.” He turned and left before Emmaline could respond. Ronen had not expected the pleasure he felt at her answer. He had covered his joy with his gruff reply. Word spread quickly through the small group of females of their night’s accommodations. They gathered hesitantly outside the tent, unsure about whether to enter or not. It was Mary that dared to go in first using the hot water as an excuse to enter the tent. “Milady here is your water.” Emmaline turned to see Mary bounce into the tent. “I will put it here, the women are all gaggling outside afraid to come inside.”

Smiling Emmaline went to the tent flap to motion the women into its warmth. They filed in silently eyes cast down. “Where is Gert?” Emmaline asked. Mary was the one who answered Emmaline. “She said she would rather freeze to death, than be trapped in tent of gossiping females.” Several women laughed at the image of Gert being held hostage amongst a bunch of talkative women.

Emmaline walked over to the back of the tent where Mary had left the hot water to quietly tend herself. Grabbing a cloth she dipped it into the water parting Ronen’s robe she wiped the blood and seaman from her thighs. She made a soft moan when the cloth ran across a bruise. “What is wrong Milady?” Mary went to assist Emmaline in her administrations. Before Emmaline could close her robe Mary gasped at the sight of Emmaline’s ravished skin. “Milady let me help you.” The women gathered around Emmaline and led her to the middle of the tent. There the women slowly removed her robe. They stood her in a copper bowl and started to rinse her skin with warm water.

Emmaline did not speak as shame of her bruised flesh kept her silent. The women tended to her quietly at first. Julia could not stay her tongue any longer. “Milady our laird is no known for this. He had never before been so with a female.” Mary quickly joined in, “If you would no be so harsh with his feelings he would no be so hard on your body.” Julia interrupted, “Do you not see, Laird McVörss is lost in his desire for you to be his. He has claimed you and you should not fight him so. A man canna control his wants and the Laird has made you his, you have no right too. You are wrong to vex the Laird with your stubbornness. You are his wife. The church preaches that a wife is no but her husbands chattel. ” Mary joined in and continued. “Do you no want to stay with us? Could you no be willing to stay? We would all be so happy to see our Laird with the Lady he wants.” Emmaline looked at Mary with tears in her eyes. “I want Ronen to keep me and Moira from my father,” was Emmaline’s quiet explanation. “Leave her alone, none here but I know what it is like to be taken in anger.”

Llewath burst out to everyone’s surprise. “Do any of you forget that my father married me to my husband when he was fifty and I was but fifteen? How my husband brutalized me and upon his death promised me to his son. If it had no been for Ronen coming and getting me I would be still trapped in a man’s bed that thought only of ways to hurt me. Lady Emmaline should no be made to feel as though our happiness depends on her allowing Ronen to rape her repeatedly or not.”

The tent grew quiet at Llewath’s words. Emmaline was the only one to respond. Emmaline chose her words and spoke softly. She finally understood why Llewath had such little regard for herself, and she also realized that Ronen had been the only kind male in Llewaths life, and Emmaline did not wish to take that from Llewath.

“I know what it is like to have a man enjoy your pain. I had a brother that would torture me with mental cruelties I still can not speak of. But, not Ronen, please understand Llewath, Ronen has never taken me to hurt me or cause me pain on purpose. Ronen is rough with me but he has never taken me in hate.”

With that said, the ladies quieted and finished washing Emmaline.

That was how he found them when Ronen entered the tent. Water was glistening off her naked skin as she silently stood there with her women tending to her elegant form. Emmaline looked up and met his stare from the middle of the tent, not flinching; their eyes never left each others. He walked towards her and not speaking to anyone he took the drying cloth from one of the women and began to dry Emmaline. He started her with her slender neck, pausing at the torn skin at its base on her collar bone. He pressed escort bayan his lips to the spot before he moved onto her arms. Ronen quietly worked his way to her shoulders across her breast and downwards across her stomach; the firelight flickered across her pale skin showing the contrast of his darkness to her fair beauty. He knelt to his knees and gently ran the drying cloth through her moist folds. He moved his leg forward until he could rest Emmaline’s foot on the top of his thigh.

He gently began to dry one of her perfect legs. He started at the top of her satiny thigh working towards her foot. Then he did the next leg, except this time when he had worked his way down her leg he kissed the sole of her foot. A soft gasp of surprise escaped through Emmaline’s slightly parted lips.

Ronen stood up to his full height pausing, her small stature seemed dominated by his build and sized. He released her hair to let it cascade down her back. He buried his fingers in her scalp, his fingers moving as though he was trying to touch every inch of her scalp. He moved his hands and placed them on both sides of the back of her neck. Using his thumbs he pressed against her jaw line until her head tilted back. He gently kissed her lips, her eyes, and the tip of her nose. He stepped back and releasing her neck, he took his hands and began to stroke her entire body. His fingers hard and sure traveled up and down each arm across her front, touching but not stopping as they passed over her breast. His hands kept moving never stopping and not slowing as they moved to her hips and his fingers moved to run through the silky curls that covered her feminine core. Not hesitating, he used his forefingers splitting her lips apart as his fingers ran over her folds as he moved to tops of her thighs and down to her ankles. He rose and grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to do the same to her backside. He traveled back over her arms and across her shoulder blades. His hands moved down her back and to the sides of her tiny waist. He did not stop as his hands moved to her bottom. His hands followed down over her buttocks as his thumbs slid between her ass cheeks. Still never stopping nor slowing down as his hands traveled down the back of her legs all the way down to her ankles. There he did not rise but put his hands on her hips and made her half-circle again until his face was level with her stomach. His movements slowed down as he fanned his hands across her womb sending a message of possessiveness of the possible child he had already placed there. His arms moved around to her back.

His hands cupped each one of her perfectly shaped buttocks and pulled her forward. As though he feared she might try to move away, his hands held her firm, his fingers pulling her ass cheeks slightly apart as he pulled her stomach towards his mouth. His lips pressed into soft mound just below her navel. “Let no one question. I own you and I own the child I have surely placed in you.” He then stood. He lifted his robe from the pallet of skins and wrapped it around Emmaline. Still without saying another word he picked her up and carried her from the tent.

The tent occupants were stunned into silence for several moments afterwards. Then like a flood from a dam they burst out in excitement.

He had gone to her, to tell her that she would be sleeping with the women when he had entered the tent. He could hardly breathe at the image she had made, standing there naked being washed by the women of his clan. There had been no way that Ronen could have left Emmaline to sleep anywhere but in his bed. Ronen carried her over to his pallet he had made separate from the group. He had made it close to the fire to keep warm. He knew he should have left her in the tent with the other women. Stopping at his pallet Ronen slipped her feet first into the folds.

He stripped his clothes from him and stood naked before joining her. She hid her face in his shoulder when he pushed the robe apart to look at her skin by the fire light. He started to slowly press his lips to her, gently and tenderly.

“Emmaline, why can you no want me?” He asked softly as he pressed his lips to the bruises he put on her earlier. He stopped at the torn skin at her throat. He lapped at it blowing on the moisture he placed there. Little sensations of pleasure rippled up her neck. She sobbed and spoke, “It is not that I do not want you. I never said I did not want to be yours. I just do not want me or Moira to ever have to see my Father again.” She did not realize her first words had stolen the air from Ronens lungs, his stillness causing her to hesitate she continued. She had said she wanted him.

“If you would but help to keep him from us, I would not fight you so.” To reassure him of her words she kissed his neck. It was the first time she had ever kissed Ronen of her own accord and the feel of her soft lips on his neck threw Ronen into a barely contained frenzy. “I willna let you go from me Emmaline. I canna guarantee to keep Moira from your father. Kartal escort But, I will do my best, if needed I will tell him I am willing to forfeit the promised lands for Moira to stay in your care.” Emmaline realized the enormous gift he was giving her, and so she offered, “I will give myself to you willingly. But I will not promise to stay should Moira be taken.” Understanding that was the most she could give he answered, “Emmaline I need you.” She lifted her arms and encircled his neck and pulled his lips towards hers. His head exploded at the feel of her soft and willing form. He was not aware of anything but her. He rose up and wetted one of his thumbs with his mouth. He separated her thighs and then using his wet thumb, he began to rub her gently. Slowly swirling again and again around her swollen bud until her body started to moisten itself. Her eyes flared at this intimate action for brief moment before they grew heavy with desire. Dipping his other thumb in her growing wetness he used them both to take turns swirling in opposite directions around her enflamed bud. “We have only a blanket to cover us; anyone that comes upon us can see what you are doing.” She whispered as she grabbed the blanket and pulled it high over their heads. His only response to her plea was to growl “let them look.” Then he repositioned his hand so he could drive two fingers into her moist opening. “You have said you would be mine, and I doona care who sees me pleasure you.”

His fingers began to slide in and out of her while his thumbs pressed into her; forcing sensations to vibrate through her loins. He moved down her form and laid his head on her stomach the blanket trapping the scent of her next to him. Ronen breathed in deeply, the smell of her sexual arousal trapped under the blanket. The smell exciting him to the point he could not control himself. He pressed her legs further apart and bore down on her most intimate area with his mouth. Emmaline gasped with embarrassment. She tried to pull him from her center by pulling on his hair. He laughed at her attempts and would not be stopped from completing his task. Still using his fingers to slide into her, his tongue took over where his thumbs had been and began to move around her swollen bud. He began to suck and use his teeth to gently tug at swollen bud.

She felt a wave of hunger fire through her loins. Her legs fell further apart allowing him easier access as he used his mouth and hands to dominate her entire being into submission. He began to wrack her body into such pleasure she had no choice but to yield to him as her possessor as he mastered her with his touch. Her fingers already threaded through his hair began to pull him towards her center as she arched herself into his mouth. In her mind’s eye she knew that anyone in camp had only to stumble upon them to know what Ronen was doing to her under the blanket. But she could do nothing but beg him for more. She was lost in her obvious desire, causing Ronen to lose all conscience thought of anything but his need for her. His desire was uncontrollable as the feel of her swelling with arousal in his mouth drove him further. She softly moaned as his tongue and fingers fought with each other to pleasure her. She started pumping up towards his mouth as a knot twisted in her lower abdomen.

She began to thrash until her whole body caught fire and her tight muscles released themselves drenching her and him in their juices. He felt her whole body arch, and could feel her blood pulsating in and all around her center. Every beat sending vibrations in and all around her hot tight core. Sweet hot warm honey poured from her as her body released itself into a vortex of pleasure as her legs wrapped tight around his shoulders. She couldn’t stop the scream of pleasure as her body climaxed. He buried his face in her flowing cum and lapped at her for awhile, blowing cool air on her molten core letting her body calm itself before he continued. He snarled, “You are mine now, and you will never leave me.” He rose and trailed soft kisses and gentle bites across her stomach up to her breast. He moved the blanket back from their faces to allow them fresh air. Locking his eyes with hers he pushed her thighs wide apart. He placed his cock just at the opening and then slowly pushed himself inside. The pleasure that washed over Emmaline surprised her. So far sex had been mostly painful and she was not prepared for the pleasure his shaft was giving her. She felt herself stretch around his immense size and started to tense, stilling herself for the pain. Sensing her anxiety and wanting to make sure tonight he gave her nothing but pleasure Ronen moved back from her and slowly pushed forward again.

He did this again and again, going further each time moving slowly ignoring his own needs to ensure her pleasure. Sweat rolled down his back as he controlled himself loosening her tight channel just enough to slide in a bit further each time; not cause her more pain. With each stroke he was sending unbearable waves of pleasure raging through her loins. No longer tense she buried her nails in his back and begged him for release. “Oh God, what are your doing to me? Please, please, I need….” Her words were driving him insane. It seemed he had waited for ever for her to want him.

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