The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 03


Rebecca, has been taken three times in the ass over the last couple of hours and finds the butt plug to be a little uncomfortable. She wonders why are they keeping her plugged.

She thinks to herself, the obvious reason is that they don’t want her leaking, but to what end? She can’t help wondering if there is another deeper or darker reason. Perhaps they will tell her, eventually. Either way, she is glad that Mistress Lilith had her rinse before all of this. She smiles to herself and continues to follow the others.

They each put on a little something before going off to the kitchen. Rebecca puts on shorts and a t-shirt. Ruby dawns the short robe she wore out to the car, along with a pair of panties. Lilith slips on panties and tank top. Taisha puts on her panties and bra. When they arrive at the kitchen, Lilith, Taisha, and Ruby sit at the table and Rebecca goes about getting the refreshments. Ruby excuses herself to use the restroom, but stops along the way to retrieve her cellphone from her purse. Her thoughts are on inviting a couple of girls to come and join the activities and she knows just who to invite. A wicked smile crosses her face as she thinks about Linda and Wan-li. Yes, they are perfect. She hopes they are available. She had spoken to Linda about this earlier in the week. She gets to the bathroom and dials the phone.

Lilith and Taisha sit and chatter about their jobs and miscellaneous topics as Rebecca pops the cork on the first bottle of champagne. Rebecca finds it strange that they haven’t even mention what has happened previously. Ruby and Taisha had called before Mistress left from work to see if they had plans and wanted to come by and visit if they had none. Rebecca hadn’t known of any plans, but she was slowly beginning to suspect that this evening had already been planned, but why? Was she not a dutiful slave to her Mistress?

“Hello darling”, Ruby says into her phone. “Everything is going to plan, well, mostly anyway. Are you up for some excitement?”

Linda replies brightly, “Certainly! What are the plans? Where are you?”

“We are at Lilith’s” Ruby explains, “Her home is at 1221 Sycamore Court, just across town from where you live. As we disccussed before, we are doing an initiation of Rebecca, Lilith’s slave, to the life of a cum-loving slut. Can you bring Wan-li also?”

Linda assures Ruby, “Wan-li wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

Ruby smiles broadly and says, “See you in a few, then.” She hangs up, flushes, returns the phone to her purse, and swiftly joins the others, her panties bulging slightly from the prospects of the conversation with Linda.

Rebecca had just served the champagne with some strawberries as Ruby returns to the group. Rebecca notices the bulge in Ruby’s panties through the folds in her robe. This causes Rebecca to flush. Unexpected desire creeps over her.

Ruby says enthusiastically, “Have I missed anything?”

Lilith and Taisha smile and Lilith says, “No, nothing important.”

Ruby chuckles lightly, then whispers to Lilith and Taisha that Linda and Wan-li ought to be over soon. “This is going to be an exhilarating night”, she exclaims softly.

Rebecca comes back to the table with a tray of assorted cheeses and crackers for everyone to snack on. She stands next to her Mistress after she sets down the tray. Lilith snaps her fingers once and Rebecca sits in a chair that is behind and to the right of her Mistress. Rebecca can’t stop stealing glances at the bulge in Ruby’s panties, which has now become even more apparent as her robe has slipped to her sides. Ruby notices Rebecca’s glances but does nothing to hide herself.

Lilith, on the other hand, is smiling at Rebecca and thinking how much she loves her and pauses to give her a peck on the cheek. Rebecca is certainly obedient and Lilith has put a lot of time into training her. Rebecca has a deep-seated need to serve and please, which is what attracted Lilith to her in the very beginning, back when Rebecca was a Domme herself. Rebecca and Lilith grew to love each other and that is when Rebecca’s submissive side became evident. She couldn’t do enough to please Lilith. They moved in together and forged a relationship based on their love as well as Dominance/submission. It has worked well for them. So, Lilith is a little concerned that this test might be too much for Rebecca. She trusts her instincts, she trusts her friends and she hopes Rebecca’s love for her is not compromised in any way by this experiment.

Lilith, Taisha, and Ruby have been planning this event for some time. Lilith wants to ensure that the right sequence of events occurs to instill in Rebecca the need for cum. This day is all for Rebecca to learn to love cum, no matter what orifice it goes into, nor who it is from. Rebecca already likes sharing cum with her Mistress, but that alone isn’t enough. She wants Rebecca to crave cum, to need it, to feel less of a slave without it, for her to feel a deeper Betturkey subservience to Lilith. Lilith wants Rebecca to turn to no one else for what she wants and needs, to rely on Lilith for nearly everything, even cum. Rebecca is at that turning point in her training. She finds herself wanting Ruby to cum inside her again. She has never had such an orgasm before and she wants that feeling again. She loves the feel of Taisha’s cock in her ass and throat. Then there is Lilith. Rebecca has never known a deeper longing for another person until Lilith came into her life.

As they relax with their refreshments, there is a knock at the front door and Rebecca dutifully rises to answer it. When she opens the door, she recognizes Linda immediately. Linda works as a professional makeup artist at Nordstrom’s. Linda is very leggy, nearly as tall as Taisha, standing at 5’11” in bare feet, but like Lilith, always in high heels. Rebecca has always marveled at her height and genteel manner. She is every bit a woman and talented at what she does. Rebecca has been to see her a few times to have her work her magic on her face, Rebecca herself never having been proficient with makeup. So Rebecca goes to Linda for a professional makeup session to look lovely whenever she has a night out with Lilith. Linda is a very confident looking woman, muscular and trim, but still very feminine. She appears to work out to maintain her slender yet graceful physique and Rebecca thinks she could easily be a runway model. Linda has medium length blonde hair and light blue eyes that are inviting and intriguing.

Linda introduces Wan-li. Rebecca smiles warmly and welcomes her. Wan-li smiles happily back and gives Rebecca an unexpected hug. Wan-li is quite small in stature, about 5’3″, an Asian woman with striking dark eyes that all at once tell you that she is friendly and very submissive in nature. She appears to be in her mid-twenties. Rebecca reasons that Linda and Wan-li are a couple as she sees how Wan-li holds onto Linda’s arm. Wan-li has shiny jet black hair that goes all the way to her ass, perfectly cut. Her lips are blood red, exactly like Linda’s, as are her perfectly manicured nails. Rebecca can see how Linda and Wan-li would be attracted to each other. Wan-li is slender and fit, but not muscular like Linda.

Rebecca leads them to the kitchen to meet the others and have a snack and some champagne. They all sit and chat for a few minutes while they enjoy themselves. It comes to light that Ruby also knows Linda and Wan-li from a party that Ruby attended recently and they all share some giggles at the coincidence. Taisha hadn’t met them because she was out of town on business. The moment was warm and friendly and Rebecca felt good about Linda and Wan-li.

Rebecca couldn’t help shifting around in her chair a little due to the butt plug still seated in her ass and Lilith smiled knowingly at her. Each time Ruby caught her eye, she felt as if Ruby were looking right through her. Ruby looked at her intently, then suddenly excused herself again and, without a word, boldly takes Rebecca’s hand and goes down the hall to the bathroom. Ruby closes the bathroom door, and then leans against it, legs spread apart. She tells Rebecca to kneel before her. Silent and panicky, Rebecca obeys, kneeling on the cold tile, legs crossed at the ankles, toes of her pretty pumps on the floor.

“Take My cock out!” Ruby says forcefully. Rebecca pulls the robe aside and tugs the waistband of Ruby’s panties down, causing her nearly hard cock to spring out, already oozing a huge pearl of precum. Ruby takes Rebecca’s head in her hands, putting the head of her cock just at Rebecca’s lips.

Ruby says tersely, “You want me, don’t you?!”

Rebecca nods.

Ruby insists, “You want me inside you, don’t you?”

Rebecca nods again, unsure what is going to happen next.

Ruby demands gruffly, “Say it!”

Rebecca responds, eyes lowered “I want you, Ruby, I want you inside me again…” her voice trailing off. Rebecca then looks up, meeting Ruby eye to eye “… I want you to fuck me again. I don’t even know why I am saying this, its not like me.”

Ruby pulls Rebecca to her feet turning her around and pulling her panties down. Ruby turns her to face the mirrored wall at the sink, forcing her head down and her ass up. Ruby stands behind Rebecca and rubs her cock ferociously against the crack of Rebecca’s ass. Ruby then eases the plug from Rebecca’s rosebud and pushes her cock inside of Rebecca. The two of them look at each other in the mirror silent and lustful. Rebecca sees satisfaction on her own face and the look of a conqueror on Ruby’s. This feels so good.

Ruby breaks the silence “You need me inside you. You’ve known that since the first time the tip of my cock touched your asshole.”

Rebecca, lost in the wash of her own lust for Ruby, exclaims “Yes, yes, I need you, I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck Betturkey Giriş me. I need to you to cum in Me.”

Her ass is stretched again, but this time she truly feels Ruby pulsing inside her, getting harder by the moment. Suddenly Ruby grabs Rebecca’s pony tail, using it to pull Rebecca back onto her cock. Rebecca gasps at the feeling. She whispers Lilith’s name low, then louder.

Ruby hears her and yanks on her pony tail, cursing, “Fuck Lilith, dammit, I am the one inside you and right now you’re mine.” Rebecca wanted nothing more in that moment than to please Ruby, to feel her cum again.

Ruby asks insistently, “You want me?!” Rebecca wants it bad but she doesn’t want to say it. Any more of Ruby’s cock and she would say or do nearly anything.

Finally, Rebecca whimpers, “God yes, Ruby, fuck me, fuck me!” She feels consumed with overwhelming desire and Ruby is the one taking her there.

Rebecca moans as Ruby pushes into her very hard. Just then Ruby wraps herself around Rebecca tightly, trapping her there until she is ready to really fuck her. She strokes her fingers lightly through Rebecca’s hair, speaking softly, “This is our little secret, as long as you cooperate. Every Wednesday, Lilith works very late and you sit here alone. Now, every Wednesday, you’re going to be my bitch for the evening. If you fail to show up even just once, I will tell everything to Lilith and ruin…” before she is able to finish her thought, there is knock at the door.

It is Lilith, “Everything okay in there?”

Ruby’s arousal fades quickly at this intrusion and she slips out of Rebecca. Her cock withers allowing her to fit back into her panties. Rebecca is flustered and blushing as Ruby shoves the butt plug back in her.

Rebecca straightens herself up and flushes the commode for cover, thinking, “I can’t keep this a secret. Surely Lilith will figure something is up. She is isn’t stupid.”

Ruby washes her hands, looks back at Rebecca briefly and exits. Rebecca washes her hands too, checking herself in the mirror, and turns to follow Lilith back to the group. Lilith quizzically stares at them momentarily as they exit, certain that something odd is going on between them. It is obvious that Ruby is up to something, but she is uncertain how to approach it. She decides to just keep it to herself for now and ask Rebecca about it later, once everyone has retired for the evening.

When the group is done snacking and drinking, Rebecca takes Linda and Wan-li on a tour of the house. The others stayed behind. Once the ladies are out of sight, Taisha, Lilith, and Ruby go to the bedroom to prepare for the next part of Rebecca’s initiation. They strip the bed of linens and place a waterproof mattress cover over it. They remove the pillows and straighten up a little bit, then change.

Rebecca finishes the tour with the Master Bedroom. The tour walks into the room. There are a number of toys laid out on the dresser. Lilith, Taisha, and Ruby are wearing just garters, stockings and heels.

Before Rebecca can speak, Linda steps forward to say, “Rebecca, we are here to finish Your initiation.”

Rebecca asks naively, eyes down a bit, “My initiation?”

Linda replies authoritatively, “What do you think has been happening, dear? Are you not enslaved to Lilith?” Rebecca nods emphatically. Linda continues, “We are here to indoctrinate you, as it were, into the life of a cum-loving slut. You have inhibitions and it is our goal to remove those inhibitions and free you to give in to all of your desires. This is what Lilith wants. It is actually a great gift we are giving you. You need to be appreciative of that gift. Now, it is time to continue where the others left off. Strip!”

Rebecca does as she is told. She removes her shorts and t-shirt and is all at once naked again in front of all of them, standing in her pink pumps. She is a little self-conscious and embarrassed by her little cock, but proud of her 40D cups. Her cock is small compared to everyone else as she has had an orchiectomy, which makes her look even smaller. She turns to Linda and Wan-li and observes that Wan-li has also stripped and she sees that Wan-li is indeed a woman. Linda is the only one in the room who is still dressed. Rebecca looks over at the others, eyes locked on their cocks, surprised that she is nearly salivating at the sight of them.

Rebecca spontaneously lowers to her knees and Lilith, Ruby and Taisha encircle her. Rebecca unconsciously reaches up and grabs onto the cocks at her sides and starts to stroke them. They feel silky and hard at the same time. Ruby’s is thick and she can feel the knob of the large head with each stroke. Lilith’s is not as thick as Ruby’s, in fact, it is fairly slender in her hand. Her fingers are able to touch rather easily, but it is a solid 8 inches long and Rebecca loves that cock. The third, Taisha’s, dangles in front of her face. She turns to Lilith who Betturkey Güncel Giriş winks her approval and Rebecca takes Taisha’s cock into her mouth. Taisha’s cock responds and begins to stiffen. As it gets hard in her mouth, she can feel the head expand and it fills her mouth fully, but Rebecca likes that it doesn’t stretch her mouth to the limit like Ruby’s does. Rebecca can feel the smooth underside of Taisha’s cock on her tongue, gliding easily in and out of her mouth and the taste is fleshy. It smells just a little musky. She can feel the veins passing under her upper lip with each stroke, and finds herself wishing for Taisha to cum. She wants to taste it. Is that the champagne talking? Can’t be that, Lilith doesn’t let her drink enough alcohol to get her tipsy. She laughs inside her head at the thought.

As she kneels there, sucking one cock and stroking the other two, she begins to feel a pit in her stomach. She has an ache for that pit to be filled, filled with cum. Her head is swirling with thoughts of the ass-fucking earlier and she is overcome with the desire to have more. What is going on, she thinks? But her thoughts are broken by the feeling of something wet and warm on her right shoulder. She suddenly realizes that Lilith is groaning while she is cumming. Rebecca was oblivious to the sound. Her hand and forearm are covered in cum, her shoulder is covered in cum, there is even cum in her hair. That’ll be hell to wash out, she thinks, and then chuckles inside at her own thought. She barely has time to think what has happened on her right, when her left side and breast is wet with cum and she glances over to see that Ruby is cumming all over her. There is even a large droplet of cum on her cheek, but she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t want to stop. Taisha is moaning loudly and Rebecca needs to feel and taste Taisha’s cum. That 9 inch cock is going in and out of her mouth at a steady pace and she needs to have Taisha’s cum. She grabs onto Taisha’s butt cheeks and pulls her into her throat. Wait a minute! Needs?

Yes, that is the thought that keeps going through her mind, “I need cum!” A minute later, Rebecca is rewarded with a mouth-filling orgasm from Taisha’s cock, which is buried so deep into Her throat that she feels it squirting hot and thick. She tries to hold the pose, but the movement of Taisha’s cock is so powerful that her gag reflex causes her to back off of it and let the cum flow onto her tongue. She savors the flavor and tries hard not to swallow, knowing that Lilith would want her to share, but there is too much in her mouth to hold it and she swallows. She feels amazingly satisfied, for now.

While she still has Taisha’s cock in her mouth, Rebecca feels something moist on her shoulder, but this time it isn’t cum shooting all over her. It is Wan-li’s tongue. She is lapping at the cum on her shoulder like a bitch licking her master’s hand. She takes it tenderly as if it were were something special like caviar on a cracker. Rebecca finishes coaxing the cum from Taisha’s cock with her mouth and reaches up to stroke out anything remaining. Taisha’s cock doesn’t soften this time as Rebecca expects it to. This confuses Rebecca, so she looks around for a reason and finds it. Linda is now undressed. She has a very sexy body. Her breasts are beautiful, a size DD, which looks perfectly natural on her frame. She is built like a swimsuit model with only one problem, a problem that Rebecca did not see coming. Her jaw drops and she begins to salivate all over again. She had always thought Linda was born female, but Linda doesn’t have a pussy. Linda has a cock, a big one! Linda has a cock even bigger and thicker than Taisha’s. It is long, hugely veined, and bigger around than Rebecca’s wrist. All at once it both scares her and enthralls her. She can’t take her eyes off of it, but she is awakened from her trance by a sting. It is Wan-li. She is sucking and biting on Rebecca’s right breast. She looks down at the little woman and smiles.

Despite the fact that Rebecca loves cock, she is indeed a lesbian by nature and Wan-li is turning her on with the licking, sucking, and biting. Rebecca turns to her and kisses her red lips. She can feel Wan-li’s nails digging into her ass and Rebecca lowers Wan-li to the floor, laying her on her back. Rebecca gives her a long tonguing and Wan-li can taste the cum from Taisha’s cock in her mouth. This makes Wan-li very wet between her legs. She can feel her juices flowing down to her rosebud, enough to puddle on the floor. The other girls watch the action intently, cocks stiffening again. Taisha, never having actually gotten soft is slowly stroking her cock. Lilith and Ruby are giving each other a hand with their cocks. Linda kneels next to the couple and smiles broadly at them, her cock long and rock solid. Soon, Rebecca is slowly working her way down Wan-li’s body. Wan-li’s skin is smooth and tawny. Her nipples are a brilliant pink. Her breasts are B cups, a little more than a mouthful. Rebecca pauses there for a few minutes and as she sucks on Wan-li’s nipples. Wan-li grinds her hips against the middle and forefingers of Rebecca’s hand. Her moans indicate that she is on the verge of an orgasm already. It only takes a little more time and Wan-li squeals out her orgasm.

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