The Slutty Housewife


Setting the scene

Penny was to the outside world a respectable mother, housewife, and member of the local community. To her husband she was a devoted wife and long time partner. To Rod her lover she was a passionate and all giving lover and friend.

However when she was alone her thoughts often turned to fantasies that would have perhaps surprised all of them greatly!

Both she and Rod led a very exciting sex life when the opportunity allowed and they were also very much in love. As often as they could they would try out new things and take part in role play situations. Always their lovemaking was fresh and thrilling.

But Penny had one deep seated desire. She wanted to be a whore and a slut. And so it was to be.

Rod was very excited about a scenario that, if successful, would provide Penny with the feeling that she had been used and treated like the sluttish housewife she yearned to be.

Rod had often fantasised about Penny being fucked and used by other men but in reality that would be an unfair and risky thing to ask of any woman and indeed may have placed himself and her husband in jeopardy. And so a plan evolved.

The Enactment

It was a normal weekday in Penny’s household. Peter her husband was to go to work and her youngest daughter was off to school. Unusually Peter said that he would take her to school at 9 and Penny could have a ‘lie-in’. In fact she got up and got breakfast ready before Peter did the school run.

She was dressed in just her white towelling dressing gown with a silky nightie underneath. While the house was empty she daydreamed of a possible meeting with her boyfriend later in the day. It made her feel very sexy and warm inside. In fact the word she would use would be ‘horny’ and even Peter her husband became an attractive figure on his return to the house.

Peter must have felt the same because when he came into the kitchen he came over to Penny and kissed her which was slightly unusual at that time of day. Penny held the kiss a second longer than normal and that was just enough to clue Peter in to how she might be feeling. He put his arms around her and kissed her again and she responded wishing all the while it was Rod who was holding her.

Peter slipped his hand inside her dressing gown and cupped her breast and felt the nipple harden.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he said, and they both quickly mounted the stairs and returned to the unmade bed they had left earlier.

By this time Penny was more than ready. She pushed Peter back on the bed, unzipped him and pounced on his cock. She sucked xslot it and massaged it until it stood up big and proud. Flinging off her dressing gown and nightie she straddled Peter and thrust herself down on his cock while watching herself in the wardrobe mirrors. She was going to be a whore today!

She bounced up and down on Peter’s cock and watched her tits bouncing up and down in the reflection. Peter hadn’t seen her like this for years. He usually lasted a long time but this morning there was something different. With a groan he started to cum and his cock released a jet of cum deep into Penny’s cunt and he kept cumming and cumming.

“Wow, that was quite something,” Peter quietly said after she had subsided beside him.

“Just you wait until lunchtime,” Penny replied with a smirk.

“Is that the time?” Peter said, looking at his watch. “I must get off or I will be late.” He swiftly dressed and left for work.

Penny lie there for a few minutes enjoying the warmth of her pussy, then slipped on her dressing gown and went back downstairs to make a coffee and ponder the return of Peter at lunchtime.

Hardly had she put the kettle on to boil than there was a ring at the doorbell. She wondered if it was Angie about a recipe she had promised. Doing up her dressing gown she unlocked and opened the door and her heart stopped. It was Rod who swept inside, and without even a kiss on the cheek he turned and shut the door.

He was acting very differently. He pulled her two steps down the hall and pushed her down to her knees in front of him. He unzipped his trousers.

“Suck that you black bitch. You’re just a slut and I’m going to have your cunt and fill it with my spunk. Never mind those other men you’ve had, this is my cock. Now suck it!”

She was slightly frightened by his roughness but obeyed and took his semi hard cock into her mouth and felt it swell and stiffen. Just as she was enjoying the familiar taste he pulled her up roughly by the arm and pushed her towards the stairs.

“I don’t know how many men you’ve had today but I’m gonna let that black cunt feel some white cock.”

He turned her round and bent her over the bottom stairs and spread her legs revealing her pink pussy. He stood behind her and shoved the length of his cock straight inside her and heard her gasp.

“That’s right you bitch, take it all,” he grunted as he thrust into her.

He didn’t take long it seemed before he grunted loudly and she felt the twitch of his cock and the gush of warm cum as he shot his load into her. He emptied himself and wiped xslot Giriş his dribbling cock across her ass as he withdrew, then zipped himself up and strode out the door back to work.

Penny slumped on her knees on the stairs and gathered her thoughts.

“Wow,” she thought to herself. “I’ve had 2 men and it’s only 10:45 in the morning!”

She gathered herself and went into the lounge and lied on the sofa. “If I’m going to be a slut today then I might as well act like one!” She thought as she turned on the TV and found an old movie. As she watched, her fingers wandered to her pussy and felt its dampness. It was oozing cum and she gathered some on her finger tips and smoothed it on her clit. What a delicious feeling. She rubbed and massaged her clit until it was swollen and within minutes she started to cum, her body writhing and her groans echoing round the house.

Gradually her orgasm subsided and she lay enjoying the warm feeling and thinking of Rod and how rough and quick he’d been. After a while her thoughts turned to her promise to her husband that she would surprise him at lunchtime. She quickly put a casserole on to simmer and went upstairs and without washing at all put on her white bra and white hold ups and put the dressing gown back on. As she moved around she could feel the spunk inside her seeping down her inner thighs. It gave her a delicious feeling of whoredom.

1pm soon came and Peter duly arrived home and was slightly surprised to find Penny still in her dressing gown but he sat at the kitchen table and ate his lunch. As he sat there eating Penny put her hand below the table top and rubbed his thigh. He didn’t flinch as he normally did and she was slightly surprised when she reached his crotch and felt him hard.

Lunchtime sex was definitely in the long distant past but today it was apparently different. He looked up as he put his knife and fork back onto a clean plate and he stood up and took Penny’s hand and led her into the lounge. He took the blankets out of the pouffe and laid them on the floor and slid off Penny’s dressing gown. She lay back and he unzipped his trousers and knelt in front of her. She pulled him into her and she felt his cock enter her very moist cunt. Peter was very horny and he started to thrust and push himself deep into her. He was really pummelling her and Penny knew that this was going to be one of those times when he would take ages to cum. She closed her eyes and secretly yearned for this cock inside her to be Rod’s but she was mentally prepared for an extended fuck.

However it must have been xslot Güncel Giriş a message from her pussy that somehow squeezed Peter’s cock because with a loud groan she felt him start to cum and with a final thrust he emptied his balls inside her. Instead of collapsing beside her Peter pecked her on the cheek and said he had better get back to work because it was nearly 1:45. And with a quick goodbye he was gone.

Penny lay there feeling slightly empty but at the same time whorish. Oh how she wished that had been Rod who had come home to lunch.

“Hey ho,” she thought and just as she raised herself to get up from the floor she heard the front door open and there at the door to the lounge was Rod.

Already he was unzipping his trousers and as he let them drop he saw Penny’s cunt oozing cum from her last man. Her inner thighs were glazed with dried spunk and the room smelt of sex. Rod lowered himself to his knees and lifted Penny’s legs up and wide apart so they rested on his shoulders. He looked down at the cunt with swollen lips and dribbling with juice and blobs of semen. He pushed the head of his cock between the pussy lips and watched it slide inside until it disappeared. He slowly withdrew it and both he and Penny looked down to see the shaft slide out covered in white spunk glistening from the men she had had that day.

“You fucking whore Penny. You’re just a complete strumpet. A black tart who calls herself respectable. You just love cock too much and you don’t care where you get it from.”

With that Rod started to thrust his cock into her cunt and felt a sensation so wet it was almost like fucking a warm blancmange. There was so much cum in her cunt that it was such a turn on to know she had had so many men before him. He squeezed her black nipples and she moaned and he kept pounding her until he felt himself getting near the edge and then with a final thrust he let it all go and spurted his semen to mix with the cocktail inside her.

When he had finished he withdrew and wiped his cock on her tits and pulled on his trousers.

“I don’t know what the others had to pay but here, have this,” he said as he dropped a ten pound note on the carpet beside her. Penny had to admit that made her feel used but that was the intention of the day. She wanted to be a slutty housewife and that is what she had done.

When Rod had gone she had to hurriedly shower and dress and go on the school run and become respectable again. If only those other mums at the school gate knew that she had had so many men that day.

Finally when she had collected her daughter and returned home Peter was there. He asked if she had done much today.

“No, just the usual chores,” she replied, and as she put the dishes in the dishwasher her phone bleeped as she received a text from Rod which read, “I love you.”

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