The Parking Lot Pt. 02


He sat in the parking lot again, the next morning. There were more cars this time, but all was still quiet, besides the thumping of his heart in his ears. He looked down at the note in his hand and reread it for the thousandth time since he arrived.


His cock began to harden again as he remembered the morning before, the figure, her large curving breasts and her thick cock. The feeling if it pumping in and out of his mouth.

His cock tented his pants as his erection went to full mast at the memory, and he reflexively rubbed at it through his pants.

What is wrong with me? He thought not for the first time that morning. He had never been interested in anything like this before in his life. Why were his thoughts consumed with the memory of it? He had never found men attractive, and staring at the men on the far side of the parking lot, he found that he still didn’t. So why was he so aroused by the figure? Why did the image of her cock, and the memory if it being rubbed over his face, cause his breath to quicken and his own cock to harden?

The sound of the passenger door opening shocked him out of his mental soul searching. He looked to see the same coat as the morning before moving into the passenger seat, the same figure beneath. At she settled in the seat more of her figure came into clarity, the large breasts being accentuated by the coat, long strands of blonde hair hanging below her shoulders, falling out from beneath the hat she still wore.

“You came,” he said, trying his best to keep his excitement from his voice. The feminine figure answered by opening the coat, exposing its nakedness beneath. Its breasts heaved seductively with every breath, the nipples slowly beginning to harden as he stared. The cock between the shapely legs semi hard, laying across the left thigh. He stared at it and felt the same need, the same hunger, he had felt the day before begin to rise in him again.

“Do you need an invitation?” a soft, husky voice asked. The voice was deep in the way some women’s voice was, but dripped with seduction. He looked up into her face, xslot seeing her green eyes, her soft pouting lips, set in a somewhat firm expression of expectation. He stared at her confused for a moment, then looked down as she softly rolled her hips in place in the seat, her cock rocking softly back and forth along her leg. The uncircumcised head had begun to leak pre cum, and it nearly along the pristine smooth skin of her thigh, causing his mouth to water slightly at the sight.

“I, don’t know how,” he said dumbly, looking back up into her eyes.

“You seemed to know what to do yesterday,” she scoffed. She reached down and stroked the cock, pulling her foreskin back over the tip, which glistened in the low light of the parking lot. “Come here,” she said in a soft, yet commanding tone, placing her other hand behind his head and pulling his face down into her lap.

He felt her cock press against his cheek as he descended, felt the warm wetness of her pre as she rubbed it along his face, the hardening shaft bushing along his lips. “Open your mouth,” the husky voice caressed his ears, “take my cock into your mouth, and suck like you know you need to do.” He felt all his resistance melt away as his lips parted and he took the hardening cock into his mouth.

The pleasure he had felt the day before rushed back. The salty sweet taste of the pre cum on his tongue, the warm musty, yet overwhelmingly erotic smell of her large cock and balls filling his nose. He moaned around her cock as he began to Bob his head up and down along her shaft. His own cock was already hard, and his hands again reflexively began to rub it through his pants. “No,” the voice commanded, “you focus on my cock. My cock is what matters to you.” He instantly stopped touching himself, despite the pangs of need he felt to do so. He heard her deep feminine voice sigh softly and a hand began to softly play with his hair, “Mmm….good boy.”

He felt an unusual level of pride at her words, and began to suck her cock harder in thanks sliding it deeper into his mouth. It was becoming more difficult to do so, as her cock xslot Giriş was not fully erect and throbbing between his lips with every beat of her heart. He heard her moan again and felt a thick stream of pre cum coat his tongue, causing him to groan in lust. He pulled her cock from his mouth and ran the tip softly along his lips coating them in her pre and his saliva, before taking her hard cock again into his hungry mouth. Her hand in his hair tightened and pulled him off her thick shaft, before pushing his face further into her lap, her large musky balls coming I to contact with her soft lips. He reflexively sucked one into his mouth, and was rewarded with a loud, satisfied moan. He looked up as best he could to see her head lolling back in pleasure, a smiling playing on her lips. She let go of her cock and it slapped wetly against his face.

He felt the confusion he had been feeling about his new found cock lust rise in him again as he stared at her thick shaft. The veins had begun to stand out along its girth, and he watched as they pulsated softly with her heartbeat. Why am I so aroused by this? He thought as he sucked her other testicle into his mouth, and moaned at the soft salty taste of her skin. Do I really care? He was unsurprised to discover, he didn’t. All he cared about in that moment was sucking her balls. Licking her girth shaft, tasting her, feeling her cum in his needy mouth again.

“Is everything ok over there?”

The voice rocked him from his erotic stupor. He recognized the voice as one of his coworkers. He tried to raise his head but was met with a firm resisting hand from the figure as she quickly pushed her cock back into his mouth. He head footsteps approaching his car as the voice asked again, “Ma’am, are you ok?” He listened, part in horror over the situation, part in a list drugged haze, as the footsteps came closer. The woman didn’t answer his coworker as he approached the car, and soon he was standing directly at the passenger window. “You looked a little distressed and I just wanted to make sure…” his coworkers voice cut out as he took in the sight xslot Güncel Giriş before him. The woman thrust her hips softly into his mouth now, fucking his face softly, as he continued to suck her cock, looking up now into his coworkers stunned eyes. His stunned face looked from his face to the face of the woman. She stared back at him, and moaned seductively as she pushed her cock deeper into his throat. He gagged softly around her thick cock, but hungrily sucked harder as she began to pull her cock from his mouth, desperate to keep her there.

“I….guess I’ll just go then..” he heard his coworker say. He looked up to see the male figure turn to go, but then turned back, eyes watching hungrily as the woman pulled her cock from his mouth and then beat it against his face. She pushed her hard cock back into his mouth and began to thrust into him, her cock swelling. She began to pant softly, and he sucked harder and needier, recognizing the sound. Her cock swelled even larger, pushing his lips almost painfully wide, and hot warm cum began to fill his mouth, pouring from her cock. He moaned aloud, slurping loudly on her, greedy to get as much of her hot cum as he could. She pulled her cock from his mouth, the last few shots of her cum shooting over his face. He moaned again as he felt his own cock erupt in his pants, spraying his seed all over the inside of his cloths.

He looked up past the hypnotizing sight of her cum dripping cock to see his coworkers stunned face staring at him, and watched the man’s eyes fill with a soft lust, as the woman pushed her wet cock back into his mouth.

“I, guess I’ll see you later,” his coworker said, as he turned, actually leaving this time. He couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in the man’s pants as he turned.

The woman took his face firmly in her hands and turned him to look at her, her cock still in his mouth. “Next time will be at my place.” He nodded, still suckling on her cock. She smiled down at him, then pushed him off her cock and opened the passenger door, and stepped out, closing the coat around her form as she did. She fished in her pocket and dropped another note through the window, which stuck to the cum still painting his face. He pulled it from her face to read the words written, an address, and a time.

When he looked up again, she was gone.

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