The Fetish Ball

Double Penetration

The music throbbed up through the floor, passing through the soles of his feet and straight into his spine. He didn’t know why he’d let his friends drag him out to this stupid event. “A fetish ball,” they called it.

“It will be fun.” They said.

“It will get you out of yourself.” They said, and then charitably didn’t add “and get you out of that filthy basement apartment of yours.” Even though they all thought it.

He’d tried to defend himself with the claim that he “didn’t have anything to wear,” but that just left him fodder for the females of the group, who swarmed him, primped him, thrust a net shirt on him, squeezed him into one of the taller girl’s best pair of leather pants, and pushed him out on to the dance floor alone.

So far he’d been hit on by more guys then girls, although he could feel eyes on him from all directions. These pants really didn’t leave anything to the imagination, or any room for underwear for that matter. For some people it would make them feel desired, important, sexy, but for him it just made him self conscious and aware of just how much he couldn’t dance.

He didn’t see where she came from, but she seems to just melt out of the crowd like a ghost, or a whirlwind. He felt her before he saw her. Long, nimble fingers slipped through his hair, and a hand grazed softly down the length of one of his bare arms.

He turned to face her, and the hand at his head gripped the nape of his neck, pulling his face in close to hers. Their breathes intermingled as he stared into a pair of hungry brown eyes. Instantly, he was so hard it was almost painful, but the kind of pain you want to keep on going.

He pulled back and in full view she turned out to be a girl a few inches shorter then he, wearing clunky leather boots, elbow length fingerless gloves, a very tight lycra halter, and a very short pleated skirt. Her hair was in pigtails. She was a pair of pom-poms away from being one of the devil’s cheerleaders.

They began to dance, and for once he felt good about it. Distracted by the enticing creature before him, he let himself go and lost his self consciousness.

They drank shots of vodka from the bar and he made to go back out on the dance floor, hoping to feel her pressed against his raging hard on through the leather pants as they danced again. A set of fingers closed around his arm and turned him back around. In a moment she was on him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, a boot went behind one of his knees and she veritably climbed up him to press her lips to his. Their mouths opened and tongues met. He could feel her nipples harden through the material of her top, pressed against his nearly bare chest. She broke the kiss and placed her lips to his ear.

“Do you want to get out of here?” It was almost a scream but in the booming raucous of the club it might well have been a sultry whisper.

He nearly pulled her arm out of socket in the rush to leave. sex izle As she retrieved her coat from the check girl, he adjusted his manhood in the confines of the pants, moving from tucking down the leg to an attempt at the more comfortable waist-band tuck. This, unfortunately, combined with the low cut nature of the pants to let nearly a quarter inch of his penis exposed to the open air. He thought about going back to the old position, but suddenly she was back and he just threw his coat around himself and hoped no one would notice.

They waited for a cab.

She slipped an arm around his waist, let it creep down, and gave his ass a playful squeeze. He almost jumped in alarm, but instead turned, wrapped his arms around her and drew her close. He kissed her forehead, then her upturned lips. Their kiss was deep and long, and she pressed herself into him hard. Then suddenly she started to draw away, head turned down, eyes averted.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

She gave him a side-long, apprehensive look. “This isn’t fair to you. You should know before we leave.”

“Know wha-” He started but her mouth was on him again, her fingers dug into his back and one of her legs wrapped around his. She ground her crotch against his leather clad hip and then he felt it.

She was as hard as he was.

They’d been dancing so close. Her skirt was so short. How could he not have known until now?

Because she hadn’t wanted him to know. That was the obvious answer.

Their lips parted and she fixed his gaze with hers, her brow steeled against coming rejection. “Still interested?” She asked.

And he found he was. The sign of her arousal still pressing against his thigh was hot, so hot he could feel it through the leather and he wanted nothing more then to feel more of that heat. He wanted to tear apart her clothes and dig his fingers as hard as he could into her.

This was no impediment to that.

He kissed her again, squeezing her close to him, pulling on her upraised leg with one hand to draw her pelvis to his and this time he ground back on her just as hard. She smiled widely as they parted, then looked down at him. One dainty finger reached out and touched the bit of his penis that peaked up over the top of his pants. There was a drop of pre-cum there, glistening in the street light.

“I guess you do want to play.” She giggled, and scooped the pre-cum up on the tip of her finger, before delicately licking with a dart of her tongue.


Twenty minutes later they burst through the front door of her apartment and made it only just in time to avoid public nudity. Their clothes came off in a flurry of activity and mad pulling. His net shirt landed on the TV; her lycra halter nearly went in the fish tank.

He plopped onto the couch and she leapt on his lap to straddle him. Her breasts came level with his face and he drew on to his mouth, sucking firmly on the alt yazılı porno nipple, pleased at the way it grew hard in his mouth. She moaned as he did so and ran her fingers through his hair, nails grazing his scalp. They sat like that for a while, as though he were feeding off of her.

The head of her cock pressed insistently at his stomach, and he let one of his hand, which had up till now been cupping her luxurious ass, slid around and run fingertips down her shaft.

Her body shuddered in response. He let his hand fall to cup her balls, massaging them gently between his fingers. God, she was so smooth, so unlike himself.

She pulled her breast away from his mouth, leaned down to kiss him, placed a hand on each of his shoulders, and rose up until the tip of her cock came level with his mouth.

He looked at it for a moment, a pair of fingers encircling the base. It was smaller then his, but well within range. She was hairless and perfectly smooth, the pale alabaster skin unmarred. She had been circumcised, and he wondered briefly if one was supposed to treat a circumcised cock different then one like his own.

His squeezed her in his hand, and felt the shaft flex slightly as her pelvic muscles tightened in response to the sensation. He circled the band where her glans met the shaft with the tip of a finger. Her breathing was so heavy already, nearly panting. Dear lord, she was a sensitive one.

He tentatively reached down and licked upward, letting the flat of his tongue play against the underside of her, nearest the tip, and she jerked as though stopping herself from suddenly thrusting her hips involuntarily.

Gently he guided her down to sit on the couch and knelt between her legs. One hand gripped her cock in a familiar fashion and he bent down to run his tongue over her balls as he slowly, excruciatingly slowly, monumentally, terribly, cruelly, slowly, ran his hand up and down her shaft in a pumping motion.

He drew one ball into his mouth and gently sucked; his motions grew slightly faster. He drew his mouth away and looked up at her eyes; his motions slowed again. She didn’t match his gaze, her eyes were closed, lower lip clenched tightly between her teeth. He leaned forward and licked, then nibbled at her breasts. He kissed her neck and kissed her mouth.

She growled and purred under her breath until finally she gripped his shoulder in desperation, digging nails into his skin.

“Please, please, I have to.”

He relented and sped up pulling her cock toward him as he did, using his free hand to move between her breasts and nuts, teasing and stroking between. She drew in a sharp breath, and he felt something within her tighten and convulse. Ropes of sticky, surprisingly hot semen shot from her, falling in long trails along his chest and neck.

He didn’t relent though, stroking her until she could take it no more and tore his hands altyazılı sex izle from her cock. The last quiet spurt of come leaking from her and dribbling down onto her balls.

There was a moment of quiet rest while she regained her breath, eyes shut and head rolled back against the cushions. Then she looked down at him and smiled. Her eyes glinted mischievously in the dim light of the apartment.

In a blur, she pushed him down to lie lengthways on the couch, straddling his hips and leaning over him. Her pigtails brushed at his shoulders. She kissed him deeply and he could feel her softening cock brush against his, and he flexed his pelvic muscles a little, forcing them to rub slightly.

She kissed down his chin and neck, licking her come from his skin, and biting delicately where she thought it would do the most good. Her tongue played over a nipple briefly as she moved down, and she was rewarded with an intake of breath from him and a small moan. Tempted, though she was, she did not tarry there and continued down to lick down to where his penis joined his body.

She slid one hand under him to grip his button and squeeze. Then she began to lick up his shaft. This late in the night, being diamond hard for so many hours, he had grown slightly tired and his penis was not longer making a passable imitation of a sun-dial. No problem, there; she knew what to do. She pulled the foreskin ever so slightly back and slipped the tip of her tongue just below it, rubbing against the sensitive skin there. He squirmed beneath her ministrations but she stopped before he grew completely hard again.

She pulled the foreskin back and plunged him into her mouth. Not fully hard, she could just barely fit him entirely into her mouth. Her tongue moved lazily back and forth and she felt her own cock stirring at the feeling of him growing harder and harder in her mouth.

Very soon, she was unable to fit all of him in, and she wrapped hand around the exposed base. She pumped him then, rubbing her tongue against the underside of his glans and sucking slightly. She glanced up at his face. He was like she had been minutes ago, head rolled back uncontrollably. She was very sensitive, she knew, in a way that he was not, but she had the benefit of quite a bit more experience then he did.

Soon, very soon, he was panting and she could see his stomach muscle contract as he came close to coming. She chose her moment, pushed him to the back of her throat, and swallowed. She pushed, he convulsed, and she felt her nose nuzzle into his bush and she took him entirely into her mouth.

Two of her fingers went to press at the patch of skin just below his balls. She felt his body pumping and felt as the come hit her throat. She was glad of her practice as he tensed beneath her and growled as he came. As soon as he was done, she release him from her mouth and coughed slightly.

He bent down and kissed her gently.

“I’ll get you a glass of water.” He offered. “But perhaps you’ll be ready for some more fun in a minute.”

She grinned up at him, that had all been too hot. Her cock was already standing to attention again. It had every indication of being a good night ahead of them.

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