The Farm Ch. 07

Non Nude

Jenny didn’t wait for him to finish off Gracie. It was too hard to be so close to him and yet know Emily wasn’t going to give her a turn to exercise his fabulous tongue. The conversation with Emily hadn’t made things any easier. Although Emily had reminded her again that she wouldn’t allow ‘her Jordy’ be given away to anyone else before the offer was extended to Jenny, her words still hurt. Jenny had never even given thought that Jordy and her might not work out. “What if he really had some quirks about him that were a real turn-off,” she considered. “Might she actually find herself bringing him back to The Farm someday in exchange for someone else?” God help her if that ever happened. There was no way that was going to happen. It just wasn’t going to be. Jenny believed Jordy was everything she ever wanted in a man. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know him all that well. She had an unmistakable vibe that he was the one for her. But watching him working away at Gracie’s pussy and having to endure Emily go on and on about what a wonderful slave he was, made her time away from him hurt all the more.

“No Joshua,” she said fifteen minutes later. “I don’t want you tonight. I’m not in the mood. Go to bed.” She left him and stalked into the bathroom. She knew her words stung but that’s how she felt. What the hell was she supposed to feel anyway? And besides he didn’t call the shots. She did. Yes they were close and yes they had spent almost every waking hour together for the past few months but they weren’t a couple. He wasn’t her beau and there was no way he would ever be close to being her equal. He was nothing more than a slave – nothing more.

She appreciated Josh’s subservience. He had always been a good slave. Rarely had she had to discipline him. He had learned her ways and intuitively seemed to know what she wanted almost before she verbalized her intentions. But tonight he had surmised wrongly. Tonight she didn’t want his tongue probing her clit or sliding between her wet folds. Tonight she wanted to be left alone and when she returned to the bedroom it was dark except for the light on the nightstand beside her bed. Joshua had the bed turned down and was lying under the blanket on the floor on the opposite side.

“I didn’t scold you,” she said just after turning out the light. “I just need to be left alone.”

“Whatever you want is what I want for you, Miss Jenny.”

“Goodnight slave. No more talking.”

After Jenny and Emily said their goodnights Emily took a seat immediately across from Gracie. It took Jordy only a few more minutes before he had Gracie exploding in a full body spasm that lasted several seconds. Grunting and gasping, Gracie came powerfully. Jordy quietly stroked her cunt her while she remained in the throes of her climax. He had correctly assumed she liked that approach.

At some point earlier, Jordy had come to the conclusion that he couldn’t just lick a woman like he was starving for her cunt. Maybe that’s why that one mistress slapped him. There was a time and a place for a nice aggressive cunnilingus but there was also a place for the gentlest of kisses. For mistresses like Gracie who wanted to cum hard and fast it seemed to him that the most effective approach was to lick rapaciously to get her to cum but then transition to a softer touch while they actually were in the midst of their orgasm. Knowing it was the touch of his tongue that made them feel so good, he concluded that if he kept licking those sensitive inner-folds, it would intensify their orgasm even further. That technique seemed to be the right one. No one had pushed his head away during any of the climaxes he elicited since taking that route.

Gracie came wet and hard while pulling his head tightly to her crotch. She pressed her pussy up and into his mouth. The involuntary act made Emily smile. She could pretty much imagine what her friend was feeling and it only made her want what she had even more.

“Hey baby,” Emily said quietly. “I think you’ve had enough.”

“How long have you been here?” Gracie asked without opening her eyes.

“Just a few minutes.”

Gracie smiled. “I wanted to try your slave out. He’s been in that stupid gag forever. I’m glad I spotted him.”


Gracie’s smile brightened even more. “Kind of.”

“Maybe it will make you feel better to know you got more out of him today than I did.”

Her eyes widened in surprise, “I did?”

“You and who knows how many others. He’s been going at it all day.”

Emily addressed Jordy who was kneeling quietly between the pretty blonde’s legs. “How many slave?”

“I lost count Mistress. Maybe 15 or 20?”

“And how many fucked you?”


The girls giggled. Gracie finally sat up and crossed her legs, leaving Jordy suddenly free of her thighs. Hearing the snap of his mistress’ finger he moved to sit at her feet.

Emily touched his head. “How did that make you feel?”

“OK I guess.”

“I want the truth. How did it make you feel?”

“Sometimes it felt like I was being used. Sometimes denizli escort I felt really good. I loved doing that for her. I feel alive when I do but in the end, it all depends on how they treat me,” Jordy responded flatly.

“And why was that slave?” Gracie asked.

He looked up at her and then over his shoulder to Mistress. “At first it didn’t feel right to do what they said. Even when I had to serve beautiful women, there was a part of me that didn’t feel right about doing it.” Jordy paused in thought before continuing. “OK, I liked doing everything. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression.

“What part?”

The serving part. The oral service mostly. That part was really nice. I couldn’t believe I was in there and on my knees or squatting behind some mistress and licking her pussy or her ass. All of that was, it was fantastic.”

“And the not so fantastic part was what?” Gracie asked.

“Being so intimate with women I didn’t even know.” Jordy turned to his mistress. “Mistress Emily, when you told me to lick other mistresses that was one thing. But when that older woman who lives next door to you screwed me, that felt completely different. I have never viewed sex so casually and I had never met that woman before. When she came to the door and I told her why I was here she just used me. She had no intention to get to know me. All she wanted was my mouth and my cock. That’s what didn’t feel right at first. It’s hard to explain but I felt like she took something from me that I wasn’t ready to give.”

“Your virginity?” Gracie asked in a half laughing-half mocking tone.

“In a way, yea, they took my virginity” Jordy answered seriously. He paused for several seconds. “I wanted to save myself for my mistress.” He looked up at Emily. “I wanted to save myself for you Mistress, not for them. I didn’t want to let them have that part of me. Not in that way.”

“Then in what way?” Emily asked softly.

“I guess not in any way.”

“I see.”

They were all quiet for some while. Jordy rested his head against his mistress leg and softly stroked her calf. Emily and Gracie nodded to one another knowingly and looked down at the slave who appeared deep in thought.

“I need to go find my slave,” Gracie said finally. “He’s been out in the maintenance barn working on something that needed fixing but it’s time for me to get him to bed. If it’s not finished now it will have to wait until tomorrow.”

Emily stood. “Let’s go slave. She grabbed his soft cock firmly and held on to it. It stiffened inside her fist. Gracie and Emily embraced and said their goodbyes.

Upstairs Jordy showered while Emily changed and got ready for bed. By the time he was done she was already in bed. She lay with an extra pillow propped behind her head Emily patted the bed.

“Come. Sit. I want to talk?”

Jordy did as he was told. Emily grabbed hold of his pole as soon as he climbed in next to her and held onto it.

“I know you had one hell of a day slave. I didn’t give you any clue what I had planned but from all reports, you made your mistress proud,” she said with a half-smile.

“Thank you. But to be honest I mostly thought about pleasing them at the time.”

“I knew that but anytime you do nice work you also cast a positive reflection on your owner.”

“I did my best. I really tried,” he said softly.

“I need to know more. Tell me what you felt and what you thought. I know what you said downstairs but I really want to know what went on inside that geniu- mind of yours.”

“I don’t know where to start.” He shrugged his shoulders but then added, “Like I said, most of it was great but some of it was not so good. What I didn’t tell you downstairs was how my thinking changed from the morning until now. I got use to the whole kneeling between their legs and eating them until they came. I did that so many times that the novelty of it kind of wore off. And I think I got the hang of what I was doing too. But the whole intercourse thing felt wrong.”

“What did the ladies have you do most?” She asked not wanting to delve further into the source of his sadness.

“Oral sex mostly. I had to lick a few cocks and a few asses. A couple of them made me do some cleaning and then there was one or two who wanted a massage. Like the one downstairs had me do,” he added.

“Did you enjoy your day?”

Jordy smiled solemnly and nodded. “If you had asked me that at ten o’clock this morning I’d say ‘no’, but having spent an entire day doing it… yea, I actually did. It took some getting used to but it was a good day, all in all.”

“Use to how?”

“Mistress, I was performing the most intimate of acts on women I have only seen in passing. I didn’t know them at all. Having them undress and then sit on my face or pull me in between their legs like I was a sex-toy wasn’t something I expected. It caught me completely off guard at first. I mean, it’s one thing to see them do it to others – and I’ve seen it a lot but it’s a completely different feeling to diyarbakır escort be the one having their hair grabbed and having a pussy slammed into your face.”

“And what did you expect; romance?”

“Maybe. Well no. I knew there would be none of that. But,” he hesitated. “I don’t know what I expected. I mean I knew my time was coming once you took the gag out. I couldn’t wait to be the slave licking a mistress and making her cry out in pleasure but it still was a shock at first.”

Emily smiled and laughed quietly.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your reaction. Every slave I have ever trained has expressed those same kinds of feelings. When you were deep in thought downstairs Grace and I kept watching you. We both knew what you were thinking. You had no idea how to feel. I don’t think you knew how to interpret most of today. That was intentional. By having you go from one lady to the next knowing each experience would be unique in its own way, you had no time to process all you did.”

“And that was intentional on your part?”

“It was. Remember, you aren’t just any guy. You’re a special kind of a guy.”

“A slave. Yea, I know.”

“A damn good slave, Jordy. What I wanted you to get out of this is the same thing I’ve been drilling into your head for the past, who knows how long. I don’t want you thinking. I want you reacting. I want you obeying. I want you putting aside any and all expectations for yourself and just doing what you’ve been told to do. That was the lesson for today. And so your reaction to it all was pretty much the same as every other slave I’ve trained previously. You were, and probably still are pretty overwhelmed by it all.”

Jordy seemed to lighten up a bit. “That’s good to know – I guess. I really had a hard time wrapping my brain around everything.”

“Do you know why else I had you do this?”

He shook his head. “Not a clue in the world.”

Emily patted her right breast. “Come snuggle up to Mistress. Lay your head right here.” After he nestled in and got comfortable and after Emily felt him plant several soft kisses against the side of her breast she went on. “I wanted you to understand that with freedom comes responsibility.”

Jordy gazed up into her beautiful eyes and looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“The gag. I removed it. I gave you a freedom you hadn’t had since coming here. And I hope I don’t need to use it again,” Emily answered. “Your mouth isn’t needed for speaking at will. I don’t need to hear your thoughts. Well, unless I ask for them as I’m doing now. Mostly, I’ll be the one deciding things for you so there is no need for you to give me your opinion.”

“I know that.”

“I believe you do. So far, you have been a pleasure to train. But today’s activities were meant to help you understand what your mouth is to be used for. It’s to be put to work serving the mistress to whom you belong.”

“I pretty much understand that as well.”

“No slave, I don’t think you do.”

“I don’t understand then.”

“Suck on my nipple, slave.”

Jordy raised his head and took the pebbled bead into his mouth and suckled on it. Emily stroked the side of his face next to his eye to draw his attention. When Jordy looked upward his gaze met hers and she held it for the longest while. Jordy nursed on his mistress’ nipple, drawing it in, caressing it with his tongue, pinching down on it with his lips all while looking up at his owner. It didn’t take long before he felt a powerful sense of submission. Having her watch him suckle served to accentuate the dominant/submissive bond the two of them held.

“Keep sucking. That’s my slave,” she said every now and again. “This is what your mouth was meant for. Like I said, I don’t need your opinion or thoughts or even your verbal company. That’s why you’ve been gagged all these weeks. You and I got along just fine with that ball stuck between your teeth.”

Jordy nodded but kept the seal of his mouth against her breast. Emily smiled softly. She could see the understanding in his eyes. He was getting it.

“I know you felt confused and used and maybe even unappreciated by some of the women you were with. And maybe you were. Jordy, this won’t be the last time I will have you serve others. It’s important for you realize this and come to grips with this part of who you are now. Coming to see yourself as not only a servant to my daily needs but also my sexual ones is important.”

Jordy scrunched his nose in confusion.

“Speak slave.”

“But I didn’t serve you,” he said frustratingly.

“Ahh, but you did. You served me splendidly. You did what I told you and kept at it all day long. You served my reputation. You made me proud by submitting to all of those mistresses; many of whom are my friends.”

“And you were OK with sharing me in that way?”

“Were you OK with being shared?”

“Mostly. It was when they wanted sex that it got awkward.”

“Would it have been better if I was with you?”

“No!” That would have been even antalya escort worse.

“Come, she said suddenly sitting up and pushing him aside.”

“Where are we going?”

Emily spun around and slapped him hard across the face. “Kneel! Present!” She pointed to the floor angrily. “Damn you Jordy. See what I mean about not needing to hear what you have to say? You still haven’t learned. How dare you question anything? I will treat you, and do with you, as I wish!”

Emily found the ball gag and shoved it back in place and locked the clasp behind his head. “Up!”

A few seconds later with Emily pulling her slave along by the cock she stood in front of a door and knocked.


“Do you want to fuck this slave while I watch?”

At first, Jenny appeared stunned at the question but the wide-eyed look was quickly replaced with a sudden grin of amusement. “You want me to fuck him right now?”

“It’s either going to be you or someone else. Make up your mind,” she snapped. “Do you want to take him or should I move on to someone else?”

Jenny opened the door wider and stepped aside. Jordy entered with Emily following. Joshua was lying on the ground next to the bed. Jordy observed the two of them had already gone to bed.

“Where do you want him? Floor? Bed? Against the wall? Name your place.”

“On the floor will be fine.”

Emily pointed to the carpet next to Joshua. “On your back. And make sure you stay hard!” Several seconds later and after more than a few awkward exchanges between the two slaves Emily spoke, “He’s all yours.”

Jenny wasted no time. Tossing her panties aside, she straddled her old slave. While biting her lower lip in anticipation of what she was about to feel she looked at the handsome man and grabbed his stiff shaft. “Nice,” she said huskily. Stroking the thick pole she reached further under and felt the two orbs floating in the soft sac beneath. “This is going to be so nice,” she said and guided him to her entrance.

Jordy watched. His mouth was stretched completely open by the ball in his mouth; his eyes expressing wonderment at what was happening. Emily couldn’t be more pleased with his response.

Although this would be the fifth time today a woman took him, this time was magnitudes different than any of the others. Nothing compared to being here with Jenny. Jordy cared about this woman. He knew her. They had a history. He could feel his pulse quickening as the excitement of the moment struggled to get the best of him. Jenny meant everything to him. She was the one woman he wanted more than any other and now, here she was, with nothing on but a cotton nightie and about to take him.

“Do it!” Emily said sharply. “Fuck my slave.”

Jenny spread her thighs, letting them slide apart on the plush carpet. As she did he entered her inch by inch until she had him fully inside. “Oh God! God you feel sooooo good!” Grinding her hips in a circular manner she kept him there; all eight or nine inches of his glorious cock. She held it there and used her muscles to repeatedly grip and milk his manly shaft.

Emily watched the scene unfold and felt the emotion of the conjugal act. It was easy to see these two had a connection. She had to be completely naive to not feel the power emanating from what they shared. When Jenny began pumping her hips up and down on him, Emily noticed a tear welling up in Joshua’s eye. Watching his mistress drill another slave while making him witness it all from a few feet away had been too much. But maybe this was for the best. Emily knew he would be graduating any day now. She recalled Jenny stating her lack of interest in him. Everyone knew he’d be sold to someone if the price was right. This slave needed to understand that Jenny and he weren’t a couple. Yes they had been paired off by Diana but it went no further than that. Jenny was his trainer and he was nothing more than one of hundreds of slaves passing through The Farm every year.

“Oh God! Oh god, Oh god-d-d!!” She yelped. Looking momentarily at Joshua and then at Jordy both slaves could see the lust and desire she felt. Jordy’s gaze never left the beautiful mistress pounding away. His eyes were riveted on her flawless figure.

Jenny looked over at Emily. “Thank – you,” she gasped.

“Any time baby. Just make sure you cum hard on him.”

“Umm-mmmm. Oh – slave – you – feel – sooo – good.”

Jordy didn’t reply. He couldn’t, even if he wanted.

“Ummmm, ohh, ohh, ohh” came her grunts as she neared her goal. With two hands pressed flat on his thick chest, she pounded away on him until finally exploding.

A few minutes later everything came to a head. The swell of feelings saturating her sex finally culminated in a supremely frenzied outburst. Jenny came hard and loud and explosively and sunk one final time on his mast. With him fully impaled she gyrated against his firmness and milked her climax for all she could.

The scene was oddly dreamlike. Jordy, Joshua and Emily were all within feet of Jenny and yet the only presence he sensed was Jenny’s. She filled the room with her yearnings and desires and passion. The others seemed but bystanders. He was aware of Emily looking on with overt satisfaction. She waited patiently for it all to end. When Jenny finally regained composure and slipped off his still stiff penis, Mistress Emily helped her to her feet and greeted her with a sincere hug.

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