The Bus Ride Home Ch. 3


The last time I sent something in it was about Friday night. The first date with Amy. She took me to a place that I have never been. The sex was so great. It is now Saturday and I just got up, about 10:00 am. And let me tell you, my ass hurts, not to bad. But it feels like I have been butt fucked 100 times. But it was only 5 times. My jaw hurt’s from taking her cock about 100 times. No just 5 times on that too. (If you don’t know Amy is a transsexual). My cheeks on my face hurt some, not to bad. This is because Amy slapped me so many times. My ass cheeks hurt from the spankings she gave me. I’ll tell you just a little of what happen. After Amy had fucked me 2 times and I had to suck her times she started to show me what a good master can do to his or her slave.

“Come here, and kneel in front of me. I’m going to show you how a submissive pleases a master. This is all part of the game. Remember the safe word is Parma. When you or I say that word we stop. Next, the master is in control. You do as I say. Or I do as you say. The masters job is to bring pain… and pleasure to the slave. The slave is to bring just pleasure to the master. The masters biggest job is to make the slave cry. To put tears in the eyes of the slave. Like this.”

With that Amy took both my nipples with her thumb and index finger. She started to pinch and turn them. I had this done a few times and liked it. So it did not hurt that much. Amy’s eyes just looked into my eyes. Then I felt her fingers close more. Amy was pinching my nipples harder and harder. The pain grew till I knew that I could not take it. My face screwed up and I was thinking of the safe word. Fuck you I thought. I’m not going to give in. Then it hit. My God did it hurt. She turned her hand more and the pain shot right up to my face. I knew she could see the tears in my eyes.

“Please stop. No more. Please.” With that her right hand came lose. I closed my eyes and thought it was over. Then I felt it. A slap across my face. Then the left hand came lose and one more slap.

“A slave always uses the word master. Understand?” And with that a few more slaps. “On you back. I’m going to show you how pain show be given out. Slowly, not fast. Slow pain can last longer. Fast pain is over to quick. And fast pain makes it harder to continue. Watch.”

With that she grabbed about 20 pubic hairs in her fingers. She pulled hard but none came out. The pain made me lift my hips off the floor. “See to much to fast. Now try this.” With that Amy let go and took just one pubic hair. She pulled it. Not to bad. Then she did one more. Still not to bad. It hurt but I could take it. Then came number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,… 15. Now the pain was working it’s way up and out. Amy knew by the look on my face.

“I could go on till you scream. But then it is part of the game. Stand, turn around and bend over. I’m going to teach you that a slow spanking is better then a fast one. Slapping some ones ass, say on a scale of 1 to ten, one being soft and ten hard. I always like it about 4 or 5. That way I can give more and you can take more. Just like this.” With that she hit my ass. HARD. “That was a ten, see how it hurt so much you could only get 5 or 10 of them. Try this.” Amy started to spank me. About a 5 or 6. The pain was nit to bad and by the time she hit 25 I started to feel the heat. Then 30. Some pain. 40 I was thinking I liked this. 50. the pain started to get more and more.

“Your ass is a nice red. If you spank it till this point it only takes a day to turn back to white. But if you make it beet red. Then it might take a week to heal. Welts, they can take 2 or 3 weeks. Your ass is ensest porno about done.”

Amy stood and I felt her cock slide up into my ass once more. How could this woman (man) get a hard on again. She fucked me slow and easy. This time Amy made love to my ass. Then she started faster and faster. She held on to my ass cheek and the pain shot up my back. Then she pushed in all the way and slapped my ass 5 times. I felt her cum. I knew she was liking this. Amy pulled her cock up and stood up. Grabbed my thing and walked to the front. “Now get the fuck out. I’m done with you. Learn to be a better slave and I might let you spend the night. GET THE FUCK OUT?” With that she took my thing and out the door they went. The look on my face must have been priceless. I just stood looking at her. I would have to go outside to get dressed. Was this good-bye.

“Get out. next time be a better slave and last longer. Please me and you my spend the night. If I can do it so can you… LEARN.” With that Amy pointed towards the door.

“Remember the game. It is all a game. Good night see you Saturday night. I’ll be a better slave and show you how to play.” I took a step out.

Now for Saturday night.

I called Amy and said that I was coming over at 6 to se her and that she should be “ready.” That is all I said. I had spent most of the day thinking of what to do to her. I remembered what she had said about wearing panties. If you wear panties then you want me to dominate you. I’ll only do that once a month. I like a man to take charge. I’ll wear the panties then. With that thought I told her “To Be Ready.”

I walked up to her door and knocked. About a minute passed when she open it. She had on a dress and it was open at the top. It was about mid calf. It looked like 5 inch heels. I walked in and told her.

“You took a long time getting to the door. I said 6:00 pm not 6:01. Next time answer the door on time. The look on her face told me that she did not know the game I was playing. She’ll learn, and fast.

“Do you have panties on?” The look on her face was like she did not know what I said.

“Did you ask me if I had on panties? What do you think?” She had a funny look on her face.

I took one step towards her. Grabbed her by the face and pushed her up to the wall.

“Do not ever answer me with a question. When I ask you answer. Do you understand?” I let her face go. Her hand came up to grab my hand and out of the blue I hit her across the face. Her head turned to her right. I just looked at her. Her mouth went to say something but I spoke first.

“I’m sorry. I never thought I would do that.” Now her face dropped. I knew what she wanted.

“I’m so sorry. I’ll never do that again. I’ll also give the other side a slap to.” And with that I slapped her on the left side just as hard. I reached down pulled her dress up and looked down.

“Very good. You have panties on. So that must tell me that You Want To Be The Slave. Good. Since you taught me how to be a good master I’ll show you I’m a fast learner.” I reached down and put my hands on her dress. I looked her right in the eyes and pulled. I pulled the dress open with a rip and then grabbed more. I pulled hard and it ripped wide open. One more and she stood with just a bra, panties garter belt and stockings.

“Do not move. I might cut you if you do.” I reached and pulled my knife out. I open it and places the blade under her bra. “It is sharp very sharp. If you move it will cut you.” With that I pulled up and out and the knife cut her bra off. She put her hands up to hide her breast’s. My right hand asyalı porno slapped her hand and tits at the same time. Amy took in a deep breath that told me that it must have hurt. Her hands went to her sides and I slapped her breast’s with one hand and then the other.

“Do not ever cover yourself once I have stripped you. You do that again and I’ll spank your ass till it is as red as your lips.” With that I grabbed her lips and pinched them. “See you taught well. Remember last night?” With that I pulled her lips. HARD. The look on her face never changed.

“Now the games are going to start. Remember the other night you told me that you were a transsexual. And I thought you said tease. I think you are a tease. Last night on the bus you sucked my cock. Then latter you made me suck yours. But you made me suck yours harder. And you fucked my mouth. Well my dear sweet Amy. Now it is your turn to know how it feels to be “FACED FUCKED.”

With just her panties garter belt and stockings on I put my hands on her shoulders. I pushed down. Amy knew what I was doing. She knelt down as I pushed. Amy’s eyes never left my eyes. Her face just kept looking right at me.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this. You made my jaws hurt now it is my turn. Open my pants. You’ll see I do not have panties on tonight. So that must mean I’m the master. You did say something about a master knowing how to treat the slave. How they know what the slave needs. Do you think I know what you need?”

Amy’s head moved up and down in a yes answer. My hand came down and across her face. Then the other hand did the same. Not to hard. Just enough to let her know that I meant what I said.

“Answer with words. Never, answer me that way again. Unless you have a gag in your mouth. Or my cock.

“Yes, master I do think you know what I need. My I suck your cock.”

I thought that she had left of the master part to test me. She got her answer. I put my hands on her tits. My finger found her nipples. My thumb and index finger started to close on her nipples. As they closed I pull up. Up and up I pulled till she was on her feet looking me in the eyes.

“Do you think this is a game?” Do you think that I’m not going to punish you? Do you think that I’m going to let you answer me like that when I have told you what might happen? DO YOU?”

I pull up harder. I pinched and turned her nipples and watched the look on her face turned to joy. I knew that she must love this. I Then pulled her body in a way that made her step towards me. This was new to me. Giving pain was something that I never did. But last night I saw her face. I looked into her eyes as she gave me pain. She enjoyed it. And for some reason I was enjoying this.

“Last night you open my eyes to a new joy. That was getting pain. Tonight I’m going to learn how to give pain. And I think it is going to be much more fun. Right?” With that I pulled her over to the couch. I pulled her by her nipples. I then pulled her to the edge and made her bend over the arm. I then pulled her arms up over her head. “Do not move them. Lets see how much pain you can take. You told me last night that if one spanks one to fast the pain gets to much to take. If one spanks one slowly. Then pain can last for a long, long time. Now my dear. Lets see how much you can take.”

With that I started to spank Amy’s ass. Her panties kept me from seeing if her ass was get red. I hit her about 10 times. I stopped and then grabbed her panties. Pulling then down I could see her ass was a soft red. Not to red. That meant that I could slap it just a little harder. I gizli çekim porno got a quick look at her extra body part. It fell down as I pulled her panties down.

“Now your ass is starting to turn red. But I think a few more are in line. Right?”

“Yes, sir.” That was it. This told me she was enjoying this. I came down with my hand a few more times. I saw that Amy’s ass was now turning a nice red color. 5 more and I stopped.

“Now, I’m going to see if you like to get fucked as much as you like fucking me.” I bent forward and whispered in her ear. Slow and soft, or fast and hard? You never told me what you like. Tell me now.”

“Slow and soft please. I never did like it fast and hard.” She never gave the master word. And she had told me that she did like pain. I stood. Put a condom on. Put some KY on and placed my cock near her ass. With one hard push I shoved it into her ass. The scream that came out of her mouth, I thought would wake the dead.

“Did you think I was going to listen to you. After the pain you gave me. FUCK YOU. The faster the better.” I just fuck her like I would fuck any other cunt. Hard and fast. I was pushing and pulling on her ass. Each time I pushed in I could hear her moan. And when I pulled out I could feel her ass try to suck me back in. Then when I pushed in I could feel her ass push back to get more of me faster. She was enjoying this. Enjoying this too much. It must have been fucking her for 5 minute’s when I thought I was going to cum. I pushed into hard and deep. I could hear her saying.

“Yes fuck me. Cum in my ass. Please. I need it. Cum in my ass master Bob.” She was asking me for it. I knew she was hot. I pulled out and stood in front of her. I pulled the condom off and grabbed her face.

Now I’m going to face fuck you. Fuck your mouth like you need it. I’m going to shove my cock in your mouth and fuck your eyes right out of your head. OPEN.” Her mouth open and I pushed in. With about 2 inch’s in I pulled out and shoved in 3. Then out and then in with 4. Then 5. Her eyes had tears in them and I I pulled all the way out. I pull her head up so she was looking right at me. Amy was crying. Tears in her eyes and they ran down her face. I bent down and kissed her tears.

“If you think that I’m going to stop. WE ARE WRONG.” With that I pushed her head back down and started to fuck her mouth. I fuck it like I fucked her ass. I had all 7 inch’s going into her mouth. Tears started to come down her fast harder. The more tears the faster and harder I fuck her mouth.

“Go on cry for me. Make me think that I’m hurting you. I love to see my little tease cry. Come on cry some more. You’ll see how it makes me happy. More.” I was fucking her face so fast my balls were slapping her chin. I was getting close. And I was going to give it to her. Just like she gave it to me last night.

“OPEN. I’m going to cum. Should I do it on your face in your mouth. Up your ass. On your tits. OPEN YOUR MOUTH. So I can watch it come out in your mouth. Amy’s mouth open and I placed my cock on her lips. I could see her eyes looking at me and a started to cum. The first shot hit her mouth and went in. The number 2 hit her lips. Number 3 hit her eyes and mouth. Four hit most of her face. She just looked up at me. A look on her face as if to tell me that I had done good for the first time.

That night I spanked her ass till it was as red as I had ever seen an ass be. I fucked her about 6 times. She sucked me hard each time and sucked my cock about 7 times. I came on her tits, face, ass, mouth. And once I came on her small cock. When I did that it got hard. I then made her jack-off in front of be. I slapped her tits and told her that she would be my slave from now on.

I hope to hear from you telling me what you like or dislike about the way I treat Amy. About once a month she spanks me and make me her slave. I wear panties at that time. Drop me an e-mail.

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