Stairs after Gym with Declan


As John walked out of the gym in his apartment building he noticed another guy heading out behind him. Nice, he thought to himself. He held the door open for him. John had been checking this kid out while he worked out. Probably in his late twenties or early thirties he was way hot. Probably Irish, dark hair and clearly hairy all over from the look of his legs, arms and what he could see of his chest. He was wiry and pretty sexy wearing white gym shorts and a white t.

“Thanks man.”

“No problem,” said John as he headed toward the stairs. He had had a good workout and wanted to finish it by climbing the 20 flights back up to the apartment. He noticed the guy head the same way. “Ahh you take the stairs too.”

“Yeah, all the time.”

“Me too, most of the time after workout anyway. My name’s John by the way,” he said as the both started on the stairs “

“Declan here. Nice to meet you.”

“Wow. You are Irish aren’t you?”

Declan smiled and made eye contact. Damn he was hot. “Yeah. Parents right off the boat.”

“Nice. I’m about a quarter Irish. The rest is German and Italian.”

“Hah,” said Declan, “all the sexy genes.”

His comment surprised John as the kept up the stairs. He look back at Declan in his eyes and then not so slyly to the rest of his body. “Hmm. I think the Irish win that contest hands down.” Betturkey John could see Declan’s cock head slightly pressed against his white shorts. At least it seemed like that is what that was. They both smiled at each other. They were between the 9th and 10th floor.

Declan stopped. “Hey could you hold up a sec? I think you’re a bit more in shape than I am.” John stopped, a little out of breath himself. Happy to talk with this guy longer. He wasn’t sure what the story was but he knew he was turned on. He could feel his own cock responding a bit in his own shorts.

“No problem. What floor are you on anyway? I’m on 20.”

“Whoa dude, that’s high. I’m on 16 and I thought that was heroic. Clearly you got me beat. I’m in no rush to get back up there though. My cousin is over and I get no space.” Was it just John’s imagination or was he checking him out too?

“Yeah I’ve got company too. I need a break.’

The my both stood there in silence for a brief moment. Declan smiled.

“Hah. Yeah working out gives me space but now I’m all worked up. With her around I pretty much shut down for the weekend. Don’t think I’m getting anything any where.”

John looked at him, shyly but there was a little hunger he could not mask. “Too bad man. I’m sure you would not have trouble getting offers.”

John Betturkey Giriş could see Declan’s bulge a little more pronounced than before. Was it? It sure looked like it.

“You ever think about hooking up in public space,” said Declan. “I can only imagine.” He was looking at John now. Directly in his eyes. It was hard not to see deeper into his eyes. He wanted this guy bad. What the fuck?

“Yeah man, hah, can only imagine.” He felt his heart beating with fear and excitement. Not letting himself think about it John got on his knees in front of Declan and pulled down his shorts and sweat soaked boxer briefs.

“Shit man. Yeah. Shit. Fuck dude. Do it. I cum really fast and hard man.”

John didn’t hesitate. He could smell the strong man stink of worked out man musk it it drove him crazy. He too Declan’s swelling cock into his mouth and sucked as Declan quietly moaned and pushed his dick into John’s month. As he sucked Declan’s cock quickly swelled harder and longer until it was pushing deep in Johns throat. Declan’s hairy crotch and dark pubes pushed into johns face and nose as Declan fucked his throat. Johns hands held Declan’s hot hairy ass and pushed slightly into Declan’s moist crack. The went into his asshole as Declan pushed and moaned further and harder.

“Shit dude,” he said quietly, Betturkey Güncel Giriş “your throat is so sweet dude. I’m gonna lose it bro. I can’t help it.”

John grabbed Declan’s ass further, sucking his cock into his throat while Declan pushed harder. John could feel Declan’s cock head swell even more getting bigger in his mouth and throat. Declan moaned a little loader gasping and saying “fuck, shit, duck, bro…” He held john’s head in his hands as he lifted up on his toes and john could taste a feel the gush of hot cum into his mouth and down his throat. He could barely keep it in his mouth as he hungrily ate and swallowed all of it. Declan gasped and breathed heavily pulling John toward him and then pulling back. John steadied himself and then got to his feet. Declan paused for a second and then bent down to pull up his briefs and shorts. He was flushed and so was John. They both took a minute to catch their breath. Finally Declan made Wiley contact again and smiled.

“Hot shit man.”

“No shit,” said John. “Really hot.”

Declan paused a second again and pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to John.

“Any chance you could put your number in here man? I could use you a lot of your into it.”

Without hesitation John took it and put in his name and number. He handed it back to Declan. “No prob man. Seriously. Anything anytime.”

They walked further up the stairs. After Declan exited at 16 John held the hand that had been up Declan’s asshole to his nose and breathed in deeply. Hot man musk hot slightly shifty man musk. Johns cock swelled in his shorts. Next thine I’m eating that, he thought to himself.

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