Skin on Skin Pt. 03


“Oh my god, Calum will you please sit down and be quiet?” Ashton groaned.

According to the most of the world, Ashton Irwin was a total daddy. And it was true actually. Ashton knew what the fans thought of him and he liked to make that obvious here and there. Hell, even the rest of the band thought of him as Daddy. Calum threw a stuffed toy at him and giggled teasingly, “Sorry Daddy.” Ashton rolled his eyes and laughed, going along with the joke.

Luke sat quietly on the bed on his phone while Michael was next to him watching tv. They weren’t necessarily gay…they just liked to have a bit of fun and tease each other. To them it seemed normal and harmless. Luke however felt like he had more of a connection with Calum and maybe it’s just because they’ve been friends for ages or the fact that Luke hadn’t realized he was attracted to him. Could you blame him? Calum was no doubt—unbelievably fucking hot and Luke was so thankful for puberty working its magic more than it already had. He always felt like Calum was up for anything and he was. Besides their affectionate activities like cuddling or “harmless” kisses on the cheek, Luke loved their banter and teasing. He did get a pang of jealously when he saw Calum do those kinds of things with the other members in the band, but he tried his best to tell himself that it wasn’t as special.

Calum was the only one who comforted him when the others were bullying him as always. To the fans, Luke was childish and innocent—which was partially true since he is childish most of the time. But innocent was far from being true. He wasn’t vanilla that’s for sure. He had many kinks, probably more than Ashton and the only person who knew was Michael but they didn’t talk much about it. He caught Luke reading some “interesting” smut once he snatched his phone and after reddened faces and a few uncomfortable questions, things were back to normal. But Luke knew that Michael would never let it die down, his secret kinks were bound to come up again.

“Alright guys settle dow—” Ashton began before Michael interjected.

“The 1975!”

Luke shook his head before turning on his side and continuing to scroll through tumblr. He ran into a couple of porn blogs and gifs but not without blushing. He heard bits and pieces of the boys’ voices, but not caring to fully listen in on the conversation.

“Michael shut up.”

“Calum that’s rude!”

“Oh I’m so sorry Daddy,” he mocked sincerity while emphasizing ‘dad’ and staring at Luke for a split second. Luke’s eyes widened and gulped, trying to forget how Calum looked directly at him. Michael smirked and poked Luke’s hip, making the boy squirm and incoherently mutter “Fuck off Mike.” Michael rolled his eyes in response before focusing back on the tv. And it wasn’t until he and Ashton had gone back to their room when Luke thought back to Calum looking at him while saying daddy—even if gerçek porno he wasn’t directly calling him that, it still made him shiver.

Luke thought about how it’d feel to be in control and have him moaning because his touch. He didn’t care if it was weird since he was sure that the other boys had fantasies about each other frequently anyway. He shifted his hips, feeling himself harden at the thought. Calum had beautiful, pink lips and he knew how flushed his cheeks could get, especially when he was drunk. Luke bit his lip, feeling his cold lip ring cool the inside of his mouth and tongue.

Calum was turning off most of the lights since it was getting late and they all needed to sleep. Suddenly Calum spoke, making Luke almost jump from the way his voice rang through his ears all deep and raspy. “Are you all right?” Luke nodded before thinking back to his little fantasy. He bit his lip harder and let out a sigh to try and calm down. One thing he didn’t understand was that how could Calum just walk around with a large shirt and knee socks? He never asked but it was quite…Lolita-ish. They were a soft gray, and Luke could spot the little pink bow that were on the backs of them. Calum’s hip swayed, his shirt flowing freely and falling just at his thigh. It didn’t solve Luke’s semi that he had at the moment.

“Are you sure because you seemed a bit squeamish when I was playing around with Ash earlier…”

And just like that, Luke had enough.

He didn’t know why and he didn’t even think before grabbing Calum’s hips and pinning him underneath himself. Luke’s hands were placed on either side of Calum’s head while his legs were surrounding his waist and his body hovering over his. He stared into his brown eyes for a few moments before leaning down so that their lips were just barely brushing against each other. He looked at Calum innocently while asking the question he’d been eager to ask.

“Is Ashton really your daddy, baby?”

Calum lay there with his mouth parted and his eyes shining with lust. He couldn’t speak. It was too difficult and he still trying to process what was going on and—

“Do I have to ask you again baby boy, or are you going to answer me?” Luke’s voice was low and his breath was hot against Calum’s lips and neck.

“I-I…” Calum stuttered making Luke tsk and pull away from their untouched lips.

“Answer me, Princess. I wanna hear your beautiful voice,” he whispered while beginning to leave light kisses on his neck.

Calum let out a light gasp while biting back a whimper, “N-No…you’re my daddy Luke.” His fingers grasped the sheet tightly, so tense beneath Luke.

“Is that so?” His fingers reached up, brushing over his jaw and trailing down his body until he reached Calum’s semi-hard cock that was hidden beneath his shirt and underwear. He involuntarily squirmed and bucked his hips genç porno izle into Luke’s hand making him moan quietly. Luke massaged him slightly before reaching down further to run his fingertips over the fabric of his knee socks. Calum whimpered and squirmed once more. “Please—I need you so much. I need your touch Daddy,” he whined when Luke played with the hem of his shirt.

“Okay baby, okay.” Luke was grinning, smirking devilishly at Calum’s pleads. It was just what he wanted, Calum squirming and moaning for him. Just for him.

Luke pushed Calum’s shirt further up his legs, revealing some lacy lilac panties. Luke gasped, shocked. He groaned, “Fuck…Princess you’re so beautiful…your cock is so hard for Daddy.”

He moaned and shifted, “Touch me Daddy p-please ‘wanna cum all over you—fuck.”

Luke moaned hearing Calum talk like that as he lifted off his shirt completely, leaving him in his panties and knee socks. He leaned down to give kisses on his stomach and abdomen, sucking and biting here and there. His teeth grazed over Calum’s skin, then fanning his breath over his bulge. His teeth pulled at the waistband, making him whimper again. Luke felt a wet spot, most likely from the precum that was leaking from Calum’s needy cock.

His fingers hooked on the sides, tugging them down and letting it harden even more against the air. Luke stroked it a few times before taking it in his mouth and swirling his tongue around the tip. Calum let out a choked moan, “D-Daddy…holy shit!” Luke bobbed his head, pushing Calum further into his mouth and hollowing his cheeks. Calum’s eyes were screwed shut and his hands were buried in Luke’s soft blonde hair. Luke’s tongue fell flat against the underside as he continued to suck selfishly and hard.

It hit the back of his throat, making him gag slightly and Calum tug at his hair. Luke moaned around his cock, gagging again. He reached down to massage his balls while he bobbed his head quicker. “Fuckfuckfuck Daddy I-I…’wanna cum—fuck. ‘M gonna cum Daddy!” Luke gave a slight nod before Calum shuddered and hot streams of cum filled Luke’s mouth. He gladly swallowed and pulled Calum in for a kiss, letting him get a taste of himself. “‘Gonna help Daddy undress, baby?” He nodded and tugged Luke’s shirt off quickly and pulling at his sweatpants. Calum’s mouth fell open in awe while staring at Luke’s cock which was dripping precum from his swollen tip. He gave Calum another kiss before he pulled away, holding two fingers to Calum’s lips and telling him to suck.

Calum leaned forward, sucking his fingers and letting his tongue coat them in saliva. He let go as Luke spread his thighs and pushed his fingers against his hole, then pushing them inside. Luke let out a breath, feeling how tight Calum felt around his fingers. Calum was a moaning mess, and it sounded beautiful in Luke’s ears. He hdx porno didn’t care if the other boys could hear-he wanted them to hear.

“How do you feel baby boy? ‘Feel good hm?” Luke coaxed pushing his fingers deeper while Calum clenched and whimpered loudly.

“Uh-huh I-” he gasped when Luke curled them and added a third, “oh Daddy! Y-Your fingers feel so fucking good!”

“Mhm.” Luke hummed. Calum whined at the loss of his fingers. Luke grabbed the bottle of lube, squeezing some into his hand and coating his cock in it. He bit his lip before looking at Calum. “Ready, baby?” He nodded eagerly as Luke lined himself with his hole and pushing in slowly. Luke growled, feeling Calum’s tight walls wrap around him. They both were panting, so ready and eager to go faster. Luke stilled his movements, biting his lip harder to control himself. Calum nodded, “Y-You can move Daddy.” Luke slowly eased him self deeper and then back out, repeating until he was thrusting quickly. “Daddydaddydaddy!” Calum groaned over again. Luke clenched his jaw while his fingertips held Calum’s hips tightly, pounding into him over and over.

Suddenly Luke flipped them over so that Calum was on top. He gasped and fell forward, moaning at the new position. “C’mon Princess I want you to ride me,” he said, his voice husky. He placed his hands on Calum’s waist guiding him as he moved his lips back and forth on Luke’s cock. Luke threw his head back, sinking into the pillow and panting heavily. “Fucking hell Princess…that’s it. Ride Daddy’s cock just like that, baby boy.” His mouth spoke such vulgar things but Calum kept whimpering, while his eyes were shut in pleasure as Daddy fell from his lips repeatedly.

“Who do you belong to Princess? Hm? Tell me,” Luke growled thrusting his hips up to meet Calum’s.

He choked and panted, “You Daddy—fuck! I-I belong to y-you!”

“Could Ashton make you feel like this? Huh? Could his cock fill you up the way I do?”

Calum shook his head, finding it harder to keep up because he was just in so much pleasure and ecstasy. “N-No—holy shit…I-you’re the o-only one who makes me feel good Daddy.” Luke reached and grabbed Calum’s cock, pumping quickly and jerking hard. Both of their moans grew louder, filling up the room.

“‘Gonna cum Princess? Are you gonna cum all over yourself and make a mess?” Luke hissed as his tip hit Calum’s prostate.

He screamed in pleasure, “Yes—fucking hell!”

“Look at me baby boy, I wanna see you come undone,” Luke panted, using his other hand to grab Calum’s jaw. He opened his eyes, his eyebrows scrunched together with a layer of sweat on his skin and red flushed over his cheeks. Luke could feel himself cumming too as Calum’s movements became sloppier.

“Daddy!” He cried out before strings of cum shot onto his chest and parts of Luke’s.

Luke thrusted a final time before releasing into Calum and groaning his name loudly. Calum collapsed on top of him, panting heavily. They lied there, catching their breath and calming down. Luke kissed Calum’s shoulder before murmuring, “You’re mine baby.”

Calum nodded tiredly before mumbling, “All yours Lukey.”

And he meant it.

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