Sissy Dust Pt. 03



I lose track of everything after he seeds my insides and kept going.

No not everything.

Three highs after the mixture entry affected me.

Three times Steven came inside of me.

I dimly remember the clock.

And my body in some sort of perfect fuck shock after he was done and shaking with him vibrating too our hearts pounding after that and him spooning me and hugging me tight like he was, needed to hang onto something as we passed out into exhaustion.

*And continuing…

Steven hard on woke me before the alarm went off and he was still out of it and still holding me and my body felt fine?

I know that I shouldn’t feel fine after the hard fucking he gave me.

I was still dusted because even as I was thinking things through a growing part of my awareness was sliding towards that cock.

Cock, cock, cock, cock inside my wanting mouth, black cock inside my willing sissy ass.

So much cock…

I…I should be satisfied, I should be hurting.

I can’t help myself.

It’s there and it’s hard and I move his arms and roll over pushing him to his back and I slide down kissing my way down, pressing my nose to his skin and inhaling his man scent.

Steven moans and I wrap my lips around his cock getting this sweet bloom of high as his pre-cum hits my tongue and then seconds later my brain. I swish that around and he gets harder and thicker and he growl moans.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck Spencer again?”

I make Mmmm…hmmm sounds as I suck his cock.

Bob my head, press my tongue to the underside of that shaft.

Jerk him off, stroke, stroke milk that cum.

He cries out far too fast his cock likely still sensitized from all the sex we’ve already had and I swirl to get him even harder and it tries. I feel him stiffen as he’s cumming in my mouth as he’s spewing him meager load.

There wasn’t much there…he must need time to build more.

Steven’s cock got really, really hard for like three seconds maybe less then it goes soft.

He’s panting. “Spencer, Spencer, baby…Oh fuck I can’t, I can’t…You wrecked me.”

I pull off his cock getting every ounce, every drop. “That’s okay handsome I just was inspired by that gorgeous hard on you were pressing into my sissy ass.”

I kiss my way up to him a few times.

“I’m not sure I was ready for more either after last night.”

We kiss and he looks at me. “I…I was wild last night…I’ve never done that with a girl before, to a girl before…are you okay?”

“Actually, surprisingly more than I thought I’m going to go shower handsome and make breakfast.”

Our stomachs both growl at me mentioning food and I’ve suddenly never been hungrier in my life.

I laugh. “Good thing I prepped ahead of time.” I kiss him again then shut off the alarm and I go shower.

I void cleanly, no blood, no cum either and yes that’s sort of gross but I’m a scientist, a lab tech so I was interested. I get clean and discover a lot of bruises, a lot of them I should be hurting but I think the dust is killing that pain.

I lotion myself which helps I think and I brush my teeth and rinse and head out then I get dressed in fresh panties and one of the nightshirts.

Oh…that feels great.

Femmy, girly feels great in my brain.

I smell the coffee and head to the kitchen while Steven goes and showers and I start making the bacon and beating the eggs for scrambled eggs and I take the very first mug into him. “You want cream or sugar?”

“Black please.”

It’s on the counter.

I set it there plus a fresh razor and shaving lotion and hand towels and head back to cooking.

I put some music on too something from the digital channels and sort of club like.

I’m starving so I make an entire carton of eggs and the full pound of bacon and toast.

I have toast with peanut butter while cooking and dancing.

I love this.

An appetite a good appetite is nice everything tastes really good.

And I normally don’t dance like ever but this…the post sex feeling, that hard ass fucking I got makes me want to be girly and dance, to shake my ass.

I’m having fun until Steven comes out and he has the towel around his waist and he’s toweling off his head one handed and that shows off just how nice a body he has.

He kisses me and smells deeply.

“Breakfast too? You really do aim to please.”

“I like pleasing you, doing stuff for you is sexy to me.”


I kiss him really deeply. “Really, I think that serving my man, the great man that fills me with a stunningly great cock is sexy, is something sexy that all girls should try to do.”

He gives me this look.

I kiss him again. “You ever hear of happy wife happy life?”

“Yeah sure?”

“Well happy guy equals hard cock. Hard cock means a happy girl.”

Steven chuckles. “Well hopefully you’re happy.”

“Very, you’re great.”

He blushes which is something I’ve never seen before being as sheltered as I have been growing up and I smile then go get the food and set the table.

We eat and we’re both starving and after Steven Ümraniye Fetiş Escort has another coffee while checking his phone and getting dressed and I walk him to the door kissing him goodbye.

“This was great we have to do this again Steven.”

“Definitely, you’re amazing Spencer.”

That felt really good.

He leaves and I clean up the apartment and change into regular sweats to go and wash my laundry.

I let the dust wear off.

I want to know the after effects.

I have to know the after effects.

Tired is the first thing, all of the physical exertion from the sex is hitting me hard after eating and doing the laundry.

Sore in the second thing so definitely there’s a pain numbing effect.

Depression or something like it? I mean it could be my closed off normal me kicking back in. I feel blah and grey and drab.

It takes a lot to get my things done and put away from the laundry to the dishes. I’m sort of glad that I’m task obsessive otherwise I would have just left it all.

I get my chores done and even the garbage and recycling and then I go back to bed.

After typing a few log entry points.

I sleep and sleep and sleep barely with any dreams I can remember.

I putter around for the afternoon and there’s no messages from Steven which even undusted was disappointing in a way and after watching some TV for a few hours I call it an early night before going to bed.

Fourth thing it’s mildly addictive maybe.

It could be me craving not being me but it’s still a craving for the dust.

Then it’s back to work the next day and no one other than my supervisor even noticed me gone.

Gary’s only comment was. “Not to give you trouble Spencer but you can use your sick days. You kinda look rough around the edges and it’s not like vacations where you can take a pay out.”

“I’ll think about it, thanks Gary.”

But no one else noticed I was out.

And no one really noticed me using the old batch stuff either as I was disposing of it.

Waste product needs special disposal so when there’s a failed product like this it’s mind numbing scut work.

Which is why no one is caring that I’m doing it.

As long as it’s not them doing it.

Having a supply though drives me to work harder and get my stuff done so I can process more dust.

I pour it into water bottles from the vending machine.

And while I’m doing both I do a few simple blood tests checking everything.

I’ve a lot of female hormones in my system and that seems to be leftovers from being dusted they fall between the tests I do.

This, these levels could feminize someone over time.

I think I might be okay with that for myself at least.

I copy my results and some of the others then I get an idea on break.

Actually John Parker gives me an idea while in the break room.

The guy is a toad.

Not like fat and squat but this I’m a scientist and that makes me smart even though I’m a raging asshole kind of toad.

And he treats women like shit even though I’m positive even as clueless as I am with people that no one in the building is fucking him or ever would.

And I know it’s really unethical as hell but I find his lab coat where he hangs it up in the staff room and I pour a quarter cap full of dust into his pockets when he takes it off to go for his end of break smoke.

I watch him get this look on his face as he stops putting his smokes and car keys in his pockets and his facial expression shifted for a few minutes.

I don’t see him until lunch where he looks distracted and shaken but not as he gets some food here in the lunch from the vending machines and he’s watching the others here.

He’s watching the men exclusively, hungry like, even me.

I do a few tests sort of adjusting myself in my dress pants through my pockets discreetly.

His eyes locked in on that and on me.

He was licking his lips and looked like he was processing how to feel and what to do.

I could likely get him to do things really easily but I can’t go there.

I mean myself under the influence is something else and who I let fuck me.

This is too much like slipping someone something.

But I know it works on others now.

I see John leave and go follow some guy I think is named Tucker? I really don’t know many people here.

But when I see John after he looks cum high, he looks happy as can be but he looks cum high.

It edges my own want to feel like that.

And he goes and punches out taking a sick day and I watch through one of the windows as Tucker got into his car and they left.

He’s gone for the day and the rest of mine goes fast as well as I do my work and leave with three water bottles of dust.

And a list of its components and the process of how the aftershave “pheromone” lotion was mixed/prepped.

There’s nothing illegal here to own either or buy.

Even the pheromones which come from a french lab and are FDA okayed are legal though expensive. But still affordable for my own use.

I have our list of suppliers too and all Ümraniye Gecelik Escort saved on a thumbdrive.

I go home only stopping at Kinkos to hardcopy print the stuff from my thumbdrive.

No I’m not worried about industrial espionage and getting found out.

Well I am this could be really misused so I want to keep it to myself.

It could seriously hurt people.

But in this boring job in this boring place nothing like that ever happens.

John, John’s an asshole so I only feel moderately guilty about him getting dusty and sucking dick and getting laid.

I mean if I didn’t know about it being dust I might have thought that I’d discovered a wanton sexual side of myself.

After I have my hard copy I head for home definitely jonesing to get dusted.

I don’t.

I resist for the notes and the data and everything that might shed light on me and the dust and I don’t use.

Again Steven hasn’t called.

Which hurts.

And I’m trying to figure out why that hurts so I take off walking down to the closest bar like club that I could think of called The Paint House and get a few drinks and a booth.

It’s a nice bar kind of this bohemian artsy crowd that goes here.

I like it for the art they have up.

We didn’t really have art growing up that much not like you see in the city.

I have the drink of the week a manhattan and it’s okay and I watch the people.

The boys with the girls, the girls with the boys both dressed usually nice.

I can’t be one of those guys.

I don’t have the ability to get people like that as me.

I have been the girl though.

I liked being the girl.

I want to be the girl.

I finish my drink and pay up and leave while my mind is pretty sure of what it just decided and I go home.

I should wait.

I should wait and get the week finished before dusting again.

I knew that I should even as I pour the capful of dust and I take my finger and trace the dust in it over my eyelids, lips, the rest in my palm up against the right side of my neck where the carotid artery sends blood into my brain.

I feel it absorbing into my finger, lips, lids, palm and the slow trickle of sissy happening until this gigantic rush sinks into my brain.

I am sure that I moaned as I fell to my knees and go hard as a rock in seconds shaking from the blood shifting around then I came squirting off white hot in my shorts and them dead soft and I had a sissy orgasm.

I woke on the carpet giggling as I felt the thoughts and all these needs and feelings burning through my brain cells.

I get one of my dildoes and shove it in my mouth from sheer want and suck on it like a baby soother.

The kink, the idea, the feeling of dick nestled between my lips is literally soothing to me and I keep sucking on that as I quickly get undressed of of boy Spencer’s clothes and head to the bathroom grabbing my biggest dildo and the lube.

I keep sucking on it, sometimes stopping to close my eyes and moan as I face fuck myself as I run a bubble bath.

I stick the one I’ve been sucking to the wall and the big dildo to the base of the tub and lube myself up and blissfully sink into the hot soapy water and on that now really heated cock.

The rubber head pushes past my entry and the thick veiny shaft opens me up, pushes my sissy ass open and it’s bliss.

I soap up my body to smell pretty while on my knees as I’m bouncing and humping myself to a sissygasm.

I pull the shower curtain closed to keep in the heat.

Then leaning on the sides of the tub with my hands I start hard riding that big dildo and sucking the wall mounted dildo.

I pause only to catch and eat my spurts and get cum high.

I only stop after several more sissygasms and I’m spent, satisfied and exhausted.

It’s a chore to dry off but once I do I lotion my body up with baby lotion and then get my toys and wash them up and then find a butt-plug and sink that into my bum and then get dressed in a pair of cute girly panties and then it’s thigh high socks and I go turn on some music and make some food.

I dance unhibited and listen to the girly rock pop stuff as I have fries with a mix of a little sour cream and mayo with grated parm on top. Then I’m on my computer looking up sissy stuff again.

Yes, fuck yes. This is so where my dusty brain is at.

And there’s so much to learn too.

It really is this whole bottom subculture, people that think like the way my brain is working and like sometimes even a little like freaky even to me like this.

But still there’s so much here.

It starts to get really late and I finish watching and sissy fantasizing and I head off to bed.

It sucks Steven’s a no show again but at the same time, I gotta live my life, it doesn’t stop happening because he and his dick’s not here.

I get my dildo the one I was sucking and dust myself again, just a finger dab behind my ears and over my eyelids. My eyes roll back a little as I shiver and sissy with it sinking so fast into my brain.

I get out of my socks and into a slinky satin Ümraniye Genç Escort slip and go to bed setting my alarm and then soother sucking the dildo.

I dreamed non-stop I think of sucking cock.

I woke up sticky and horny and cleaned myself off with my fingers in bed getting cum high for a little while before getting up and calling in sick.

Calling in all of my sick time.

I’m literally so just there at work they didn’t need a doctor’s note either.

Boy Spencer is a kinda sad life.

I dust myself again on my eyelids as it works so well with the drug filtering into my brain so fast and I sissygasm from it and bliss out for a while and spend a few more hours sucking the dildo and getting out my big dildo and filling myself until I sort of come down into this happy me state.

Then I get showered and dressed.

Bra and cute panties, nice blouse and a pair of dress slacks and I leave going out.

Guys…just being outside and being me is…great?

So many men, so many cocks, so many guys that are just so primally attractive to me right now.

But today I’m a sissy on a mission.

Part one is a cab and going shopping.

I hit the mall the biggest one in town and sure I’m getting looks but the great thing about being dusty is not giving a fuck.

Sure I think I offend some people but there is this whole wonderful other side I never knew that didn’t care.

You know high end lingerie places don’t give one fuck if you’re trans or a sissy?

Victoria’s Secret, Sephora they really are supportive.

I’m sales.

And I buy stuff, lingerie, clothes, bedroom sexy things, make-up, nails, they’re more than happy to sell to me.

And they help too, bra inserts, fittings, make-up lessons.

I go for it all too.

And do some more shopping.

Corsets, fake nails, wigs, all that stuff but energy drinks and those diet or nutrient drinks.

Vitamins, women’s multi-vitamins but stuff for hair and nails too.

And bedding, lots of nice bedding, girly stuff for around the house.

There’s few assholes that say some snide remarks and stuff like “faggot”.

I respond with . “Asolutely, a thousand percent, I love sucking dick.”

Open confrontation turns these guys mostly away.

A few try more little bantering insults but I just agree.

They usually left disgusted.

One didn’t we went back and forth in housewares until I boldly asked him. “Let me suck your cock.”

He blinked.

I left my cart and grabbed his hand and took him to the bathroom, into a stall where he let me suck his cock. At first he was stunned by how forward and daring it was but then he started enjoying it.

My brain didn’t care he was an asshole at my first taste of cock and pre-cum.

I got so wonderfully cum high when he came in my mouth.

And like Steve his dick had a reaction to his cum mixing with my dusted saliva.

He got super hard right after he came and groan growled and started fucking my face.

I have no clue on how hard he fucked my sissy face as he fucked my mouth in this animal lust but he came three times before his dick just ran out of power.

I took out a pen and wrote my number and e-mail on his inside arm.

“Call me asshole and we’ll do this anytime you want and you can even have my sissy ass to fuck as hard as you want.”

I left him sweaty and stunned and I felt fucking great, cum high and more.

Sexy, hot, powerful.

I’m going to do that more, be aggressive even if I am a total bottom.

I slip into the women’s bathroom and dust my lids again just a little to heighten the buzz and then fixed my make-up before leaving.

I went and paid for my stuff them took off for home in a cab.

He wasn’t Steven but this college looking guy with his nametag saying Tom.

He was pretty good looking.

“Hi Tom I’m Spencer.”

“Hi, where to?”

I give my address and he drives me home and helps me carry my things into my apartment.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks, I’m just getting started.” I take my wallet from my purse and pay him a fifty. He starts making change and I wave it off. “No, keep it but could I suck your dick in exchange?”


I drop my things on the floor and start feeling his crotch and I kiss him, french him slipping my tongue into his mouth and he’s surprised but started kissing me back a little.

He gets rock hard.

“Can I suck your big dick?” I as I pull away from the kiss.

He swallows and nods.

I kiss him again then drop to my knees and pull out a seriously big hard throbbing cock. I coo at it them lip it, then lick it and then hungrily take that treasure into my mouth.

The little pre-cum buzz starts to kick in and that just spurs me on as well as his groans of “Oh…oh…jesus…oh fuck Spencer…”

Tom’s a good eight inches of thick heavy boner.

I’m loving every minute of it until he cums filling my mouth and I swirl the hot jiss around his cockhead with my tongue and I feel the mixture of my dusty saliva and his spunk doing that thing where he gets even harder.

He’s breathing, panting, then he was whining as I frothed around his cock and that slowly turned into this sort of painful breathing and him saying. “Oh fuck…fuck…fuck…” like a hiss as his cock must have felt too hard and then this growl in his throat as the only relief Tom could get was to fuck mine.

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