Reclaiming What Is His


We’ve been married for 9 years and things had become dry. I was self-conscious about my body and had been rejecting him more and more. We had tried to spice things up, by trying new things and buying some toys, we experimented with BDSM a little and I liked it. But still, somewhere along the way our sex life became a low priority for me, which of course was a mistake since I knew he was a sex addict when I married him. It was part of what I loved about him.

I found the messages on his phone, from multiple girls calling him ‘baby’. (I wasn’t snooping; he had just gotten lazy about hiding his phone from me.) At first of course, I was angry and felt betrayed, but even more so, I was scared that I was losing him, if I hadn’t already. I didn’t let him know what I had found. I wanted to think about this for a while.

Something stirred in me. An ancient survival instinct took over, some deep need to reclaim him and to let him reclaim me. I was so aroused, more than I had been, possibly ever. The next evening, I seduced him. I wore a skirt with no underwear and let him know it as soon as possible. I let him tap away on his phone while I sat across from him with my feet up on my chair, exposing my pussy to him, while I tenderly touched myself, spreading my lips and tapping lightly on my clit. He looked up from his phone, an eyebrow raised. I could tell he was confused, but he still responded, though hesitantly at first. This was so out of character for me. I saw something in his eyes change; a switch went off for him too. He was completely going to take advantage of this. Then, he took over. I was no longer in control of this situation.

He told me to go pick out the toys that I wanted to use. I went to the bedroom and did as he told, picking out a lot of things we hadn’t used much, and lay them on the bed. I went back to living room and told him I was done. He went to inspect my choices and brought them back with him. He wasted no time. I was kneeling on the sofa and he sat beside me, fingering my pussy. As I started to squirm, he started pumping anal lube on the butt plug we had recently bought. He told me to lean forward a bit and slowly started pressing it into my tight xslot giriş ass. He made me sit back on my feet, essentially holding the butt plug in with my heel. I slowly bounced up and down, enjoying the full feeling, while he rubbed my clit with his thumb and fucked my pussy with his two fingers. A familiar feeling built up and I told him he was going to make me cum. He asked me if I could come again later if he let me come now. I didn’t know if I could, but it was too late. I couldn’t answer him before my pussy juices flowed over his fingers as I came and moaned his name.

I tried to address his growing need but he refused to let me put his cock in my mouth, or even touch him. Instead he started to pay attention to my big tits, sucking on and pinching my nipples, making them grow until they were big enough for him to clamp the nipple clips onto. Bright pink feathers hung from my nipples and I enjoyed the pain. He made me turn over on my hands and knees, pulled the butt plug out and fingered my asshole a few times. Without warning he spanked my ass cheek really hard. Just as I inhaled sharply from the shock, he spanked the other cheek even harder. I cried out in pain and that just urged him on as he continued spanking me.

He’d spanked me before, to my delight, but he usually took time in between smacks to rub my sore ass until the stinging subsided before the next spank. Not this time. He didn’t seem to care that I was flinching and squirming away. At one point he stopped to sooth my red ass, rubbing the marks he’d just left, but then he forcefully grabbed my arm and repositioned me back to where I belonged and started spanking me again, faster and harder as punishment for moving away. This time I tried to stay still, but cried out with every hit. The dangling feathers swung violently back and forth pinching my sore nipples even more, as he spanked me over and over.

Finally, he stopped, seemingly satisfied that I had learned my lesson, though he hadn’t told me what the lesson was. My now red ass was stinging so bad and this time he didn’t rub it to sooth the pain. He made me sit up on my knees. He kissed me hard while his large, xslot strong hand clasped around my throat. He squeezed, cutting off air flow, and bit my lip, hurting me, biting my cheek. I was getting light headed and felt my vision going dark and he let go, allowing me to take one deep breath before squeezing again. The strange mix of sensation, my burning ass cheeks, my closing throat, my swollen lip was causing juices to flow from my aching pussy. I hoped he would take me then.

As I was about to lose vision again, he released my throat, pushed me onto my back and dove his face into my wet mound, licking me expertly. I wanted more inside me and felt desperate to have his cock or at least his fingers inside me. I tried to reach for his hand and push it towards my needy cunt. He slapped my hand, lifted one of my legs to my chest and spanked me once, hard, then went back to administer the best clit licking I had ever received. He seemed to know when I was close and backed off a bit. I was aching for relief and with my leg pressed up into my chest; he licked hard, then pressed the flat of his thumb over my asshole, causing an instant orgasm to shatter through my whole body.

Two orgasms. I’d never been able to have more than one. I was drowsy with disbelief and I knew he was keeping track too. I thought it must be time to give him relief, so I tried again to move so my mouth was over his hard cock. He pushed me away again.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

“What? No I can’t. It’s your turn.”

“No. It’s still your turn.” I opened my mouth to protest again, but he put his hand roughly over my mouth and glared at me with his steely eyes, and I nodded yes.

He rinsed the butt plug off that we had used earlier and applied more lube to the suction cup end and then all over it. The suction cup allowed him to stick it to the wall in our living room. He took me over to it and told me to bend over and grab my ankles while he pumped more lube over my ass crack.

“Now fuck that with your ass,” he commanded. I backed toward the wall, still bent over and wiggled myself up and down until I found the right height. I let the tip sit at the entrance for a second, then he pushed me by the shoulders to make sure I took it all in. I started slowly moving into the wall, again loving the full feeling it gave me.

“Faster.” I moved faster, ramming it into my ass. He pulled up a chair and sat in front me, finally letting me suck his cock, while I ass fucked the wall. It was exhilarating. He didn’t stay in that position long. He pulled my mouth off his hard dick and pulled me off the butt plug. He took me back to the sofa, bent me over and rammed his throbbing cock into my wet ass. His cock was thicker than the plug, so he stretched me more, making me fee more full.

“Do you like that?” He asked.

“Oh yeah baby. Fuck my ass please,” I moaned.

“Rub your clit, hard.” I followed his instructions, while bucking against his hardness, buried deep inside me. I couldn’t resist anymore and called out his name again.

“I’m coming!” He let the shuttering stop before he pulled his still hard cock out of my ass. That’s three and still none for him. My pussy was aching to be filled.

“I need your cock inside my pussy, please. I’m so wet.” He sat down on the sofa and let me climb onto his shaft, while he tugged on my nipple clips. If felt so good to finally have my pussy filled.

I grinded into his pelvis as the tip of his cock pressed into my G spot. I thought I’d get him off this way for sure, but I was so wet and so turned on that I came again shortly after I started and he lifted me off when I collapsed with relief.

Finally, he seemed ready. I kneeled on my hands and knees again on the sofa while he gathered my hair into a pony tail in his hand, I assumed to hold my hair out of the way. Suddenly, he pulled my hair hard and pushed my waiting mouth over his shaft, pushing it deep into my throat. I ran my tongue along the underside of his solid shaft and over the tip with each hard thrust. He pulled my hair so hard it hurt, but I didn’t complain. He was fucking my mouth with great urgency now.

“Look at me,” he groaned. I looked up at his face and watched him groan while he looked right back at me, shoving his dick into my throat, gagging me. Three more deep thrusts and he let out a growl while his hot cum filled my mouth and slipped down my throat. After, we collapsed onto the sofa reveling in the fact that he made me orgasm four times. He grinned with pride and something in me awoke that night.

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