Ready to Order


“I’m ready to order.” Skyler motioned with his arm and waved his hand in a circle.

As if a puppet on a string, the 19 year old waitress spun her 120 pound body, mimicking his hand and twisting her slim hips to face table 5. The top two buttons of her blouse had come undone after a long, hot day’s work and the spin revealed small, but lively teen age breasts uplifted by a black lace bra. Her conservative blue blouse’s tag read Tess.

“What can I get for you?” Tess spoke quietly, her flawless white teeth momentarily showing between full warm lips.

Skyler looked Tess over slowly from head to toe, making it obvious that he was noticing her every feature. Her dark black hair was pulled back tightly in a pony tail that extended below her shoulders. Her erect nipples were rapidly becoming outlined on the front of the blouse and her left foot unconsciously rubbed nervously against her slender right ankle. Tess made no eye contact, but a flash of blue reflected from her eyes onto her glasses as she briefly looked up to determine the delay in his response.

At age 35, Skyler’s physique benefited from a rigorous athletic schedule which gave him respite from a busy work day managing an investment firm. Tonight was the first of a week long mountain climbing vacation and he had stopped in the all you can eat diner for a quick dessert as he traveled through the small Texas town of Shulten. His $200 Armani tie still hung loosely at his neck.

“I would like two pieces of German Chocolate cake. Come share one with me.” Skyler tapped the bench beside him.

“I really shouldn’t. I’m on duty and I have to work for another hour and I’m already in hot water with the manager.” Tess replied quietly, looking at the floor.

“But you want to. And I can make it happen.” Skyler called the manager over.

The older, heavy-set female manager rapidly approached rapidly with a reproving look at Tess. “Is there a problem?”

Skyler made eye contact and held out a Benjamin Franklin. “My name is Skyler Owens. Tess is my cousin. I would like her company for the next hour. Would $100 pay ümraniye escort for her lost wages?”

The manager smiled. “For $100 per hour, you can have her all week.” She laughed and pocketed the money as she turned away.

Tess’ cheeks flushed. “Listen, you can’t just tell me what to do.”

Skyler lowered his voice, emphasizing each word. “Get the cake. Come here and sit down. We need to understand each other.”

Tess lowered her eyes and hesitantly walked to the dessert tray returning with two pieces of cake for the stranger in the back corner. Skyler rose and allowed her to sit on his bench with her shoulder against the wall. Tess nervously buttoned the top of her blouse and pulled her skirt down below her knee with her legs pressed tightly together.

“What do you want with me?” She asked.

“You are lonely. You hide behind your glasses and pulled back hair. No one really knows you and each night you dream of being able to let go and live a little. But you can’t. You desire a man who can wake you up, but your dates are just shy boys who can’t fumble their way to first base.”

“How…how do you know these things?” Tess’ hand nervously swept through her dark hair.

Skyler directed his fork into the cake frosting and fed it to Tess. “Loosen your hair, and unbutton the top of your blouse.”

Tess began to hesitate, but under Skyler’s forceful gaze she falteringly reached back and untied her pony tail allowing the hair to drape her shoulders and soften her face. Slowly she undid her top button.

“Continue.” Skyler ordered appreciating the trembling of her hand.

Tess unbuttoned the next two buttons, partially revealing her bra and fully erect nipples.

Skyler continued to hand feed Tess making her extend her neck for each bite. She ate slowly, deliberately while staring at the floor. Skyler’s left hand touched her right knee and softly moved under her skirt and up her thigh. With a quiver, Tess’ legs parted softly and his hand touched the black satin of her panties.

“Please. I’m not that kind of girl.” Tess protested, but her pendik escort legs continued to part and her hand reached over and touched Skyler’s shirt.

Skyler quickly moved his hand to Tess’ chin and raised her eyes to make full contact. “Don’t play games. You want this don’t you? If we leave together, you will do whatever I say and you will not protest. Your emptiness will be fulfilled. Now, do you wish to leave with me?”

Tess stared into the eyes of this stranger. She had dreamed of a man like him every night for as long as she could remember. “I am yours.”

Without looking back at Tess, Skyler rose and walked to the manager at the cash register. Pulling out a stack of bills he handed them to her. “Here’s $5000. I’m taking you up on that offer to have Tess with me for the week. Keep the change.”

Skyler walked out of the diner and hit the remote key to unlock his Mercedes. He turned and watched Tess’ hips sway as she slowly walked to his side. For an hour they drove in silence as Skyler wound his way through the remote canyons to his vacation cabin. Pulling up to the four bedroom house neatly tucked in the woods, Skyler opened her car door.

“Go into the house and stand in the middle of the living room. Remove your glasses, put your hands to your side and don’t move. From now on, you will address me as Master.”

Giving her time to ponder the situation, Skyler waited half an hour before entering the room holding a leather canvas bag.

“Put your hands in the air and slowly turn around so I can view your body.”

Tess followed his commands and spun gracefully and obediently. Her blouse lifted to reveal toned abs and a narrow waist.

“Unbutton and remove your blouse.”

“Yes, Master.” Tess said as she reached down and slowly removed her blouse staring at the floor and tensing in anticipation.

“Take off your skirt and kneel on the floor.”

The skirt lingered for a moment on her hips as it fell, but she shook her butt slightly to move it to the floor. Stepping to the side of the skirt, Tess knelt on the carpet before Skyler clad bostancı escort in black panties and bra. For a moment, she looked up to see if she was pleasing her new master.

Skyler clasped his hands behind his head and stood inches from Tess’ demure face. “Pleasure me with your mouth.”

“I’ve never done this” Tess apologized. But Skyler’s hands firmly grasped her hair and she unzipped his pants, pulling out his fully erect seven inch member. With a nervous swallow, she licked his shaft as he guided her hands to massage his butt. On fire, Tess began to push more and more of his cock into her mouth until she completely engulfed him. She felt his excitement grow to the breaking point. Opening her mouth she felt him twinge.

“Yes. I’m cumming. Take it in. You are amazing.” Skyler grabbed her hair for support filling her mouth. “Swallow.” He ordered.

Quickly recovering, Skyler looked down at his slave. Time for the ultimate test. “Go into the bedroom, remove the rest of your clothes, and lay on the bed. Wear this.” Skyler ordered as he handed her a blindfold.

Removing his clothes, Skyler moved to the bedroom where he pulled out the half inch wide mountain climbing straps from the bag. Tying Tess’ wrists together above her head, she called out. “Skyler, what are you doing?”

Skyler spanked her, leaving a red mark across her butt. “Call me Master.”

The pain exploded in Tess’ mind more than her body. Suddenly, she let go of her inhibitions and fears and began scratching Skyler’s back with her bound hands. Her wet pussy bucked hoping for contact with any part of Skyler’s body. Her tongue reached for ears, mouth, neck, and chest. Loosening the bonds, Tess grabbed Skyler’s penis and pushed it into her virgin pussy.

“Oh my Master.” She yelled. “Oh Master, I am yours. Yes. Please take me.”

Tess trembled with every touch of his hand. Her tongue met his and suddenly her mind went white as she climaxed. “Oh I’m cumming Master. You own me body and soul. Oh. Yes.”

Skyler rammed his penis deep inside of her spraying his semen into her body for the second time and climaxing at the same time as his slave.

A few hours later, he felt a closeness that had not existed before as his new concubine lay asleep in his arms. Yes, perhaps he owned her, but he also knew that a very real part of him belonged to her.

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