Punished for Touching Myself


“Oh baby…Did I just catch you with your hands in your knickers? What did I tell you about touching my property without permission?” His stare burned through me. Fuck sake, this was the second time this week he caught me.

“Take your fingers out of your knickers and stand in the corner. I want you to think about what you have done while you await your punishment.”

I scrambled to my feet and darted into the corner. My unbuttoned jeans had wriggled down a little but I didn’t dare to touch them. I could feel my sticky cum on my fingers. I can’t believe he is home early from work.

I wish he would hurry up and get this over with, he knows how much I hate waiting. I could hear him behind me reading his newspaper. Damn it. I almost want to turn and beg for my punishment but I know this would only give me more corner time. After what seemed like hours, “Have you thought about what you’ve done little lady?”

“Yes Sir. I was really naughty and touched your property without asking for your permission first.” I bit my lip.

“This is the second time in three days we have had this discussion baby. I think you need a much firmer punishment as you do not seem to understand that you cannot do what you want.” I suddenly wished for more corner time. “Come here.”

My chest tightened and I slowly turned to him. Fuck he was sexy. He had removed his jacket and was sat in his shirt and tie. Oh no, his belt was by his feet. “You deserve this, now hurry up.” He obviously saw my eyes widen at the sight of his belt. I dragged my feet over to him.

“Look at me” I lifted my head slowly to meet his gaze. He took hold of my hand and guided it up to my mouth. “Taste your fingers.” He pushed my two fingers into my mouth, the delicious taste of my cunt filled my mouth and I let out a tiny moan. Quickly his hand reached up and slapped me in the face. “Enjoying yourself again without my permission? Oh I do hope it was worth it little lady. Now pick up my belt and get over my lap. I want you to place the belt in front of your eyes so you can look at it while I begin your punishment. This will take as long as I please.”

I lay over his lap and placed the well-worn belt in front of my eyes. I swear he had some sort of psychic knowledge as he always had the belt on when görükle escort I was being punished. “Well seeing as you already had your jeans half way down your arse we may as well start your punishment without them.” He pushed my jeans down to my knees, knowing this would restrict my legs. He ran a finger up my moist knickers and snickered, “Oh you were definitely enjoying yourself weren’t you?” With that, he slapped my arse hard.

I wasn’t going to give in and start yelling, but with his relentless slaps against my arse I was finding it harder to keep quiet. I bit my lip as he started on my sit spots, but my feet began kicking. This only made him slap harder, “Oww, that hurts.”

“Baby this is only your warm up, you better sit tight.”

“Ow, no I’m sorry, I really am!” He pulled my knickers up into my crack, the wet material rubbing against my swollen clit.

As much as I hated my punishment, I loved it all the same. Now I had nothing left to protect my skin from his big heavy hands and he only hit me harder, each slap forcing my legs against the material of my jeans, restricting me. Suddenly, he stopped. He took hold of my arm and pulled me up and in front of him. “Pull down your knickers”

He watched as I hooked my fingers into the material and pulled them down to meet my jeans. God I was wet. I saw the desire in his eyes as he looked up at me. He reached forward and touched my clit, my instant reaction was to buck against him, wanting his touch. He stood up and slid his fingers over my slit. He took his fingers and rubbed them against my lips, pushing them into my mouth. I greedily sucked against his fingers, tasting myself. His fingers pushed deeper into my mouth and into my throat, making me gag. I closed my eyes and let him finger fuck my mouth. I wished it was his throbbing cock.

“Good girl. Now hand me my belt and go bend over your dressing table.”

I picked up his belt, and nervously gave it to him. The cold leather was about to be warmed against my already burning skin. I turned and saw my face in the mirror. He loved to bend me over my dressing table so I could watch myself being punished.

I bent over and looked at him through the mirror. He walked over to me and pulled my hair up, tying into a pony tail. bursa escort bayan “We aren’t going to let your hair get in the way of you watching yourself being punished little lady.” Bastard.

I watched as he folded his belt in half and stepped to the side of me, without hesitation he brought the belt down onto me. I jumped and let out a whimper.

“The more you move the longer this will take so I’d keep that in mind before you start jumping around.” I took a deep breath and looked back into the mirror. I watched as the belt came down again against my skin.

Again and again. I felt the tears begin to form in my eyes. “Daddy please, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” The tears ran down my cheek.

“I’m not too sure if you’re telling the truth. I know you are going to be bent over and watching yourself be punished again for touching my property without my permission. Aren’t you little lady?” I bent my head, I knew he was right.

Without expecting it, I felt his belt slap against my skin. I screamed. “Answer me.”

“Yes Sir. I can’t help myself. I love touching my cunt when I think of you.” With that he moved forward and lightly ran his finger over my slit. “Mmm…”

I wanted him to put his fingers inside of me, I needed him to fill me. “All you have to do is ask permission baby and I’ll decide if you have been good enough to allow it.” He slipped his fingers inside of me, a moan escaping my lips as he began to finger fuck me. I rocked against his hand, wanting him deeper. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure engulf me.

My eyes flew open as he quickly took his sticky fingers out of my cunt and pushed one into my tight arsehole. “No Daddy please” I begged him, my eyes pleading with him through the mirror.

“Now baby, what are you being punished for?” He pushed his finger further in, I felt his thick knuckle stretch my hole.

“For touching your property without permission.”

“Who’s property?”

“Yours Sir.” Again, he pushed against my hole and slipped his finger further into me.

“That’s right little lady. MY property. Which means this -” He spat on my hole and pushed his finger all the way into me, probing me, “Is MINE. Every hole belongs to me. Every. Hole. Baby.”

I swallowed bursa escort hard, his finger stretching my tight arsehole. I hated this and he knew it. We still hadn’t had anal sex and I was humiliated by his exploration. “Look at me.” He grabbed hold of my pony tail and pulled my head up to meet his gaze in the mirror. “Watch me as I put my finger in your arsehole. You dirty little girl. Look at you with your mascara down your face and a finger inside your tight little arsehole.”

My heart was racing, my arse cheeks were burning from my punishment and my arsehole was being stretched. Yet I could feel my juices running down my thigh. “I’m going to fuck you now. This isn’t for you. You don’t get to cum. If you cum, this punishment will seem like a dream compared to what you will get. Understand little lady?”

I gulped, I wasn’t sure I could hold my orgasm. “Yes Sir.” I replied, doubting myself. With that, he took his finger out of my arse and unzipped himself. Fuck he was so hard.

“Hold my cunt open for me.” I reached back and took hold of my burning cheeks. Smirking he looked at me. “Well, I’m not sure I punished you enough baby. Looks like you enjoyed that. I hope for your sake you can hold back and not cum on my cock.” I whimpered. I wanted to cry.

He stepped forward and placed his shaft against my dripping cunt. Grabbing hold of my wrists he slammed into me. I couldn’t hold back my scream as he tightened his grip on my wrists, pulling them behind my back. He fucked me hard, his balls slapping against me. I could feel myself tightening around him, no. I can’t cum. I need to please him. My legs started to tremble. Shit. His pace quickened and my arse burned feeling him fuck me. Taking my wrists in one hand, he grabbed hold of my hair and pushed my face into the table. “Mmm fuckkk baby!” He was close to cumming and I was so relieved. I didn’t think he could fuck me any harder but he thrust deep into me, the table barely able to take our weight.

“Mmffff” I felt his hot load explode inside of me, his cock pushing into me, forcing every drop out of his balls. He exhaled loudly and pulled his dick out of me. I didn’t move as his cum began to drip out of me. He zipped himself back up. “Now you stay here while I go prepare dinner, which you should have been doing but I had to punish you like the disobedient little girl you are. Any movement and you won’t cum for a month. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy, thank you for punishing me. I needed it and I am sorry for being naughty.” He smiled his sexy smile.

“Good girl.”

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