Picture Perfect Ch. 03


Author’s note:

Finally chapter 3 has arrived! I hope you all enjoy it! I know it took a while to get here and i hope you all enjoy it!

Again feel free to comment and email! All ideas are welcome!

Also wanted to thank Swifthawk and Joshuad2477s for their kind words. I may do an extended universe around the whole picture perfect world when it’s all said and done but don’t have any idea when that may happen.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this story so far, your encouragement is what keeps me going with this story. I don’t know how many chapters there will be. I will keep going until i feel that it’s no longer needed. Thank you all for the support!

Once again I’d also like to apologise in advance if i missed any spelling or grammar mistakes. I tried to be as accurate as possible.


“Michael… Michael wake up.” As he opened his eyes he was greeted by his grandmother smiling down on him.

“Morning grandma.” He grumbled letting out a giant yawn moments later. “Why is Stephanie in your bed?” Sandra asked.

He sat upright and peered at his bed, his sister still fast asleep, thanking God he decided to sleep on the couch for this very reason. He was prepared for this in case it actually happened, he turned back to his grandmother with a puzzled look.

“What do you mean? Steph is sleeping there so I slept on the couch.”

“I can see that, but why is she sleeping in your bed?”

“Well she fell asleep halfway through the movie, by the time I noticed she was already out, I carried her to my bed and I took the couch.”

His grandmother smiled at him. “Your so sweet Michael, but you should have just slept next to her it’s only your sister.”

“What? Seriously? That would be weird grandma.” Michael was surprised and relieved at Sandra’s reaction.

“Oh don’t be silly it’s just Stephanie, it’s not like she would get mad at you, and I’m sure you didn’t get much sleep on there.”

“It was fine grandma, I don’t know if I could have slept in the same bed as Steph, still too weird.” He faked a chuckle still playing it off. Inside was a different story, he now wished he did sleep in the bed. Wondering what it would be like to wake up next to her.

“Well I’ll let you get some sleep then, I was just wondering where she was when I saw her room empty.”

“That’s okay grandma, I think I’m going to shower and go for a run.”

“Want some breakfast before you leave sweetie?”

“I’ll just have some toast and oj, I don’t wanna fill up before my run. I’ll definitely eat when I get back though!”

“Alright, don’t wake up sleeping beauty it’s finally her day off.” She kissed Michael on the forehead and left back upstairs.

He sighed in relief that his secret was still safe.

“Well that went better than expected.” He said to himself.

He got up and took a quick shower to help him wake up. After eating his breakfast he did some quick stretches and headed back into the basement to get his runners.

Stephanie was still fast asleep. Curled up in a ball with the sheets wrapped around her. She looked like a cocoon Michael thought.

He kissed her on the forehead and left for his morning run.


“Good morning guys!”

“Morning? Honey it’s noon! Morning is long gone!” Joe replied while looking at his watch.

“Sorry it’s been a long week and last night once I sat down I was out.” Stephanie looked around and peered into the living room. “Where’s Michael?”

“Oh he went for a run, but that was a couple of hours ago. I’m surprised he isn’t back yet. Would you be a dear and see where he is? It’s not like him to be out for a run for this long.”

“I will grandma don’t worry I’m sure he got distracted at the video game store or something.”

“Well sit, eat some lunch since you slept through breakfast.”

“Thanks grandma!”

After lunch she went back downstairs to get her phone. She sat down on the couch, the blanket Michael had used was still there and couldn’t help but cuddle with it. She buried her face into it taking in his scent. “Mmmmm where are youuuuu.” she whined to herself.

She sent Michael a text and shortly after her phone rang.

“Hey Diane what’s up?… Yeah…not much really…yeah sure see you in ten… actually make it twenty I wanna take a quick shower first…ok girl talk soon bye!”

She didn’t have to shower having done so before eating lunch. She wanted to wait a bit longer with the hopes of seeing Michael before going out with her friend.

Giggling to herself as she recalled the night before, “God that was hot, I came so hard. Fuuuuuuuck where are you Mike.” Whining to herself, She didn’t realize it but while lost in thought she had slid her hand down her pants and had been playing with herself.

She slowly began to rub her slit slowly, she was already leaking, her sweet nectar coating her fingers in no time.

“Mmmmm fuck yes, I can’t believe how wet I am already.” She slid a finger inside and then a second, “Mmmmm so good, oh Mike just like that.” Slowly she pumped kartal escort her fingers letting her pussy suck them in, coating them with her juices even more, Images of her brother flooding her mind.

She was turned on beyond belief now, the smell of her brother on his sheets, the image of him fingering her last night, looking up at him as she was blowing him. The look on his face as he looked back. Her arousal was overpowering her and was seriously losing control. She needed to get off, and bad.


Michael rounded the last corner and was in the last stretch home, he had an unbelievable morning run, his phone had died halfway through forgetting to charge it the night before but that didn’t bother him in the slightest.

He had a new attitude about himself, thanks to his sister and their new found relationship, and a new friend he made on his run. Putting it into action was a different story.

Michael could see his house coming up and also a red car pulling into the driveway.

As he got closer and the driver stepped out he realized it was Diane. “Well, here goes.” He whispered to himself. She locked her car, turned and saw him coming up to the house.

“Oh hi Mike! How are you?”

“Hey,” he said catching his breath “I’m good, how are you? What brings you here?”

“I’m good, enjoying my day off so I decided to kidnap your sister to go shopping.” She replied with a smile.

Michael liked Diane, she stood at 5’7 with shoulder length brown hair that matched her eyes, she had a very toned body due to gymnastics, her tits were just a tad smaller than Stephanie’s but just as perky. She was one of the few that was nice to him, he enjoyed her company. He may not have spoken with her very much in the past, simple hi, how you? Have a good day.

“Sounds exciting.” He said sarcastically yet playfully.

“Hey don’t make fun I like to shop, what are you up to for today?” She was surprised to see that Michael had actually stopped to talk to her.

Michael looked at her , realized what he had to do, he lowered his head pinching at his nose, he laughed at himself.

“What’s so funny?”

“Well shit, would you believe I have to go the mall to buy some things.”

Diane burst out laughing. “Ohhh how the tables have turned! Not so smart are you now! What did you need to buy anyways?”

Michael couldn’t help but laugh “yeah yeah, I know, I totally forgot I had to go there before I made my joke. I just need to pick up some painting supplies.” He replied trying to make as much eye contact with her as he could, sometimes his shyness would kick in and he would look at anything else.

“That’s cool, wanna catch a ride with us?”

Michael was caught off guard for a second, but quickly recovered, “Ummm, ya that would be great, Is that okay? I don’t mind taking the bus.”

“Don’t be silly we are going there anyways I don’t mind giving you a ride.” She really didn’t. Diane was surprised he accepted her offer. She was even more surprised that he was having a conversation with her. He seemed different somehow. He didn’t seem so sheltered. It was like seeing the sun in the morning and your eyes haven’t adjusted to the light yet. He was in that phase of adjustment before clarity. He was shy in his physical mannerisms, not really making much eye contact and slightly fidgety, but didn’t speak like it. He joked, he laughed , he didn’t shy away as much. She was genuinely glad she ran into him.

“Ok cool, just let me clean up and get changed. It won’t take me long.” Michael turned and headed for the front door.

“Yeah no problem, take your time there’s no rush.

He reached for the door and found it locked. He then press the doorbell button.

“Sorry forgot my key and didn’t expect to be gone for as long as I was.”

Diane just shrugged not bothered by it at all.

Moments later the door open and his grandmother greeted him.

“Michael! There you are!”


“Oh shit yes, yes, yes!” Stephanie was so close when she heard the doorbell.

“No, not yet dammit I’m so close.”

She then heard her grandmother’s voice

“Michael! There you are!”

Upon hearing his name and the fact he finally arrived home sent her over the edge, she covered her mouth with his pillow riding out her powerful orgasm.

Wave after wave hit her, and hard. “Fuuuuuuuck! yeeessssss.” She moaned into the pillow. “Yes, yes, yes! oh fuck yessss.”

Finally her spasms subsiding, she layed back taking deep breaths while basking in the effects of her orgasm. She giggled to herself, “looks like I need to shower again. God that was so good.” Smiling to herself as she brought her fingers to her mouth to taste herself.

Reluctantly she gathered her things and headed upstairs to change.


“Sorry grandma my phone died halfway through my run. I forgot to charge it last night.”

Michael walked into the kitchen and straight to the fridge, “Would you like something to drink Diane? Water? Juice?”

“I’ll take a water, it’s so hot outside today I don’t know what made you run in this heat.”

Diane cumhuriyet mahallesi escort replied while fanning herself with her hand.

“It’s not so bad you get used to it. Okay I’m going to get cleaned up. Hey grandma where’s Steph?”

Before Sandra could reply Stephanie popped her head into the kitchen. “Hey Mike! Oh Diane your here! That was fast gimme 5 just need to change!” Before either of them could reply she was gone.

“Uhhh okay?” Diane said with a chuckle.

“Well make yourself at home you know the drill.” And with that Michael left to his basement for a much needed shower.

Diane liked this new Michael, he was a lot more social. She was happy to see him coming out of his shell.


20 minutes later he was showered and shaved. He put on a pair of jeans and a grey button down shirt. He remembered to take his keys this time. Putting on his shoes he headed upstairs.

He could hear the girls laughing and chatting away, Joe escaped to the living room and was watching a baseball game.

He entered the kitchen and saw Stephanie, Diane and his grandmother Sandra sitting at the table having coffee.

Stephanie was the first to see him enter, she noticed something different about him, he seemed taller or bigger. She shook the thought out of her head not wanting to dwell on it much.

“Hey lil’ bro I hear your coming shopping with us!” She said with a giant smile.

“Huh? Uhhhh no I’m not.” Michael replied.

“Hey you told me you were!” Diane said turning to face him.

“Is everything okay dear? Are you not going to the mall with your sister?” Sandra asked.

“Well ya I’m going to the mall, I said I’d take a ride I didn’t agree to go shopping with them.”

Michael had no intention of ditching his sister, but he had to make her sweat a little.

“And what’s wrong with shopping with us?” Asked Diane with a mock offended look.

Stephanie tried to imitate her friend with the same look “Yeah, what she said.”

“See, you say ‘Shopping’, but what I hear is, ‘Hey Mike I hear your coming to carry our bags from store to store for the next three to four hours, possibly six if there’s a sale.’ “

Stephanie and Diane both stared at him with a blank face, then at eachother, and simultaneously burst out into girly giggles.

“Oh come on it won’t be that bad. Pleeeeaaaase, for your big sister.”

Stephanie batted her eyes and stuck her bottom lip out.

This time it was Diane to imitate her friend with the same gesture. “I’ll buy you lunch if you come.”

Michael sat back, looking at his sister he shot her a smile, “What kind of brother would I be if I said no. Fine you girls win, you got your bag boy.”

Stephanie wasn’t sure, something was definitely different with Michael. He spoke with Diane, and in front of Diane, like he speaks to her. On top of it all he was coming to the mall with them. She didn’t even have to try to convince him that hard.

“Hellooooo earth to Steph! You ready to go.”

Diane had snapped her fingers bringing Stephanie out of her thoughts.

“Ya sorry was zoned out for a sec.”

They all got up, gathered their belongings and headed out the door.


“Wow it’s pretty busy.” Michael noted when they had walked through the entrance.

“Yup typical Sunday at the mall, we are early so this isn’t even the rush.

“How about I get what I need first that way I have arm space for myself”

Stephanie giggled at his quip. “Fine, where to first.”

Michal lead them to the arts and crafts store, the girls chatting away, looking at all the different brushes.

“You know something, I’ve been your sister’s friend for like, forever. Yet I have never seen any of your drawings. Why is that?” Diane had been asking Michael a bunch of questions about the brushes he was looking at. He wasn’t sure if she really cared or was just being polite. He answered nevertheless.

“Ummm…that’s because they are all in my room.”

“Wait a minute yes you have Di!” Stephanie said.


“Uhhhh hellooooo today! In my room, above my bed.” Stephanie said. “Remember you came up to let me know Mike was coming?

You said it was a nice picture of our backyard.”

“Wait, your telling me Mike drew that?!” Diane said with a surprise.

“Yup.” Stephanie turned and gave her little brother a smile. “He’s pretty good.”

“Oh he’s better than pretty good! I thought that was a photo not a painting!”

Diane not looked at Michael. “Did you really do that Mike?”

Michael smiled bashful like at his sister’s friend “Yeah I did.”

“Wow! I didn’t know you were that good!”

“See I told you so.” Stephanie said with a victorious smile at Diane.

“In my defence you never said he drew that.”

“You never asked”

“You should…”

Michael just tuned out the white noise chatter and chuckled to himself. “Girls argue over everything.” He thought to himself.

He picked up all he needed, paint, some brushes and a couple of yunus escort sketch books.

They left and quickly stopped at a sports store. Michael had also bought some running leg and wrist weights.

“Wow for someone who doesn’t like shopping you seem to do pretty well.”

Diane said to Michael giving him a jab in the shoulder.

“Yeah but I’m done now, normally I would go home, you could buy what you came for but then spend the next 2 hours going store to store gathering info for your next trip to the mall.”

Diane giggled “That’s just called smart shopping.”

“I don’t know about you guys but, I’m starving. Mike you hungry?” Stephanie asked.


“Okay let’s hit the food court and grab a bite.”

As the three walked along the hall Diane was on her phone texting away. Stephanie took the opportunity to get closer to Michael.

“Thanks for coming.” She said smiling at him “I didn’t think you’d come.”

“Well I did need to buy some things so it’s not big deal. Plus I get to be bag boy for you girls.” He said with a playful smirk.

“Hey your getting lunch out of it.” Diane interjected. “Speaking of which I’ll meet you guys there, Dave is here also I’m going to meet up with him real quick.”

“Something wrong?” Stephanie asked.

“Nah it’s cool, the dumbass locked his keys in his car and is going home for the spare, just going to give him my key.”

“Okay see you in a bit I’ll text you when we decide what to eat.” Stephanie said while waving to her friend.

“Tell Dave I said hi!” Michael called out.

“I will!”

Dave was Diane’s older brother, he was 35, 6’4, 265lbs with dark hair and dark eyes. He worked in construction, from residential to high-rise, even worked with Michael’s grandfather Joe on a few side jobs.

Dave and Michael never really talked much as you could imagine, Dave would always call him lil man, considering the size difference Michael thought that everyone is little beside him. The more he worked with Joe he would talked a little more each time.

They weren’t best buds and majority was about school and his grades. Dave’s union had found him a position four hours outside the city as a Foreman, That was almost two years ago.

Stephanie threw him a playful look, “Is Dave you best bud now??”

“No he’s not, it’s just been a while since I saw him is all. He’s a nice guy, for a giant.”

Stephanie couldn’t help but giggle. “Yeah, he’s a big teddy bear.”

They continued to walk in comfortable silence, as they made their way to the food court Stephanie was sneaking glances at her brother.

Catching one of her glances her turned to her with a puzzled look, “What? Something wrong?”

“Your different.”

“Huh?” Michael said raising an eyebrow, “What do you mean? “

“Well for starters your actually shopping with me and Di, you’ve been joking and chatting with us.”

“Uhhhh, I’m sorry?”

“No you dork,” she said swatting him on the shoulder, “I mean it in a good way, I like it, you should come out more often, and not just shopping.”

“Yeah I know. I will sis.”

“Okay who are you and what have you done to my brother?”

Chuckling he looked at her and shrugged “I’m just trying to have a different outlook on life.

After my run this morning and everything else, I feel really good right now.”

“You never told me what happened, Grandma told me you were out for a couple of hours”

Michael filled her in on his morning conversation with Sandra, Stephanie couldn’t help but smile. “Maybe I’ll get to sleep there more often.” She said winking at him causing him to blush.

They were about to come up to the food court and Michael motioned to Stephanie to sit down on a nearby bench.

“Uh, yeah,” he muttered, he may have felt confident in his new outlook but his sister had a power to break him down to jelly, “Anyways I went on my run, and about halfway through my phone died, I was about to just go back home but I saw some people at the court over at Earl Yates Park. I sat at a bench and that when I something completely amazing.”

He leaned back on the bench looking aimlessly at the mall ceiling.

“What did you see?”

“I saw this guy playing, I mean he was older then everyone, must have been in his thirties, and he had only 1 hand. Well from just below the elbow so I guess more than a hand, anyways he was pretty good all things considered, he just looked so happy to be playing.”

Stephanie gave Michael a curious look, “Wait, he was there along just playing with random people?”

“No his younger brother was there with his friends, so at some point the ball somehow got kicked and settled close to me, buddy comes over to get it, and I couldn’t help but tell him that he was pretty good. We got to talking and I ended up playing a game of 21 with them.”

“And Wham! You life perspective is changed just like that?” Stephanie said giggling.

Chuckling he looked at her and smiled.

“What? What’s that smile for?”

“I really like your laugh.”

“What? Really? Uhh okay I’ll bite, why do you like my laugh?” She asked slightly blushing knowing full well he didn’t mean it as a cheesy pick-up line.

“Well, it’s sounds really nice actually kind brightens everything up, even when your done laughing you keep that smile and you look like an angel.”

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