Phillips Screw


For April Phillips the happiest day of her life was when she had finally made love to her boyfriend of two years in his bedroom after senior prom. They were both 18, if just barely because of her birthday only being a week before. That night she had experienced sure pleasure and pain that she was crying from both. Many nights she relived that night over and over in her mind and it always left her extremely wet and happy. Unfortunately the worst day of her life was about two months later when she told him she was pregnant and he told her that he was leaving for Navy boot camp, and she was not invited to come near him. He “wanted to get out of this stupid town and meet become a man…and meet real women and not little girls like her.”

April’s father told her that she was on her own for raising the child. No matter how much her mother asked him not to turn April away he was not listening to any of it, so with a check for the amount her parents had saved for her college education April went out into the world…alone. She managed to find a little apartment, get a job working as a waitress during the day, and attend night school to get her degree in Business Administration. She also managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy, named Billy.

After graduation from night school her determination and drive land her a job with a local advertising firm. First she was an Administrative assistant to the assistant…and quickly got noticed by the head of the firm. He would always do little check up on her and review her work. He liked what he saw so much that he snatched her up the moment HIS assistant had retired. It was a better pay and now high level than the assistant she used to work for, with the job and raise she was able to buy a small house and a decent car for herself and when he was old enough a fixer up for her son.

Billy and April had been forced to very close since it was only the two of them. They still visited April’s parents for holidays and stuff but never really bonded with them. Over the past 18 years April watched as her baby grew up to be a real gentleman. April often walked the fine line between parent and friend. She wanted to make sure that Billy got the discipline and guidance that every child needs, but also wanted him to be able to talk to her about anything in his life. For the most part it worked, there were a few things that he had trouble talking to her about…mostly it was girls. April had been open and honest about sex and relationships and Billy had been able to ask a few questions about it, but his real problem was talking to a girl period.

As I said this story takes place 18 years after Billy was born. He was out of school and looking to work part time and had been accept to a college to school for few law courses in the fall before applying to the police academy. It was a hot summer day about 3 o’clock when April’s boss had come out of his office and said that he was taking the rest of the day off for his grandson’s birthday party and that she should do the same. It was just about then that Billy had gotten home from his buddy Jack’s house with a DVD that he could not wait to put in. He thought about doing that before mowing the lawn, but decided that it could wait a half hour or so, his mom did not get off work till 6. Three hours was plenty of time to get the lawn mowed, shower and get some good stroking in before she came home.

April stopped off on her way home to pick up some ice cold drinks at the local Sonic drive thru. She could not wait to see the look on his face when she walked through the door with these and told him that they had a semi-extended weekend together. She figured that getting home this early would allow them to get into the pool for awhile before dinner need to be started.

After he finished the lawn Billy rushed into the house showered and put on some board shorts and Hawaiian shirt. I grabbed the DVD and tried to play it on his player in his bedroom but something was not working and it would not play right. He looked at his watch. “I guess I still have time to enjoy this in the family room before Mom gets home,” he thought to himself so off he went to watch his movie.

Billy was in no mood to wait for the sex to start so he skipped right to the part with the two actors banging the fuck out of each other. The female was very toned and had flaming red hair like his mom, and something about that made him very hard and horny. Not three seconds after the gal on the screen was riding her partner, nails digging into his shoulder, breast dancing to the beat of their fuck Billy could not stand it any longer he had to jack off. He had opened his shorts and had them down far enough escort kartal that he could get a good grip on his head. He closed his eyes and started to work his dick thinking about how much he would like to have the red head riding him instead of the guy in the movie. Slowly the woman’s face changed into….April’s.

April pulled into the drive way and removing the drinks in the carry all she headed for the door. As she entered she heard grunts and moans coming for the family room. “Billy must be watching some guy movie,” she thought as she started to walk in that direction as she came around the corner she was not sure what shocked her the most the picture on the TV screen or the fact that Billy was on the sofa working away on his dick, the only thing she was sure of was she gasped in surprise, dropped the drinks slipping on the floor, and yelled “WILLIAM EDWARD PHILLIPS GO TO YOUR ROOM!”

Billy had just gotten maybe three or four strokes in with his “mom” and was about to stop because of it when she heard his mother scream at him. It snapped him awake, at first he thought it was a dream…then he saw his mother in living color. She had two large drinks spilled on the floor around her, a look of utter horror on her face, and both hands planted firmly on her hips tell him she was deadly serious about him going to his room. He was about to cover up and apologize but he was cut off by his mom’s glare and pointing to his room. He pulled his shorts up tied them off and headed for his room.

It hurt a little not being able to finish what he had started in the family room with the DVD, but Billy dared not try and finish it off until his mom had come in and done whatever she was going to do. April shut the TV off and cleaned up the spilled sodas. As she was doing this she began to chill out a little. Billy was 18 and an adult by the standards of the law. Heck he was technically older than she was when she had fucked his father. Which was worse, a movie and self pleasure or doing it in a high schooler’s bedroom after prom when his parents were out of town? She knew what she needed to do. After she had changed into more comfortable cloths she would apologize to Billy and try to patch things up. There was nothing wrong with letting him stew for a moment or two was there.

Billy sat on his bed waiting. He felt like a little boy again who had broken the hallway vase playing football in the house. The thought that he was a legal adult had never even crossed his mind, only that he had hurt and disappointed his mom. That was worse than any spanking or punishment he had received in the past or would receive in the future. It felt like an eternity before he heard the knock on his door and his mom entered the room.

“Mom listen I…” he started.

“No you listen. I should not have reacted the way I did. You are 18. When I was 18 I was doing much worse than watching some stupid video and…acting it out on the sofa. I just was not prepared for my little baby to be such a…man,” April started as she headed over to the bed. “We have always been honest about sex and relationships and I should have been ready for something like this now that you are an adult. I just want you to be…I just want you to be better off than I was at your age.”

As she sat on the bed Billy turned to her. “Mom you have been great. I mean you did not lecture me about the horrors of sex you stated all the facts. Starting with how it was the greatest act two people could share to….your story about how you had to fight up hill because you and my father had share a night together. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you more make you upset about my actions in regards to sex. I should not have been…”

April grabbed Billy and making him look straight into her eyes said “You did nothing wrong you understand me. You are 18 and I would rather you enjoy yourself watch a silly movie than have you out there doing it with some young woman when neither of you are ready to be a parent,” for a moment they sat there looking at each other. “Now then young man I know we have had the talk about sex as mother and son. I want to have the talk as April and Billy. I am sure you know that I have not been without the company of men for the last 18 years, and though I did not bring them home I am sure you know that I have had sex more than a few times. There were some very good lovers in the past but you have always been the most important man in my life. So tell me Billy has there been any…special young woman in your life?”

Even though she hoped it would be the answer he would give, April was still shocked when she actually heard Billy admit that he had never been with uğur mumcu escort a girl. “I have kissed a few and touch their breast a little, but I was raised better than to just rush into going all the way with a woman. I have thought about it a lot, and had to deal with those thoughts,” he admitted shyly. “I just wanted to see what sex was really like, not some scientific definition with sketched drawings in a text book, but the dirt heart pounding sex.”

As he was talking the remains of his hard on from the movie started to stir to life again. April noticed it a little as he was talking and tried not to watch it. She gave him her best smile and reassured him that it was alright to be inexperienced; love and sex are worth the wait for the right person. Then she started to be a little more curious about exactly how far her little man had gone. “What do you mean? I told I have kissed and touched a few girls’ breasts a little.”

“Was the breast covered or did your get to touch their flesh?”


“Billy we are being honest here. You 18 if you have gotten a little pet on her skin it is not a big deal. I just want to know so that I can talk to you about this at the right level for your experience.”

Billy saw his mom smile a little and began to feel more like he was talking to a sister or best friend not his mom “They have been covered. I just got to nervous or scared to ask much less try to get a girl to let me touch her flesh.”

“Not even with her shirt off and just a bra?” April was not really sure why she was pushing the issue anymore. She had the information she wanted, Billy was a total virgin and apparently too shy to change that fact. She should be happy; instead her heart sank at how little sexual pleasure he had gotten.

Billy just shook his head. He was having a similar conflict of emotions. He felt like he was admitting he was a pathetic loser. He knew that the reason he was so inexperienced was because of his mother but admitting he was that inexperienced brought to her made him feel like he had let her down by not at least trying because it was something he wanted and she had admitted he would enjoy.

“I did not want to disappoint you. I was afraid that anything I did beyond….well you know would hurt you because you always taught me to wait and be sure.”

“That I did. I just never thought you would be so…good. I mean I have seen your girlfriends and I know how great they were not only in personality but in body and I was sure that you had…….some hands on experience. I hate to say this but I was even letting guys that were just good friends get more experience with my in high school and……later in life,” April was not sure why she had said that last part. I was true but not something that a woman admits to people.

“I wish I had a friend like you then Mom. Are at least someone that would make that offer friend or not,” Neither was sure how the conversation had started to be more easy especially now that they were talking so honestly about their own sexual experiences, but the next statement should have shocked both and never been said. But it was and it didn’t shock them at all.

“I wish I had a friend that was just like you mom. Someone that was beautiful and would not mind helping me get some experience by letting me explore their body. And would explore me.”

“Billy I have also been your friend. I never wanted to be just be your mom but your close friend. You are the most important thing in my life and I would do anything to help you in all aspects of life.”

Before either fully realized what was happening April had her son’s hand in hers and was sliding it under her shirt. She placed it on her breast as she moved closer his hand slowly cupped then massaged it. Never had any man given her such pleasure just touching her…with her bra still on. Once she was sure that Billy would continue on his own she reached down to pull her shirt off. Billy’s eyes moved to stare at his mom’s luscious breasts covered only in a simple silk bra. “Most girls’ bras will unhook in the back…but there are some that come undone up front like this one.”

With that she took his hand to the clasp and helped him open her bra. He nervously moved his hands to slide into the cups of her bra. She felt her body become a blazing fire has his caressed her breasts. His choice of hand movements was serving to accomplish duel purposes. Not only was he petting the breast but removing the bra from her breasts at the same time. When the cups had been peeled off her breasts Billy’s hand and breathing both stopped. He had no idea how big his mom’s breast were all he knew çavuşoğlu escort was they were smooth as silk, firm, and fit his hand fit on it perfectly. It was not big enough to juggle all over the place but not small enough that is did not add the perfect curve and swell to her body.

April waited a moment for Billy to try and come back to his senses. When she realized that he was just too shocked to continue with what he had started. She knew that she stop this…he had gotten further with her than he had with any other girl. Plus she was his mother for even to see her body on purpose was wrong. However she had past the point where doing what was right in her head was possible. As she slide her hand to the top of his growing tent. “It is alright baby. I know they don’t compare to that girl on the video but you can do whatever you want to with them. I promise that after today you will have all the experience you could want to get over being nervous and fully enjoy a young woman. We should have started more slowly…from the beginning of what two people would do if they were intimate,” with that she moved closer tilting his head up so that she could kiss his lips.

At first Billy was unresponsive to her kiss, but April knew that is was just a matter of a little time. Slow Billy did become responsive; he started to kiss her back. They both started to make the kiss or intimate and passionate. April could feel not only Billy’s grew excitement at their kiss and her own body starting to respond. The flood gates started to open between her legs. She had Billy’s shirt off and was pushing him onto his back on the bed as she moved into position over him. His mouth moved from her mouth to her neck and shoulder to take her breath away. All that kissing he had done with other girls had really made him an expert. He was not aggressive and wanting, but he was not scared and wanting…he was making her wanting. She felt his arms snake around her body and begin to pull her closer to him. April started dry fucking Billy uncontrollably as he worked his way down her body. April waited to feel Billy’s mouth on her breasts. Billy start kissing, then licking, nibbling one first the right then the left breast. By the time Billy was latching onto a breast she was pulsating above her son. He released her, but April was in no mood to let thing stop now. “Get ready baby, mommy is going to make you feel so great you will never be able to imagine life without sex again.”

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than it was filled with his manhood. April slid her mouth down over the entire length and swirled her tongue all around the shaft. After a couple twirls she was bobbing her head up and down. First slow, then very rapidly, then extremely slow. She wanted him to be his brain to be in constant pleasure flexure. She never maintained on motion or rhythm long enough for him to get used to it. She was taking her time, and as much as Billy liked it, he hated it too….it felt like an eternity she was working him. Granted it was heaven but….he wanted a shot at his mom’s sweet love nest. Every time he moved or gestured April would find away to stop him. Soon they both knew he was ready to blow the load. It was going to be a big one too April knew since Billy had never really recovered from the movie. When he did explode April did her best to swallow it all. A little dribbled down, but once she had momentarily drained her son’s shaft she wiped the corners of her mouth and sucked her fingers clean.

“Now kiss your mother young man.”

Billy was only to happy to start kissing her again. This time while they were tongue dancing his hands were working April’s shorts open. Once he had the zipper down April peeled her shorts and panties off. Almost instantly she felt 2 fingers dive into her pussy. It was already an ocean from having all the previous actions taken, but now all the flood gates were opened. “OOOOOOHHHHH YEAH YEAH FUCK IT BABY!!!! WORK MY PUSSY!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!” April screamed as she started to have multiple orgasms from the electrical touch of her son.

When Billy’s cock was fully recovered April mounted her son and fuck him for all she was worth. Her nails gently dug into his shoulders and his hands gripped her waist and helped him find a pace to match his mother’s. Mother and son were making love to each other like there was no tomorrow. When each was about to cum neither spoke a verbal word. The language in their eyes spoke volumes. They both worked their bodies onto the other so that they achieve the most glorious release possible.

“Tomorrow that movie is out of my house and you are in my bed young man. And if you ever bring another item like it into this house,” April breathed into her son’s ear. “I will have to discuss this matter with you in further detail.”

She winked at her son and gathering her clothes left his room. She could not wait to see what would prompt their next “discussion.”

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