Paybacks are Hell (But not Always)


In his 18 years on earth, Sam Jackson had always gotten along pretty well with his twin sister Jill. They had a simple rule between them that had always helped to keep the peace — “Paybacks are Hell”. The idea was if one of them did something wrong to the other, the payback would always surpass the original damage. So if Sam accidentally broke Jill’s sunglasses, the “Paybacks are Hell” axiom would mean he would have to buy her two new pair. While this simple arrangement had always worked to avoid conflict, it also ended up leading to a very unexpected event.

It was springtime, and their parents were out of town for a few weeks, leaving the two of them on their own. They were both finishing up their senior year of high school, so you might think it would be a pretty good time to have your parents leave for a few weeks. Most high school seniors would have a two week beer and sex bash if their parents were out of town, but Sam and Jill were not that typical. In truth, they were both kind of nerdy. They looked and dressed pretty plain, didn’t have a lot of friends, and neither had done much dating. So most of what they were doing with their parents out of town was pretty much what they did when their parents were in town.

One exception was that with their parent’s gone, they were both taking advantage of using their master bath, which was much nicer than the bathroom they shared. It was a big fancy marble bathroom with a spacious tiled shower and a jacuzzi tub. The bath was only accessible from the master bedroom, and didn’t have a door. Sam and Jill would take turns using the fancy bath, it was generally easy to tell if someone else was in there.

But as fate would have it, on an early Friday afternoon Sam decided to take a shower at the same time that Jill was getting out of the tub, and when he waltzed into the bathroom, there was his sister, standing stark naked in front of the tub. Even though it was his sister, his first response was to thoroughly check her out, which he was able to do because she didn’t see him walk in initially. What he saw surprised him. His sister, generally covered in non flattering clothes, looked pretty smoking hot without any. She had shapely breasts and a toned body, with great curves and perfect legs. He was taking all this in instead of backing out of the bathroom, which would have been wiser.

“What the hell are you doing?” screamed Jill, grabbing for a towel and covering up.

Sam was back to reality in a hurry, stammering some kind of excuse as he turned and walked out of the bathroom. He kept walking back toward his room as Jill continued to yell something about privacy, but his mind was still frozen on the gorgeous image in front of the tub. He felt bad that he had barged in on her like that, but he was stunned and intrigued at how hot his sister looked naked.

It was a few hours later before he would see her again to apologize. He was in the kitchen making some cereal for dinner when Jill walked in, wearing a robe and glaring at him.

He couldn’t help but grin. “Hey I’m sorry sis, I didn’t know you were in there,” he said. “It was an honest mistake.”

She was still mad. “I didn’t even hear you creep in,” she said. “How long were you there?”

“I wasn’t creeping, I was just coming to take a shower,” he replied. “And I really didn’t see anything, I mean, it was just a quick glance.”

“Really, you didn’t see anything?” she said hopefully.

“Just a quick glance,” he said. Then after a moment, “But damn you got a hot body.”

She threw an apple at him that just missed his head, but she also blushed and gave a half grin. “You’re a total creeper,” she said. “Sneaking up on your naked sister like that.”

Sam laughed again. “Hey I said I was sorry.”

“Not good enough,” said Jill. “You know the rule, paybacks are hell.”

Sam groaned. Jill was pretty good at coming up with brutal paybacks. He was expecting to have to clean up her room, or do her laundry, or do the dishes. But his expectations were wrong.

“You saw me naked, so I get to see you naked,” she said flatly.

Now it was Sam’s turn to blush. And also to choke on his cereal. “What?”

“It’s only fair, you saw me and paybacks are hell, so now I get to see you,” she said, even more resolutely than before.

While the initial thought in Sam’s mind was that there was no way he was going to get naked in front of his sister, another train of thought started to filter in, and thinking about the idea of being naked in front of a girl, even if it was his own sister, was starting to sound kind of…hot. He didn’t have a lot of luck or experience with girls, at least this was something.

“So you actually want me to let you see me naked?” he said.

Now Jill had actually expected Sam to strongly reject the idea immediately, so suddenly she was having some second thoughts about the request. But she had opened the door and didn’t want to be the one to back down.

“Seems only fair,” she said.

Sam’s initial kartal escort shock and reluctance had now been fully replaced by the notion that being naked in front of a girl, even a girl who was your sister, had a certain excitement to it. “Ok,” he said.

Jill blinked. “Ok what?”

“Yes, ok I will let you see me naked as payback,” Sam said.

“Oh, well, ok then,” said Jill, trying to not act shocked. In the back of her mind she was wondering if Sam was really serious or pulling her leg.

“So where do you want your payback?” Sam asked.

Jill hesitated, wondering if this was really happening. “Well, uh, I suppose we should return to the scene of the original, uh, crime,” she managed to stammer out.

Sam was surprised that she was continuing to go along, but he wasn’t about to stop. “Let’s do it now,” he said.

By the time they reached the master bath they were both starting to have second thoughts, but neither was willing to show it. A blushing Jill took a seat opposite the bath, where she had previously been standing naked, to watch her brother.

Sam was wearing a t shirt and jeans, and he figured that after he took off his shirt Jill would probably call the whole thing off. He pulled the shirt off over his head and tried to flex his muscles. He was fit, but not muscular by any means, so his efforts caused Jill to giggle. She wasn’t calling his bluff, so he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, stopping to look at her to see if she was stopping. She had one hand over her mouth covering a blushing smile, but nothing on her face said stop, so he dropped his pants off so he was standing there in only a pair of gray boxers.

Suddenly things were getting real, and Sam had to calm himself, his heart was thumping in his chest from a combination of nerves and arousal. Watching his sister looking at him nearly naked was having an effect. Meanwhile, Jill was fighting off a combination of nerves and the realization that her brother looked a lot better half naked than she ever thought he would.

“So, you sure you want me to do this,” Sam said nervously.

“Yes. I mean, well only if you want to,” Jill answered.

Sam took a deep breath and put his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and then slowly, carefully, pulled them down over his cock and exposed himself to his sister.

“Wow,” she said, before she realized she had even said it. Her brother had a nice looking cock dangling between his legs.

Sam’s first response to being naked in front of his sister was to be nervous. His chest was pounding, he was shaking a little and he was having trouble breathing steady. He couldn’t look at his sister, opting instead to look off in the distance. Gradually he began to relax some, and he started to kind of enjoy the feeling of being naked and exposed. Then he happened to look at Jill’s face. She was staring at him, specifically staring at his cock, and her mouth was hanging slightly opened and she was mesmerized.

Her attention, especially her attention to his cock, was making him aroused, and though he tried to fight it, his cock slowly and gradually began to grow, and then edge upward. He was desperately trying to stave off an erection, but he was losing. Once his cock reached the halfway point, semi hard and pointing straight out, the battle was lost. It just kept on getting harder until he was rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling. Jill was mesmerized watching his cock grow, and impressed with the final result. There was no way she could deny or hide it, she was gawking at her naked brother, and in a moment of shock, realized that she had become quite aroused. By the time she looked back up at his face he was wearing a big grin.

Caught staring, she got flustered and embarrassed. “Ok, well I guess that payback is paid off,” she mumbled. “Very nice.” Then she got up and walked out and went to her room, leaving him standing there with a massive erection. He was embarrassed over her abrupt departure, and assumed it was because of his aroused state. Eventually he collected his clothes and made his was to his room. He wasn’t able to make his erection subside at all, and ended up jacking off thinking about his sister watching.

They didn’t see each other until late the next morning, getting coffee in the kitchen. She mumbled a good morning.

“Hey sis, I’m sorry about last night, I kind of got carried away I guess,” he said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well you know, the whole getting a boner thing,” he said.

“Ah, I do have to admit I noticed that,” she grinned. “No worries, paybacks are supposed to be hell.”

“No doubt, it was brutal,” Sam said smiling. “In fact, it was so brutal, so harsh, that maybe I deserve some payback.”

“What? How do you figure that?”

“Well when I saw you naked it was just a quick glance,” Sam grinned. “When you saw me I did a strip tease and then you got to look at me for five minutes.”

“So what are you proposing as payback?” she asked.

“Well cumhuriyet mahallesi escort in all fairness, I’d say I should get the chance to see you naked,” he said.

Jill was quiet for a few moments, and Sam assumed he had pushed things too far. He figured she was about to tell him to jump off a cliff. But he was wrong.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” she said. “I’ll meet you at 5 o’clock in the master bedroom.”

As she walked out, Sam’s jaw practically dropped into his coffee. He had said it as a joke, he was stunned that she had agreed. But the thought of having the chance to see her naked body again set his mind into overdrive.

And it stayed in overdrive for the several hours that dragged on before 5 pm. He spent much of the time in his room, staring at the ceiling and thinking about seeing his sister naked. He heard her leave the house at around 2 and get back around 4, and he watched the clock every five minutes until it finally reached 5 pm. He had some trouble figuring out what to wear – what do you wear to a nude exhibition? Finally he settled on looking casual, with a t-shirt and gym shorts.

He went to the master bedroom and waited, nervous and anxious. The master bedroom was a lush, spacious room, with soft white carpet and an array of sexy, ornate furniture. He sat back on a couch opposite the bed. At five minutes past five he started to think Jill had changed her mind, and then he heard her coming down the hall. When she walked into the bedroom he was beyond speechless.

Jill usually wore her hair straight and tied back. Today, it was glamorously curled and hung loose and full. She usually wore glasses, but they were gone. She rarely wore makeup, but today she had the look of a model. She generally dressed pretty dowdy, but today, she had on a red silk kimono that showcased a lot of gorgeous legs, and sexy black high heels. Turns out that Jill had slipped out and gotten a makeover at the mall for the 5 pm payback session.

Sam took in the scene with his mouth hanging open, and while a million words and thoughts bounced around inside his head, the only thing he could come up with to say was “wow”.

Jill blushed and smiled. “I figured if I was going to do this, I might as well do it right.”

“You’re doing it more than right,” Sam said. “You’re doing it amazing. Jill you look incredible.”

“Thanks bro,” she said. “I felt like I had to step it up to payback for your show.”

There was a brief moment where they both got quiet, and it became pretty clear that showtime was upon them. Jill stood about six feet away in front of Sam, who was leaning back on the couch. She reached in front of her and loosened up the tie on the kimono and then slowly let it slip open, and it became clear that in addition to getting as makeover she had also visited the lingerie store. Underneath she was wearing a silk black bra and panty set, and Sam quickly decided it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

Jill was clearly enjoying the sensation of being on display, and she took her time showing herself off. She walked back and forth in front of her brother, turning to show him both sides. She was facing away from him when she dramatically let the robe slip off, and Sam became gloriously aware that her panties were a thong. She gave him a long and very well appreciated look at her ass and then she turned back to face him.

She took her time and let him get a good look at her before reaching around behind her and unclasping the bra. Sam could hardly believe it when she pulled the bra off. When he had seen her at a glance before, he could tell she had a great figure, but standing before him now were two o the most perfect breasts he had ever even imagined. He realized too late that he was gawking at her breasts, when he looked up at her face again she was laughing at his expression.

“Want me to keep going?” she asked softly.

Sam couldn’t speak, all he could do was nod.

“Shoes, or panties?” she asked, still smiling at him.

“Leave the shoes on,” Sam managed to rasp out.

Jill turned sideways to him and hooked her fingers onto the top of her panties, looking at him as she slipped them down and over the high heels. Then she slowly turned back to face him, and Sam saw that she had also trimmed up her pubic hair so it was now just a neatly cut patch of hair, which was another tremendous improvement from the last time he had seen her.

She spread her legs slightly and put her hands on her hips, letting Sam take in the full view of her spectacular naked body. She stood there a long time, letting him enjoy the show. In truth, she was enjoying the feeling of being on display as much as he was enjoying watching her.

After a long quiet spell of mutual enjoyment, Jill finally spoke up. “Well, what do you think?”

Sam had a lot of thoughts, but all he could manage was another “wow.” After a few more minutes, he was finally able to put together a full sentence. “Jill, I yunus escort thought paybacks were supposed to be hell, this is the greatest payback ever,” he said. “I will have to say, I had no idea you were so gorgeous, you do a good job of hiding it.”

“I’ll have to admit that the whole makeover thing turned out pretty well. And I have to thank you bro, because you inspired me to do it. I guess I wanted to look good in front of you, because you looked really good naked too.”

“Well maybe we both just needed some self confidence,” he said. “It sure made me feel good to watch you looking at me.”

“You got a great bod, trust me.” Jill looked at him admiringly. “By the way, in terms of payback, I’d say that I’ve been naked in front of you at least five minutes longer than you were naked in front of me.”

Sam blinked and then grinned as he realized what she was saying, He stood up quickly and pulled his shirt off then dropped his shorts and joined her in the buff. They just stood there, a few feet apart, checking each other’s bodies out. Sam made no attempt to hide his boner, and Jill’s nipples were clearly showing arousal as well. So far all of the interaction between the two had not involved any contact, but both were starting to wonder if that was about to change.

Sam’s cock was aching for contact, and without thinking he moved his hand down and gave his shaft a long slow stroke. He wouldn’t have realized he was doing it if not for the expression on Jill’s face, which was something between shock and awe. He was about to apologize when he saw her hand slip down and ever so slightly touch herself between her legs. Emboldened, Sam moved his hand back and once again gave himself a long, slow stroke as Jill watched mesmerized. Then Jill moved her hand back down and let a finger slide between her legs. The tension in the room was reaching a boiling point. Suddenly Jill’s phone rang and they were both jerked back to reality. She got flustered and put her robe back on and picked up the phone, while Sam pulled his shorts back on.

Jill got off the phone after a few minutes, it was a friend telling her that her neighbors down the street, the Bennett brothers, were having a party. Sam rolled his eyes at the prospect of the two of them ever going to a party with the in crowd. But then Jill had a change of mind.

“Say, what if we got dressed up and went,” Jill said. “Why not?”

Going to parties wasn’t something that Jill and Sam ever did. They weren’t really very outgoing and were both so self conscious they avoided social settings. They hardly knew the Bennett brothers. But something about the idea sounded great now for some reason.

Jill slipped her silk robe back on and stated she was going to perform a makeover on Sam. She dragged him, still half naked, into the bathroom and began styling his hair. She talked him into ditching his glasses and then they dug some sharp clothes out of their dad’s closet. By the time she was finished with him he could hardly recognize himself in the mirror.

Then they dug through their mom’s closet and found a cool, sexy outfit for her to wear.

When Sam and Jill Jackson walked into the Bennett party, every head in the place turned. Everyone at the party were people who went to school with them, and their school was pretty small. They all knew Sam and Jill, but it took a minute or two before they figured out that this sharp looking couple that walked in were the Jackson geeks that everybody mostly ignored.

For the next few hours, Sam was approached by every girl at the party, fielding compliments and being flirted with, which was a whole new experience. Meanwhile Jill was the belle of the ball, getting hit on by every hot guy in the place. Every once in a while the siblings would catch each other’s eye and signal their disbelief to each other that what was happening was actually happening. Being the center of attention was new for both of them, and it was almost like a crazy dream for both of them.

After the party on the walk back home they were both talking excitedly and laughing about how unexpectedly the night had gone, how many guys had asked Jill out and how many girls had given Sam their number. They had both had a few beers, so they were especially chatty, and the conversation continued when they got home.

“It’s funny how quickly things changed,” said Jill. “I guess I owe you a big one for walking in on me in the bathroom…and for saying you thought I looked hot.”

“Well you have a great body sis, and you made me feel a lot better about myself too,” Sam replied. “So are you saying you still owe me one?”

“I don’t know, I still think I was naked longer,” Jill giggled. “We might be even on paybacks.”

“Well that’s a shame,” Sam said. “I remember a time when paybacks were hell, but I sure did enjoy the paybacks today.”

“Me too,” said Jill, blushing slightly. “What if we did one last payback?”

Sam felt his pulse quicken. He wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but it didn’t seem likely that she was going to make him do laundry or dishes. “Sounds intriguing. What do you have in mind?”

Despite being a little tipsy, Jill got very nervous and stuttery. “What if we, um, got naked again, and, uh, we um, kinda picked back up where we left off.”

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