Path To A New Family Ch. 02


I stood at my door and just paused. Remembering what I had just done. I was a few minutes removed from cumming while thinking of my Mother Rachel. I had never even thought about her in that way, yet this day has been on a road that was very different than any Saturday I had experienced before. I finally opened my door after a deep breath, contemplating that my Mother might be right outside. As I opened the door, the hallway was empty. In jeans and a t-shirt I began the journey down the hall, almost walking carefully to not make any noise. As I approached my Mother’s door, I noticed it was still open just a little.

My curiosity got the best of me, and probably my desire too. In a matter of hours I had started to desire my Mother, love her in a different way, and for the first time in my life I saw her beautiful body nude. What on earth could be next? As I positioned myself in front of her door, the bedroom was empty. I felt a little sad, as disappointment came over my body. Just I was about to walk away, I heard a noise. My mother was still in the bathroom.

A grin came over my face as I was going to get to see a little more of her. I heard the footsteps, and it was like a short countdown until I finally saw her. In the time it took me to compose myself, and get dressed, my Mother had just done her hair. As she walked out of the bathroom she had a white towel wrapped around her body. It covered just above her nipples, knowing exactly where they were now, and just covering the bottom of her bubble butt. Her hair was dry and flowed down her shoulders. She looked so sexy, but that seemed to be the only way I saw her now.

With the flick of the wrist she undid the towel and tossed it on the bed. Again her naked body was in front of me. I held my breath. She walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. As she bent over I could see the crack of her ass spread as she went through her drawer, her ass teasing me as the pleasure parts remained hidden. As my heart started to pound faster, I seem to not care at all if she saw me. The door was still just a crack open, but what on earth would I say or do if she did see me. That thought left my brain as my Mother pulled out these white and pink pair of panties and matching bra. She put the bra on the top of her dresser as she took the panties in her hand.

Unlike the view I saw in the bathroom, I saw my entire Mother’s entire backside this time. I could see the curves of her body back lit by the sunlight coming into her room. Once again I was mesmerized by her. She reached down and stepped into her panties one leg at a time. As she pulled them up you can tell she knew her body, tugging them over her bubble butt naturally. Her panties were these cheeky type lace panties, and that when pulled over ass, made it looks so desirable.

As her fingers left her panties, she reached for the bra off the dresser. I didn’t have to check but I knew by the feel of my heart pounding, my breath picking up speed against the door, I knew I was excited again. Here I was standing outside my Mother’s door, admiring her. It didn’t feel like spying, it just felt like glancing through the looking glass, getting to see something for the first time even though it was there the entire time.

With the pink and white bra in her hand, she turned around and once again I was able to see my Mother’s D sized breasts. Surprisingly she failed to notice the door was open, or notice her 6’6” son was just outside it, with his eyes locked on to her. As she put the bra around her body, I watched it cup her breasts, filling up the bra. I started to slowly back away from the door. Not because she was no longer naked, but because I need to step away from all of this just for a second. Just as quietly as I approached her door, I slowly stepped back and resumed my path down the hallway before I had been so easily distracted.

I got to the kitchen and threw my hands on my head. I looked down only to sigh, as I could easily see my cock was rock hard once again. I seem to have no control of this crazy morning or these crazy feelings. I tried hard not to given to my urges and just whip out by dick and feel another orgasm like the one I had just experienced in the shower. Thankfully I was able to compose myself. As I looked up I saw the cabinet that was next to the kitchen table.

Filled with picture frames, full of memories and moments of my life, I saw over and over my Mother and me. It really was just the two of us, my graduation, and our vacations together, any important moment; it was captured with a picture with both of us smiling ear to ear. Seeing us together in these photos, are arms wrapped around each other it became so clear. It was just my mother and I, and no one else. She was the greatest woman I have ever known, and of course I would be drawn to her.

As my thoughts began to make sense, I heard a door behind me open, followed by footsteps. Mom came up behind me and stood next to me.

“Reliving good times Matt?” She asked.

“Just admiring escort kartal our good times together Mom.” I said somewhat coyly.

Mom came up and stood next to me, and it was almost an instinct that I put my right arm around her shoulders. Without hesitation, she put her left arm around my waist. I failed to even remember that I was still hard. That her left hand, as it gripped my side, was inches away from my hard cock; a cock that she had unknowingly made hard while I watched her dress.

She sighed a little and commented, “Nothing but good times with you.” As she said that my eyes had wandered from the pictures to her body. She was dressed now wearing jeans, and a low cut tank top. I could see right down her chest, seeing the pink and white fabric of her bra, knowing exactly what it looked like having just seen what she looked like in just that. As I look down at her I saw her head go from the pictures down at my jeans. I wondered was she staring at my cock? I mean it was clearly obvious, but I held my breath.

“Looks like we are in sync today my dear,” She said calmly.

“What do you mean Mom?” I said confusingly.

“Well breakfast together and I know you were stealing some of my hot water when you showered at the same time. Here we are in jeans and shirts. I wonder what we will do next today.” She laughed as she walked away, giving me another peck on the cheek like she did earlier in the morning.

I had to pause as not to react to her last comment. I stood there not knowing what to do to. At this point I had given up trying to make any rational decision and just let the day guide me. I only had to wait minutes until the night was planned.

“Any plans tonight?” Mom said yelling from the kitchen.

“Nope, just going to stay in tonight. I think I will finally watch that Netflix movie that I’ve had for a week” I responded.

After a few seconds she popped her head out of the kitchen, “I think I will join you if you don’t mind?”

“Not at all Mom” I said with a smile. Just like that the night was planned.

The rest of the day was a blur as I counted down the hours to a reasonable time to start the movie. Finally the evening came, and we both had no intention of doing much tonight, so we just ordered pizza for dinner. After that it was movie time.

As I walked towards the living room to put the movie in I could hear Mom running towards her bedroom yelling, “Don’t start it yet, I want to change and I don’t want to miss the previews.”

I only smiled, placing the blu-ray in the player. I sat down on the couch and was getting it all ready when she came back in. Her pajamas tonight were these flannel print cotton set. With boxer bottoms, the drawstring tied around her waist. A button up top with two pockets placed right over each breast.

“Not going to change and get all comfy Matt?” She asked as she got comfortable on the couch.

“I am perfectly fine in my jeans and t-shirt” I replied.

I had to be good in my jeans, because I knew if I changed into my shorts, I wouldn’t be able to hide my excitement for her. At least with the jeans, it would hold down my massive erection I had for my Mother.

As we began to watch the movie, Mom started to fidget, first having her legs up on the couch then, placing her feet on the ground. Only to bring them back up on the other side. In doing so she was a little bit closer to me. I couldn’t tell you what movie was playing, what the plot was or why the bad guy was doing what he was doing. I was entirely fixated on my Mom.

I analyzed her pajamas once more, just like I had done with the set earlier in the day. The button up top gave me little peaks at her body. Even though I had seen it all, I still couldn’t take my eyes off her. I didn’t want to just relive the image of her naked; I wanted to enjoy her sitting next to me. That just in her presence she was teasing me, and I seem to be ok with it.

My eyes wandered down to her feet and started up her legs. They were shaved and looked so smooth. Mostly likely done this morning when she was cleaning up and I was working on a different part of my body. Getting to her inner thighs, her white skin disappeared under the fabric being wrapped by the cotton flannel boxers, tugging in between her legs. Knowing that her trimmed pussy was right there and most like nothing between it and I but the boxers.

Analyzing the top, I could see little parts of her stomach through the spacing of the buttons. Of course the buttons went all the way to the top, and failed to show me the cleavage I wanted to see. Instead I got the outline of her breasts pushed against the top, knowing that behind those little pockets were two hard nipples waiting to be played with.

At some point the movie ended, and I was brought back to reality by my Mother’s voice. “Well that was a good one. That one actor, the villain, I always liked him.”

I quickly mumbled a response, “Yeah that was good.”

My Mom gave a glance as she could tell I was out of it, “Well uğur mumcu escort I am going to go bed my dear.” As she finished her sentence she leaned over for another kiss on the cheek.

By this time I was out of my trance and leaned towards her to receive the kiss, but not before I adjusted my sightline down her top. As she leaned down, I was able to see right down her top. It didn’t revealing anything, but just able to see her chest move, and her breasts begin to hang down as she leaned towards me gave me a smile.

After the kiss I quickly responded, “Yes I am right behind you, just need to shut everything down. Goodnight Mom.”

“Goodnight Matt” she quietly said as she walked away. Hearing her footsteps go off in the distance, only to be silenced by her bedroom door opening and closing.

The door shutting was like a starter’s pistol for me. I quickly undid my belt, button and zipper on my jeans, and whipped out my cock. I was in autopilot at that point. The entire time wanting to feel every inch of Rachel’s body, wanting to feel my mother’s body. I worked my hand up and down my shaft; it felt even harder than it did in the shower. After a few thrusts of my hand I stopped. I only needed a little release after sitting next to her for 2 hours, and I also realized I didn’t have much of a game plan for cumming in while in the living room.

I took a few deep breaths and composed myself as best I could. A minute or two later I pushed my hard cock back in my boxers and stood up to pull my jeans up. I just did the button as the belt and zipper were not needed since I was taking them off as soon as I got back to my room. I shut off the TV, stereo, lights and blu-ray player, and started the trek back to my room.

As I got to the door of Mom’s room, I was instantly reminded that she had shut the door. I sighed and in some symbolic effort like I had done in the shower, I put my hand on her door. Just to give me some sort of gesture that this crazy day was about to end.

Once I brought my hand off her door, I heard it. The house was dead quiet, and I could hear the softest moan. At first I didn’t know what it was until I heard it again. I knew where it was coming from, and there was no audience watching me, yet I acted like I didn’t know what was going on and I should somehow investigate. That response was pointless, as I knew it was coming from the other side of my Mother’s door. I turned my head sideways and put my ear on the door. After a few seconds of silence, I heard it again. This time a little louder, and with my ear against the door, much clearer.

I pulled my head away. My heart went from zero to sixty-nine in two seconds. What the hell was I going to do? As the moans very quietly got just the tiny bit louder, I knew every ounce of me wanted to see what was on the other side.

I reached my hand towards the doorknob, and to my surprise I was shaking. I made a fist and quickly pulled my hand away. I couldn’t be shaking, or I would make a noise and my Mom would hear me. Why was I shaking though? I paused to reflect on everything that happened today.

After all the moments I had experienced with my Mom today, none of them required any effort or intervention by me. Admiring her, checking her out, masturbating while thinking of her, seeing her naked or whatever erotic loving moment I had, had all come by chance, luck or fate. If I woke up tomorrow and felt differently, she would have never known what I had seen or done.

Opening the door would change that. I had no intention of opening the door and fucking her, the thought actually never came into my mind. If I opened that door, I would be approaching that line one has to cross. I would be actually seeking to see my Mother Rachel pleasuring herself, because it’s what I wanted, and not because she had left the door open. The door was closed, and if I wanted it, if I wanted her, I was the one who had to open it.

My thoughts were silenced by another one of her moans. At that moment I came to my decision that I was going to open the door. I stepped towards the door and reached my hand out once again. I was still shaking, but I made another fist to calm myself. After that I was locked in. My hand cupped the doorknob, and I slowly and gently began to turn it. Every muscle in my body went stiff, except for the one that was already stiff.

It felt like an eternity to turn the knob, but once I finally felt it resist I knew I was home free. The continued moaning was my assurance that my Mom hadn’t heard me. I began to push the door slowly. Realizing as I pushed I couldn’t just open it all the way. Even she in ecstasy might clearly notice that. Luckily for me, fate was on my side once again.

I stood in the darkened hallway, and began to see low lit light of my Mother’s room. I could instantly tell that she only had the light on her nightstand on. With my wrist still turned, I made the slow reverse movement to undo the doorknob. Releasing my grip I had accomplished what I çavuşoğlu escort had set to do. I moved my hand back to the wood of the door and slowly began to push.

Once I got the door open to the two to three inches like it had been this morning I first saw her. On her dresser was a large mirror, and from my angle I was able to see her lying on the bed. In the mirror I couldn’t see it all, but what I could see was way more than enough for me. She was on top of her bed, lying on her back on her white comforter. Her eyes were closed and I could tell that opening the door had not thrown a monkey wrench into anything she was doing.

Her hair was sprawled out on her pillows, and her white teeth were biting her lower lip. Her body was lit dimly but perfectly by the lamp on her nightstand. Her left hand was cupping her left breast. I could see her fingers playing with her nipple, only to back down and hold and squeeze the entire breast. Her right hand was pushed down between her legs. From my angle I couldn’t see her pussy, because her left leg was propped up. Up until that point the lips of her pussy and her asshole were the only parts of her body I hadn’t seen.

With one leg propped up, I instead saw her fingers and hand rise up and then disappear down between her legs. I could tell she was playing with her clit and teasing herself by occasionally sliding fingers inside her when her right arm extended all the way. In one day I had seen my Mother naked, and now I was watching her pleasure herself.

I was no longer nervous, and I knew what I wanted to do. With my pants still semi undone I reached my right hand down and pulled out my cock, making sure not to make any noise. I was still rock hard, and even if there was a small chance I wasn’t, after seeing my Mother like this, I would be. I worked my hand slow, my hand trying to match the rhythm that her hand was moving.

It was like watching pure ecstasy. She would curl her toes, only to release them, and then push her feet against the bed. Her hand slowly picked up speed, and she began to rock her pelvis a little. On the moments when I looked down to watch my hand stroke my shaft, I still had the wonderful sound of her moaning. Hearing her voice in a way I had never heard before, hearing the pleasure, and excitement was a turn on all in itself. She began to get louder, and even my breathing was beginning to get heavier.

She turned her head towards the mirror, hair resting on her cheek, her eyes still closed. I could see the smallest little smile on her lips, as she released her teeth from biting her bottom lip. I could tell she was close, and so was I.

Just as I thought she was going to cum, I saw her bring her right hand up from her pussy and slide her fingers in her mouth. She was tasting herself, and I swear she sucked every drop of juice off her fingers. As her fingers exited her lips, she rolled her hips to the right and got on all fours. I couldn’t have guessed this was her routine. I larger moan was let out as her right hand had reached back down between her legs and she picked up exactly where she left off.

It seemed by the movement of her arm, she had started to finger herself faster and harder. Obviously she had teased herself enough to cum, but instead wanted to cum hard. At that moment I too picked up the speed of my hand, as I wanted to cum with her, and share in her pleasure. Her moans were louder and fast paced. Still with her eyes closed she turned her head. Her smile was gone, and the look of her face was pure thrill.

My breathing was heavy enough for me to take notice and to back away from the door a little, I couldn’t let her hear me, and I couldn’t let her stop. Finally it happened and we both were cumming.

“Oh god fuck me, fuck me, fuck….” She yelled as her voice went inaudible. In getting on all fours it allowed her to bury her face in her pillow as she moaned through her orgasm.

“Fuck me Rachel, fuck me Mom, I fucking love you Mom!” I blurted out quietly as I took another step away from the door.

I closed my eyes picturing her, my load began to shoot. I pushed my cock down toward the floor, the first few shots hitting the door itself, the rest firing into the carpet.

My body froze, my hand still aiming my dick downward, the house was dead quiet. I regained a normal breath and slowly released my cock from my death grip. With a deep breath I took a step forward. Still looking in the mirror, I could see my Mother’s body collapsed on the bed, her face still buried in the pillows. I could tell she came hard and put everything she had into it.

After a few seconds, she rolled on to her left side, giving me a glance at her breasts, now leaning down towards the bed. Her nipples rock hard, and she brought her right hand up against her chest. Her body curled up a little bit. Her eyes still closed, but a clear smile as she sighed with relaxation. She reached over to turn off the light and just like that she had disappeared in darkness.

At that moment, I calmly walked to my room. I shut the door quietly behind me as not to give her any indication that I wasn’t in my room when all that had just taken place. I released the grip on my jeans and they hit the floor. My cock still semi erect pushed out the top of my boxers.

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