Panties for Mom


My dad died from cancer three years ago, unexpectedly. I suppose that dying is never expected at such a young age – seems normal when somebody in their seventies dies of cancer, but somebody in their forties just seems unfair. When the bills started piling up from dad’s business, mom was overwhelmed. She fought on for awhile, but never got ahead of it and honestly didn’t hardly seem to care. Dad had swept her off her feet when she was but 18 yrs old and now at 41, she was somewhat ill-equiped to deal with life after.

My fiancé, Kat, and I noticed that things were not getting any better within weeks after his passing. When she lost the business and house right before our wedding, we decided that we had our whole lives ahead of us, so we canceled the big wedding and honeymoon and found a small chapel and got married quietly. We used the extra money to buy a home with another room for Mom to move into. So was life at our house that although Kat gave birth to first a daughter and then a son within three years of our marriage, mom still gave no outward signs of improvement.

Now I should say that while mom certainly wasn’t doing well, Kat and I adjusted to our first years living in the same house as my mom. It probably helped that we knew nothing except for mom living with us. I imagine that had we known privacy, having sex with your mom in the house would have never happened. But for us as we were typical newlyweds we couldn’t keep our hands off each other – irregardless of mom being there.

You would too if you had Kat as a wife, I imagine. She is 5′ tall, weighs around 135 lbs has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She is 34B, 28, 38. What can I say, have a thing for short girls with big bubble butts. Kat was not shy, always an exhibitionist. She loved the thrill of “almost” getting caught. She loves loose, short skirts and tiny thongs – even better with lots of wind..

That isn’t to say that we were stripping each other naked in the kitchen whenever the mood struck, but we certainly didn’t hold back on our sex lives in the bedroom (or when we thought we could get away with it in the kitchen). It also means that those playful moments that husbands and wives develop – spanking your young wife on her round bottom as she walks by, the kiss that lasts too long or gets a little heated before stopping (even knowing that you have an audience) and yes even the groping under the covers in the living room while the rest of the family was watching TV all came for us just as a normal couple. And with mom there for all this, it came naturally for us – so therefore we became all the more relaxed around her.

But as I said, mom didn’t seem to be improving. One night while Kat and I were playing in bed, I commented about how sexy her panties were and how I didn’t think I could ever have been with a girl that didn’t like sexy panties. Giving me a hard time, she grabbed at m penis and while gently stroking it, she got strangely serious and told me that maybe that was the problem. Giving her a funny look – I find it is never a good thing having my wife stroke my cock and tell me there’s a problem – she said no…I mean your mom goes on these dates every once and a while, but never gets anywhere after the third date or so. tuzla eve gelen escort Haven’t you ever noticed that the only panties she wears around the house are those granny panties?

Still with a surreal feeling having my wife strock my cock and talk to me about my mom’s panties, I lied and told her I’d never noticed. Knowing better, she gave me a squeeze and said “Please…” like you haven’t seen her walking around the house at nights in her tee and panties.

“Well sure”, I said, “of course I have, she wears them all the time, but…”

“But nothing, you see every pair of panties in a twenty block radius – I know I have caught myself looking up her teeshirt at night and seeing her panties.”

“Okay,” I said “but I still don’t understand your point”.

“My point is simply that maybe other guys are just like you. They wont’ get past the third date after they see she wears nothing but those granny panties.”

“You don’t know that she doesn’t own a….well, a sexier pair of panties”, I stuttered, not remembering quite exactly now how I got into a conversation with my wife about mom and her selection in panties.

“I bet she doesn’t….Let’s go check”

“What? Now? But she is asleep, how will we check?”

“Simple, we go into her room and be quiet while searching her panty drawer”, my wife giggled. So the exhibitionist in Kat took over – and took off toward the door, leaving me with a hardon and her stepping out into the open hallway, beautiful big butt swaying naked in the dark light.

She peeked her head into our kids room to make sure they were still asleep and then came back and told me to hurry it up, with a grin on her face.

Knowing my wife, she wasn’t going to let this pass and then for reasons I didn’t quite understand I stood up, boner leading the way, out into the hallway following my wife to my mom’s room.

Looking back at me and putting her fingers to her lips, she opened the door quietly and slipped inside. Not believing that I was about to search through mom’s panty drawer buck naked with my wife and with mom sleeping on the bed, I too slipped quietly through the door.

As I entered, I saw my mom laying on top of the covers, teeshirt bunched up under her boobs, panties on full display. Mom is what I consider a typical mom. She is 42. Like Kat she is barely 5′ tall. She weighs a bit more I would guess – and it is only a guess – that she weighs about 160-170 lbs. She is blonde with blue eyes. Like most sons I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at mom’s bra size growing up and can tell you she wears a 38D. If I had to guess I would say about 32 around the waist. Her butt was even bigger than Kat’s – again, hard to ask you mom what her measurements are, but I would guess around 44 around her hips/butt.

“See”, my wife whispered into my ear, once again grabbing my cock and giving it a stroke “Granny panties, told you.”.

“Okay, but surely she has something else in her drawers”, I whispered back.

My wife pointed the direction to the dresser, and dutifully I followed her pointing fingers. Reaching the drawer I pulled it slowly opened as my wife reached around from behind and started stroking my cock some more.

“See anything?” she tuzla otele gelen escort asked.

“Give me a second, still looking”

“Mmmmmm, let me know if you find anything, I’ll be right here,” she smiled, before dropping to her knees and moving in front of me. I am sure that if I could think, would have thought there was something wrong with getting a blow job with mom asleep in the bed and my hands on all her panties – but luckily for me, I could only think about the blow job my young wife was giving me..

She stopped only long enough to bring me out of my trance and tell me to keep looking. Startled I rummaged hurriedly through her drawer, not finding anything that really qualified, but at the last minute, finding a silkier pair as all others had been cotton and full cover briefs. I grabbed it and said “Here, see”.

She grabbed the pair of panties and took off out of the room. Mom started to roll over, so I closed the drawer quickly and fairly sped out the room and back down the hall to our room. My wife was in our bed, with mom’s panties on and definitely proving to me that if this was the sexiest pair of panties mom owned, no guy would ever try to see what was underneath.

So finally, after having a raging hardon, even with mom half naked a few feet away and Kat on her knees giving me a blow job, seeing her in these panties, was finally making my hardon die down.

“See!!” she almost yelled. “I told you, she needs some sexy panties and I think you are going to get them for her”, she said with a wry smile.

“Nope, Not going to happen, there is nothing you can do to make me buy mom sexy panties.”

“Nothing?” she asked innocently while letting the panties slip down her legs to her ankles – exposing her pretty bald little pussy. “Surely there is something, I can offer you” she said.

Sometime twenty or thirty minutes later as I was fucking Kat doggy style, our door still open but not caring and while grabbing her big bottom lost in exstacy, I heard myself agreeing to do it. There is just something about a short girl with a big butt that I just can’t resist.


Hoping that my wife would forget our conversation from the night before, by the time I got home from work, I found no such luck. After arranging for mom to watch the kids we set out to shop for panties….but it turns out Kat had other ideas as well, ideas that fit her exhibitionist side.

Pulling up to a Walmart – the last place, I’d have chosen to go panty shopping for sexy clothes, my wife glanced into the back seat to make sure the kids were playing and once satisfied she told me that my job would be a bit tougher than I thought. I would have to go to the lingerie department and tell the clerk there I was looking for panties for my mom and ask for help picking out something sexy for her.

While I knew before I even started protesting that I’d be doing exactly that, I couldn’t give in so quickly. So of course I started the argument that I would do no such thing. She just smiled at me and winked before getting out of the car and sticking her head back in, “Did I mention to you that I am not wearing any panties myself?” Seeing her cute yellow sundress flowing in the wind, I tuzla sınırsız escort groaned and followed her into the store.

The store clerk was what I expected from the Walmart lingerie department, older and chubby – a tyipical mom herself. My wife went to browse through the panties close by, while I went up to the clerk. Smiling graciously at me she asked. “Yes, can I help you?”

“Yes,” I managed to get out before I froze. Watching her smile fade a bit, I finally managed to get out “This may seem a little strange, but I am looking for panties for my…well, my..”

“Your wife?”, her smile was back as she added this helpfully.

“No, my mom” I managed to blurt out, louder than I expected.

Giving me a look and then coming back with a fake smile, the kind that I figured she gave to other perverts she had to deal with in the panty department, she said, “You mom huh”.

“Yes, ma’am”

“Do you know what size she needs?” she was still the ever the courteous Wal-Mart Associate.

“She wears a large I think,” realizing that I hadn’t discussed this as thoroughly as I wanted to with my wife.

“Well, hun, panties are measured by numbers….depends on a girls height and weight really, but typically a large is about an “8”.: Follow me.”

She took me over to the packages of Hanes Her Way panties and started to point them out when I saw my wife jerking her head to the thongs.

“Actually, ma’am, long story, but I was looking for something a bit…sexier. You see mom has been down lately and my wife thinks that getting her panties, will…..well you don’t need to know the whole story, I guess – already sound like a pervert for sure”.

Something in that little story actually brought her smile back and even though I felt like even more of a pervert, I had this older chubby mom like associate leading me to the thongs and where my wife was waiting.

“Are you thinking more along the lines of a bikini or a thong or what”, she asked careful not to let the other customer (Kat), know who the end user was.

“Actually my wife thought we should buy mom a thong”, I said, just as careful to use mom’s name in the sentence.

Grimacing just a bit that the customer now heard and would think her just as perverted as me, the clerk started picking out a few thongs and asking what I thought. Just at that point, I heard Kat say, “Sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhearing you, are you really buying panties for your mom?”

I nodded yes.

“Well if you are such a perverted son to be buying his mom thongs, then maybe you’d like this thong better” she said holding up a thong wtth a see through crotch.

Taking the panties from her, she glanced at the clerk, who couldn’t believe that I was so daring as to take that pair and actually consider them for my mom. My wife rolled her eyes at the clerk and said, “See guys never get over the sight of mommy’s pussy do they.” The clerk looked embarrassed and confused. Knowing that I could not play this off for very much longer, I made my last comment and left the building.

“Actually mom has a much sexier butt, I have a thing for big butts”. Then pretending like I just heard what I said, I acted extremely embarrassed (not hard to do), I thanked the clerk and headed for the front of the store, with the clerk standing watching me go.

My wife was at the front waiting for me and no sooner than we paid for the thong, we got in the car that her hands had my cock out in an instance. As I drove away fingers in my wife’s hot pussy I was amazed at what we had just done.

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