Our Desires Ch. 06


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of my editor Rovijack43 who has helped me with all my stories. You are awesome, Rovijack43, and I thank you!


She looks so beautiful lying there, breathless and satisfied and a big smile crosses her face as we stand there looking at her triumphantly. We look around at each other and grin from ear to ear. He reaches over to me to grab the dress that is hanging limply on my body, and pushes it off my shoulders. It falls to the ground and a chill runs up my spine. It is a chill of anticipation, of desire. He looks over my body slowly as if I were a display item. He comes to me and pulls me into his arms, taking my mouth quickly to his. His firm grip holds me tight against his body as his hands run across my soft skin. His hands awaken each and every inch that they touch. My skin comes alive under his touch, electrified. It seems to be reaching out to him as he barely skims over the surface. His tongue glides across my lips and down my neck. “Mmmmm,” escapes from my throat. I am no longer of my own free will; I am under his spell. His tongue laps at my ear lobe and his hot breath stirs the juices between my legs.

“I want to hear you call my name,” he whispers to me. I tilt my head back, enjoying the feeling, drifting to another world. “Tell me you want me,” he says a little louder, almost biting my earlobe now, forcing me to stay in touch with reality. My mind searches for the answer. “Chris,” he whispers sternly, then grabs my hair and pulls my head back. Our eyes meet and I see only desire, lust and the need to pleasure.

“I want you, Chris.” I murmur as he crushes his mouth to mine, our tongues playing with each other. His hands skim my body and awaken any areas that might still be sleeping. His fingers explore the depths of my wet pussy in just one movement and my legs spread automatically to allow him more access. The inside of my pussy drowns in its own juice as his fingers search and reach. I look up at his beautiful eyes and sigh, “Oh Chris, I want you now.” He picks me up and takes me to the hammock, positioning me cross ways on it, face up. He spreads my legs wide, grabs the sides of the hammock and pulls my wet pussy against his hard cock. He slides in easily then pulls the hammock so it swings me on to him hard and deep. “Oh, yes! Fuck me good.” I exclaim.

He grunts, “Yes!” as he fucks me with such purpose, pounding into me; I reach up and grab my breast lightly tweaking the nipple.

“Mmmmm,” escapes my throat as I thrust my pussy up to him. He reaches down and rubs my clit as he buries his cock deep inside me. “Oh fuck, yes!” I moan loudly. He rubs my clit faster; I pull on my nipples and knead my breasts. His cock feels so good inside me.

“OH SHIT YES!” he yells, and I raise my legs a little more as he slams deeper inside me. I reach under and cup his balls as they slam against my ass. I wonder for a brief second how he would feel sliding into my tight ass. I smile, knowing it would be a form of heaven. Just the thought has my orgasm rushing to be released. He watches my face as he pleasures me.

“OH FUCK YES!” I yell as I tweak my own nipple, pull on his balls and squeeze his throbbing cock inside me as my body shudders in orgasm. “OH CHRIS!!!”

“AAAAHHHH SHIT! YES!” he says as he unloads inside me. I feel his hot cum shoot deep inside, my pussy convulsing around him, drinking him, joining him. “YES, take it all baby!” He thrusts again and releases another burst of cum. I continue squeezing him, draining him as my orgasm rips through me. He thrusts hard into me, bends down, pulls me up to him and kisses me firmly. His tongue parts my willing lips and slips inside my mouth.

“Mmmm,” I moan into his mouth. He holds me tightly to him, our bodies clinging to one another. I cup the back of his head and pull him into a more passionate kiss. I release him and look into his bright eyes. “You feel really good, Chris,” I tell him.

He smiles and Betturkey says, “So do you!” His eyes light up and then he turns and motions to you and Kitty, “Come over here you two!”

‘Oh my god,’ I think to myself, ‘whatever he has in mind, I know it will bring us all extreme pleasure!’ He stands up and backs away from my spread legs. Kitty comes over and kneels between my legs, licks my wet lips and kisses my clit. As she licks our juices from her lips she climbs on top of me spreading her legs slightly wider than mine. I see you behind me, holding the hammock to keep it steady and watching with a great deal of curiosity. I look up and notice that your cock is mouth level and starting to rise at the mere thought of what is going to happen. I grab Kitty’s head and pull her towards me for a soft kiss. God, her lips are so delicious. She lowers herself until all of her weight is on top of me. She slowly grinds her pussy into me and I raise my hips up. Our pelvic bones are even and our clits are kissing each other. I feel her little nub rub against mine and we both shiver with pleasure. She takes the kiss deeper, giving in to the burning desire that is building and we move in unison, grinding our clits against each other. I feel Chris put his hands on us, and as he slips a finger inside me and another into Kitty, we gasp into each other’s mouths. We press our wetness harder into each other and I caress her backside softly.

Chris slides his fingers into each of us in unison, gathering speed with every stroke. Oh God, I’m in heaven, I think to myself. We rub our bodies against each other softly caressing each other’s soft skin. Our nipples are taunt and sensitive rubbing on one another, fueling an intense orgasm. His fingers go deeper into each of us, and we moan loudly into each other’s mouths. I hold her mouth to mine, wanting to feel all of her when our bodies shudder in pleasure. We buck and grind wildly into each other, onto his fingers.

“Mmmm,” Kitty moans. Our kiss is broken, both of us breathing hard. She buries her head in my neck and rides the waves of pleasure. He fucks us harder reaching greater depth. Our clits grind, flick and kiss one another.

“Oh yes, OH FUCK, yes!” I cry out as my body shudders. “Oh, Kitty, you feel so good!” I whisper in her ear, not knowing if she heard me over her screams.

“OH FUCK! Yes! DON’T STOP!” she bellows out, smiling at me. We squeeze his fingers inside us, rub against each other and shudder in each other’s arms. He slows his fucking and gradually comes to a stop. Our bodies still lightly caress one another, attempting to recover. He grabs the edge of the hammock and pulls us closer to him, then slides his throbbing rod into me as Kitty grinds lovingly against my clit.

“Oh yeeeees!” I scream. The sensation is beyond anything I have ever known and small shudders of the recent orgasm still work their way through our bodies.

He thrusts into me and I thrust as much as I can back at him. He pulls his cock out of me and sticks it into Kitty’s dripping pussy. “Ohhhh!” she gasps into my neck. She nibbles on my flesh and heightens my arousal as I feel him pushing against her with greater force. It makes our clits rub together harder and the next orgasm quickly approaches. “Oh yes!” Kitty whispers into my ear.

Extremely aroused by all this action, you come up and offer your stiff cock to my lips as the hammock swings back your way. I tilt my head up as much as I can, stick my tongue out and lick the tip trying to suck in the head. Kitty lifts up and notices the treat I’ve been offered. She leans over and opens her mouth to you. “Oh yes, ladies, take every bit of it!” you whisper to us as we begin our assault on your throbbing cock.

Chris thrusts into Kitty a few times then plunges into me again. I watch as she wraps her beautiful lips around your hard cock while I lap at your balls. He thrusts harder and faster and our bodies grind together. “OH SHIT. Oh you feel so fucking good.” He grunts as he continues Betturkey Giriş to fuck each of us in turn, never missing a swing of the hammock.

Kitty sucks you deep into her throat as her moans deepen. You thrust faster into her mouth and I pull your balls into my mouth to lick and suck them. I reach up and place a hand on Kitty’s head as you fuck her mouth. I watch her lovely lips slide up and down your cock. “Oh God, yes!” you moan in passion.

Chris fucks us harder and faster, Kitty and I writhing against one another as everyone’s orgasm nears. Our clits kiss each other, our moans become louder as we lick, suck and lap at you. I buck up at Chris as he buries himself deep inside me for a few strokes. My pussy aches and yearns for his cock when he pulls out to fuck Kitty. The dual sensation is amazing. I grind harder into Kitty as Chris plunges into her wetness and you pump faster into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she moans loudly, pressing her clit harder against mine. Our bodies are one big frenzy of passion, pressing and writhing into one another.

“Ohhhhh!” I moan onto your balls as Chris reaches new depths. I reach down and rub Kitty’s nice ass and reach my fingers down far enough so I can feel Chris enter her wetness.

“OH SHIT! I’M GOING TO CUM!” he shouts, thrusting harder into my wanting pussy. I try to squeeze around him so he won’t leave. He plunges into me once then into Kitty once alternating quickly. I feel him squirting inside me as he plunges deeper. Kitty presses into me and your balls start to tighten up. Kitty moans louder and I feel her body tense and then shudder on top of mine. Her clit feels so nice rubbing across mine. I tense up and moan loudly with your balls in my mouth as my body convulses in intense orgasm.

“Oh fuck, yes! Drink it!” you shout as you cum into Kitty’s mouth thrusting hard and deep. Kitty gasps onto your cock as her orgasm rushes through her. I lift up a little and help Kitty drink your cum, our tongues lapping around your giving slit as your cum shoots out into our mouths.

“FUCK! YES!” Chris yells as his pace slows. He bends down to kiss Kitty’s nice ass, then gives it a loving swat. Kitty rubs slower against my body as her orgasm subsides. I lick her sweet lips as we clean each other up from your hot cum. My body relaxes and I lie back, unable to move.

Kitty and I lie exhausted and breathless; our bodies melded together in pleasure. She leans in and kisses me softly with a big smile on her face then rolls off me. We are all dying of thirst at this point and decide to head to the house for refreshments. We quickly whip up a batch of margaritas; grab some crackers and cheese and head back to the pool. It is amazing that we all seem to feel very relaxed around each other in the nude, even when we aren’t sexually engaged.

We sit around the pool for a while wound in conversation about sexual fantasies, eating our snack and gulping the margaritas. We learn that Chris has just lived one of his and we all agree that it’s your turn next. You decide to think about it over another pitcher of margaritas and I follow Kitty into the house to take care of that request. I watch her sweet ass shake back and forth as she walks. Her skin is so soft and so damn delicious I am willingly captivated by this woman. She turns to look at me as if feeling my eyes on her.

“You are so amazing Kitty, I can’t seem to get enough of you,” I say to her as we gather the margarita ingredients.

“I feel the same way about you,” she says with a mischievous smirk on her face and we lean in to share a soft kiss. Once her lips are on mine, I part them with my tongue and pull her body into mine. A quick kiss is not enough for me; I can’t get enough of her. The warmth, the softness, the smell all have me quickly drowning in desire.

“Mmmmm,” she moans into my mouth. I feel her giving herself to me, as she leans into me and let her hands explore freely. Her hand caresses my breast, gently tweaking my nipple. I run my hand across her firm ass and grab it, pulling her pussy into mine. Lost in the deep kiss, the passion, we forget all else. She reaches down and brushes her fingers across my increasingly wet pussy. I shudder at the slight touch and goosebumps form across my skin as she presses her fingers deep into my wetness.

“Mmmm, oh yes, Kitty!” I moan and take her mouth passionately; our tongues play an erotic game of tag massaging one another as they pass. Her fingers reach deep as she wiggles them, stretching them inside me. I press my body as close to her as I can get, her other hand firmly grasping my ass. Her pace increases with each thrust, her palm slapping at my clit, which is now hard. I thrust my hips at her hand, squeeze her fingers inside me and drown in pleasure. “Mmmm,” I continually moan into her mouth. I break the kiss and go to her neck. I lick, kiss and nibble on it then move to her ear lobes. As her desire rises, she fucks me even faster. I reach up and grab her beautiful breast and rub her nipple between my fingers, increasing the pressure as she increases her pace. I rotate my hips against her hand and ride her fingers.

“Oh yes, God yes!” she cries out and slams against my clit. “Cum for me baby,” she whispers. As if on command, my body shudders against hers; my pussy squeezes her fingers inside as she fucks me even faster.

“OH YES! OH GOD KITTY!” I yell as my body becomes limp with pleasure. The orgasm is so intense Kitty is almost using her hand to hold me up as she sinks her fingers deep inside me. She holds them there, feeling my orgasm close in around her fingers, my juices flowing down her hand. When the feeling subsides, she pulls her fingers from me and puts one in her mouth and offers the other to me. I eagerly suck her finger clean, while watching her do the same. I look at her and we smile at one another. “I need to taste you. I want to run my tongue across your sweet pussy lips and sink it inside you,” I whisper to her as I back her up against the counter. I see her shudder lightly at the thought of my tongue inside her. I help her up on to the counter and she spreads her legs wide for me. I kiss her soft lips, smile then start my descent.

“Hurry, I need your mouth,” she pleads. I look up at her and smile. I take her already hard nipple into my mouth, flick my tongue across it and tweak it between my teeth. She gasps and shivers under my touch, arching her back. She grabs my head and pushes me toward her sweetness. I can smell her sex from here, and the sweet aroma has me rushing to get there. I look at her loveliness and lick my lips. She spreads her slightly swollen lips for me and I dive in, licking inside her lips from one end to the other. The mixture of her own juices along with mine and Chris’ is by far the most potent drink I’ve ever had.

“Mmmmm,” I moan into her pussy and dip my tongue inside for a taste of the stronger mix. My tongue slides in and out reaching deep. She thrusts her hips at me and holds my head there. I fuck her with my tongue as her hips buck at my face. I reach up and rub her clit and watch her body melt under my assault.

“Oh yes! Oh God your tongue feels so good,” she moans. I feel her body tensing and small shudders begin to run through her. I lap at her, tongue her and then lock her clit into my mouth and suck it tenderly. She holds my head tighter as she presses her pussy into my mouth. Her body convulses as I continue to lap and suck her juices as they flow in and around my mouth. Oh, the sweet taste of her, I don’t dare miss a drop. I fuck her with my tongue again tasting the very sweetness heaven is made of. “Oh, yes,” Kitty whispers as I drink her nectar. I slow a little, letting her relax and come down. I clean her and make my way back up to take her hard nipple between my teeth and lightly nibble, sending chills through her body. Just as I reach her lips, I hear a noise behind us.

“Hey you two, it’s supposed to be my turn. But WOW, that was so hot.” I turn to see the huge smile on your face and your hard on standing proud.

I help Kitty down from the counter; we grab the pitcher of margaritas and head for the door. We smile mischievously as we make our way back to the pool.

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