One Sunny Afternoon


One sunny and warm afternoon my wife, Summer and I were working in our backyard vegetable garden. She was wearing her beige bra and a pair of faded denim shorts. I on the other hand was completely nude except for my well-worn green baseball cap and runners that were on my feet — I have sensitive feet. You see I am a total exhibitionist and my wife loves that about me so I do most of my gardening in our yard naked.

As we were gardening my wife says to me, “You may want to put some cloths on in a few because Kim is swinging by to drop something off.”

Really! Kim is coming by, I thought. You see Kim is my sister-in-law. She is nearly the exact same age as my wife. Their birthdays are literally just days apart. Uncanny, right! Kim also shares another attribute with my wife; she has big beautiful tits. When I say big, I mean the kind you just want to shove your face into and motor-boat.

“Where’s Joe? Is he dropping in also?” I probed, my curiosity peaked by her potentially fortuitous announcement.

You see Joe is my wife’s brother. He probably wouldn’t approve of my little planned display that was already starting to brew and bubble in my mind, but oh well, I really didn’t give a shit.

“Kim and Joe are having a garage sale today and he is going to stay at the house.” Summer said while spooning small amounts of dark moist soil into a terracotta pot with her little purple garden tool.

All I could think was, you’re shitting me! Kim is coming over to my house without Joe and I am already standing here naked on a perfect sunny day like today. It’s a perfect storm. I may never get another opportunity like this in my lifetime. fixbet

After about twenty minutes or so I excused myself I went over to the other side of the house to look for some lattice for the bean plants. In reality I needed to be on that side of the house so I could hear when Kim pulled up. Just as expected, I didn’t have to wait long at all. All of a sudden I heard her car door open and her voice. I couldn’t make out what she was saying or to whom she was speaking too, strain as I may, but it was definitely her voice. I remember thinking, oh my god this is going to happen. I’ve know this woman for more than a decade and I have always want to show her my cock and finally, fucking finally it was moments away from becoming a reality.

I waited for her to get inside the house before I made my way across my backyard and over to the garden where my wife was diligently working away. I knew I was seconds away before she came bursting through my back door unannounced in search of my wife. There was literally no known force in this universe that could possibly get me dressed fast enough to prevent her from seeing me in all my glory.

As sure as the sun rises in the East all the pieces came together and she stepped out into my backyard and saw us. Her eyes opened in shock and a huge grin quickly appeared on her face as she let slip a small giggle. She saw me nude!

Now I don’t think she was all that surprised that I was gardening in the nude. Hell, that’s common knowledge around my family and friends. I think she was just amazed that she was witnessing it firsthand.

Without skipping beat she sauntered right over fixbet giriş to the garden. And it was a sight I will never forget. She had a girlish grin and her big bountiful tits were jiggling to a fro as she strolled toward us.

I think it is important to point out that I don’t have a huge python of a dick. You see it’s rather average in length. However, this is the kicker; I am a “grower, not a shower.” My dick hard is about five inches long, but when I am not hard it’s only about an inch. At that exact moment my cock looked more like a short stubby thick pint-size one-eyed Al Capone resting on two big balls.

So, there I was standing there with little Al in plain view of my sister-in-law and all she could do at first is snicker at it. Finally, she spun around a full 360 degrees like a school girl and sheepishly said, “Should I close my eyes or something?”

Really? Should I close my eyes or something? This from the woman that for years would show up to children’s birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, or whatever family function with her big fat tits spilling out of her top. I remember one time we had her step-son’s birthday at a water park full of kids and she showed up in a blue thong. There was nothing left to the imagination that day. Her swimsuit must have been made of some sort of classified space-age titanium fabric because her big cottage cheese ass and enormous melons would have shredded any normal consumer based swimwear. One would think she would be all over nudity the way she displayed her own voluptuous body to everyone over the years.

I looked over at my wife and she just rolled her eyes. My wife knows I am a major exhibitionist so she is used to woman “accidently” seeing me nude.

Anyway, I just laughed and said, “If you want too.”

From there everything pretty much normalized — except for me being naked in front of two women that weren’t. We spent the next half an hour discussing different techniques for growing vegetables and keeping vermin away from the plants. Kim is an avid gardener and lives a very Bohemian lifestyle. She is after all an encyclopedia of information when it comes to plants and home remedies. Her parents like my wife’s parents all grew up in the sixties and were hippies. My parents were the exact opposites, conservative Catholics so it’s a learning process for me and I’m loving every minute of it.

Now the only thing that could have made this entire situation even better would have been if Kim had brought Zoe along with her that day. Zoe is her oldest son’s eighteen year old girlfriend who tags along like a remora to a shark. This girl is a five-foot something little hard-body hotty. She has a cute little ass and the most precious looking little mounds on her chest you have ever seen. I’ve seen this girl in a bikini and I am here to tell you she is fucking smoking. I half expected Zoe to be there when my wife said Kim was coming by but as fate would have it that fine sunny day she stayed home to help Joe with the yard sale. No matter, I will just have to add her to my bucket list of women. Mark my words, Zoe will see me naked someday.

All and all I had a great time. I love to be fully naked in front of fully clothed woman and my sister-in-law was definitely one of those woman I wanted to have seen me naked. I hope it happens again soon. God knows I’ve wanked enough over Kim over the years just thinking about her seeing me naked. I am glad it became a reality that day.

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