On Vacation

Big Tits

Being on vacation the past few days has been great, my wife and I are both relaxed and actually avoided getting sunburned. Our room on the ocean has the perfect breeze and sounds from the surf. My wife looks beautiful and I am not the only one that notices. Every time we walk past the pool and outside bar men (and women) of all ages watch her walk by; a sly smile appears on her face. She is beautiful to look at with sun kissed skin, long hair and beautiful curves. It becomes noticeably uncomfortable for me to walk behind her with the short and tight bathing suit she bought me for this trip. The growing bulge in my suit gains me a few appreciative glances too!

We are in our room now, it is late afternoon and we relax with nothing but time on our hands. For a change she asks for a cocktail, the perfect gin and tonic. We take them to the deck of our room overlooking the water and the people below. My anticipation level is high, she is experiencing a powerful sexual drive today and has been flirting with me since we woke up. My dick has been in different stages of readiness for the better part of the day and is begging for attention. Just as we are finishing our drinks, the man waves from the balcony next door.

We both noticed the couple next door when we were checking in a few days ago. Nice, good looking couple around our age. Not sure what their accent is but they are both friendly. She has talked to the man several times over the past few days, in the elevator the lobby and once we had a drink with them by the pool. It was a surprise to see her flirt like she was, usually she is very reserved. The man is her type though, a little taller than me, dark skin, nice hair on his chest and body and great hands. He makes her laugh and she does so easily when they talk! Makes me wonder if she gets wet when he talks to her; I will need to look into this first hand!

His wife is good looking too, short black hair, full mouth, quiet but intense eyes. When she smiles at me I need to turn away or remain seated! She smells great, they both do. One day after they came back from a run on the beach we rode the elevator together, the four of us. It was hard to tell if his wife noticed me trying to enjoy her scent but I sure noticed my wife checking out the man’s scent. My wife’s skin flushed slightly and her nipples hardened. No one noticed because she had raised her towel in an attempt to be modest. Her eyes kept looking at his arms and hands, he was wearing a tank top that was tight, and it showed off his form. A little sweat and man scent and she was starting to laugh, almost giggling as we talked. The man’s wife kept my attention as we rode up the elevator and just as we approached our floor she looks me straight in the eye then to my wife. I followed her gaze and we both caught her as she let her eyes wander over his body. His wife looked at me again and smiled slightly brushing against the obvious bulge in my shorts.

We finished out drink and I stood up to get us two more. When I returned our friends were talking to my wife across the balcony. She invited them over for a drink.

They knocked at our door a few minutes later. When I opened the door my wife and I were both shocked; the couple looked great, better than ever! He was wearing shorts but quite obviously nothing under them. The bulge and movement of his cock was not to be missed. His tank top fit great and he was not wearing shoes. Basically the man had two articles of clothing on and that was all! She was wearing a wraparound skirt with a slit up the side and blue silk top and no bra. She had small breasts but very alert nipples. My wife and I were both caught smiling and staring and after some embarrassed laughter we invited them in, accepted their bottle of champagne and relaxed into conversation.

At one point the woman went back to her room for something leaving my wife and me with the man. He was at the counter and we were coffeedonutfest.com on the other side. She was pouring some champagne and I was grabbing a few snacks. As I reached down to grab a plate she guided my hand into her loose fitting shorts. As I thought she was wet, very wet! One of my fingers slipped inside of her and she adjusted her legs farther apart allowing me to easily use another finger and rub her clit while she continued to talk to him. This was very exciting, she was flirting with a man just a few feet away and I hand my fingers inside of her! We both thought he did not see what I was doing and tried to keep the conversation going. It was too obvious so she reluctantly guided my hand away. Around the corner I tasted her on my fingers; it made me rock hard!

His wife returned to the room and we all sat on the private balcony. As soon as we walked outside a breeze blew her dress open enough to leave no doubt that she was not wearing underwear. Nothing bothered her she simply smiled, smoothed her dress and sat down exposing plenty of her leg as the dress gently fell open. She was a natural beauty like my wife, with a great bush of hair. When the man sat down across from my wife it was easy to see up his shorts which no doubt was his intention. Never before have I seen my wife stare at another man as blatantly as she was. It had become obvious to me she needed some sexual release and soon!

His wife smiles at us while she moved closer to her husband and begins to rub his cock. Immediately he becomes hard and his penis extends beyond the end of his shorts. His cock is thick, a good length and from the look on my wife’s face, worth the attention! They asked if they could enjoy themselves while we watched. It was something they liked to do and there was no obligation for us to participate unless we wanted to. We both smiled and said let the show begin!

First thing she did was to take off her top exposing her dark nipples, there was a slight touch if hair under her arms. She had a beautiful back, well-toned and no tan lines. At that point I was not sure I would make it to the end of the show!

The woman reached over and pulled her husband’s shirt off; I could hear an audible breath from my wife as she stirred in her seat to get comfortable and no doubt to position herself for a better view of this man. It was obvious she liked what she saw!

His shorts were worthless at this point so the woman pulled them off. His cock was hard, his body well-toned and he is a good looking man. He looked directly into my wife’s eyes and slowly stroked himself. She was enjoying his attention and everything about this private show and the intimacy of the setting!

His wife unhooked her dress and it fell to the floor. She was a beautiful woman and when she sat down next to her husband and looked at us my wife and I could barely speak. The two of them were simply spectacular to look at. With one hand she caressed her breast and nipple while she looked me in the eye keeping her legs crossed. She surprised us when she pulled her nipple and pinched it hard causing her eyes to close and arching her back. She sat up opened her eyes and uncrossed her legs. Everyone was watching her. Then her husband placed one leg over the arm of the chair; the show was now focused on him though I am not sure my wife ever stopped looking his direction.

With his legs apart he was slowly stoking his hard dick spending time on the head, rubbing the full length. With his other hand he was massaging his balls and rubbing his ass – he is fully masturbating while staring at my wife and she loves it! They are only about two feet apart so this is a very intimate experience. They are close enough my wife can hear his hands moving over his skin and smell his excitement. I am not sure who is enjoying it more, he or my wife but one thing is obvious they are both enjoying themselves! While they are staring at each other I reach over and unbutton my wife’s top and as soon as he sees her spectacular breasts his stroking increases. She reaches up and rubs her erect nipple and smiles – now who is running the show!

His wife sees his pleasure building so she takes his hands away from his throbbing penis. He almost seems relieved. He places his hands behind his head and keeps his legs apart. His wife begins kissing his chest and playing with his nipples. Seeing her from behind as she kisses her husband is so hot! She begins to kiss his mouth and they passionately make out while he caresses her back, and grab her ass and squeezing her butt cheeks with his strong hands. You can see where his hands left imprints, a slight pink color rising to the surface of her skin. She is not touching his cock at all, it is erect with his balls and ass hole visible. My wife unzips my shorts and starts stroking me slowly and at one point grabs both my balls in her hand and squeezes them to a point that I am just about ready to make her stop but she does so on her own. I am left with a throbbing hard on and a pulsing ache in my balls and a desire for my wife that is stronger than I have ever had!

Their kissing is starting to get pretty hot and passionate. They are both making moans and sexual sounds, his hands and roaming over her body and starting to explore between her legs. Suddenly he grabs her hair and looks her in the eye and with his other hand slides two fingers deep into her wet pussy, kissing her mouth deeply while she rides his fingers and hand. This is something she is obviously enjoying and he knows where and how to move his fingers in her pussy. His hands are magic to her body and she responds to his touch, her wet vagina glistens and makes wet sounds as his thick fingers explore her and make her purr. The sounds she makes and how her body moves turn me on even more.

My wife leans over and kisses me with a passion that is as raw and intense as I could imagine. Again she has her hand on my cock and scrapes her fingernails along the inside of my thigh until my balls are once again tightly in her hand.

My wife and I separate when we hear them moving and talking quietly to each other. He has moved his wife back against the couch and is straddling her. She is making herself available to him, her legs apart with an obviously wet pussy open and waiting. As he moves his cock close to her private she takes him in her hand and guides him to her wet lips running the head of his cock teasingly against her hard clit. He thinks he will be deep inside of her but she has other plans. I can’t stop staring at her wet lips, beautiful bush of dark hair, and her ass slightly open hiding nothing of her most intimate parts. She sits up and starts sucking him not too aggressively but with an intense passion and desire. Slowly sucking his cock and then licking his balls, smelling him and using her hands to rub where she is not using her mouth.

The view my wife and I have is spectacular. Two feet in front of us there is a naked man and women. She is sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs spread open offering us a full view of her beauty both intimate and raw at the same time. I can smell her scent. The man is standing before her with his ass just in front of us, hips slowly moving to his wife’s attention. His balls are visible just below his ass and when she pushes his cock to the side to suck and smell his balls you got a full view of his hard dick.

She continues the passionate blow job and begins to take him deep in her throat slowing controlling and guiding him. With both of her hands she pulls his ass checks apart. My wife’s gets a full view of his ass hole and is memorized as his wife digs her fingernails into is ass slowly raking them across his skin leaving trails of red lines leading to his crotch. While she does this he is deep in her throat and his hands are on her head gripping her hair. They look into each other’s eyes. I can’t believe he has not cum, I am just about to and I am not feeling her hot mouth on my dick!

My wife has her hand between her legs and her shorts undone. She is using her fingers in a slow and intense self-pleasuring while she stares at the passionate scene playing out just a few feet in front of her. I notice her foot is touching his leg as he steadies himself. Her other leg is against me. As I adjust myself in my chair I make contact with his wife’s foot. With one hand his wife continues to guide her husband’s cock into her mouth and the other one begins to touch her wet vagina fingers sliding in and out rubbing her clit and full wet lips.

Enough cock sucking! He sits on the couch and his wife straddles him. She takes his dick in her hand and guides to the opening of her pussy. We have a full view as the head of his dick slips inside of her. She pulls it out and puts it back in this time half of his hard cock slides deeper into her wetness. The view of her ass is wide apart to accommodate her man. Her ass hole is exposed and wet from where her creamy wetness has run between her legs. This is the most intense scene I have witnessed, I can see her, smell her, hear her and imagine being inside her. My wife is enjoying this too. She has involuntarily placed her leg over mine and is rubbing his with her other leg. She is watching as his cock disappears inside the woman’s wet private. Every time it goes in deeper she pleasures herself a little faster. This time he goes all the way in and I am about to cum! I can’t take much more. My wife is not usually vocal but she is moaning with pleasure and anticipation. The woman raises her feet off of the floor allowing him to slide all the way inside of her then they pause for a moment and kiss deeply.

Her pace quickens and she begins to ride her husband’s cock faster. The sounds of their love making is hot, wet and raw. I smell them see them hear them and I am actually touching her leg as she moves. My dick is about to burst! My wife is moaning quietly, watching with an intensity I have never witnessed from her before. It is my guess that if he came on to her now she would fuck him and orgasm immediately. That would be hot to watch!

Their pace quickens and sounds become more intense. He is thrusting up into her and she is grinding down on him. This is it. You can see his cock thicken with anticipation his balls are slapping against his wife with every thrust. Suddenly my wife kicks of her shorts and sits on my lap with her back to me facing our friends. My hard dick slides inside of her now soaking wet pussy! Never have I felt her so hot. She starts to orgasm and continues to build with passion. The couple also starts to cum. She gasps and he yells some obscenity as he cums inside of her. They are both moaning and sweating. I pull myself deep inside of my wife and cum so hard I can barely remain conscious! My wife experiences the best orgasm of her life and actually squirts as she climaxes; her first female ejaculation experience.

We all sit their holding our partner. In time his cock begins to soften and slides out of his wife’s pussy. We see cum on his dick and it begins to drip from his still partially hard cock. Our experience is the same as I slide out of my beautiful wife, we watch cum drip from my dick. We kiss passionately deeply with a love that is intense. I am hard enough to slide my dick inside of her as we make out. She kisses so hot! This is such a romantic act, gently sliding inside of her, she has one arm over her head exposing such hot curves, and her scent; we continue to kiss. I can feel my cock begin to swell. In the background we hear the door close quietly as our friends return to their room.

My wife and I gently, passionately, slowly kiss and grind into each other. I hold her wrist down over her head and against the cushion. We both orgasm intensely together. Exhausted we lay together and drift off to sleep. She is perfect for me forever.

I love my beautiful wife.

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