On The Edge Ch. 07


This story is a work of fiction and all sexually active characters are age 18 or older.


Wils hesitated, holding his rigidity between Ann’s firm ass cheeks. “Are you sure this won’t hurt you?”

“Only in a good way,” Ann replied. “As long as your cock is well lubed and there’s enough goop squirted up my ass, we’re good to go. Take your time and keep it slow and steady until you hit bottom.”

Wils applied his condom-sheathed prick to Ann’s glistening rosebud, watching and feeling the crinkled flesh compress and gradually dilate as his hips pushed him against his girlfriend’s naked ass. His glans pushed through the tight barrier, trapping the flared head as Ann contributed a steady rearward pressure.

“Atta boy, keep going!” the girl panted. “I need you to fuck my ass ’til I scream. Don’t stop until you cum. Fuck me like you’re trying to break me.”

Emboldened, Wils grabbed the firm hips before him and steadily sodomized her tightly stretched bunghole. He felt her lubricated tunnel gradually part as he advanced, noting a furnace-like heat similar to the girl’s pussy and mouth. His hips bumped against her fleshy buttocks, signalling that he was firmly seated in his girlfriend’s rectum. He felt a twinge of guilt combined with perverse joy at violating his parent’s religious teachings.

Wils slowly withdrew his prick until only the head was trapped in Ann’s ass, then reversed course and drove himself back into her hole. Ann gasped and thrust back against the intruder, hilting him fully into her.

She reached between her legs and caressed his hanging scrotum. “I want you to hammer my ass so these lovely balls smack against my pussy.” Her fingers retreated to stroke her dripping labia as the young man began to shaft her rear hole with increasing vigor.

The lad grunted as each thrust hammered home, the anal ring stretched tightly around his rampant lubricated shaft, pulling and collapsing the girl’s flesh as he plundered her. He felt his orgasm approach and muttered a warning to the sweating figure beneath him.

Ann pushed back against each thrust, whimpering, panting and coughing with the effort of taking a hard penis deeply into her body. Her fingers strummed her clitoris as his nutsack contracted to strike the bottom of her swollen labia. She clamped her sphincter tight around the staff producing such incredible sensations in her rump.

Wils couldn’t resist the stimulation and pounded his cock into her raw, reddened rectum. The force of his thrusts collapsed the orgasming girl to the bed with her hand trapped against her teeming twat. He continued to pound her ass as the semen raced up the length of his swollen prick and pumped several blasts into the condom.

Still cojoined, the breathless couple rolled onto their sides. “Fuck me, that was intense! Stay inside for a bit. Pull out after you go soft.” Ann tilted her head back to nuzzle her lover’s sweaty face. “How did you like pounding my bum?”

Wils kissed the shell of Ann’s ear. “It was – is dirty, and debauched, and… powerful. I knew you wanted this and pushed back to take more, so I wasn’t overly worried about hurting you.” He rested his head on hers as the appropriate words surfaced. “Right at the end I didn’t care that I might injure you; all I wanted to do was cum as deeply in your rectum as possible.” He wrapped his arms more firmly around his girlfriend. “What can you possibly teach me about sex to surpass this?”

Ann pulled his head forward to kiss him. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe a threesome?” She smirked at his astonished look. “I’m certain my brother would loan us his girlfriend to continue your worldly education.”

Wils was stunned. “I, um, Alex, Janice. They wouldn’t want that,” he sputtered. His flagging erection slid out of the giggling girl’s ass to the accompaniment of a couple of delicate queefs.

“Oops, you pumped a little air up there,” she giggled. “Surely you’ve noticed how nice a body Janice has. I’m envious of her tits. They’re so big and firm. Have you noticed how often her nipples stick out – horny bitch. We could double team her; you on one boob and me licking and sucking the other.” Ann deftly slipped the slimy condom off her boyfriend’s firming prick and tossed it into her trash can. Pushing the lad onto his back, she tucked her calves under his arms and lowered her face to his crotch.

Wils pulled the gaping pussy onto his mouth as Ann similarly engulfed his cock. She slurped and sucked, drooling saliva along the length of his shaft. As his trimmed pubic hair glistened with her excess spit, her hands fondled his scrotum and stroked the length of member not engulfed by her mouth.

Wils kneaded her ass as he feasted on the hole before him. It had only been a couple of weeks since this lusty girl took his cherry and introduced him to a variety of sexual practices he had barely fantasized about. As he dug his tongue deeply into her sexual cavern, he thought about the pair of them pleasuring Janice. The thought sent a pulse through tuzla eve gelen escort the shaft buried in his girlfriend’s mouth.

Ann pulled her hips free of Wils’ grasp and turned to mount him. “You were thinking about Janice, weren’t you?” She smiled brightly at him as she slid his cock home in her freshly licked cunt. “Can you imagine what Janice and I could do with you? I could sit on your face and she could ride your stiffy. Or she and I could sixty-nine while you fuck her from behind. I could lick your cock as it slides back and forth in her.”

Wlis was dumbfounded and very aroused at the images Ann’s words were creating in his mind. He warred with the thought of his good friend’s girlfriend having sex with him and performing lesbian acts with Ann against the sheer debauchery and kinky aspect of the whole idea versus not betraying the trust of his friend.

Ann kegeled around his prick with a grin. “I’m going to get the 3 of us together and we’ll fuck your brains out. Alex will be OK with it, trust me. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt my brother. I love him a lot.” She continued her tight slide on his shaft and continued, “You’re going to fuck Janice senseless and I’ll eat your cum out of her battered cunt while you suck her nipples.”

Wils growled and pulled the girl tightly against his groin as he unleashed a second load of cum into his insanely perverted, dirty minded girlfriend. Ann collapsed onto his chest and ravaged his mouth with her agile tongue.


“I noticed a condom in your trash,” Jane Lewis commented to her daughter as Ann breezed into the kitchen after school.

Ann colored and opened the fridge door. “Yeah, well safe sex and all,” the girl mumbled. “He’s never pressured me.” She poured herself an orange juice as she spoke. “In fact, I’m probably the aggressive one.” She observed her mother over the rim of the glass as she drank.

“And what do you think of sex?” Jane queried, suppressing a grin.

“It’s awesome!” Ann gushed. “We take our time and enjoy each other. He’s a really nice guy. I know it’s awkward how you discovered I’m having sex but you knew it would happen someday. Are you mad that we had sex at home? I don’t know how we could have asked permission. This kind of stuff never comes up in sex ed class.” She stood in the middle of the kitchen wearing a slightly worried expression, waiting for her mother’s response.

“Well, the horse has left the barn, so to speak. I’d rather you get together at home instead of somewhere uncomfortable or unsafe. You’re on birth control, we’ve met the boy and Alex vouches for him.” Jane sighed and thought a moment. “Here’s the drill – you and Wils can have sex in your room. We won’t interfere.” She grinned as she spoke, “I guess this means you’re getting that queen size bed you agitated for.”

Ann hugged her mother. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know I can always talk to you about stuff, even weird things like this. It’s tough getting the conversation started.”

Jane hugged her daughter tightly and said, “Have fun, experiment and screw your brains out. Adult life and work make a good sex life tougher as you get older.”

Ann drew back and looked at her mother in astonishment and kissed her on the cheek, then raced up to her room, anxious to tell Janice of her good fortune.

Jane was certain that Alex and Janice were sexually active. It was probably time to have ‘that conversation’ with her son, too.


Monday morning Jane swung by the house to drop off some dry cleaning. The unmistakable sounds of sex carried through her daughter’s bedroom door. Remembering her promise to allow her kids to have sex at home, she spoke through the closed door, “Don’t forget you have to get back to school at some point today.” She heard a faint “Uh-uh uh-huh” as she walked back down the stairs.

Ann made a wide-eyed face at Alex as he continued to fuck his sister. “We’re lucky that she didn’t open the door!’ she laughed.

Her brother kissed her deeply and squeezed one shaking breast. “I’ll give you a ride to school as soon as I’ve ravaged you sufficiently.” He plunged into his sister with long, hard strokes, crushing her clitoral hood against his pelvis.

Ann wrapped her arms and legs around her incestuous lover and rode the slope to orgasm. “Almost there, harder, fuck me harder, stuff me full of your cock, make me cum, fill me up!” Ann’s monologue drifted into incoherence as her orgasm overtook her.

As Ann’s pussy spasmed around her sibling’s stiff cock, Alex groaned out his own release, pumping volleys of baby batter into his sister’s sucking hole.

As they dressed after a quick shower, Alex remarked, “Thanks for paving the way for Janice to stay the night with me. I really like waking up with someone that’s as cuddly and horny as her. I’m surprised Mom’s that cool with it. C’mon, I’ll get you to school.”

“Tell Wils I have a short day today. I need to get him in my tuzla otele gelen escort bed today so Mom doesn’t mention something like ‘I heard you and Ann in her room today’ and blow his and my relationship out of the water before I can get him to understanding what you, Janice and I have is special,” Ann fretted. “I also haven’t seen him in a couple of days and he does an excellent job of scratching that special itch. I’ve got him way more open minded – he now likes rimming and performing anal on me too.”

“Janice told me she wants to take a run at Wils too,” Alex noted. “I know you two want to make a Wils sandwich someday. I think he’d be open to it if it happens ‘accidentally’ but take it one step at a time. It’s still a ways to him being OK with his girlfriend fucking her brother.”


“How are we going to get a threesome going with your boyfriend? I miss having sex with you and your brother. I’m also curious about what your stud’s performance is like,” Janice queried with a big grin. “I haven’t slurped cum out of that sloppy kitty of yours for weeks. In the meantime you’ve been getting doubly fucked and I have to settle for the leftovers that I can eke out of your brother’s awesome cock.”

Ann clapped her hands excitedly. “I have everything worked out. Mom and Daddy are going out Friday night for dinner and then a party with friends. Alex has to work the evening shift so won’t be home until late. If you let yourself in around 7:00, Wils and I will have eaten and be in my room with the door open. We’ll be naked and 69ing. You get naked and sneak in. Wils will be mortified but we can improvise from there. You can tell him that Alex gave the go ahead if you felt like it because he’s working so much and he knows you want to try a threesome. We won’t mention to Wils that you’ve already had several menage a trois with the woman he’s currently screwing and her brother.”

Janice pumped her fist and responded, “Then after we have our threesome, Alex will be home and we each have someone to sleep with!” She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s slender neck and kissed her deeply. “I haven’t tasted pussy since you and Wils hooked up. I’m going to suck your twat so dry that he’s going to have to send you to Jiffy Lube to get his prick in you.”

Friday night arrived with Ann and Wils alone in the house. “I made something light because I need you to be energetic tonight. We haven’t been together since Monday and I’m in need of some attention,” she warned, not mentioning the 3 times she and Alex had sex during the week.

Wils inquired, “When’s Alex getting home? I haven’t hung out with him between classes, soccer, me tutoring and him working after school.”

“I know. Janice is so perpetually horny these days that she’ll screw the crack of dawn. She’d peel your clothes off in a second. It would be fun to watch her ravage you – she’s really strong!” Ann pointed her fork at her boyfriend, “You wouldn’t have a chance in a wrestling match with that chick. Believe me, I know.” She smirked and dug into her salad.

Wils wondered exactly what that comment really meant as his mind conjured an image of the girls entwined on Ann’s big new bed, sheets in disarray. His prick firmed slightly as he brought himself back to reality hearing Ann’s phone rang.

“Hi, yup, the ‘rents are gone for the evening. Wils and I are eating dinner and retiring to my boudoir to watch a movie from the luxury of my big bed. Text Alex and he’ll get back to you during his break,” Ann advised. She listened for a moment and assured Janice that she would cover for her if her mother called the Lewis residence. “You’re going to have to have that conversation with your Mom someday soon. ‘Bye Babe, licks and kisses.”

Dinner and dishes behind them, she led her lover up the stairs to her bedroom. “You haven’t seen my new bed. We get to try it out tonight, plus you get to stay over!” Ann practically vibrated in anticipation of waking up in her lover’s arms the next morning, then sucking him to hardness before riding him to orgasm.

Wils was impressed with the new bed in the rearranged room. “This is nicer than what I have! I may move in, though my parents would be scandalized.” He chuckled as he bounced on the low Scandinavian style bed, grabbed a pillow and found a position that would let him watch the computer monitor in comfort.

“Vintage movie night! Alex ripped ‘Wild Things’ onto my computer and said you and I should watch it,” Ann said as she booted the machine and wiped some dust off the screen.

The pair cuddled and fondled each other as they watched the movie. Ann unbuttoned the waistband of Wils’ pants and slid the zipper down as they watched Sam covertly record Suzie and Kelly peeling off their tops and making out in the pool.

“You’re so hard right now, bet you’d get really hard if I made out with Janice, wouldn’t you?” Ann whispered to her boyfriend as she traced the shell of his ear with her tongue and stroked his stiff tuzla sınırsız escort shaft through the shiny fabric of his briefs.

Wils trembled slightly from the erotic scene on the monitor and his girlfriend’s stroking hand, but mostly at the image her words created; a naked Janice on top of an equally unclad Ann, limbs entwined as they writhed together. He slid his hand under her sweatshirt to fondle her perky, peaked breasts. Ann shuddered as he rolled and pinched her nipples just the way she liked.

Ann casually checked the time and proceeded to the next stage of her plan. “These jeans look uncomfortably snug. Why don’t we get them off these buff athletic legs so your skin can breathe.” They both worked the jeans down his tanned legs, knowing where this was going. The movie played on, unnoticed by either party.

Ann stroked the firm bulge in her boyfriend’s underwear as she slid back up the bed to lay against his supine figure. She rubbed her covered breasts against his arm as he twisted his hand to stroke her grooling pussy through her yoga pants.

Wils suddenly rolled her across his torso and onto her back, pinning her into place with his bulk. He lowered his mouth to hers and they wetly kissed. “We need to get these tights off you. Compression clothes are only for post workout and you haven’t had a workout yet,” he grinned, pleased with his double entendre. They worked together to peel the form fitting LuluLemon yoga pants down her waxed lower limbs. He noticed that there was no thong to dispense with and her bare vulva glistened with aromatic evidence of her lust.

Ann pulled her sweatshirt off to expose her naked form in all its glory. “Off with that sweater! I’ll get these nasty old undies.” She wrestled with the snug briefs, twisting and pulling the taut fabric free of the rigid evidence of his desire and forcing him to raise his hips so she could have total access to him. She peeled off his socks, wanting to give the best presentation of her trophy stud to her girlfriend.

The movie blared on unheeded as the young couple caressed, licked, sucked and kissed their way up the arousal ladder. Wils was totally enamoured with Ann’s smooth, shining skin lit by the flickering screen, stroking along the curves of her hip and waist, then up her back to smooth her hair back and hold her face so he could ravage her mouth with his eager tongue.

The girl straddled his muscled torso and ground her pelvis against his abdomen, feeling his ‘little head’ bump against the crack of her ass. “I need a taste of the monster poking at my hiney. I also really need you to eat my pussy – it’s been ages since it’s had any attention!”

Wils gave her round cheeks a couple of light swats as she lowered her sopping cunt to his waiting mouth. His entire verbal response consisted of “mmmpfh mmmm” as his head was pinned to the bed and he devoted himself to licking, sucking and deeply spearing the tasty hole covering his mouth.

Ann lowered her torso until her mouth was able to engulf the tip of his prick, sucking the bead of seminal fluid off the head before it was able to run down the length of the shaft. She pulled her mouth free with a pop, then laved the sides of his tool with broad, wet sweeps of her tongue, making sure the whole organ was shining with copious amounts of her spit.

Task completed, she looked at her bedroom door and saw a nude Janice peering through the partially opened doorway with her clothes in her arms and a nervous grin on her face. Ann held a finger up in a ‘wait’ signal and engulfed her lover’s cock with one long, slow, continuous plunge of her sucking mouth. Her hips swivelled in response to Wils’ agile tongue and she responded with long, full suction down the length of his prick as she repeatedly deep throated him.

Ann waved Janice into the room, the girl piling her clothes in a neat heap on the desk and sidling over to the bed. Still bobbing her head and rocking her hips, Ann directed Janice to kneel one leg over the Wils’ legs and carefully move her pussy to be impaled on what would be only the second cock she had ever taken.

Ann pulled Janice forward as she rolled her hips vigorously on Wils’ face and released the bulging prick from her mouth. Janice deftly steadied Wils’ cock and swiped it between her labia. Once aligned, she sank down until their hips met, cowgirl style.

Janice began pistoning the full length of Wils’ member as Ann pulled her head forward for a deep kiss. It took about 4 strokes before the young man realized he wasn’t being blown anymore. He began pushing Ann’s hips up to figure out what was causing this different but oh-so-familiar sensation.

Ann raised her hips to let Wils see Janice impaled on his prick. The girl fucking him changed her motion to a fully impaled grinding motion, smiled brightly and gave a little wave.

Wils sputtered and Janice interrupted,”Hi there, Wils. It’s OK, Alex gave me a hall pass with you. He and Ann knew that I wanted to have a threesome with you. I want you to fuck my brains out while you eat your girlfriend…”

“Then I’m going to eat your cum out of her while you screw me senseless!” Ann declared. She looked between her legs at her boyfriend’s grool soaked face. “The only one left to say they’re good with all this is you.” Ann looked at him with eager eyes.

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