Office Mate Ch. 05


The bond between my sister and I grew stronger by the day. We became very good friends and needless to say became better lovers. The more time we spent with each other socially the more we ended up loving and adoring and caring for each other. Similarly, the more time we spent with each other exploring our sexualities the better lovers we became for each other. As a matter of fact we turned each other on so much that we could hardly keep our hands, mouths and other naughty parts of our bodies from each other. At first I thought it was the taboo novelty of fucking my gorgeous sister in the office would wear out. My sister was afraid of that too. But after about two months of regular fucking and sucking each other and exploring each other’s craziest sexual desires and fantasies we were convinced that we were going to be the life-time fuck partners. We reached a point where people at the office were convinced that we were dating exclusively.

Our sexual exploration continued on to the next level. It seemed like every few days we would end up trying something new. I discovered that having my sister on her knees behind me, spreading my legs, leaning me forward, having my large balls dangling between my legs where she can access them from behind, and having my puckered star-like ass hole exposed to her was the most vulnerable and the hottest feeling ever. I deeply enjoyed having my naughty sister tongue fuck my tight ass hole, and finger it and lick it while massaging my huge dangling balls with her tiny hands. She would try to wrap her tiny hands around my huge hanging cock and play with it and massage it while tongue fucking my ass hole. The best part was that she always knew when I was about to come. She would feel my balls get heavy and tighten up and my cock would start to pulsate and my asshole would tighten up around her finger or her tongue whichever one she would be assaulting me with at that time. As soon as she would get the indication that I was about to shoot my load she would wrap her sweet warm mouth around my cock, milk my balls and shove a finger up my ass hole far deep that I would shoot loads and loads of cum down her throat. I never saw even a drop leak out of her mouth. At one time she held some of my cum in her mouth and after I was done dumping cum she went back to tongue fucking my ass hole. Only this time she was pushing my hot cum inside my own ass hole with her sexy tongue and fingers. I was so dizzy with sex that I shot another load right there drenching her clothes that were laying on the floor in front of me all bunched up.

The next crazy thing that my sister and me got into was kurtköy escort the result of us visiting a local costume shop to plan for our company Halloween party. We found more than we were looking for. For the Halloween party I was dressed as a doctor and she a nurse. Her amazingly large cleavage was showing very nicely through her deep v-neck nurses’ outfit. Her short skirt was almost above her mid thigh and it was very easy for me to see her thongs when she would either bent over or stretch her hands up. A woman, Linda, colleague of ours from a totally different department also came in the nurses’ outfit. Hers was the scrubs style but her cleavage was bigger and more visible than my sisters. This woman’s 34DD’s were very perky, erect and on display. We all had a laugh at the coincidence of these two women wearing similar outfits and we started talking. At one point my sister went to grab another round of drinks and accidentally called me “bro” which made Linda’s ears perk up and eyes widened. She quickly whispered to me that she was under the impression that we were dating and I said, “yes, yes we are” and winked at her. She was a bit confused so she confirmed that this woman called me her brother and I said, “yes she did” and I winked again.

After a few seconds Linda had the biggest and the naughtiest grin on her face and the most wild desires in her eyes. When my sister returned I tried to give her a hint that we have been discovered. I was nervous not knowing what will happen next. I certainly did not want our secret to be disclosed in public so I was hoping that Linda’s naughty smiles would lead to some sort of a secret-keeping deal. After failing attempts to hint to my sister of our discovery, Linda had started to put her moves on my sister and me. They were very subtle moves but let us know that she is comfortable being around her and that she likes us. She brushed her hands against my arms, touched Linda’s shoulders and her waist, stretched herself so show her cleavage some more, asked us both if we can see her thongs from the scrub pants and so on. Finally, I saw Linda slowly slide her one hand around my sister’s flat tummy press it gently and whispered something in her ears. A few seconds later I saw the most wicked smile on my sister’s face and the naughtiest lip-biting action on Linda’s. My sister grabbed my hand and said, “let’s go doctor the operating room is ready.” I followed Linda and my sister holding hands and hands around each other’s waists right into the bathroom and we locked the door.

In a matter of seconds Linda and my sister were kissing with tongue aydıntepe escort and their large breasts were rubbing against each other’s. Linda’s one hand had lifted my sister’s skirt and was rubbing a finger or two in the crack of her ass. My sister’s hand was sliding over Linda’s large breasts and pinching her nipples as one boob had already popped out of her shirt. Linda’s other hand was sliding my scrubs off of my legs while my sister proceeded to massage my cock and cup my huge cock. Once my scrubs were off Linda’s hand started massaging my ass hole and my butt cheeks. I could tell that Linda had anal fetish cause she was fingering my sister’s ass hole and my asshole at the same time. She looked down and watched my sister’s sexy soft hands barely wrapped around my huge man cock and she moaned and groaned in lust. I guess she liked watching my sister and I in this way. Linda did not waste time and quickly got down on her knees and shoved my fat large cock in her mouth all the way. Both her hands were on my ass, one was fingering my ass hole and one was keeping my butt cheeks open. My sister loved watching me getting my cock sucked like this and started to massage my big heavy balls. I took this opportunity to slide my finger up and down the crack of my sister’s ass hole and plunged two fingers up her anus as soon as she was warm and wet enough to take me.

In a matter of a few minutes I shot a big load in Linda’s mouth and she did not waste a drop of it. When she saw me and my sister kissing and groping each other, she asked my sister to turn around, lean against the sink, push her ass back and spread her legs. As I watched my sister’s gorgeous body get ready for sexy I noticed that Linda had not let go of her finger in my ass hole. My cock was hard again in no time. Seeing how hard my fat cock was Linda turned me around positioning me against my sister’s ass. My sister figured out what Linda’s plan was and she stood there with her hands on her butt cheeks spread wide and exposing her puckered gorgeous tight little ass hole. As Linda pushed me forward towards my sister I wasted no time and plunged my fat cock inside my sister’s tight little ass hole and started fucking her hard. Linda waited for about 30 seconds for me to catch my rhythm and plunged her tongue inside my ass hole while massage and milking my huge balls. I was in heaven. I was fucking my best baby girl gorgeous sister while my tongue and a sexy girl down on her knees was fucking my balls. Only after five minutes of fucking my sister’s tight ass hole really hard and pounding my cock in and out of her tight little ass hole tuzla içmeler escort I start to spurt my thick white cum in her ass hole. As soon as I started cumming, Linda pulled me off of my sister and shoved my gooey cum in her mouth drinking every last drop. When I was done cumming she removed her mouth from my cock and shoved her tongue with my cum on it inside my sister’s ass hole. All the while never removing her finger from my ass hole.

All three of us stood there in dim light glowing in the wake of deep fucking. My limp cock was brushing up against my sister’s butt cheeks and Linda’s hand was massaging my balls. I knew Linda was not done with us. Since Linda was taller than both of us I knew it would be hard for me to fuck her if she leaned over the sink like my sister did. Also because Linda was looking at my sister’s pussy as if it was food and Linda had not eaten a meal in days. A couple minutes later, Linda asked my sister to lay on her back on the big soft bathroom rug and spread her legs wide and lift them up exposing both her gorgeous pussy and her tight freshly fucked ass hole. As Linda got down on her hands and knees and shoved her mouth and tongue and fingers inside my sister’s pussy and ass hole, I got behind Linda and spread her legs wide exposing her gorgeous ass hole. Her ass hole was dark pink, hairless, puckered and tight. I positioned my fat cock against her ass hole and in one big push shoved the whole fat man cock inside my lover friend’s anus. My thrust and push was so hard that Linda screamed out loud several times. For a moment I was afraid that I had hurt her. It turned out that I had ripped her anus apart. She may have had her ass hole fucked but never by a 9″ long and a 4″ thick fat monster cock. Her ass hole was so tight that my cock was feeling resistance for a few minutes. I eased my cock in and out and as it started to loosen up I started pounding it inside her ass hole. As I fucked Linda deep with my pounding, Linda’s tongue and finger would get shoved into my sister’s ass hole and pussy deeper and deeper. I slapped Linda’s ass cheeks several times and got a very positive response from that. She would lift her face out of my sister’s ass hole, use really bad and dirty words about my raping her anus and then shoved her face back into my sister’s anus. I was in heaven. After only about 10 minutes of fucking like this I shoved my cock deep in Linda’s ass hole and started spraying her anus with my thick gooey cum. Feeling the push my sister lead out a loud moan and cummed all over Linda’s face.

After a couple minutes of utter silence we all dressed up and one by one walked out of the bathroom as if everything was normal. Since it was so dark at the party hardly anyone noticed us gone or walking out of the bathroom. Linda decided to stay back and drink some more while me and my sister decided that we had enough action for the night and left for home.

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