Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 03


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real. It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such. It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive please do not read any further. Finally this story is based very heavily on a similar one I read some time ago, I don’t remember the name or the story or the author but I hope they forgive me borrowing their premise and re-booting it.



Kevin had a fairly relaxed afternoon at the lakeside, there were quite a few hotties for him to admire; and thanks to his sister’s hand job, he was able to stay fairly cool about it. Most of the girls seemed to be happy naked, which was fine with Kevin; but Beth was getting her share of admiring looks as well. Whether it was the fact that she was partly covered by her tiny bikini that made her more alluring, or just the fact that she was smoking hot, was hard to say.

After a few hours of alternately swimming and lying on the shore, both Beth and Kevin were starting to work up appetites. Beth was still pretty frosty to Kevin over his blackmail and forced hand job. She was lying some distance from him, reading a magazine; so he wandered over to her.

“I’m going to head back and see if dinner’s ready. You coming?”

She made no reply but started to roll up her towel. Kevin couldn’t help noticing that her bikini was semi-transparent now that it was wet; and the water was cold enough to make her nipples hard. The combination meant that her perky boobs were mostly visible through her top; and he could almost make out a small patch of trimmed hair in her bottoms. He could feel his cock begin to swell, and was contemplating whether he should ask her for another hand job on the way back. Maybe he could also get her to lose her top and let him play with her tits while she jerked him? But something in the way she stalked off without looking at him, told him he would be more likely to get punched in the balls, if he tried to get anything more from her today. So he just followed behind, admiring her firm ass as it swayed in front of him.

They arrived back at the RV in time to see that Roger and Angela were just getting ready to start cooking. Chairs were set out, along with the barbecue, and a cooler with beers and soft drinks in it. Angela walked down the steps, carrying some plates and a small table.

“Well that’s good timing. Your father was just about to start cooking! Did you have a nice time at the lake?”

“Great, thanks!” chirped Kevin, happy to have the chance to ogle his mom’s knockers again.

“Yea, fine,” muttered Beth, as she flopped into one of the chairs.

Angela gave a quizzical look to Kevin, who shrugged his shoulders with the most innocent expression he could muster.

“Alright then. Roger, the kids are back!”

“Ok then, well, good news family! The hunter has returned with plenty of food to feed his family!”

Roger emerged from the RV carrying a large bag of meat he’d brought back with him; but it wasn’t that which caught Beth’s eye. Swinging about was the biggest dick Beth had ever seen. It was thick, veiny, and hung down so low, it bounced off her dad’s leg as he walked down the steps. As he stepped down holding the food and displaying it, he inadvertently placed his dick at eye level with Beth, who was only a couple of feet away.

She continued staring in fascination and shock at the huge cock as it stopped swinging around, now able to also see the heavy low hanging balls that hung down behind it.

“I think you’ve got enough meat there to feed the whole camp!” remarked Angela.

“That’s some piece of meat you have there as well, Dad!”

Before she realised it the words had left Beth’s mouth. There was a stunned silence for a few moments before Roger’s face turned beet red.

“What did you just say!?!?”

“Um, Dad.. Sorry I didn’t…”

“Young lady you had better not have said what I thought you did!!”

“Roger, calm down for goodness sake! I’m sure Bethany didn’t mean it.”

“Angela, this is not appropriate…”

“I know, I know… Roger, this is the kids’ first time here, and their first time seeing us like this. They have no understanding of what is appropriate and what isn’t, do they?”

“Well…no, but all the same…”

“Look, you remember how up tight your parents were about sex, and how you swore you would be different when we had kids?”

“Well, of course, but this is different…”

“Is it? You don’t want Beth to grow up thinking our bodies are something to be ashamed of, do you?”

“Of course not!”

“Well then, I’m sure she didn’t mean to be offensive.”

“I really didn’t Dad.”

“It’s normal for them to be curious, so if they want to ask questions or make comments, then, providing they are polite, I think that’s ok, don’t you?”

“Well… I suppose so.”

“Good! Now why don’t you get cooking? tuzla escort I’m starving! Beth, will you give me a hand?”

Having diffused the situation, Angela set about bringing out some salad and snacks; while Roger donned his apron and began barbecuing the meat.

“Hey sport, how about you get me a cold one out of the cooler, and um… why don’t you get one for yourself?”

“I can have a beer?”

“Yes, one, that is!”


Kevin opened a couple of bottles, and sat drinking one as Beth emerged from the RV.

“Hey, how come Kevin gets a beer?”

“I said he could have one; and the same applies to you Beth.”

“Oh…ok then.”

She crossed over to the cooler and slowly bent over, making a show of selecting a beer. Her ass was facing her dad; and the further she looked into the cooler, the more her tiny bikini bottoms rode up, outlining the puffy lips of her pussy. Roger glanced over and couldn’t help but stare. Dealing with a teenage son was one thing; but sometimes he worried Beth would give him a heart attack before he was 40. Beth glanced over and saw her dad checking her out, smiling to herself, as she finally picked out a beer bottle and opened it before sitting down.

Everyone was hungry; and there wasn’t much talk as they ate their food. There was more than they could manage; and in the end they admitted defeat. As they sat relaxing in the warm evening weather, Angela gently fanned herself with a small electric fan.

“It certainly is warm tonight. I must say, it makes it a lot more comfortable in this weather being naked.”

“Well it seems I’m the only one not enjoying the benefits,” replied Beth.

“Oh I didn’t mean you have to Beth. It’s just more comfortable.”

“I know, but I might as well join the party, I suppose.”

“Well, of course, if you’re sure.”

Beth sat up and reached behind her back to undo her top, thrusting her perky boobs out as she did, before removing it and proudly displaying her breasts. She knew she couldn’t compete with her mom; but she’s heard some men preferred small, pert boobies. She then stood up and bent over to remove her bottoms, making sure her father had the best view possible. As she slid them down her legs she paused, taking little longer than necessary, pretending her bottoms were caught on her sandals, so her dad had a prolonged view of her ass and her puffy little pussy, as it pooched out from between her firm butt cheeks.

Roger tried to play it cool; but he couldn’t help glance at his daughters toned young body as she posed in front of him. He drank the rest of his beer down with a gulp. Beth straightened up and tossed her bottoms onto her chair, before noticing her dad’s empty beer.

“Can I get you another?”

“Um, yes, please.”

She sashayed over to the cooler, swaying her ass as she did, before bending over to get a beer, and giving her dad another display of her naked ass.

“Would you like one too, Mom?”

She looked ’round, making sure to see if her dad had been checking her out, and delighted to see he had.

“Yes, I will. Thank you, dear,” Mom replied with an amused smile.

Beth walked back to her dad, leaning over to hand him his beer before taking her seat again. Roger was definitely looking a little hot and bothered as he took a sip of his beer; and Beth smiled to herself that she was having the desired effect.

“Mom, you know you said it was ok if we wanted to ask questions, you know as long as we were polite?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Well, would it be ok if I ask a question about dad?”

Roger looked a little uncomfortable and glanced at Angela, who gave him a reassuring smile before turning back to Beth.

“Yes dear, that’s fine. What is your question?”

“Well, at school they show us text books on what boys look like, you know… down there, and well dad looks really different from the pictures they show us.”

“How different?”

“Well his, um, penis looks different from the pictures.”

“Angela, this really isn’t appropriate. We…”

“Look Roger, do you want our children to grow up thinking they can’t ask us questions or talk to us about sex? Remember how your mom and dad were?”

“No, of course not, but this is just, well, getting rather personal.”

“Well who else are they supposed to ask? We’re their parents after all.”

Roger clearly wasn’t happy, but resigned himself to the situation.

“How is your father different sweetie?”

Beth leaned forward, looking more closely at her dad’s cock, now that she’d been given permission. It looked even bigger now, resting on his thigh, covered in a delicate network of blue veins, the head peeking out from under the foreskin.

“Um, well dad’s looks a lot bigger than the ones in the book,” she said, struggling to think of a question.

“Well dear, penises come in all shapes and sizes. Some are bigger than others.”

“Yes, but the ones in the books, have, well you can see the end of them. Dad’s is all covered in skin.”

“Well Beth, all men are born with skin to cover the end of tuzla escort bayan their penis to protect it; but some have it removed when they are born. The pictures you saw were of boys who had been circumcised.”

“So dad has a head under the skin like the pictures?” she feigned confusion.

“Yes dear.”

“Hmm, so why is the skin there.”

“Well it protects the end of the penis, which is sensitive; and then, when the man is excited, it retracts to make sex more pleasurable.”

“Wow, so it comes back?”

“Yes dear.”

“How?” Beth asked with her most innocent expression.

“Well, it just sort of slides back.”

“Hmm, I don’t really understand.”

“Well I’m not really sure how else to explain it to you without showing you.”

“Could you?” she perked up.

“Now wait just a minute!” Roger couldn’t contain himself any longer.

“Calm down dear. Do you want our daughter to grow up being confused or not?”

“Of course not, but this is…”

“Is our opportunity to explain the facts of life. Here, I’ll show you. Just relax Roger.”

“Angela you can’t, I mean this is…”

“Roger, just relax, will you.”

Angela leaned forward, her boobs swaying heavily, and gently lifted Rogers cock off his leg with one hand, before delicately drawing the foreskin back with the finger and thumb of her other hand.

“There, you see?”

“Wow, that’s so cool!”

Angela allowed Beth to study Roger’s cock for a few moments, before sliding his foreskin back down and replacing his heavy member on his leg.

“Was there anything else?”

“Um, yes,” Beth leaned in closer. “Um, Dad’s testicles look different as well. They are a lot um, bigger.”

“Well, like penises, testicles come in all shapes and sizes as well.”

“But Dad’s hang a lot further down.”

Right now they were hanging between his legs; so she had to lean forward to see them.

“Well, if they are larger, they will sometimes hang a little lower.”

“What do they look like?” Beth said, desperately trying to invent more questions to give her an excuse to study her dad’s cock and balls for longer.

“Um…well, it’s difficult to see, because they are inside the scrotum. I suppose they look a bit like eggs.”

“Mmmm…. I can’t really see them from here.”

“Here let me…”

Angela reached down to lift her husband’s balls so Beth could get a better look.

“Angela… what in God’s name…”

“Roger! Who do you want Beth to come to about the facts of life? Us or her friends? We decided we would be open with our children, didn’t we?”

“Well sure…but, Angela this is too far.”

“Roger, your daughter is curious about human anatomy; and this holiday is a perfect chance for her to ask questions. Unless you don’t want to help her?”

“Well no, I mean, I suppose….”

Angela held Roger’s big balls up so Beth could better see them.

“There you see, sort of like eggs.”

“Um, what do they feel like? Are they hard or all squishy?”

“Well, that’s difficult to describe. Neither really, sort of firm, I suppose. In fact, it’s important for men to check them regularly, in case there are any lumps, or they become hard or swollen; as it could mean they have some problem. Of course, some men are a bit forgetful; so sometimes we have to remind them, or even do it for them.” She gave Roger a pointed look.

“You mean you check Dad’s for him?”

“Yes, sometimes.”

Roger squirmed as the two women studied his balls and took another swig of his beer.

“Sooooo, can you show me how to check them.”

“Well, you just sort of gently squeeze them, feeling them all over like this, just looking for any lumps.” Angela demonstrated, gently squeezing around one of Rogers balls with her finger and thumb, while holding it with her other hand.

“Could I….examine one?”

“Beth that is enough! Angela, she’s our daughter for God’s sake!”

“Roger, your daughter is showing a remarkably responsible attitude, wanting to know how to check her future husband for testicular cancer. In fact, she seems more concerned with it than you do.”

“I know but, well, looking is one thing, but touching…”

“Well, if you know how to examine testicles just by looking at them, I’d love to know how.”

Roger fell silent and drained his beer.

“Get your father another beer sweetie, then I’ll show you what to do.”

Beth skipped over to the cooler, wasting no time posing and preening this time. She was going to get to play with her dad’s balls, and didn’t want to waste any time. She was so excited, she didn’t even notice Kevin watching her, his dick hard against his belly, as he gawped at his hot sister running around naked and examining his dad’s cock and balls.

Beth handed her dad the beer and he took a sip; but she had already turned her attention back to his crotch.

“Here sweetie, hold this one. And remember, don’t squeeze too hard. They’re very sensitive.”

Beth eagerly took the big ball in her hand and held it.

“Wow, it’s so big!”

She escort tuzla began examining it, caressing it and lightly running her fingers over it.

“You can be a little firmer than that dear.”

Beth remembered she was supposed to be examining it, rather than playing with it, and began feeling around the huge ball for several moments.

“That’s it dear. You seem to have the hang of it.”?

“Can I examine the other one as well?”

“Um, yes, if you want.”

“Wow, this one’s even bigger!”

“Well most men have one larger testicle.”

Beth lifted her dad’s right ball and began to repeat the process. Angela reflected that this must be one of the most thorough testicle exams she’d ever seen, Beth seemingly exploring every millimeter of the gonad. In fact, Beth found playing with the huge balls was a huge turn on, the thought she had started life in these seemed to add to the thrill. Reluctantly, after she’s examined every part of her dad’s balls, she released them.

“Um, Mom?”

“Yes dear?”

“I still don’t quite get how the um, skin works on Daddy’s um, penis, could I… examine that?”

“Angela, for God’s sake!”

“Roger, calm down. She clearly wants to learn; and there is only so much text books and looking can teach. Yes, dear, you can; but be gentle.”

“Angela, no!”

“Roger, just relax, will you!”

“But Angela… this is too much.”

“It is natural curiosity, so just relax Roger. Alright Beth, go ahead; but remember to be gentle.”

Beth struggled not to look too excited as she reached out and lifted her dad’s cock off his leg with her fingers. Even limp, his dick more than filled both hands. She marvelled at how thick it was and the weight.

“It’s so heavy. How do you carry it around all the time?”

Roger offered no answer, but simply swigged his beer, as she delicately drew back the skin, remembering that was the reason she was supposed to be holding it. As the skin retracted, she exposed the glans, admiring the big plum-like head.

“Wow, that’s so cool! The skin is so soft, it’s like silk.”

She continued to turn his dick this way and that to study it, rolling the skin up and down over the head for a few moments, until she noticed a change in his cock, as it felt more solid.

“Um, I think that’s enough Beth. You’d better stop now,” Roger admonished.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think your father is getting an erection sweetie.”

As Beth watched in fascination, her dad’s cock continued to grow in her hands, lengthening and hardening, until she found herself holding a huge rock-hard slab of meat that was more than her fingers could reach around.

“Oh… my…God! I’ve never seen one that big! It’s huge!” Beth exclaimed, before remembering to curb her excitement.

“Beth I really think that’s enough,” Roger tried to intervene; but Beth wasn’t listening. She was too intent on playing with the huge piece of meat in her hands, sliding the now taut skin over the shaft and onto the head of the giant member.

“Roger, I doubt it’s very often Beth will be touch a penis that isn’t erect; so she might as well get used to what they feel like.”

“What do you mean Mom?”

“I mean when a girl as pretty as you is touching a man’s penis, it’s not going to be very long before he gets an erection, as your father has just demonstrated.”

The thought that she had made him hard and excited him gave her an added thrill. She continued to explore his cock, running the skin up and down and stroking his cock more boldly now. She noticed his balls were pulling up under the base of his cock.

“Why are dad’s testicles moving like that?”

“That’s a sign that the man is enjoying what you are doing to him; and he is getting closer to having an orgasm.”

“But I was just touching it.”

“Well when you stroke it like that, it feels good for the man sweetie. You obviously must be a natural.”

“Really? Wow!”

Beth resumed stroking her dad’s huge cock, marvelling at how big and hard it was, and the fact that her fingers could barely fit round it. She stroked it faster, watching the skin rolling back and forwards over the swollen purple head.

“Angela….” Roger looked at his wife with a pleading expression. Clearly, his last reserves of self-control were evaporating, as he felt his daughter’s slender fingers stroking his erection.

“Roger, just relax.”

Beth rolled her father’s foreskin all the way back and noticed a sheen of clear liquid covering the head. She ran her fingers over, it noticing how it was viscous and formed a strand between her finger-tip and her dad’s cock-head. Roger groaned as his daughter’s fingers ran over his cock-head. Beth looked at Angela quizzically.

“What’s this sticky stuff Mom?”

“It’s called pre-cum dear. It’s what happens when a man gets excited, especially when you are touching the head of his penis like that.”

“So the head is really sensitive?”

“Yes dear. If you touch that, you will find some parts are more so than others.”

Beth continued to run her fingers around her dad’s swollen cock head, noticing how it turned a darker shade of purple and hardened in response. She noticed how certain areas seemed to produce more of a reaction from her father than others, especially the little ‘V’ underneath.

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