No Way Out Ch. 01


[This is my first post and a work of fiction in which I explore my darker side. For my true stories please check out the series called A Friend of the Family, which I will post shortly, and others perhaps someday. Feedback is always welcome, just be kind and constructive, I enjoy writing these stories so please don’t hurt my feelings. And yes I know, they are very long.]

My name is Madelyn Cunningham, most people call me Mady. I have been very happily married to Jerry for just over 20 years. We live in a lovely home and I have been a stay-at-home Mom since our first child was born.

We have two children, a daughter 16 named Missy and a son, Billy who is 18. Both are in school locally and still live with us. My daughter is still in high school and my son is studying something called New Media at the local college.

I love my husband very much and would never want to hurt him in anyway or risk splitting our family apart. Having said this, while my sex drive has remained high and even increased over the years, my husband’s has gone in the other direction. When we make love it is wonderful, it just doesn’t happen often enough to satisfy me. My husband is content if we make love once a week. If we made love twice a day that still might not be enough for me.

This means I am forced to masturbate at least once a day and have accumulated a large selection of sex toys to help me out. But I still prefer the sensation of a flesh and blood man inside me over silicone. For the last five years I have had many encounters with other men. I wouldn’t call any of them affairs, because, as I said, I love my husband, all I want from these other men is sex. Most of them have been strangers and with few exceptions I seldom see them a second time.

I’m not particularly proud of my extramarital activates, but I am proud to say that I have not been turned down by any man I went after, even ones much younger than me. I take good care of myself, eating well, exercising regularly. I dress nicely, some might say provocatively, and always wear make up including dark red lipstick. My hair is short and bleached blonde. I am fairly petite, standing only five feet four inches, and will confess that it doesn’t hurt that the good Lord has blessed me with breasts much larger than my tiny frame deserves and a full firm round ass that counterbalances my tits, keeping me from falling over. My waist is small and although short, my legs are very shapely.

At 42 years old I don’t go out prowling, I just take advantage of situations as they arise, repairmen, delivery men, house party guests we don’t know well and sometimes a quickie in a semi public place with the nearest attractive man. As I said, I’m not particularly proud of any of this; it’s just something I need to do. I have kept this part of my life secret from everyone, managed not to get caught and so far none of my lovers have stalked me for more. All of that changed in an incredibly bizarre way recently.

It was a beautiful summer day and I was sitting on the sofa enjoying a coffee and cigarette watching television. The windows were open and a light breeze flowed through the living room. While I had showered and put on my make up, I hadn’t gotten dressed. I was wearing a short, satin leopard print robe and nothing else. My husband was at work and my daughter at summer school. She is an A student but wanted to pick up two extra courses through the summer and go to college early. My son had a summer job building websites and did most of his work at home. He was in his room working or doing whatever it is he does in there.

Although the television was on, I wasn’t paying attention. I was reminiscing about the day before. Our satellite TV had been acting up intermittently and my husband had called the company to have someone come to fix it. They had told my husband that the repairman would arrive between 8:00 am and noon. Hoping the repairman would be attractive I was wearing the same thing – my short robe and nothing else except a pair of transparent plastic sexy high-heels adorned with small pieces of white marabou. The robe was not for the most part practical. The slippery material caused the two sides of the robe to part with every move I made and the belt, also satin, didn’t do anything to slow the parting. This was a problem when the kids were around but was just right for the seduction I had in mind.

The repairman’s timing was perfect, arriving moments after the last of my family had left for the day. He was tall, very fit and very young…in his early twenties I guessed. He had a rugged dark complexion, Latino or Mediterranean I figured, with piercing dark eyes and a couple of day’s growth of whiskers. His hair was long and wavy and combed straight back, it looked dirty but I could tell by his fresh scent that it was probably moussed or gelled. After letting me know he had arrived, staring intently at my satin covered form, carefully studying every inch from my toes to my face, as he spoke, he went up on the roof to check things there first.

While he was on the roof, I turned kaynarca escort on the television in the living room and tuned it to one of the porn channels. They had been a godsend to me. I often watched the better pay-per-view movies. I looked after the family finances so no one else saw the bill. He must have done something on the roof because the reception was perfect. To my delight the movie that was playing featured an older woman and a grocery delivery boy in her kitchen. I turned up the volume fairly loud. The repairman knocked on the door and I let him in. “There did seem to be a lose connection up there ma’am. Just to be safe I’ll check things out in here.”

“Please, come in,” I said, “check out anything you like.” I hoped he was bright enough to know what I really meant.

As he entered the living room the woman in the movie was on her knees in front of the delivery boy madly sucking on his cock. He watched for a few seconds before gaining his composure and fiddling with the wires behind the television. He turned to see me perched on the arm of the sofa smoking a cigarette, both of my legs exposed almost completely and plenty of cleavage clearly visible as I’d given the robe a few tugs to open it even more. He raised one eye brow at the sight of me and asked, “Do you mind if I try some other channels?” He reached for the remote on the coffee table.

“Wellllllll,” I said, “I was enjoying this…she’s very good at that don’t you think…but sure, go ahead.” He looked back at the television and politely replied, “yes she is, isn’t she?” then flipped through the channels, all of which seemed to be working properly.

“Everything seems fine here. Are there other TVs I should check?”

“Yes, there’s one in my bedroom,” I lied.

“Can you show me?”

“I’ll show you anything you’d like to see, follow me.” I extinguished my cigarette in an ash tray and led him to the stairway, walking on ahead exaggeratedly wiggling my ass as I slowly ascended the stairs. I was pretty sure he could see that there was nothing under my robe and I gave him lots of time to look.

I entered the bedroom and turned to face him. His attention was fixed on me but he did manage to glance around looking in vain for the television that I told him was there. “I don’t see a TV ma’am.”

I uncinched the belt on my robe, pulled the two sides wide open then let it slide down my back and onto the floor. He just stared. “I’m sorry,” I said, “I told a little white lie, let me make it up to you.” I leaned in and kissed him passionately, forcing my tongue deep in his mouth. He returned my passion twice over as he unhooked his tool belt which hit the floor with a thud and wrapped his strong arms around me forcing my body tightly to his.

Still kissing, I undid his jeans and pushed my hand inside his underwear. Firmly gripping his already hard cock, I pulled my head back, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Would you mind if I sucked on this?” giving it a firm squeeze. Before he could answer I dropped to my knees and pulled down his pants and underwear. “It’s so big and hard.” I cooed as I used both hands to fondle it and the monstrous sack that hung below. I pumped it a few times pulling the foreskin back and tenderly used the tip of my tongue to spread the large drop of his precum that had formed at its opening all over the swollen purple head.

I had not been stroking his ego when I said it was big, not only was it much longer than average but it was incredibly thick too and its bulging veins pulsed. I innocently and sweetly said, “I don’t know if it will fit in my tiny mouth.” In reality I was determined to take the whole damn thing, or choke to death trying.

He finally spoke, saying, “I get that a lot.”

“I’m sure you do,” I replied confidently, then moved closer and closer licking and sucking my way slowly down its length. With my mouth open very wide I felt the tip against the back of my throat. I paused my forward motion but not my licking and sucking. When I was ready, I clenched both of the cheeks of his tight ass and pulled him deeper. His cock bent just enough to make the turn and continue on.

When I was sure I couldn’t take anymore of him I felt his strong hands grab fists full my hair and begin to fiercely fuck my face. I can’t say the experience was pleasurable, in fact it hurt and I struggled not to gag, but it was certainly a turn on as the head of his cock repeatedly slammed against the back of my throat. I continued fighting hard not to gag. He had taken the control away from me and I had no intention of doing anything to stop his brutal invasion. For reasons I still don’t understand, I found the experience an incredible turn on.

“You like that, bitch?” he said in a sadistic tone. To my surprise I made sounds indicating that I did. He continued his assault, “You like getting your pretty little mouth fucked by a big fat cock?” Again, I moaned my agreement. “Not that I care what you think, but do you want me to blow my big hot load down your fucking throat?” Mouth full orhanlı escort of cock, I loudly moaned my desire for him to do just that.

Eventually and without any verbal warning he came, grunting like an animal. Repeated powerful spurts of hot sticky semen filled my throat and mouth as I struggled not to spill a single drop. When the flow subsided he tried to withdraw his cock from my mouth but I grabbed his ass cheeks again digging my nails into the flesh and pulling him back into my mouth, continuing to lick and suck as he softened ever so slightly in my mouth.

“Ma’am, that was the best fucking blow job I’ve ever had…you’re one helluva cocksucker.”

I finally let him slip out of my mouth and quickly stood up then lay sideways on the bed with my feet on the floor, legs spread wide apart. “My turn, eat my fucking cunt you horny bastard.” He quickly removed his pants and underwear from around his legs and then his t-shirt. His chest was hard and chiseled and bereft of hair. If he was of Mediterranean decent he shaved or waxed his body. His skin was shinny and smooth. I raised my feet in the air so my toes pointed at the ceiling and again ordered, “Eat me, NOW!”

He looked down at my crotch, “Mmmmm, bald pussy, I like that.”

“Then stop talking and start licking.”

My reminiscences were interrupted by my son’s voice behind me. “Mom, I’m getting another coffee, want yours freshened up?”

“Oh, yes please Hun.” He disappeared into the kitchen with both our cups as I composed myself. I noticed that my hand had been inside my robe rubbing my cunt while I was thinking about the day before. I was extraordinarily wet and my fingers had spread it all over my labia. It had definitely been the roughest sex I had ever had and I was still trying to figure out why I had enjoyed it so much. He fucked my pussy even harder than he had my mouth. I came three times before he did. I had only had anal sex a couple of times before. Once with my husband and once with another guy whose name I can’t recall and I didn’t really like it. I did enjoy being licked there and a bit of finger, But a cock in there was terribly uncomfortable. When the satellite guy tried it I begged him to go deeper, harder and faster. Even though he was much bigger than the others I let him fuck my ass as fast and hard as he had my pussy and I absolutely loved it screaming at him to go faster and deeper and meeting each of his ferocious thrusts with one of my own. I even had an orgasm. By the time he left our skin was wet with sweat. He had cum buckets into all three openings he had been in and it oozed from all but my mouth. The room reeked of sweat and sex. He had treated me like a slut to be used for his own satisfaction and given me the nastiest and most satisfying fuck of my entire life.

Billy returned to the living room, a coffee cup in each hand. “Mom, could you come up stairs? There’s something I want to show you.”

“Sure Hun, I’m right behind you.” I followed him up the stairs and into his room.

He placed both coffees on his desk and sat in the desk chair in front of the computer. As I said he is studying something called New Media and has all kinds of the latest computer gear including two very large monitors that sit side by side on his desk. I stood behind him and said, “So, what did you want to show me?”

“This,” he said as he reached under both monitors and turned on the power. As the monitors lit up he turned up the volume on the speakers so the pictures and the sound began at the same time. There was a different video playing on each of the huge monitors. At first I thought they were Internet porno videos, yes I’ve watched a few. But there was something markedly familiar about both of them. I began to realize what I was seeing and my skin became cold and clammy. I thought I was going to faint. I heard the man in the one video say, “Not that I care what you think, but do you want me to blow my big hot load down your fucking throat?” The woman loudly moaned her agreement. The woman was me!

The other video was a woman sitting on the edge of a bed furiously sliding a big dildo in and out of her bald cunt while holding a vibrator to her clit. She was screaming, “Oh fuck…yea…right there…right there…oh fuck me hard…harder…harder…oh fuck.” She raised her head and again I saw my own lust filled face.

My mind began to fit all the pieces together as I realized I was watching one video of myself masturbating in my bedroom and another of me sucking the satellite guy’s cock, both on my son’s computer…with him right there! “What the hell…where did you…how did you?”

Billy swiveled his chair and looked up into my shocked eyes. “I have more, but these are my favourites.” I couldn’t decide whether to watch the videos, glare at him or run away.

“You delete those this second,” I demanded.

“I’ll delete them if you want, but there are more copies in a safe place.”

“You God damned pervert…how did you get those?”

“I’m a pervert? Whose in the videos Mom? tepeören escort Anyway, remember the clock I gave you on your last birthday for your dresser? It has a camera and a microphone in it. Oh, and if you move it or do anything to obstruct its view, Dad is getting copies of these videos. In fact I have a list of people who will get copies sent from your e-mail address along with a message from you saying how proud you are of them.”

“How could you?” I sobbed. “I’m your mother.”

“Don’t cry Mom; I’m sure we can work out a way for these videos to stay our little secret.”

At this point I realized I had to do anything to keep those videos from my husband. But what would Billy want? I imagined all kind of things. A new car? More computer equipment?

“All right. Anything, I’ll give you anything you want, just make those videos disappear.”

“See Mom, I told you, I knew we could work something out.”

“So what do you want?”

He turned slightly in his chair and pointed over his shoulder toward one of the computer screens. “I want what you gave him, what did he call it? Oh yea, ‘the best fucking blow job I’ve ever had.’”

I glared straight in to his eyes. “You’ve got to be kidding! I am not going to perform a sex act on my own son. Never, I’ll never do that.”

“I understand…I’ll wait a day or two before I show these to Dad and everyone in your e-mail contacts.”

“Please don’t. I’m begging you; don’t show these to your father. Don’t show them to anyone.”

“I told you I wouldn’t. All you have to do is suck me like you sucked him. I know you know how.”

As I stared at the floor trying to figure a way out of this mess, my son reached up and undid the belt on my robe. I was flabbergasted at his forwardness and wanted to stop him but I had come to the horrible realization that there was no way out. I allowed the robe to fall open. He stood up and pushed the robe off my shoulders and it fell to the floor.

There I stood, stark naked in front of my son. “Wow Mom, you’ve got the hottest body I’ve ever seen. No wonder so many guys want to fuck you.” He took one of my breasts in each hand. “Mom, you have the sexiest fucking tits I’ve ever seen…they’re so fucking big and nice pink nipples, not brown like other older babes.” He squeezed it. “And so firm.” He stepped back a bit and looked at my naked crotch. “I love how you shave all the hair off your cunt…its so fucking sexy.” Using the back of his index finger he grazed my slit from top to bottom. “Wow, you’re fucking soaked Mom. You must like my videos.”

I wasn’t about to tell him the real reason I was so wet, so I let his question pass unanswered.

He sat back down and leered up at me. “Tell me about your body Mom, tell me how luscious your tits are and how sexy men think your hairless cunt looks.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You heard me Mom, talk dirty about your body and all the men I know you’ve had. And oh yea, call yourself Mommy.”

Until I figured something else out I was going to have to do what he said, no matter how distasteful. I cupped my breasts in my hands and lifted them up. “Doesn’t your Mommy have beautiful big tits? They’re so soft. I bet you like Mommy’s naked tits as much as all the other men who’ve seen them don’t you?”

I moved my hands slowly down my abdomen until they were on my thighs level with my crotch. “Look at Mommy’s pussy, it’s all shaved and smooth. All the men Mommy fucks love her pretty pussy, I bet you like it too, don’t you Billy?”

I could not believe the words I was uttering, and to whom.

“Turn around Mom, let me see that sexy ass the satellite guy fucked.” I obeyed my son’s order.

“Oh Mom, your ass is so big and beautiful. Bend over and grab your ankles.” Again I did as I was told. I felt his strong hands try to surround each cheek and squeeze. His thumbs were mere inches from the opening. “God Mom, they’re so firm.” He pulled my ass cheeks apart. “The hole is so small, how the fuck did he get his dick in there?” I didn’t answer.

“OK, turn around again.”

As I stood naked, still looking at the floor he said, “This isn’t fair, you naked and me all dressed. Undress me.”


You heard me, take off my clothes like you did yesterday with the satellite guy.” I did not like the direction things were going in, but what else could I do? I took his t-shirt off over his head and dropped it on the floor. His chest was muscular and tanned with only a small patch of hair between his firm pecs and a clearly defined six pack below. I had never realized how muscular he was. As I looked toward his gym shorts to grab the waistband I could see he had an extraordinarily large erection. I pulled them down to where gravity would take care of the rest and his cock sprung up and slapped my thigh.

I thought the satellite guy was big! My son’s cock was even longer and incredibly fat. I had noticed a few times in the past when he had some morning wood that it did look big, but I was his Mom and always averted my gaze and didn’t think any more about it. The thought that his cock could be that big never entered my mind; mothers don’t do that sort of thing. And then I realized that it was hard too and I was the reason. I found myself thinking that, ‘if he weren’t my son…but he was.

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