New Family Rules Ch. 05

Big Tits

This story is the fifth in a series. I recommend reading the prior stories in order because this story is a continuation of those. I hope that you find my characters as interesting as I do. Any similarities to any real person are entirely coincidental. Whether you like the story or loathe it, comments are welcome. .Although it may not seem clear from context, all characters are at least 18.


Coach Hill did not ask what Amanda, Meryl, and I did that afternoon with the players from HGA. We were back at the hotel by our deadline. I’m not sure that Coach ever knew that the three of us were nude as we walked into the hotel and road the elevator to our room. Everyone was on the flight home the next morning and everyone was happy.

The Florida trip seemed to have a positive effect on the girls’ play. Collectively, they lost one match the remainder of the regular season. All four of Amanda, Meryl, Patti, and Joan made it through the district and into the regional tournament in both singles and doubles. All four girls were eliminated from singles at the regional; although Amanda lasted to a fifth set tiebreaker. However, the doubles teams finished one-two in the regional. All four girls were going to the state final as two of the sixteen best doubles teams in the state.

The state final was at the flagship state university, about 100 miles from us. The girls’ enthusiasm and expectations were high as I drove Coach Hill’s SUV up the freeway. Coach Hill was busy preparing the girls for their matches.

Patti and Joan would play first. For some unknown reason, teams were not seeded in the state final. Instead, the brackets were filled by a random draw. Patti and Joan had drawn the best girls’ doubles team in the state for their opening match. The other worry was that the tournament was single elimination. In the event, the girls whom Patti and Joan played did play like the best team in the state. Patti and Joan lost in straight sets. That cast a shadow over the rest of the day.

Amanda and Meryl did not play until mid-afternoon. I think that the loss by Patti and Joan caused my girlfriends to try too hard. I watched both of them make unforced errors that they probably hadn’t made since they were freshman. Still, they were the better team. That was enough to get them to a fifth set tiebreaker. It wasn’t enough to win the tiebreaker.

After Amanda and Meryl lost, no one said anything. I gathered up the gear. We walked out of the stadium straight to Coach Hill’s SUV. I handed her the keys. We all got in. She started the engine and we were out of there. Still, not a word had been said.

We had been on the freeway about twenty minutes when Patti broke the silence. “Shit,” she said and pounded her fist into the seatback.

A couple of minutes later, Meryl said. “Hang on. Losing is a risk that you take any time you play a game. Ok, we lost. We knew that was a possibility going in. We still had a damned good season.”

Everyone thought about what Meryl had said. The mood slowly brightened. By the time Coach Hill pulled into a fast food joint about halfway home, there had actually been a laugh or two.

We reached our school in the early evening. I was unloading the gear from the back of the SUV when Amanda said, “I smell. I need a shower.”

Coach Hill said, “I guess we probably all need showers.”

The girls started walking towards the varsity locker room. Had it been just Amanda and Meryl, I would have been right there with them. Because Patti, Joan, and Coach Hill were there, I hung back.

Meryl was first to the locker room door. She stopped, turned, and looked at me. Amanda looked at her teammates and her coach. Patti, Joan, and Coach Hill looked at each other. Finally, Patti shrugged. Joan followed by nodding her head.

Coach Hill said, “Harry, you smell a bit gamey too. You might as well come in and shower too. But don’t any of you ever tell anyone that I did this.”

I followed the girls into the locker room. Amanda, Meryl, and I stripped off right away and went into the shower. The shower was not your typical girls’ locker room shower. Instead of separate stalls, it was a large shower room with showerheads placed along the walls. There was no privacy. I assume the contractor thought it was building a boys’ locker room. Although, Amanda’s dad paid for it. Maybe he told the contractor to build it this way.

I was a little surprised when Patti walked into the shower naked. I was very surprised when Joan walked in naked. She caught me looking and said, “Well, I guess it is fair. I saw you down in Florida.”

I was shocked when Coach Hill came in, took off her towel, and stood naked. Coach Hill smiled. “Harry, I know that I don’t look half as good naked as Amanda or Meryl. But, you’ve been a hell of a manager. Consider this your thank you.” Coach Hill wasn’t Amanda or Meryl, but she wasn’t ugly either.

Amanda, Meryl, and I went through our usual wash each other routine. pendik escort I fear that we made Joan uncomfortable because she finished her shower very quickly and left. Coach Hill wasn’t far behind her. Patti, however, was in no hurry to leave and seemed to enjoy watching us. “I wish I had a man to wash me like that,” she said. Patti had gone through a very public break-up with her long time boyfriend just before the tennis season started. She had caught him getting a blow job from a cheerleader and felt that wasn’t a solid basis for a continued relationship.

Graduation came a week after the state tennis final. Meryl graduated as valedictorian and Amanda was salutatorian. As they made a point of showing me, it was probably the first time our school bestowed those honors on students wearing absolutely nothing under their graduation gowns.

Amanda told me later, “As I walked across the stage to get my diploma, I had to fight a strong urge to whip my gown off and get my diploma naked. I wish that I had.”

The girls, of course, looked perfectly ordinary with bare legs showing beneath their gowns. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to wear trousers.

Amanda’s parents and mine gave us a post-graduation party and cook-out around the Turners’ pool. We were free to invite anyone we wanted. They just had to agree to get naked. Amanda, Meryl, and I had thought about that a lot. For the last several months of school, we had been our own exclusive social circle. Sure, I had teammates whom I liked, but I didn’t trust them to behave when Amanda and Meryl were walking around naked. In the end, we invited Patti and Joan; Megan, a friend of Amanda and Meryl from the swim team; and Mrs. Cohen. Mrs. Cohen was not, of course, asked to get naked.

Megan gave an excuse why she couldn’t come. I suspect that her parents objected to the nudity. Patti and Joan said that there were coming, but I was still surprised when they came through the Turners’ house and out onto the patio about two hours after graduation. Both were barefoot and wearing sundresses. Patti and Joan looked at each other, giggled, and whipped their sundresses over their heads. Neither girl wore a stitch underneath. Of course, Amanda, Meryl, and I were already nude, as were Amanda’s and my parents. We were pleased to see Patti and Joan get naked.

Once she was undressed, Joan came up to me. “Harry, I owe you an apology. I was a little cold to you this season. The nudity thing with you, Amanda, and Meryl was new to me. Since you were the guy, I focused on you. I started to get it down in Florida when I saw how much the girls from HGA enjoyed playing tennis naked. I sort of ran out of the locker room last week. Driving home, I asked myself why it bothered me that you saw me naked. I decided that I was being stupid and childish. I’m glad that I’m getting this one chance to hang out naked with all of you.”

We swam, played water volleyball, and ate. After the meal, I had gone into the house to use the bathroom. As I stepped back out onto the patio, I saw Amanda, Meryl, Patti, and Joan sitting together talking and laughing, stark naked. None of them was worrying about keeping her knees together. I thought, “Yes. These are my real friends. I’m going to miss these women.” Of course, I hoped to God that I would never have to separate from Amanda although I recognized that it would probably happen.

It was getting towards evening. Graduation had been in the morning. I saw Patti and Joan huddled with Amanda and Meryl. I saw Meryl nod her head and heard Amanda say “Of course!”

Patti and Joan walked over to me. Patti said, “We have to leave. Each of us has something with our families tonight. But, before I put my clothes back on, I want to give you a good naked hug.”

Patti put her arms around me, with both hands on my ass. Over her shoulder, I could see Amanda gesturing for me to put my hands on Patti’s ass, so I did. Patti said, “Thank you Harry.” She kissed me.

Joan followed Patti. “Harry, I wish we’d been better friends.”

“Joan, don’t worry, you are a good friend.”

Joan hugged me tight and kissed me. As she broke the embrace, she giggled. “I wish that we’d been good enough friends that I could have touched you” she said looking at my dick.

“You can touch me if you want to,” I said. Joan took my dick in her hand and held me. That actually felt pretty nice.

As she was holding my dick, Joan moved her feet apart. She said, “Harry, I want you to finger my clit.” I did for a moment. Joan let me go, kissed me again, and walked away.

Amanda and Meryl came up. “That was a touching scene with Joan,” Meryl laughed.

“I was really hoping that she’d ask you to fuck her,” Amanda teased.

“I wouldn’t fuck her,” I said. “That would be unfair to you two.”

“Hell, Joan’s a friend. We’d be ok if you fuck her, just don’t fall in love with her,” Amanda replied. Meryl nodded her head in agreement.

“Speaking of fucking,” Meryl pendik escort said, “I know two girls who you do want to fuck and who want to fuck you, rather badly, right now. Come on.”

We walked past our parents and into the house. Amanda told our parents, “We’re going upstairs to make love. We may be there a while.”

The summer between high school and college was just a bit intense. We knew that our lives were about to undergo major changes. Amanda, Meryl, and I were very conscious of the fact that, starting in late August, we would not be with each other on a regular basis. None of us were looking forward to Meryl’s departure and we spent as much time together as we could.

I don’t want you to get the impression that our lives that summer were all about sex. Yes, we had a lot of sex with each other. We also went to movies and museums. We walked every park in the region. We went to a couple of baseball games. Meryl and Amanda spent a lot of time working on my tennis game (Amanda wanted me to be able to give her a competitive match). And we talked. We talked a lot.

Meryl’s university has sent her a list of books that she was expected to have read by the time she showed up for classes. She had already read a few of the books on the list. She went out and bought the rest. We spent a lot of time sitting nude by the pool at one of our homes (I think that there was a local zoning ordinance requiring every home in our town to have a large in-ground pool) while Meryl read her books. When she came across something that she found interesting or provocative, she would read it aloud and the three of us would discuss it.

That was what we were doing one Wednesday afternoon, a little after July 4. We rotated between our three houses since all three pools were reasonably private and we could go nude at any of them. This day, we were beside Meryl’s pool. We heard Sarah Cohen, Meryl’s mother, come home from her office early. I saw her glance out the patio door at us and turn away. A little while later, Mrs. Cohen came out on the patio in a one-piece swimsuit, carrying a glass of white wine.

Despite her husband’s death a few years earlier, Meryl’s mom had stayed active and had stayed very fit. For a woman in her late 50s, Sarah Cohen was very attractive and fairly sexy. She sat down in a lounge chair with us and joined our conversation. Although Sarah Cohen did not nude herself, she was, by then, very used to seeing the three of us with nothing on.

After a while, Mrs. Cohen finished her wine and went inside for a re-fill. When she came back out, Meryl said, “Mom, you know you can lose that suit. We’re all friends here and you stick out as the only person with something on.” Meryl had tried to get her mother to undress around us before without success. I didn’t expect anything different that day.

Instead of sitting back down in her lounge chair right away, Mrs. Cohen set her wine glass down on a small table. She stood there for a moment, looking at the three of us. Finally, she said, “What the fuck? I’ve had a lousy day.” It must have been. I’d never heard Mrs. Cohen use the F word before.

After her pronouncement, Sarah Cohen reached up and pulled the straps of her one-piece off of her shoulders and onto her arms. She slid her arms out of the straps and pushed the top of her suit down, revealing very pale but very firm looking breasts. I figured that she would sit for a while with just her top pushed down.

Mrs. Cohen surprised me. She kept pushing her suit down. She pushed it past her ass and let it drop to the concrete at her feet. Then she stepped out of the suit, picked it up, and tossed it onto an empty lounge chair. I said that Sarah Cohen looked good for a woman her age. Naked, she looked very good for a woman of any age. I could see from whom Meryl inherited her gorgeous body.

As her mother sat back down in her lounge chair, Meryl reminded her, “Mom, use plenty of sunscreen. You don’t want to burn the bits that don’t usually get sun.”

With a slightly exasperated tone, Mrs. Cohen responded “Yes Dear.” She did, however, begin spreading sunscreen on herself. We went back to discussing Meryl’s book, although I did sneak a few glances at Meryl’s now naked mother.

I hadn’t really noticed that Mrs. Cohen had rolled over onto her front until she asked, “Meryl, would you put sunscreen on my back?”

Meryl giggled and replied, “Wouldn’t you prefer that Harry do that?”

Mrs. Cohen said, “Sure, if he’s willing to rub on the body of an old lady.”

Meryl gestured to me to do what her mother had asked, so I got up from my chair and walked over to where Mrs. Cohen lay. Although it was very pale, Mrs. Cohen had a really nice bare ass. I picked up the bottle of sunscreen from the table and squeezed some into my hands. I began spreading in on the back of Mrs. Cohen’s neck and her shoulders. As I worked down her back, I was too lazy to walk around to her other side. That meant that I had to pendik escort lean across Mrs. Cohen to adequately cover her side that was farthest from me. Doing that, I inadvertently dragged my dick across her back a couple of times. I hoped that she didn’t notice.

I stopped spreading sunscreen just above Mrs. Cohen’s hips. Meryl, who had been watching me, said, “Harry, you have to do her butt.” Hearing no objection from Mrs. Cohen, I went ahead and rubbed sunscreen on her bare cheeks. They were surprisingly firm. I worked down the backs of her thighs and calves and even did her ankles and the soles of her feet.

As I finished and straightened up, Mrs. Cohen said, “Harry, it has been a long time since a man’s dick has touched any part of this body. That was nice. Thank you.”

Amanda gave me some mock praise: “Good boy, Harry.”

Meryl laughed and called out, “Mom’s getting horny!”

Mrs. Cohen responded to her daughter, “So what if I am? I may be alone, but I’m not sexually dead yet.”

Laughing, Meryl responded, “Believe me Mom, I know that.” Meryl’s mother was lying on her front with her face turned away from us. Meryl put her finger to her lips, bidding us to be quiet, and very quietly got out of her lounge chair and tiptoed into the house. I said that her mother had a nice ass. Watching Meryl walk away naked, I was reminded that the daughter had (and still has) a fantastic ass.

Meryl tiptoed back out a few minutes later carrying a large skin-toned dildo. I hadn’t seen that one before and assumed that it belonged to Mrs. Cohen rather than Meryl. The dildo had a ridge spiraling down its length.

Meryl walked over beside her dozing mother and tapped her shoulder. Mrs. Cohen rose up on her forearms. “Mom,” Meryl said, “here, you can please yourself.”

Mrs. Cohen flipped over and was sitting in the lounger. She took the dildo from her daughter, but looked at Amanda and me. She looked a little distressed.

Meryl told her mother, “It will be hotter with us watching. Don’t worry about Harry. He’s seen Amanda and me use them on ourselves. He’ll be cool about it.”

Mrs. Cohen sighed and said, “I’m going to burn in hell. Ok, gather round.” I stood up and walked to the foot of Mrs. Cohen’s lounger. Amanda had been lying next to Ms. Cohen. She sat up, and swung her feet onto the concrete so that she was sitting facing Mrs. Cohen.

Mrs. Cohen spread her legs. It wasn’t Amanda’s or Meryl’s, but Sarah Cohen had an attractive cunt. She began edging herself with the dildo. She did that for some time. Standing just past her feet, I was looking directly between Mrs. Cohen’s legs and could see that she was getting very lubricated. Finally, she started working the dildo into herself. Once she got it fully in, she would twist it around as she moved it back and forth. I have to admit, watching Meryl’s mom do herself was pretty hot and I got hard.

Mrs. Cohen mostly kept her eyes closed as she did herself with her dildo. She did open her eyes once and looked at me. She smiled. “It is nice to know that I can still get a man hard without touching him,” she said.

Mrs. Cohen got herself off. That was really nice to watch. She pulled the dildo out and set it on the concrete. She took a large gulp of her wine. “I am really bad,” she said.

Meryl responded, “Mom, you were great. Wasn’t she Harry?”

I mentally cursed Meryl for putting me on the spot. I had to respond though. “That was beautiful, Mrs. Cohen,” I said. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve seen that didn’t involve Meryl or Amanda.”

Sarah Cohen smiled. “Very diplomatic, Harry.”

With Mrs. Cohen’s show over, we went back to lounging and discussing Meryl’s book. The sun was low in the sky about an hour later when Mrs. Cohen said, “I really do not feel like cooking. What do you want to do about dinner?”

Amanda and Meryl looked at each other and smiled. In unison, they said “Pizza!” The girls liked pizza, but there was more than that to their enthusiasm. Our town had a pretty good pizzeria which delivered to our area. Over that summer, Amanda and Meryl had started ordering pizza from them a lot. When the driver pulled up out front, one of them would look to see if the driver was a man or a woman. If it was a man, Amanda and Meryl would answer the door nude, pay for the pizza, and try to engage him in conversation. If the driver was one of the two women who drove for that pizzeria, answering the door nude was my responsibility. The object was (a) to see how much of yourself you could show to the driver and (b) to see how long you could keep him or her at the door. Amanda and Meryl enjoyed their game.

Meryl called our order in and began watching the time. When the pizza was about due, all four of us went inside. I helped Mrs. Cohen put plates on the island in their kitchen. Meryl and Amanda were at the front window.

When the pizza car pulled up, Meryl called out, “It’s Herbie.” She ran back into the kitchen, grabbed her mother’s arm, and said, “Come on Mom, you’re paying for the pizza.”

Somewhat shocked, Mrs. Cohen replied, “But I’m naked!”

“Mom, that’s the point,” Meryl responded, “Now, get some money and come on.” We heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll be there with you,’ Meryl added.

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