Naughty Mummy


“Bing bong!” the doorbell rang.

Brandon ran downstairs and opened the door.

“Heeeeey!!!!” his friends Matt and Dylan said in unison.

“Hey guys, come in. I’m just gonna run upstairs and grab my stuff,” Brandon said.

“Cool, we’ll wait here. Oh, um, is your mum here?” Matt asked, seemingly innocently.

Brandon just rolled his eyes and dashed up to his room His mates had this affixation with his mother. They thought she was the hottest thing on the planet. They all said that if any of them had the chance to shag her they’d break up with their girlfriends like yesterday! Brandon always tried to change the subject when they started talking like this. Not because he was embarrassed by their derogatory comments, but because he was jealous of them being able to make them. He secretly fancied his mother.

Melanie Cox was quite young at 36. She had gotten pregnant with Brandon when she was just 16, which made Brandon 20. Her boyfriend at the time had been freaked out and had taken off, so Brandon had never known his father. He had been raised by his teenage mother and her parents, his grandparents. His mother had never had any other children as she was scared the father would leave again and she’d have to explain it to them. She couldn’t bear to see the hurt on another child’s face like she had seen on Brandon’s when he was old enough to know the truth.

Melanie Cox actually looked about 25 with long luxurious chestnut hair, large sparkling emerald eyes, a petite figure, about 5’4″, and had been blessed with perky breasts and a tight round ass.

Brandon had often fantasized about fucking his mother. He’d think about going into her room at night and slipping into her bed while she slept. He’d think about kissing her full lips and fondling her breasts. He’d think about her moaning in her sleep while he slipped his fingers inside her wet pussy. Then he’d think about her suddenly waking up and being surprised but pleased that it was her son doing these wonderful things to her. And he’d think of her pulling him on top of her and spreading her legs to let him bury his cock inside her.

Then he’d shake his head and make himself stop thinking these taboo things he knew he shouldn’t be.


After grabbing his suitcase and lugging it downstairs to where his mates were waiting he saw his mom was in the kitchen.

“Hey guys, I’m just gonna say bye to my mum. Be one sec.”

“Can you say hi to her for us?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah!” Matt agreed.

Brandon flipped them both the bird and made his way into the kitchen. Upon entering he saw his mother facing away from him and bent over in front of the dishwasher. Her ass was enclosed in a pair of tight dark denim jeans and he pictured himself going over, pulling them down, spreading her ass cheeks, and lapping at her tight asshole. He felt his cock twitch and start to harden.

“No, no, no, no, she’s your mum!” he scolded himself.

His mother straightened and turned to face him.

“Are you off sweety?” she asked.

Brandon swallowed, willing his erection away, and nodded.

“Uh yeah, Matt and Dylan are here. So, um, I’ll keçiören escort see you in a few days mum!”

“Alright, well have fun! Have a safe flight! Oh, Brandon, you’ve got plenty of condoms right?” she asked.

“Mum!” Brandon exclaimed turning red.

“Well I just hear the women are really loose down in Spain that’s all! I want you to be careful if anything happens! I don’t want you to….” She trailed off and looked down at her feet.

“Mum,” Brandon soothed, “I’m not like him.”

He walked over and gave his mother a hug.

“I know, I know. Sorry,” she whispered.

Brandon drew a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her perfume. He felt her warm soft body pressed to him; her tits up against his chest. Felt her arms around him. He could feel himself beginning to harden and abruptly pulled away.

“Right, ok, well I’ve got to get going. So I’ll see you when I get back,” Brandon said.

“Ok, have fun!” his mom waved at him.

Brandon made his way back to the entrance to where his friends were waiting.

“Let’s go!” he exclaimed.

Matt and Dylan hooted and the three of them made their way through the door. Matt turned around to Brandon, “Hey mate, so, um, what’s your mum wearing today?”

“Aw fuck off!” Brandon shouted and shoved Matt.

Matt and Dylan laughed as the three of them got into Dylan’s car and took off for a holiday of sun, drinking and sex in Spain.


Brandon waved to Matt and Dylan and went inside his house. He took the stairs two at a time to put his bag in his room so he could say hello to his mum. He had had quite a few erotic dreams about her and a number of good wanks in the shower thinking of her so he was looking forward to seeing her.

He got to the bottom of the stairs and saw that there were candles in the dining room and a half eaten meal set for two. That’s when he heard muffled sobs coming from the kitchen. He walked to the kitchen and peeked in. His mother was leaned against the island with her back to him and her face in her hands. She was shaking slightly. Brandon wanted to go to her, to comfort her, to lightly cup her tear streaked face in his hands and kiss her gently. He wanted her to then wrap her arms around him and kiss him back. He wanted their passion and hunger for each other take over and he wanted to spin her around and bend her over and fuck her hard.

“Don’t be a silly git, your mum doesn’t fancy you,” he scolded himself while his cock was growing hard and fat in his trousers.

Instead he walked to the opposite side of the island and cleared his throat. His mother gave a little shriek and quickly turned around.

“Oh Brandon, I didn’t know you were home. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Yeah. Mum are you ok?” he asked.

“Oh….I um…..,” and then she burst out crying, tears streaming down her face.

The front of Brandon’s trousers were flat again so he moved around the island to stand beside his mum and wrapped his arms around her.

“Mum what happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she sobbed.

“Look, whoever he was it doesn’t matter. You deserve so much kızılay escort better. You are a gorgeous, intelligent, talented, young woman and……,” Brandon trailed off as his mother pushed him back and stared up at him, her cheeks wet and eyes shining.

She opened her mouth like she was about to say something but stopped. Her lips stayed slightly parted and she ran her tongue along the bottom lip and gently bit the corner. Brandon saw this action as being extremely erotic and wondered if it was intentional or not. He felt himself begin to stiffen again. He decided to be a bit brave and tightened his arms around his mum, pulling them closer together. She didn’t push him away and seemed to tighten her arms around him as well. They were standing so close to one another he was sure she could feel his now raging erection through his trousers. His throat suddenly went dry. His focus dropped down to her lips. They were full and moist and still slightly parted. He wanted to kiss them so badly. She seemed to sense this and whispered something. He was completely lost in his fantasies that he didn’t hear her.

“What?” he whispered.

“I said go ahead,” she breathed.

“Uh……,” Brandon wasn’t sure what to do. He wasn’t sure if she meant for him to kiss her or what.

She seemed to sense once again what he was thinking and quickly closed the gap between their lips. They pressed against his lightly. At first Brandon was shocked but then he started to kiss her back. His mother made a soft moaning sound in her throat and gripped Brandon even harder. His hips were tight up against her stomach and he was sure now that she could feel his cock strong and hard against her. She groaned and snaked her tongue through his lips. He touched his tongue to hers and she reached up and grabbed the back of his head and held it tightly, pressing it closer, deepening their kiss.

Brandon broke away suddenly and they both looked at each other, breathing hard. His mother dropped her hands to his hips and she slowly dragged one hand down to grab the bulge in his jeans. Feeling his mum’s hand over him almost made Brandon cumm but he stopped himself.

“Oh my God….Mum…..,” he groaned.

“Baby… you like kissing your mum? Do you like what I am doing to you now? Do you like your mum grabbing your cock? Mmmm it feels so big.”

Brandon moaned and ripped his mum’s shirt up over her head. Once it was off he could see she hadn’t been wearing a bra and her perfect tits bobbed happily in front of his eyes. He bent over and captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked it.

“Oooh,” his mother moaned, “Oh Brandon that feels so good baby. Suck them hard.”

He obeyed her and sucked her nipple hard, nibbling at it, and then moving onto the other one. She dropped her head back and groaned. She brought her hands to the back of his head and pushed his mouth tighter against her tits. “Mmmmm…..ohhhhh!”

While Brandon was licking and sucking his mother’s tits he undid her trousers and slid them and her knickers down to the floor. She pushed him away suddenly.

“Take off your fucking clothes,” she ordered.

He sincan escort quickly did so and they stood naked in front of each other in their kitchen.

“God Brandon, you have no idea how long I have wanted this. I was so jealous of all of your girlfriends. But I was so glad that when the relationships ended I was the one to console you. I want to make you happy. I want you to be all mine.”

“Mum, I have wanted this too. I…..” he stopped when his mum put her fingers to his lips.

She turned away from him and looked back over her shoulder.

“Good. Now be a good boy and fuck your mother.”

“Oh my God,” he moaned.

He pushed his cock up against her steaming cunt. They both tensed up and then he slipped inside her. She was so hot and tight. He gripped her hips and began rocking against her. She moaned and bent her head back, her long hair hanging down her back. Brandon began to fuck her harder and faster.

“Good boy. Ya that’s it. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast.”

Brandon pumped in and out; his cock slamming into her dripping wet pussy. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other was so loud. Their moaning and groaning was even louder. Brandon reached around his mother and started to rub her clit and she began screaming.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!!!!! Fuck me!!!! Fuck me!!!!”

He gripped her hard with one hand and grabbed her hair with the other. He pulled it hard and her head was yanked back. He was fucking her furiously. His thick stiff rod going in and out in and out. She reached back and grabbed one his hands to bring it back to her pussy.

“Rub my clit Brandon. Make your mother cumm.”

Brandon grunted and rubbed her clit.

“Mmm ya that feels so good. Mmm I can’t believe you’re fucking me. My son’s cock is inside me. It feels so good,” his mum moaned

“Oh ya oh ya oh ya……I’m close I’m close……uhhhhhh……mmmmm……ohhh… fuck…….uhhhhh……uhhhhhh…….uhhhhhh……I’m cumming I’m cumming!!!” she screamed.

Brandon felt his mum’s pussy tighten and squeeze his cock as she came. He felt her juices squirt out and drip down his legs. He fucked her even harder and faster as he got closer.

“I’m gonna cumm,” he groaned.

“Ya baby. Cumm in your mother’s pussy.” “Uhhhh…..uhhhhh……ohhhhhhhh…….oh mum oh mum oh mum……I’m cumming I’m cumming!!!!!!”

He pumped in and out a few more times as hot cumm shot out of his cock and deep inside his mum’s pussy.

Spent he collapsed onto her back. They were both breathing hard. He could feel himself soften and pulled out slowly; their juices mixed together were dripping out of Brandon’s mum’s swollen slit and running down her legs. His dick was covered in their cumm. His mum turned around to face him. They stood in front of each other. It was quiet apart from their breathing. Brandon couldn’t quite help himself and a wide grin quickly spread across his face. His mum smiled too then turned to walk out of the kitchen.

“I’m going to have a shower,” she got to the doorway and turned back around to him, “then I want you to shower and come to my bedroom.”

“Ok,” he breathed.

She winked and went upstairs. Brandon stood alone in the kitchen. Holy shit, he thought to himself. Something in his mum’s eyes told him that this was not the last time they would do this. He smiled wickedly went to surprise his mother in the shower.

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