Layla and Ben Ch. 01


My name’s Layla. I’m 25 years old and I was born here in London to Jamaican immigrant parents. I’m 5″8, slim, with braided hair and very dark skin. I must be good looking as I’ve never had any problem attracting men. Up until last year though, I’d never been with a white man. I’d had a few boyfriends, but nothing serious. All the guys I’d dated had been pretty similar in their attitudes; black British guys who acted like gangsta rappers- not really my kind of men. None of them lasted very long- most cheated on me and the ones who didn’t were so fucking immature I couldn’t stand it. The sex was never anything spectacular either. All that changed when I met Ben nearly a year ago now.

Now it may come as a surprise, but besides my relationship with Ben I lead a pretty normal life. I work five days a week at an average office, I make an average salary and drive an average car. I have an average relationship with my friends and family, and live in an average house. Once I’m home from work, however, things become very different. Ben’s a very handsome white guy, 30 years old, with a muscular body, deep blue eyes and jet black hair. You see, right from the very first time Ben and I had sex, It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It may sound unusual, but he was SO dominant, slapping my arse, pulling my hair, calling me names, just taking complete control of me. I’d never been so sexually fulfilled in my whole life. The fact that some of the blokes I’d been with before would go apeshit at the thought of a black woman having this kind of sex with a white guy just makes it even more of a turn on. I am, and always will be, a white man’s slut.

I remember one time I’d come home from work, got out of my work clothes and started to cook dinner. I have to stay naked around the house unless Ben tells me to wear something, and then it must be something he chooses for me. I’d been home about half an hour when, busy chopping carrots, I heard his car pull up outside. My heart started thumping with anticipation and I began to feel myself getting wet at the thought of what I knew was shortly going to happen.

I heard the key in the lock. I got butterflies. I heard the front door open and I was literally so wet there was a little trickle of pussy juice running down the inside of my leg. The front door closed again and I heard Ben walking through the living room and, ataşehir escort at last, he appeared at the kitchen door.

“Hello beautiful.” he beamed “How about you come and join me in the living room for a bit, eh?” I knew the drill. I nodded obediently and walked over to him. Ben put one arm around me and, placing one hand on the back of my head, went to kiss me. I leant in to kiss him too, when he suddenly grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. Ben looked me up and down, feasting on my body with his eyes. I was literally quivering with anticipation.

“What is it?” I asked him, panting with desire.

“You’ve been having dirty thoughts haven’t you, you little slut?”

“No, I haven’t!” I replied, my chest heaving.

“You liar!” he answered “You’ve got your juices dribbling down your leg! This is disgusting!” Ben leant in towards me. “What are we going to do about it?”

“I don’t know!” I stammered in reply, knowing full well what would happen next. Keeping hold of my hair, Ben took his arm from around me and wiped the trickle of pussy juice from my leg with his fingers. Bringing it up to my face, he gave me the command.

“This is your disgusting mess on my fingers. Clean them.”

I obligingly opened my mouth, and he thrust his two fingers into it. “Suck them clean, you dirty bitch!” he demanded. I sucked with all my strength, and he pulled his fingers out of my mouth. “Now,” he continued “that’s your leg and my fingers clean. Let’s think about how to punish you for being so dirty.”

Still holding my hair, he led me into the living room. “On your knees!” he ordered “You know what to do!” I certainly did. I unbuttoned and unzipped Ben’s trousers. As I’d done countless times before, I reached into his boxers and pulled out his already semi-hard dick. One thing I’ll say for Ben is that he’s VERY well endowed. His is the only white dick I’ve ever seen, but if it’s anything to go by, there’s no truth to all those rumours about white guys having small ones.

Stroking his long, hardening cock up and down with my hand, I began to lick the tip, then gradually took it into my mouth. All the time I was blowing him, Ben was making comments.

“That’s right, slut. You know just how to suck that cock right.” I began to slide my lips further down his shaft, taking more of his length into my mouth. “You ataşehir escort love that, don’t you?” he groaned “That’s what those pretty lips were made to do!”

I sucked him like this for a few minutes when he placed both his hands on my head and, gripping my hair again, he pushed my head towards him, filling my throat with his cock. He held me there for a few seconds, as a began to gag, then let me go, before holding my head still and thrusting his hips quickly and forcefully, literally fucking my face. I began to retch again and he pulled me from off his dick. I gulped down a few mouthfuls of air as he stood over me.

“What do you think we should do now?” he asked.

“Please,” I replied “I want you inside me!” Ben gave a superior snigger.

“You think you deserve to be fucked after your revolting behaviour? You’ll have to beg harder than that!”

“Please Ben,” I cried once more “I want you to fuck me. I NEED you to fuck me!”

“I’m still not convinced…..”

“I want to feel that big, white cock of yours stretching my tight black pussy!” I implored him “I need you to use me however you want to get yourself off and then…”

“And then?”

“…. and then, only if you don’t mind, maybe I can get off too?” Ben laughed.

“Get on your feet then and bend over the table.”

I stood up and did as I was told. Leaning over the table, my large, naked breasts felt cold against the wood. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what was going to happen. I heard Ben walk up behind me.

“You have got one fantastic arse!” he said. “I can’t decide whether to fuck your little puckered arsehole or your dripping pussy. He pulled my cheeks apart and began fondling me. Slowly, Ben slid his fingers across my pussy lips and clit, slipping two fingers inside me. It wasn’t his cock, but it still felt amazing, and I unconsciously started moving my hips backward and forward in rhythm with his hand. Without warning, Ben then stuck his thumb into my arsehole! This came as a huge surprise and I nearly jumped with the shock! Almost at the same time though, an instantaneous orgasm tore through my whole body, making me shake and my pussy spasm uncontrollably around Ben’s fingers. This lasted for several minutes as his fingers probed my womanhood and his thumb sank deeper and deeper into my arse.

Ben laughed anadolu yakası escort again and pulled his fingers out of me, and I felt him position himself behind me, rubbing his cock up and down my moist, welcoming slit.

“I think I’ll fuck your pussy,” he told me “if I put it up your arse you’d enjoy it too much and you’d probably squirt all over me!” Gently sliding the tip of his cock inside me, he grabbed my hips with both hands and forcefully pulled me back onto him, impaling me on his entire length. Immediately he started pounding away at my womanhood, thrusting so hard and deep that his tip was actually banging against my cervix. He took one hand and started pulling my hair again.

“Take that cock, slut!” he yelled “Take it deep inside that tight black hole of yours!” I began moaning louder and louder with pleasure as he fucked me, feeling so used and degraded that my slit was dripping like a tap. I felt another sudden but lasting orgasm overwhelm my, making me almost faint with pleasure.

Ben began to quicken his pace.

“Are you ready to give me your hot, sticky cum?” I asked, hoping he was.

“Nearly, whore,” he replied “but where am I going to shoot it? Should I cum inside you? I don’t think so. Get on your knees again!”

He pulled out again and I obediently spun round and fell to my knees as he furiously wanked his dick. Mouth closed, I looked up at him longingly, wanting nothing more than to oblige him by taking his load. “Here it comes Layla!” he exclaimed, as the first thick glob shot out of his manhood and landed right across my cheek and nose. Ben began crying out in ecstasy as he came, and his second ream hit me right in the eye. I shook a little but knelt there still, he emptied the rest of his muck over my face.

When he’d finished, he looked down at me and chortled.

“You’d better go and clean yourself up, slut!” he laughed “And put some clothes on while you’re at it. Something casual like jeans and a t-shirt!”. I looked up at him admiringly and stood up, then headed upstairs for a shower. When I’d done that and got dressed, I came back downstairs, and Ben kissed me.

“How was work love?” he asked.

“Oh, you know,” I replied “same old crap, different day.” He laughed.

“I love you.” he said.

“I love you too!” I replied, then went back into the kitchen and carried on cooking dinner.

You see, some people might think the kind of sex Ben and I have is disrespectful, even chauvinistic, but the fact is that we love each other. And as for our sex life, well, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to spend the rest of my life as his slut!

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