Lady Niazi of Iran


Stanley Toussaint is a native of Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, and he’s been living in Florida for the past eighteen months. Stanley’s aunt Gertrude Toussaint sent for him after his parents, Dorothy Jean-Toussaint and Mathieu Toussaint perished in the earthquake which devasted the island of Haiti. The loss of his parents was a terrible blow to Stanley, and he also has to adjust to life in a new country. Stanley and his folks visited America a few times, but visiting someplace and living there are two completely different things.

Stanley’s aunt Gertrude wants her only nephew to succeed in the United States of America, so she wants him to learn the English language prior to entering the local colleges and universities. Stanley was in his first year at the Universite Notre Dame d’Haiti, located in Port-Au-Prince, when the earthquake devastated the Haitian Capital. Aunt Gertrude knows that Stanley is a good student, but he can be so easily distracted sometimes…

“My good friend Nadia Niazi and I go way back, she is going to teach you,” Aunt Gertrude told Stanley, prior to introducing the two of them. Stanley nodded sagely at his aunt, but from the moment he met Nadia Niazi, the young Haitian knew that studying under such a lady’s tutelage is not going to be easy. Nadia Niazi is built like a porn star and Stanley recalled getting a boner the first time he was in her presence. With such a woman teaching him, what could go wrong?

At present time, Stanley is taking ESL classes with Nadia Niazi, a lovely Persian woman who’s such a good friend of his aunt Gertrude. The two women met while studying at Miami-Dade College. Nadia works as an accountant for a firm located close to the campus, so she doesn’t mind teaching Stanley the finer points of the English language to prepare him for the college entrance exam. If only Stanley could focus…

“Stanley, stop looking at my ass,” Nadia Niazi said, laughing, as she got up from her chair and headed for the ladies room. The curvaceous, dark-haired and big-bottomed dame, originally from the Qom region of Iran cut an impressive figure as she walked through the Miami Dade College library. The things I want to do to that ass, Stanley Toussaint thought to himself as he watched Nadia go.

Nadia Niazi is easily in her mid-forties, much older than Stanley, who is twenty years old and like most men his age, eager to bang anything that moves. Stanley has never met anyone from Iran before, and the Persian BBW is definitely enticing with her big butt and those dangerous curves of hers. Stanley wants a piece of Nadia and isn’t above trying anything to get his hands on her.

“Ente Jamile,” Stanley said when Nadia came back, and the lady blushed and looked at him pensively. Stanley grinned, mentally patting himself for remembering the few Arabic phrases taught by his neighbor Hassan the Lebanese guy. Nadia sat down and Stanley licked his lips, waiting for her to say something. Nadia narrowed those lovely brown eyes of hers and licked her lips, a gesture which sent a pleasant thrill down Stanley groin area.

“Thank you, Stanley, but I am Persian, not Arab,” Nadia said, and she then xslot Yeni Giriş tapped her pencil against the ESL book. Stanley frowned and resumed reading the common English phrases that Nadia was teaching him. Stanley had learned more English from speaking to the people in his new building and on the streets of Dade County than from this damn heavy and expensive book that Nadia was having him carry around. The big booty Persian gal could be bossy as hell, and not the fun way…

“Can’t find an English to Persian translator software online, but I know most Muslims understand some Arabic,” Stanley said smartly, as he continued to do his work. Nadia sighed, and looked at Stanley, this tall, dark and handsome young man who could have been her son. This can never be, Nadia thought, and she steeled herself against Stanley soulful gaze, knowing that she must be strong enough to resist temptation, for both their sakes.

“Why are you so interested in my culture and background?” Nadia asked, and Stanley grinned in a manner that was both charming and malicious. Instead of immediately replying, the young man took her hand and brought it to his lips before she could react or shrink away. Stanley winked at Nadia as she pulled her hand back, and then he leaned back in his chair.

“I see a beautiful woman with no man, and I know you like men because you get nervous around me, lesbians never get nervous around men unless those men are threatening them, so what’s your secret Miss Niazi?” Stanley asked smugly. The young man crossed his arms and looked Nadia right in the eyes. This one is definitely full of himself, Nadia thought, impressed by Stanley confidence in spite of herself.

“I don’t date men whom I am teaching, and I don’t date men half my age, or my friends family members,” Nadia said smartly, her face full of adamantine resolve. Stanley appeared to be taken aback by her statement even though he played it cool like the super chill guy he was pretending to be. Stroking his goateed chin, Stanley appeared to be considering Nadia’s words, and then he suddenly drew closer, so fast that he surprised her.

“Why do I make you so nervous, Miss Persia?” Stanley demanded, his face inches from Nadia’s. Sighing, Nadia exhaled sharply and resisted the urge to slap this young fool for his smugness. Stanley is devastatingly handsome but no man is simply irresistible to all women. The Haitian brother must have watched too many Will Smith and Brad Pitt movies. You’re not prince charming, Nadia thought, annoyed by Stanley’s persistence.

“Mister Toussaint, if you insist on being so disrespectful, we have nothing to say to each other,” Nadia said, and with that, she grabbed her books, and her laptop, and walked away. Stanley watched Nadia go and sighed, shaking his head. At this hour, the Miami Dade College library was full of students doing their summer sessions. More than a few of them looked at Nadia leaving in a huff, before glancing curiously at Stanley, who shrugged. I blew it, Stanley thought, disgusted with his performance.

“This ought to show him,” Nadia Niazi said to herself as she headed xslot Gir home. She reached her Rav4 and pulled out of the campus. She lived a couple of miles away, and headed straight home. When Nadia got home, she took a shower, and then sat naked in her living room, eating chicken strips and sipping red wine. This was her way of unwinding after a long and tiresome day.

Nadia thought about Stanley, the handsome and eager young black man who was so thirsty for her that it was comical. You’re going to want women your own age, I have nothing to offer you, Nadia thought, shaking her head. Nadia thought of her former lover, James Hightower, a handsome black man from Antigua. Like Stanley, James was new to Miami when they met almost a decade ago. The fact that James was a decade her junior didn’t stop Nadia from embarking on a steamy romance with him.

Nadia fell completely in love with James, for the Antiguan stud had that unique combination of good looks, hard-bodied masculinity, plus the dick of death. In the Persian community, interracial relationships are rare. A few Persian men cross the line by dating black women and women of other races, but for the most part, Persians either marry white people or they stick to their own kind. Persian women are usually much more conservative than Persian men and rarely date non-Persians. Nadia lost a lot of friends when she publicly dated James, but she loved her Antiguan stud and that was that.

“Nadia, I got something to tell you,” James told her, on their eight-month anniversary. He’d taken her to Manger Creole, a chic Haitian restaurant located in the heart of Miami. Nadia wore a lovely red patterned and flowery summer dress for the occasion, and James looked sharp in a red silk shirt, blue silk pants and Timberland boots. I think James is going to propose to me, Nadia thought excitedly, her heart aflutter. Reality would soon hit her, hard.

“You can tell me anything, my love,” Nadia replied, and James sighed, and then unburdened himself. What followed was a shocking revelation. James had not been honest with Nadia, at all. As it turns out, the brother had a wife named Wendy on the island of Antigua and two sons, Joseph and Marcos. James had come to Miami while separated from his wife and now he wanted to get back to his homeland and family, hence the revelation to Nadia…

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” James said sheepishly, right before Nadia threw the contents of her glass in his face. Drenched and embarrassed, James got up and started after Nadia, who ran away from him, storming out of Manger Creole restaurant as though the Devil himself were after her. From that day forward, Nadia swore off black men. With their charming smiles, great bodies and amazing dicks, they could worm their way into any woman’s life and into her heart, but they always deceived and hurt. Nope, Nadia was done with black men…

Lying naked on the couch, Nadia turned on the TV…and wished he hadn’t. Onscreen, the actor Will Smith was making love to Margot Robbie in that heist movie they did together a while back, Focus. In spite of herself, Nadia found herself turned on. xslot Sitesi She began masturbating to the scene, for she was quite horny. As Nadia closed her eyes and rubbed her erect nipples while fingering her wet pussy, she visualized Will Smith on top of her.

“Give it to me,” Nadia murmured, imagining the tall, dark and handsome actor on top of her, ready to fuck her. Nadia thrust two fingers into her vagina, and for whatever reason, the image of Will Smith faded from her mind, replaced by that of…Stanley? Before Nadia could stop herself, her mind summoned the image of Stanley, and the stalwart young Haitian began fucking the hell out of her in fantasyland. Oh fucking A, Nadia thought, both turned on and disturbed by her fantasy.

“Miss Persia, let me pleasure you,” Fantasyland-Stanley told Nadia, and she hesitantly nodded at him. He kissed her lips and her breasts before sliding his hand between her thick thighs. Nadia gasped as Fantasyland-Stanley fingered her, then buried his face between her legs. The brother proceeded to eat her wet, horny pussy like a champ, causing her to squeal in delight. Afterwards, Fantasyland-Stanley put Nadia on all fours and slid his long, hard dick into her pussy.

“Fuck me, lover,” Nadia squealed, and Fantasyland-Stanley did not disappoint. The brother proceeded to slam his dick into Nadia’s pussy, fucking her roughly. Nadia was pleasantly surprised when Fantasyland-Stanley grabbed her long dark hair and yanked her head back while dicking her down. In this fashion, they fucked and sucked the night away. Fantasyland-Stanley fucked Nadia until the curvaceous Persian BBW finally came then tapped out, shuddering in post orgasmic delight.

Nadia sighed, and opened her eyes, and it took her a moment to remember where she was. Fantasyland-Stanley was gone, banished to the recesses of her mind. He had never been in her apartment. Nadia’s curvy body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and her hand was full of hot girly cum from all the fingering she’d done and the orgasm she’d coaxed out of herself. It was all a fantasy, Nadia thought, laughing nervously. Nothing to fear at all. Reaching for her cell phone, Nadia saw that she had three text messages and one voice message, all from you-know-who…

“Good evening, Nadia, I want to apologize for my conduct, and if you want, I can make it up to you, I find you lovely but I was raised as a gentleman, so I must always behave as such, give me a chance to made amends,” Stanley’s deep voice intoned over the phone. Nadia sat there, stark naked, a lovely, curvaceous, large-breasted, wide-hipped, thick-thighed and big-bottomed woman in all of her glory. Persian beauty au naturel, as it were…

“Alright, Stan, what did you have in mind?” Nadia texted, and ten seconds later, Stanley replied. The young Haitian guy cut right to the chase. He was inviting her to dinner with him at a nice Haitian restaurant, Piman Bouk, located in the northeast of Miami. Nadia happily accepted Stanley’s offer, over text, of course, but declined to speak with him in her current state. After concluding the messages, Nadia sat there, pensive. Stanley would be a good roll in the hay, as they say, provided they could keep their tryst from his aunt Gertrude. There was no real future for Nadia and a guy like Stanley, they would have their fun, and then go their separate ways. No possibility of heartbreak when everyone is on the same page…

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