Interesting Package Next Door


Brock Hoffman, as he stood in his shower stroking his soapy, hard cock, knew exactly what he wanted.

He just had to figure out how to get it.

As his fist clamped firmly and he pulled the skin of his dick back and forth, he could not get the image out of his mind. Truthfully, he did not want the image to leave because he was obsessed with it.

Just that afternoon, Brock had been finishing up mowing and trimming the grass in his parents’ yard when he heard a low moaning coming from his neighbor’s back yard. Right away, his antennae went up, because he knew it had to be Lelani.

Sure enough, as Brock crept over to the wooden fence between their yards and looked through the hole he had carved out, he could see Lelani on the couch that was tucked on the inside wall of her deck under a large awning.

Immediately, he could see she was naked. That wasn’t so surprising, because in the two months since she’d moved in, Brock had been able to spy on her plenty of times when she had her clothes off. And by this time he already knew that she was a tranny, because he had seen her with both a man and a woman and had seen her manly equipment.

But this time was different.

As Brock eyed her through the fence, it took him a few long seconds to realize what she was doing. But when he did, he had to hold back from making a noise.

“Holy shit,” he said to himself. “She’s sucking on her own cock!”

Lelani had tucked herself into the corner of the couch and was bent over, with the tip of her dick in her mouth. One hand was stroking on the rest of her cock, while the other helped pull her head down.

Brock was mesmerized by the sight, and he was also immediately hard as a rock. In fact, it took him only seconds to pull down his sweat shorts and briefs to give his hand access to his dick. He never even gave a thought to the fact that neighbors on the other side could see him if they looked out a certain window.

As Brock hammered away, he watched Lelani change position, getting onto her back on the couch and bringing her legs over the top so her knees were touching the couch behind her head. Even though he had never seen something like this before, Brock could sense what was going to happen.

And it did.

As Lelani stroked her cock, she pointed it right at her open mouth as her moans got slightly louder. And suddenly, Brock could see cum spurt out right onto her face and into her mouth. She took several shots like that, then stuck her tongue out to lick the cockhead.

She then shifted slightly to get the tip closer to her mouth and was able to wrap her lips about two inches up the shaft and he could see her sucking hard, with her cheeks billowing in.

That was all Brock could take. He stifled his own groan as jizz blasted out of his dick and splashed onto the fence. It rocketed out so hard that some of it rebounded off the fence and onto his legs, but he didn’t care.

That was the most exciting thing he’d ever seen in his 19 years. And as he relived it in the shower less than an hour later, his orgasm hit him nearly as hard, with cum flying several feet to hit the wall on the far side.

When his legs stopped shaking and his dick lost its stiffness, the question came back.

He knew he wanted Lelani. He just had to figure out how.

Two months ago

The Hoffmans lived on a quiet suburban street, with lots of older trees providing shade and a wide variety of houses, which, unlike newer developments, were spaced with plenty of room between them.

The people who lived there were diverse, as well, with some families, some older folks and some younger singles. The house next door went up for sale when the Greens moved away and was quickly purchased.

When Brock first saw the new inhabitant, he was already intrigued. She appeared to be of Asian descent, but not completely. She had a really beautiful face that reminded him of some of the UCLA and Southern Cal cheerleaders who were considered Asian-American.

He went next door with his parents to meet the new neighbor, and found out her name was Lelani, which he thought was a sexy name. After some small talk, his parents insisted that Brock should help her move her things in, which in this case didn’t bother him at all.

Spring was finally taking over from winter, but it was still cold enough for light jackets. Even so, Brock could sense that Lelani had a nice body under those clothes. She appeared to be in her late 20s, with long black hair that had a few streaks of gold in it.

When they were finished, Lelani invited him into the kitchen and offered him a Pepsi.

“Brock, I really appreciate your help today,” she said. “I had a couple of friends who were supposed to help, but they never showed. Can I pay you?”

“No, that’s OK, I wasn’t doing much anyway. Glad to help.”

“So, are you still in school?”

“I took this year off to work and make some money, but I’m heading off to college this fall. I have a part-time job on some nights, but I’ll be around a lot during the day. Where Anadolu Yakası escort are you coming from?”

“I was living in Seattle, but I just needed to relocate. I sold my house up there so I could afford this one, but I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do.”

They talked a while longer, but Brock sensed she needed to get to work unpacking.

“I’ve got to get going, but if you need any more help, let me know.”

“Thanks, Brock. I might take you up on that. Wait, I just thought of this – do you do any yard work? I know my grass will need mowed soon. And I will pay you for that.”

“Yeah, that’s cool. I can do your yard after I finish mine. No problem.”

For the next few days, Brock was busy at the house and didn’t see much of Lelani. But on Friday of the first week, he saw somebody pull into her driveway in an Audi, and a tall, athletic guy went to her door. Brock’s bedroom was on the second floor in front and on Lelani’s side, and he saw him leave about two hours later.

A few days later, a BMW drove up and a really muscular dude went to her door, stayed for a while and left.

The next week, a Mustang convertible arrived and a hot-looking blonde with a seriously short mini-skirt visited Lelani.

By the end of that week, it was the middle of May and some warm weather had hit. Brock came from the bathroom after a shower and opened his bedroom window. He saw there was a Lexus at Lelani’s, and as he turned around, he thought he heard some noise coming from next door.

He looked out and saw that Lelani’s windows were open, and wondered if that’s where the noise was coming from. So he got dressed and as he went downstairs he realized that the noises he’d heard sounded sexual in nature.

Curious, Brock went out his back door and crept around the side of the house until he was under Lelani’s window. Fortunately, he was hidden by a large rhododendron at the front of her house.

And damned if he wasn’t right. There was definitely sex happening in her house. He could hear a guy grunting and a female voice, almost certainly Lelani, urging him on.

It seemed to go on for a long time and Brock was frozen in place. His dick was as stiff as a piece of frozen meat, too, except that it was hot.

Finally, the man clearly had an orgasm, and Brock snuck back to his room. He immediately stripped and jerked off, not taking much time to spurt plenty of come on his belly and chest, requiring another quick shower.

Brock realized that the traffic next door was very likely composed of customers of Lelani; either that or she had a long list of intimate friends.

The next day was a grass mowing day, and after he finished his yard, Brock moved next door to Lelani’s place. He quickly did the front and moved to the back yard. As he was making his first turn toward the back of her house, he came to attention as Lelani walked from her back door to the hot tub on her deck.

She was a vision of loveliness.

She was wearing a tiny neon orange bikini and sandals. Fortunately, she was not looking at him, so Brock could stare.

What he saw was a very tight, athletic body, with subtle muscles. Her breasts were larger than he expected and the cut of the top showed several inches of delightful cleavage. As she moved past his field of vision, he took in her long legs and very shapely ass. Wow.

He turned back to cut the next row of grass and by now was glad he was wearing loose sweat pants because he was definitely getting excited. As he turned for the front again, he saw Lelani already in the hot tub and she gave him a little wave with a smile.

It was all Brock could do to finish the mowing. What a hot woman! No wonder she had so many lovers.

In no time, he completed the mowing. The first time he’d mowed, he knocked on her back door when he was done and she paid him. This was going to be a little more awkward.

As he started toward her deck, he said, “Hey, you can catch me later if you want.”

“No, I brought some money out here. Just give me a sec.”

Lelani sat up on the edge of the tub and leaned up to reach her purse on the table. Brock, of course, was watching her closely, when all of a sudden, he thought, “Whoa!”

She grabbed the bills, dropped back into the tub and walked to the side closest to him, smiled, and said, “Here you go. Thanks so much.”

Brock was still trying to compute what he’d seen, so he just mumbled thanks and walked to his house. He put the mower away, went straight to his bedroom and sat in his comfy chair.

“I swear I saw a big lump in her bikini bottoms,” he said to himself. “Can that be what I think it is?”

No stranger to porn, Brock fired up his laptop and quickly got to a website that dealt with “Chicks with Dicks,” just to assure himself. And there he saw plenty of chicks, with dicks. Most of them were naked, but he also saw a few stuffed into bikinis or lingerie and he was pretty sure that matched what he’d just seen.

Now the question was, what did he think about that?

No Anadolu Yakası escort bayan question, Lelani was gorgeous. Did this just ruin it?

Well, based on his throbbing cock, no, it didn’t.

Still, as he was jerking himself off to another glorious conclusion, Brock was thinking mostly about Lelani’s wonderful tits and ass and not what might be in her pants.

Over the next few weeks, Brock did everything he could to find out more about Lelani. He discovered that her bedroom was opposite his bedroom window, but with the angle he had and that rhododendron, he couldn’t see her bed.

It was good enough to catch a few glimpses of her getting dressed, but all that did was frustrate him.

He also figured out that when Lelani entertained “guests,” the action was mostly in the room directly under her bedroom, which he presumed was like a living room. He was able to listen a couple more times, but he knew he was taking a big chance trying to peek in the window, so he didn’t.

Eventually, Brock realized that, especially in the afternoon when the sun was streaming in her first-floor window, if he could look out their dining room window and not be seen, he might get a look.

The next time he saw a car in the driveway, he set two large cardboard boxes on the dining room table, separated by a couple of inches. He sat in a chair behind them and looked across, and – “Yes!” – he could see the couch.

But it was difficult to see much detail. He could tell that the guy was fucking Lelani from behind as she kneeled on the couch, and when he was done he sprayed cum all over her butt and back.

Not good enough.

He knew his parents didn’t have binoculars, so he splurged on a small set that afternoon.

He was rewarded two days later, when the lady with the Mustang showed up. He quickly set up the boxes, got in his seat and felt like he was getting ready to watch a movie unfold.

Lelani and the woman did not waste any time. Lelani already had her hands on the woman’s tits and the woman had grabbed Lelani’s ass. They quickly shucked their clothes and then had a long make out session on the couch, with plenty of breast kissing.

Then Lelani laid back on the couch with her head away from Brock, and the woman climbed on top with her head facing him. He could see a little of the woman’s fine ass sticking up and knew that Lelani was face-first in her pussy.

But all of his concentration was on the woman and Lelani’s dick. This was the first time he really got a good look at it, and it was impressive. Brock couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked a little longer than his 7-incher, although not as thick. Her penis had a nice, light pink color with a purple head.

And the woman was going to town on it. She had no trouble gobbling the whole length into her throat and her up-and-down motion sent her blonde hair flying.

Then he saw Lelani tap the woman on her butt and they got up. The woman laid face down on the couch as Lelani placed a large pillow under her hips. Then, as the women spread her legs, Lelani plunged her dick into her pussy in one stroke.

They didn’t mess around. Lelani quickly got up to a steady pace and pounded into her butt, making Lelani’s tits and the woman’s cheeks shake in rhythm. Lelani eventually pulled the woman’s hips up higher as she went faster and her face contorted as she obviously came into the woman’s hole.

She pulled her dripping dick out and rubbed it in the woman’s crack until she stood up. Then they kissed, got dressed and it was all over, in less than 30 minutes.

Now this was more like it for Brock, except he wished he’d bought a camera instead of binoculars.

It got even better three days later when a big tricked-out Range Rover rolled into Lelani’s driveway while Brock was doing some work in his front yard. A large, muscular black man got out of the vehicle and went into Lelani’s house.

Brock didn’t wait too long before heading inside, putting the boxes up on the table and grabbing his binoculars and swelling dick, in that order.

Once again, there was no time wasted. The man had already shed his shirt and he watched Lelani unbuckle his belt, pull his zipper down and yank down his pants. As Lelani went to her knees, out popped a massive black cock, as big as any Brock had seen online.

It looked more like a club than a dick.

He watched closely as Lelani used her tongue to get the entire shaft wet, then sucked on his balls. Finally, she inserted the head into her mouth and licked all over it before going down on it. But even though she put a lot in her mouth, there was way more left out, and so she put both hands on the huge dick and stroked it as she sucked the top.

Brock was impressed with the work Lelani was doing. Between her mouth and hands, she had most of his pole covered and he was obviously pleased with the results.

After at least 15 minutes of this action, Brock was stunned that the guy hadn’t exploded yet – he knew he would have.

Instead, escort bayan Lelani let go and disrobed. She reached into a nearby drawer and handed the guy a tube of something as she crawled up on the couch. She raised her butt up with her knees on the couch while the guy used what was in the tube to lube up his giant cock.

That’s when Brock realized – Holy, hell – he was going to fuck her in the ass. No way!

But he did, although it took quite a while for him to get most of his dick inside of her. He began slowly sawing in and out and reached around Lelani to play with her stiff dick.

Brock couldn’t believe Lelani wasn’t screaming in pain; instead she seemed to enjoying it, starting to push back some.

The guy did not last long. He pulled out and started jerking himself off as Lelani turned to face him while sitting on the couch. He stepped nearer, then sent blast after blast of cum onto her tits and stomach. Lelani had grabbed a hold of herself and was wildly jerking off, too, and just about the time he stopped cumming, she started to, which only added to the mess on her body.

This was too much for Brock, and he unloaded his sperm onto the floor and to the underside of the dining room table. It was going to be a mess to clean up, but he didn’t care.

A few days later

Brock had a group of friends he hung out with, especially on weekends, and he had an on-again, off-again girlfriend named Cindy, although they both knew it was mostly about the sex and it wouldn’t last.

But as he got to see more and more of Lelani and her wild sessions, Brock was becoming slightly obsessed with his neighbor at the expense of everything else.

In fact, Cindy had been over the afternoon before for a little fuck session and although he gave her what she came for, Brock was picturing Lelani in his mind for most of the time.

And then earlier today came the episode with him watching Lelani sucking herself, and that sent him over the edge.

Brock was about 6-foot-2 and in excellent shape, so he wasn’t a turnoff. But he was definitely younger than anyone else Lelani was seeing and he suspected that they were paying for her company. He certainly couldn’t afford that.

So what could he do?

The answer was revealed to him the very next day.

Brock’s parents had just left for work and before he started eating breakfast he heard a knock at the front door. He opened the door and Lelani was there dressed in a colorful robe.

“Do you by any chance know anything about hot tubs?” she asked.

“Well, a little. A buddy of mine works for a company that sells them.”

“Can you come over and look at mine? It stopped and I can’t get it working again.”

“Sure, I’ll be over in about 10 minutes.”

Brock gulped down his breakfast, then changed into a muscle shirt and his tightest swim trunks and went over. It didn’t take long to realize that Lelani’s filters were jammed with leaves and debris and would need to be replaced.

“I can go see my friend and get you a good deal,” he said. “I was gonna mow your grass today anyway, so I’ll take care of this after lunch.”

“OK, I’ll be here. But would it be all right if I didn’t pay you today? My last uh, um … client did not pay his bill.”

“I’m sure we can work something out.”

And then it dawned on Brock that this might be the perfect way to get a shot at Lelani.

He ran and got a set of new filters, mowed both yards, took a lunch break, then went back over to the hot tub. With the new filters in place and with instructions from his friend to get it going again, the tub appeared to be running fine.

Lelani must have heard the motor kick on, because she came out of the door with a smile on her face.

“Well, that looks better,” she said. “I’m impressed. How much do I owe you?”

“The filters were about $65, so I guess with the mowing about $100.”

“Do you think you can wait until Friday to get paid?”

At that point, Brock surprised himself with his audacity.

“You said your last client didn’t pay. Are you some kind of therapist or something?”

Lelani looked away, clearly surprised by the question.

“Uh, yeah, I guess you could say that.”

“I’m going to make a guess here – is it something to do with sex? ‘Cause I have to admit, I’ve heard some interesting noises coming out of your window.”

Lelani’s face reddened, then she said, “And I’m guessing you’ve done more than hear. Don’t think I didn’t see those boxes on your table. I wondered about that, because they were only there when I had somebody in.”

“Guilty as charged. But look, Lelani, this has been driving me crazy. You’re so hot and I can’t help myself.”

“So, I guess you know about my little ‘secret,’ then, too?”

“Um, well, yeah. If you remember that day you paid me while you were in the hot tub, you were wearing that little orange bikini and it was impossible not to notice.”

“And you’re not freaked out by that?”

“No. Well, for a few minutes maybe, but then not at all. It’s actually kind of exciting. So, what are you, a hooker?”

“I wouldn’t use that term, but I guess it’s all in who’s asking. I play in a kind of discreet sex fantasy game. I know I’m a little exotic, and certain people will pay a lot of money to be with me. I sure hope you can keep that information to yourself.”

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