If You Dare Ch. 03

Big Tits

This is the third chapter of a fictional tale. As a tale of fiction, it omits many of the safety precautions one should take in a real life situation. Because of this, it should not be considered a template for real life.

Gloria was coming down to reality, more and more. The pain from the clothespins had calmed down to four light stings. Her wrists and ankles still ached and were raw from her struggles with the rope. After regaining some composure, she wondered what little evil was next on his mind.

Her pussy was dripping and it visually showed her desire. But, he knew of this desire. He was the cause of it. He didn’t create it, but he had been the catalyst. He went deep into her mind and used her desire against her. Her sexual needs betrayed her, listening to his torments of humiliation and domination.

Gloria visualized her situation, in her mind. Here she was naked, bound to the four corners of her bed, and her ass jetting up in the air, seductively. He was free to walk about the room, and do anything he wanted. And, because she had agreed he would be her tormentor, anything he wanted was exactly that.

She felt his hand running down the crack of her ass. She shook from this touch, and arched her butt up to meet it. She shivered as his fingers quickly brushed her ass hole. She shuddered when they found her pussy. He gave her pussy a quick slap that quickly brought a yelp from her.

“Are we ready to continue, now?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.” she answered.

“Do you still want to cum?”

“No, Sir.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sir, I’m fine now.”

“All right, then. We will continue.”

He walked up to the head of the bed, leaned over and nibbled Gloria’s right earlobe. She gasped. He nibbled on the left earlobe. She gasped again. His nibbles moved down to her shoulders, leaving red marks as he went. Gloria could feel his hair brush against her back, as he inched down her body. When he got far enough down her body, his hand squeezed between the pillows and her hips. She could feel it as it searched for her clit. She tried to raise her hips allowing his hand better access.

It was very close to her clit, and her eyes fluttered in anticipation of his touch when “Yeow! Hey, what are you doing?” Gloria screamed. She tried to get away from his hand. Instead of searching for her clit, he searched and found her pubic hair. Pulling on a few got quite a reaction. Then, he pulled on a few more.

“Ouch! Hey, that hurts. She did her best to get away from his pinching fingers, but she could only go so far before the ropes stopped her. She could hear him laugh. She knew she was putting on quite a show, in her efforts to keep all of her pussy hair intact. She knew how her ass must look, lurching into the air.

“Just a little bit of fun to get your attention, sweetie.”

But, he continued and Gloria continued to dodge his fingers, as well as she could. Her already weak legs were beginning to ache even more. And, if what this hand was doing wasn’t enough, he began to use the fingers of his other hand to torment her ass hole.

Sweet torment it was, as he slid his fingers lightly over her little bud. Startled at first, Gloria then moaned in pleasure at what he was doing. She was quickly falling into his control, as she had before. He continued this for a while, and Gloria began to respond. But, just as quickly as he started, he stopped. She groaned her disapproval.

No sooner had the groan passed her lips he pulled on her pubic hair, again.

“Ouch! Oh, please stop that and go back to what you were doing,” she pleaded. “You surely know it feels wonderful.”

“Yes, I could tell you liked one over the other.” He pulled on her pubic hair again. Again, Gloria jerked her hips in reaction.

“Ouch! How could you tell?” she said, half smiling.

“Oh, it wasn’t difficult, sweetie,” he said, with a chuckle.

Gloria could hear him walking around the bed. She heard him walk to the night table. He was getting into the same leather bag as before. What could he be planning?

“Well, my pet, it’s time for more fun.”

Gloria groaned. She would be wanting to cum, soon. He was very good at taking her to the edge. She knew it and hated that he was so good at it. He could turn her into a complete sex slut, wanting and even begging to be fucked. It felt unusual, and out of character to the old Gloria. But this new Gloria felt differently.

He walked back to the bed. A distinct buzzing sound was soon filling the room. Soon after that, a vibrator was lightly touching Gloria’s clit. Her clit was sensitive before, but she hadn’t realized just how much. And, the vibrator was cold.

“Oh! That’s cold! But it still feels nice.”

“I’m sure it will warm up, quickly. Just wait and see.”

He was right, again. In a short while, that thing was as hot and wet as Gloria’s pussy. He rubbed it on her clit, and it started humming the same tune. He leaned down and blew cool air on her pussy. His hair brushed otele gelen escort against her ass when he did this. He used that vibrator with skill. He changed how he held it against her clit, using a very light touch, as if sending Morse code signals. Gloria understood the signals, and her pussy was replying.

“God, why do you do these things to me? You take me to the edge of cumming, and leave me there.” The vibrator continued to escalate her desire. “Soon, you’ll have me begging for release, foregoing any personal dignity. I’ll be a needy pussy, and nothing more.”

He chuckled, and blew on her wet pussy, again. While he talked, he continued to work the vibrator on her clit. “You learn well, sweetie. This is exactly what I intend. In your training, I will take you to the edge more than once. You must learn to accept it, as best you can. At times, your desire will be overpowering.”

He stopped to concentrate more on the vibrator. This got Gloria’s attention.

“Oh, God! You mean like now? That damn thing is driving me crazy.”

Laughing, he agreed with her. “Yes, like now. And, I’m not finished with it. It has fresh batteries. You’re just beginning to feel its vibrations.”

Gloria’s mind was on that vibrator. It was doing a good job of keeping her attention. He was taking her to the edge, again. He rubbed it against her clit, and between the lips of her pussy. She was twisting and writhing, wanting that vibrator deep inside her.

He lightly moved the tip of the vibrator between her pussy lips, going back and forth. It separated her outer lips, as it moved between them. Gloria tried to get more of the vibrator to go deeper, but he had his hand on the small of her back to keep her in place.

She whimpered her need. “Oh, please, I want it in me! Don’t do this to me, again. I can’t take it.”

“You need to learn self control, when your sexual desire has the better of you. That’s what I’m here for.”

“But, I want it in me. I want you to fuck me with it!”

“All in due time, sweetie. You can beg and you can plead. You can whimper and cry, but only I will decide when you cum. You are learning, but it is a slow process.”

His voice was smooth and reassuring, but commanding. And, he was right. She wanted this. She didn’t want it to stop and she knew he wouldn’t. He would turn her into a whimpering mass of wet female flesh. She was tied to the bed, and she would just have to take it.

He continued the vibrator torment. It was tormenting her pussy, and tempting her clit. It was taking its toll on her senses. He lightly parted her pussy lips with the tip. She wiggled as he did this. It took her by surprise as he made circles inside of her with it. She followed the movements with her hips, as it circled just inside her. The vibrations were indescribable, as it moved along the inner walls of her pussy. Each time it touched her clit, she moaned her appreciation.

He continued this torment, and Gloria continued to respond. Soon, it shined with her wetness. He moved it up the crack of her ass. His other hand parted her cheeks, allowing the vibrator access to her twitching little hole. He lightly poked the tip of it into her ass, just enough to let her feel it. Feel it, she did. She quickly raised her ass to meet it, trying to get it inside her. “Oh, please, fuck me, there. It feels so good.”

“No,” he chuckled. “Sorry, but this is part of your training. Self-control isn’t easy. But, with the proper training, you will learn.”

“Oh, I want it in me!” she screamed. She thrust her ass up against the vibrator, hoping it would penetrate her aching ass. “Please! Ravage me! Take me, hard! Fuck me, while I’m tied and unable to stop you!”

He quickly pulled the vibrator away. She heard him walking from the bed to the night table. “I told you it is difficult to learn self control. But, if you are going to advance in your submission, you must try. I am here to help you.”

Walking back to the bed, he leaned down and whispered softly into Gloria’s ear. “You must learn to control your desires. But, when you can’t, I will help you. Open your mouth. Open wide.”

Gloria obediently opened her mouth, and he shoved a ball gag into it. He quickly buckled the strap behind her head. She didn’t realize what was happening until it was done. She protested behind the gag, pleading with him. She tried to get his attention, but she was then prevented from speaking, in addition being blindfolded.

The familiar hum of the vibrator returned. Gloria felt it on her pussy. A moan started deep within her, as he moved it to her clit. He turned it sideways between her pussy lips. He slid it up and down. On each downward movement, it brushed her clit. Its buzzing became intense, as it continued to tease her. She started anticipating, trying to get it to touch her clit for longer periods. Her moaning was becoming audible, getting louder and louder. She was fighting with the ropes that held her, trying to get mecidiyeköy escort more and more of that vibrator.

Again, he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Do you want to cum?”

Gloria moaned, feverishly nodding her head. She tried to say something, but she just mumbled muffled gibberish. She groaned in protest of her limitation. She wanted him to understand. She wanted him to fuck her, but she could only whimper her need.

He took the vibrator away, leaving her pleading behind the gag for its return. But, the next thing she knew, she felt a sting on her butt. She felt another, and then another. She yelped after each one. There was still another, before she knew what was happening. He was cropping her ass.

“Do you still want to cum?”

Gloria tried to catch her breath so she could answer him. Then, another sting landed on her ass. This one landed so it caught her pussy lips and she jerked with the pain it caused.

“I asked you a question. Do you still want to cum? Answer me.”

Gloria was shrieking behind the gag, confused about how to feel. That damn crop had most of her attention. Her behind was stinging and surely welted where he had been striking her. She tried to ration some sanity in her mind. It was all happening so fast.

“Just tell me yes, or no.”

He gave her another quick swat of the crop, in the crack of her ass. “Yes, or no! It’s just a simple one word answer. Do you still want to cum?”

She finally regained enough of her senses for a frantic shake of her head. She yelled “No, no” from behind the gag. “No!”

Just as soon as she answered, he returned the vibrator to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down her lips, just as before, feeding her desire. It didn’t take long for Gloria to start responding to it, again. She moaned, and twitched as it hummed between her legs. But, how long would this go on? When would he let her cum?

He removed the vibrator and she could feel him lean down. He blew on her pussy, causing it to twitch even more. She could feel his hair brush against her ass, and she knew he was looking at her exposed sex. She felt so humiliated and denied. He couldn’t help but see she was sopping wet with need, and only he was in control to satisfy it. She tensed her body, trying to control herself. She could feel a throbbing deep inside, slowing increasing in intensity.

He kissed her bottom, several times. Nice wet kisses, as if to cool the welts from the crop. His tongue made circles around each, leaving moist pools to cool her pain. Gloria couldn’t help but whimper her appreciation. But, this didn’t remove the primary thoughts that were running around inside her. Her body was a rollercoaster of feelings, up and down. Her need for satisfaction was growing out of control.

Again, she heard the hum of the vibrator, and its touch quickly after. He knew just where she wanted it, and it seemed he moved it everywhere but there. He rubbed her ass cheeks with it, and slid it down the crack between them. He held her cheeks open, allowing the point of the vibrator to touch her ass hole, as it moved down. She moaned as it slowly brushed her there.

Gloria was on fire again and he knew it. That damn vibrator was driving her crazy. It was a simple thing, to put it where she wanted it to be. As it moved down her ass, she caught her breath. He rubbed each side of her pussy, with that light touch he had used before. He let it lightly brush her lips, causing them to hum along with it. She struggled to get it on her clit, but he had his hand holding her ass.

She heard that velvet voice of his, again. He chuckled when she tried to get the vibrator to touch her clit. He moved it away, and removed his hand from her ass. “You like this, don’t you. I can tell. I can guess you are wanting to cum, again.” He lightly patted her ass, then it turned into a caress. “Am I right?”

Gloria quickly nodded her head but she knew she didn’t need to. She just answered his question. He could tell her pussy wanted attention. He caressed her ass, lightly rubbing her welts with his fingers, as he spoke. He found all of the little pains and made them feel better. His caress felt so good, she wasn’t really listening as closely as she should have. What she did notice was how his hands were sensitive and powerful at the same time.

“You know this is part of your training. You also know I will control every little sensation you feel. You can try to move, try to control what you feel, but it won’t work. Don’t forget I’m not new to this sort of thing. I’ve seen it all before. I will always see it, and you may sometimes pay for doing it.”

His caressing stopped, and there was silence in the room for about 20 seconds. Then he leaned down and whispered into her ear. “Do you understand what I just said?”

Startled by his voice so close, Gloria slightly jerked in reaction. She then nodded her head that she understood. His hand returned and his fingers lightly moved down her ass to her pussy. He touched türkmen escort her lips, entangling his fingers in her wet pussy hair. His fingers seemed to know where to go, and where not to.

Then, he touched her clit, ever so lightly with his finger. He circled around its mound as Gloria wiggled her appreciation. He moved his fingers to her opening, and bathed them in her wetness. With the other hand, he opened her cheeks, exposing her twitching ass hole. He moved his wet fingers to her back hole, and lightly inched them into her. Gloria couldn’t conceal her desire, and she pushed back to get more of his fingers inside her. She wanted to be fucked. She needed it so badly.

He quickly removed his finger and swat her ass with the crop. Gloria yelped from the sting. “Now remember what I said. Only I control what you receive.” He placed his hand at the small of her back. Then, he wiggled his finger into her ass hole, again. Gloria squealed from behind the gag, as he inched his finger further and further into her ass. Once it was deep inside her, he wiggled it in circles, watching Gloria’s reactions. She tried to rise up, but his hand kept her still. She could feel her ass twitch around his finger. Then, he removed it again.

Gloria groaned, as she tried to find his finger. Her ass was twitching even more. Before she could do anything else, she felt a cold wet feeling on her ass hole. He told her it was lubrication. “The lube is for what is happening next. I want to see just how much desire you have in that ass of yours. I have a dildo here, and I will inch it into your tight ass. It is a little large, so there is a lot of lube.” He added even more lube to her ass, and smeared a liberal amount to the dildo. “If your desire is so great, you will do your best to satisfy it, even if it causes you some pain.”

What had he just said? Dildo? A little large? Pain? He started inching the tip of the dildo into her ass, very slowly. “Relax, so it will fit. Don’t tense up, or it will hurt more.” He continued to inch the dildo into her ass, as Gloria did her best to accept it. She groaned and whimpered, doing her best to adjust to the dildo’s size. The pain wasn’t too bad, or she was just so turned on she didn’t care. The idea of being fucked by a dildo did excite her.

He twisted the dildo, as he slowly pushed it inside her. Lube oozed up around it. Gloria did her best to relax, but he was pushing it in so fast. Finally, it was in all the way. Just as soon as it was in, he started to pull it out, again. Instead of pulling it all the way out, he stopped half way. “Now, it’s your turn. I want you to fuck yourself with this dildo. I will hold it here. I want you to raise your ass up to it and take it in. Then, I want you to relax and lower your ass, letting it slide out again, to this point.”

Gloria was more than ready for this. She couldn’t help it. She raised her ass up and took that dildo into her ass with one quick stroke. Then, she relaxed and it slid back out, again.

“I told you to go slow, at first. You are going to have one blazing butt hole, tomorrow, if you don’t. Now, go slow at first, to let yourself get used to the size.”

Gloria didn’t see a need to go slow, but she did her best to do as he said. She started up again, taking the dildo into her ass, but not as quickly as before. Just as soon as it was deep inside her, she relaxed and let it slide out, again. She stayed at this tempo for only a short while, before she had to go faster. Her mind was on satisfaction. It had been in need all afternoon. She was determined to take care of that need, if he allowed her to.

Faster and faster, she pumped up and down, fucking her ass with the dildo. He didn’t say anything, but held it still, so she could open her ass to it, over and over. She started to get hotter, because she was thinking of him fucking her. She could visualize him on the bed, behind her bound body, fucking her ass. She pushed back harder, as if his hard cock was pushing forward. She was now humping so fast, the mattress of the bed was bouncing. He was going to allow her to cum. She was so close. God, she was so close. Just a little longer with her thoughts.

His voice filled the room, again. This time, she didn’t want to hear it. “Do you want to cum?” He pulled the dildo away from her.

Gloria did not need to hear those words. She was so close to cumming. She voiced her disappointment, from behind the gag. She fought her bonds and shook her head from side to side. She wanted him to know how she felt. Blindfolded and gagged, she could only use her body to show him how she felt.

Her ass hole ached, she nearly begged to have it filled again. Her breathing was labored as she whimpered for satisfaction. He had to know the answer to his question with out an answer, but he persisted.

“Do you want to cum? All you have to do is give me an answer.”

A loud groan was all Gloria could produce, wiggling her ass in the air. He laughed at how she displayed her need to him. “So, can I take that as a yes?” he asked, teasingly. His hand patted her ass, as he continued to torment her. “Does that cute little ass want to be fucked again?”

Gloria did her best to be heard over his laughing. Her groans and pleas quickly changed into screams of frustration. She wanted to be fucked.

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