I Saw What She Did


[Sometimes a masochist meets the perfect sadist. This story is about how these two found each other. Your comments and votes are encouraged.]


She saw it coming. I was watching the people on the platform waiting for the train when I saw the man running. Twenty-five feet behind him a cop was running, trying to catch him. The man looked back at the cop and a woman on the platform stepped in front of him.

She did it on purpose! She didn’t lift her arms, brace herself, or do anything to prepare for the collision except step in front of him.

His head turned forward just in time to see her but not soon enough to avoid her. They slammed together and both went to the pavement. The cop caught up, cuffed the man and then went to the woman.

“Lady, are you Ok?”

“Just give me a minute. I think I’m fine.” She slowly sat up, not paying any attention to the fact that her skirt had uncovered almost all of her legs bare. The nylon on the right leg was torn at the knee and the knee was scraped. I had noticed that when she fell. She did not put her hands out to break the fall or protect herself. The man who ran into her did. His hands were scraped and bleeding.

I smiled. This was a woman I needed to meet. I got a paper towel or two from a vendor and wet one of them. I walked to her and knelt by her. She looked up at me and I said, “Nice landing.”

“Ruined a stocking.”

I wiped the scraped knee with the wet towel and she hardly winced. I applied pressure with the dry towel and she looked up at me, but said nothing. I held the towel on her knee.

“You were on your way home?”

“Eventually. I was going to stop at a market and maybe eat before I went home.”

“Then, allow me to buy you dinner. Putting yourself in harms way deserves a reward.”

She looked at my face and hesitated. She knew I knew she had done what she did on purpose. Finally, she smiled a little and said, “That would be nice, I think. Thank you.”

I checked and it appeared the knee was through bleeding, for now. My hand reached for hers and I helped her stand. The cop came and took her information. I listened and it confirmed what I hoped was true. She was single, lived alone, and was thirty-three years old. The cop thanked her and walked back to his prisoner.

The woman next to me was named Michelle. We turned to step toward the incoming train and she winced. Her hands grabbed my arm and she leaned on me as we got on the train and found a place to sit. Even when we sat she didn’t let go of my arm.

“Hurts a little, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. But, not too bad.”

We got off at my stop. I hadn’t asked her which stop was hers. Going down the stairs to street level took a little time but I was in no hurry. I felt her press her breast against my arm as she held on to me. I glimpsed into the opening at the front of her dress and saw lace covering her breast. I smelled her hair and took inventory of the woman beside me. No rings. Dressed nicely, good quality clothes including expensive shoes. Modestly dressed with a hint of sexy. I thought, at first that the top button of her dress might have come up buttoned when they collided but I noticed the button hole wasn’t open at all. She had never buttoned it. She wanted to show a little skin.

Less than a hundred yards from the bottom of the stairs we entered Rusty’s, a neighborhood eatery. Eight tables and a six seat counter. It was after six so there were checkered tablecloths on the tables. Five of the tables were occupied. Rusty ushered us to an empty table and helped Michelle sit.

“Rusty, Michelle fell on the train platform. Could we have a napkin with some ice please?” He looked at her knee for just a second and disappeared into the back. He came back with crushed ice in a plastic bag and a large white napkin. I took them from him and applied them to her knee.

She looked at me and said, “Thank you, Sir.” Her head turned to Rusty and she said, “I don’t need to see a menu. I am hungry so just bring me something you think I’ll like.”

“You like shrimp?”


“I’ll take care of you. Mr. Peterson?”

“The same. Thank you, Rusty.”

As he walked away Michelle said, “You don’t need to do that. My knee will be fine.”

I squeezed her knee and looked into her face. “I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I know the bleeding stopped. I know your knee is bruised and that the ice will get the bruise to the surface faster.”

“Do you know me?”

“You told me a lot back on the platform.”

“I haven’t ever spoken to you before tonight.”

“No. But you have tells.”


“Behaviors that signal the beliefs driving the behaviors. I saw some when I first saw you. They interest me. You interest me.”

Our food came. A spinach pasta with lots of small shrimp in a tomato basil sauce. We ate. When the hunger had backed away a little she said, “Tell me about my tells, please.”

“You wanted him to crash into you. You didn’t do anything defensive. You didn’t put your hands up as you fell. You didn’t jump when I wiped your scrape.”

“And, what levent escort do those tells tell you?”

“That you have discovered something about yourself that makes you different from the people you know and hang out with. They do their best to avoid pain. You like it. You stepped in front of him, not as a good citizen wanting to help the police, but hoping he might hurt you.”

“That is crazy. No one would do that.”

“Yes, you would. When we’re finished eating we will walk to my home and I will teach you some things about yourself. I promise you will enjoy the evening.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Because there is the chance that I know who you are and that I like giving pain as much as you like receiving it.”

Her attention went back to her dinner and she ate it all. After the last bite she swallowed the last of her wine and looked at me. She reached for her purse and I said, “No. Dinner is my treat. Dessert will be on you.”


“Yes. You get to be my dessert.” I left cash and waved at Rusty as we walked out. She held my arm as before. She was trembling a little as we walked. Less than a block later I turned us into a doorway into what looked like a warehouse building. I owned the building and worked in it as well as living on the second floor. We went up in the freight elevator and when it opened on the second floor her eyes went wide.

It was a huge open room and it was my home. Couches, tables, chairs, rugs, a big bed and along one wall a kitchen. Two other rooms were part of the floor. She could see the doors to both, but not what was in them. One was a very large bathroom and the other was my play room. It had walls a foot thick, soundproofed. A choir could scream inside that room and never be heard outside.

“Michelle, tell me about your schedule for tomorrow?”

“I plan to do laundry at some point and go to the market. I may clean my apartment.”

“Not working?”


“Good, we don’t need to rush.”

I led her to the bathroom door. “Inside is the bathroom. On a hook on the back of this door is a robe. You will go inside, undress completely, put on the robe and come back to me.”

“I will?”

“Yes. You have three minutes. Go now.”

She opened the door and went in. I reached in and turned on the lights. While she was inside I undressed and put on black jeans and a black t-shirt. I was standing by the door when she came out. She had the robe pulled around her and belted tightly.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Hurt you. When the man crashed into you he damaged you, tore your skin, and may even have caused a scar. The things I do to you will hurt but not damage you. In the end I will also bring you pleasure, perhaps a level of pleasure new to you.”

“I think I should get dressed and go home.”

“No. You can go home when I tell you. When you took off your clothes you became mine for as long as I want you.”

I opened the door to the play room and put my hand on her back helping her inside. Closing the door to a soundproof room makes a strange sound and she started when she heard it.

“The room is soundproofed. No sound made in here can be heard outside this room. You may yell or scream to your heart’s content. No one will disturb us.”

I took her to a place on the floor where there were four rings in the floor and a cable hanging from the ceiling. I put leather cuffs on her ankles. She didn’t resist. Once they were on I tied them to two of the rings in the floor. She had to spread her legs and when they were as spread as I wanted them to be I tied the ropes.

Standing before her I untied the robe and helped her remove it. She didn’t say anything. She took a deep breath and lifted her breasts as she did. Perhaps a full “D” cup in size with long, fat nipples that hardened as I watched. She was shaved from the neck down.

With cuffs for her wrists I secured her arms together and then above her head.

“How do you feel, Michelle?”

“Turned on! I am helpless and I’m sooo turned on!”

“Are you wet?”


I forced a finger into her and brought it back out wet. I lifted it to her mouth and said, “Suck it.”

“No!” She turned her head. I slapped her across the breasts hard. She brought her head back to the front and opened her mouth. I wet my fingers again and just before I put them in her mouth she turned away again. I slapped harder. First the right breast and then the left. Red hand prints showed where I had hit her.

Again I dipped into her. She was wetter than before. I brought two wet fingers out of her slit and used my other hand to grasp her nipple as my wet fingers went into her mouth. She sucked. I pulled my fingers out of her.

“Michelle, we will test your limits tonight. I enjoy your defiance. You will hurt and I will win. You know about safe words?”

“Yes! I read about them. Red, yellow and green just like the traffic lights.”

“From now on whenever I ask a question the answer is Yes, Sir. Do you understand?”


I mecidiyeköy escort slapped her face. Her eyes glared at me and she said, “Yes, Sir.”

I rolled a table near her. On it were many toys for my enjoyment. I picked up a flogger. It was almost two feet long with a floppy piece of leather at the end, about three inches square. I slapped her side with it, lightly and then harder. She watched the flogger hit her skin and looked at my face.

“Would you like it harder?”

“Yes, Sir.”

The flogger was hitting her about an inch below her ribs directly down under her arm pit. I swung hard and fast and hit her five times. I moved behind her and hit her other side just as fast and hard.

“Oh, Thank you, Sir.”

Since I was behind her she couldn’t see the next hits coming. They were directed at her arm pits. Five hard quick slaps on each side.

“Thank you Sir.”


“Yes, please Sir.” The flogger went back on the table and I picked up a leather strap. Three inches wide and a little longer than a foot. Double thick and not very flexible. I held it in front of her face.

“Spit on it.”

She spit and a gob of saliva stuck to the strap.

“Spread it with your tongue.”

She stuck out her tongue and I rubbed the saliva all over the strap with her tongue.

“Stick out your ass.”

“Yes, Master.”

I slapped her ass hard and held the strap against her ass where I had slapped her.

“Was that good?”

“Yes, Sir. May I call you Master?”

“Yes. How many slaps like that would you like?”

She thought… then answered, “Thirty, Master.”

“You must count them out loud.”

I stood directly behind her and slapped her ass with the strap. Right side with a forehand stroke, left side with my backhand. She counted and when she said ten I paused. I went around in front of her and asked, “Are you enjoying this?”

“Yes, Master.”

My fingers went into her cunt. Two fingers in as far as they would reach. I hooked them and stroked her g-spot.

“Would you like to cum?”

“Yes, Master, if it would please you.”

“Not yet. Do not cum yet.”

Back behind her I resumed strapping her ass. She resumed the count. At twenty I stopped again. Her ass was red, swollen and hot. I caressed her ass cheeks and asked, “Are you sure you want the last ten?”

“Oh, yes, Master! Slap my ass, please.”

I stood to her side and hit both cheeks at once. I had her spit again and spread the spit with her tongue. The leather was hot against her tongue.


“Yes, Master!”

I put a hand on her lower belly and slapped her ass with the strap. She thanked me and counted. I swung hard and fast and quickly got her to the thirty she had asked for.

She thanked me. I took the strap back to the table and opened the ice chest on the lower shelf. I removed a small bag of crushed ice and smacked it on the table, breaking it inside the bag. I pressed the ice against her swollen, hot ass cheeks. Her breath sucked in and she looked into my eyes. Our faces were mere inches apart.

I kissed her. Her mouth opened and she surrendered to me. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and sucked hard on it. The bag of ice was melting and dripping icy water down the back of Michelle’s legs.

I ended the kiss and removed the ice. It went back into the ice chest. I picked up some clothes pins. I showed them to Michelle.

“I’m going to put these on you. Each one is of a different strength. Some will hurt a little and some will make you want to scream. It is Ok to scream. Where do you think your skin is the most sensitive to a pinch?”

“My nipples, Sir.”

“We will see.”

My thumb and first finger pinched and pulled her right nipple. It extended quite a ways and I attached a clothes pin to the distended areola. She sucked in breath and said, “Thank you Sir.”

I attached another pin to the same areola. She winced again and thanked me. When I let go of her nipple she moaned. Every movement changed the pain. To the other breast I attached a pin to her nipple. I pinched it three times hard before I attached the clothespin. When the pin clamped down she yelped. I slapped the pin gently and she arched her back from the pain.

She stood still for a minute. I moved around behind her and put my hands on her hips. I shook her, making the clothespins on her breasts flop back and forth, pinching and pulling at her skin.

She was openly crying. She did not use a safe word. I stopped moving her hips. On a chair in front of her I sat so that her pussy was at my shoulder level.

Michelle opened her eyes and asked, “What now, Master?” Her voice was strained and her eyes looked tired. My finger slid in between her lips. Her eyes widened. My finger was barely touching her, but enough that the nerve endings in her cunt were straining towards an orgasm. My finger moved slowly down from her clit and into her vagina, then slowly back to her clit.

“Michelle, I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum. Do you want to cum?”

“Yes, Master kağıthane escort I want to cum for you!” Her entire body was shaking as her quivering voice answered me.

I counted the slow strokes I was giving her. As my finger left her clit I said “One.” When it touched her clit again I said “Two.” When I said “Ten” I also said. “When I say twenty cum for me. Not at nineteen. Cum when I say twenty.”

The pace didn’t change. At fifteen she was thrusting her pussy against my finger and moaning. Her legs quivered. The muscles of her belly shook in anticipation.

“Twenty.” My finger pressed on her clit holding the pressure against her. She took a huge breath and let go. Her legs no longer supported her, her head went back and the juices flowed from her pussy. A low guttural sound came from deep inside her, rumbling and growling its way out. I slid the wet finger down and put two other fingers with it and shoved them all up into her vagina as far as they would reach. Her body shook harder.

I stood a little and grasped a nipple between my teeth and bit her. She screamed and pressed her breast into my mouth. I held on for a few moments and then both released her nipple and pulled my wet fingers from her mouth. Carefully I released the clothespins from her breasts. She moaned with each release.

Not long after I stopped touching her she opened her eyes.

“Would you like more, Michelle?”

She could not speak. She nodded. I bent to her feet and untied them from the rings in the floor. I released the cuffs at her wrists from the overhead and held her up with an arm around her waist. I carried her to a massage table and lay her on it. She made no move to resist.

Her arms were tied across her chest and I flipped her over face down. I lifted her ass, tucking her legs under her, up by her chest. I tied her legs to the rope securing her arms across her chest. Her pussy and her ass were unprotected and she was, once again, defenseless.

From the table of toys I found what I wanted. There were three butt plugs on the table. I picked the middle sized one. I took it to her face and told her to open her mouth. When she did I shoved it in, slowly.

“Get it very wet. The wetness you get on it will help me get it into your ass.”

When I had given her enough time I slowly pulled it out and let her look at it.

“Do you think you can relax your ass enough for it? It doesn’t matter. Relaxed or not I am putting that in your ass.”

“Yes, Master.”

It touched her anus and the muscles tightened. I waited and at the first hint that she had relaxed I pushed. The tip entered her ass.

“Resist if you want to. I will keep pushing and soon it will fill your ass. When it is in I will flog your ass. Every time I hit you I will hit the plug. You will feel every hit up inside you.”

“Push it in me, Master. I want it in my ass!”

I shoved hard and it seated in her ass. I went back to the table and found the same leather strap I had used on her earlier. I rubbed it on her pussy, gathering her own wetness. I stood behind her and said, “I want to slap your ass and the plug. How many slaps do you want?”

“Thirty, Master. Slap my ass thirty times.”

“Count for me. When we get to thirty you may cum.”

I slapped the strap down in the crack of her ass hitting the plug. She cried out and said, “One, thank you Master.”

At ten I stopped and caressed her ass for a time. I told her how proud I was of her. How wonderful she was to be able to take so much. Then I stuck two fingers in her cunt and finger-fucked her hard and fast for two minutes.

When I pulled my fingers out she groaned in protest. I started slapping her ass and she counted eleven, twelve, thirteen… until I stopped again at twenty.

“Are you close?”

“May I cum again for you?”

I pulled back and hit her harder. “You did not count! You did not call me Sir or master. You may not cum!”

I slapped her ass very hard again. I kept count in my head. She started to thank me and count.

“Stop counting! Stop talking at all.” I quickened the pace and soon I was at thirty and moved on. I stopped at thirty-five. From the ice chest I got a single ice cube, partially melted. I grabbed the butt plug and pulled it out. As soon as it popped out I shoved the ice cube inside Michelle’s ass and replaced the plug. I stood behind her. She did not whimper or cry out at all.

My clothes came off. I positioned myself so my cock was aligned with her pussy.

“Are you a virgin?”

She nodded yes. She had remembered the instruction, answer all questions yes.

“My I have your cherry?”

She nodded again. “Speak. May I have your cherry?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I touched my cock to her opening and entered her. My hands held her hips and I pounded into her, my hips slamming into her pussy with every stroke. When I was close I pulled out.

“You have been good, Michelle. But, not good enough to have me cum in your pussy. Would you like to swallow my load? May I fill your mouth with my cum?”

“Yes, please cum in my mouth Master. I want your cum.”

I moved to her mouth and shoved my cock inside. I bumped her deep with each stroke and her eyes watered and she gagged. I fucked her mouth until I came. As I felt my cum surge for her mouth I said, “This is for you Michelle. Swallow my gift! Suck me clean.”

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