How Would You Like Me To Touch You?

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You walked into Your new apartment and was surprised to see me kneeling before Your chair, naked, blindfolded, hands resting on my thighs, head held high. You cross over to me and caress my face. Speaking softly You ask me “How would you like Me to touch you?”

i answer:

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
You were going away tomorrow,
far far away, and You wanted to remember
the feel of my body.
the texture of my skin, the hills and valleys,
that make up the landscape of who i am.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
You were blind, unable to see me,
touch my face, my breasts,
my belly, my toes, learn what i “look” like,
Imagine me in Your mind as Your hands
explore my shape.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
Your hands were healing hands,
Radiating love energy with every stroke.
Feel the energy penetrating through skin,
through flesh, entering into the cells
of my body.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
You gained Your nourishment through
Your hands. Feed on me, drink deeply
and draw from Your touch.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
You were feeding me through Your hands.
As if by Your touch i am nourished and
sustained. Every inch of me cries out for
Your touch and yearns to be fed.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
Your hand were a feather,
lightly caressing the outer me,
allowing me to reveal my inner self to You.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
Your hands were fire
branding me as Yours,
Leaving only the pure gold of my soul.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
Your hands were sponges,
soaking up the essence of my being.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
i were a rare jewel, precious and valuable.

Master, i would like for You to touch me as if….
i were Your lover for eternity.

Being in Your arms felt just like i özbek escort knew it would. Your lips soft and tender on mine, our first kiss. We held each other close as we had only dreamed of, not wanting to let go.

You kiss me soft and gentle but the passion we had bottled up inside of us for so long would not wait. Your mouth and tongue left burning paths of fire upon my skin. You took me higher then my wildest dreams, more sensual than i ever imagined.

The hunger in our hearts was growing stronger, unleashing a torrent of bottled up passion and desire for each other.

i run my fingers through Your hair, so soft against my bare skin. You caress my breasts, lifting each one up and gently placing a kiss on each hard nipple. You bury Your face upon my breasts.

We search for secrets to be unfolded before our eyes, going further with each moan or sigh. Discovering mysteries of love and passion, following a path of loving devotion. You kiss and nibble that spot on my neck that sends waves of desire to my inner core. i uncover the touch upon Your inner thigh that brings forth a drop of delectable sweetness for my tongue.

Within mere minutes You had me wanting You more then i had ever wanted anyone, just with Your touch. We look deep into each others eyes and know that what we feel for each other was more then just a passing desire. You run Your hands up my side and the feel of Your hands on my hot feverish flesh sends spirals of burning flames higher. You start gently rolling my hard nipples between Your fingers, sending the flame burning out of control. Your touch does something to me.

Your hand slides smoothly down to my hot wet womanhood. Your touch made me cum instantly upon our fingers making me wetter and hotter for You then before. You kept touching, exploring and caressing my flaming hot cunt. With one smooth stroke Your finger enters me, and with one touch Your finger finds my magic button. A spot i had only heard whispered about but never experienced. With the mecidiyeköy escort touch of Your finger upon my g-spot sending me over the edge and i once again cum upon Your finger. The most wonderful, exquisite intense feeling i had ever dreamed about. i had already cum twice with just Your touch, what was in store for me was beyond my wildest dreams.

Running my hands all over Your body, savoring the feel of Your skin against my palms. You feel so right, as if we belong together, a purrrrrrfect fit. i can’t get close enough to You no matter how hard i tried. We moved to the bedroom and i slip Your shirt off over Your head. We hug again feeling flesh to flesh and kiss deeply. I slip your briefs off. We step together again and hold each other tight for a long time, just kissing and holding each other. Your touch made me want more of You.

We lay down upon the bed and i wiggle and squirm to get closer to You. We start exploring each others bodies with our gentle hands. We could not stop touching, holding, caressing. You take my hard nipple into Your hot mouth and suck, sending chills deep inside me. my hands stray to Your inner thighs and up to Your cock as Your hands mirror mine. i feel Your wetness and can’t resist i had to taste You to savor the taste of You as it rolls across my tongue. You moan as You run Your fingers through my hair and pull me closer.

Wanting to take our time to prolong the wonderful feeling as i sucked Your cock deep into my mouth. This new position of the 69, Your head laying upon the inside of my left thigh and my head resting on Your right thigh. Being able to look at You and You me as we enjoy the pleasures we are about to give. i want to see Your eyes as You cum.

You pull my hips to You, i was still wet and in need of You. You bury Your face into my hot cunt and stroke my hard clit with Your tongue, taking that hard nub between Your teeth and gently grazing it — ohhhhh Baby it feels so good. You pull my hips closer to get more of me. Oh the feel of my lovers tongue upon my azeri escort outer lips just before it enters me. We soon get in rhythm as our mouths performed the most exquisite pleasure on each other. Moaning loudly we both know the other is close, so close. You slide Your finger deep into me along with Your tongue, Your finger finding that magical spot once again. i suck You harder and deeper into my hot mouth wanting You to cum into my mouth as i was about to cum in Yours.

Taking you deep, my throat muscle closing tight around your cock, your hips thrusting going in deeper. At the same time we both moan deep in our throats as we cum together. Spasm after spasm we spill our essence into each others eager mouths, delighting in the taste and feel as it slides down our throats. Licking and sucking the other dry and then licking to get the last taste, ooooh baby what your touch does to me should be bottled. We snuggle close, closer knowing that soon with just one touch we will be taken beyond any pleasure that we had experienced before.

Driven beyond our wildest desires, reaching for that release with wild abandonment. You enter my tight velvety pussy, putting in just the tip. With long slow strokes You take us to the edge of release and slowly bring us back down, only to take us to the edge again. Losing control over ourselves i wrap my legs around You and pull You in deeper, filling me up with Your essence. Tumbling us over the edge we cum together.

We spend timeless moments in endless renewal over the weekend as time flies by us. We know that we will have dreams of this weekend deep into our nights, sensual sensations adding fuel. Our growing hunger remains, though we savor each moment together, craving more. We will not go gentle into the night, but relish each new taste, desire, teasing, taunting as our hearts conspire.

i will awaken each day needing You even more then the day before, i will miss Your kiss, Your touch, Your laugh, Your arms, Your caress, Your moans, Your hot body next to mine, the taste of You upon my lips. In my heart You will never be far and i’ll never quit wishing that You were here beside me every night. But until that day, i’ve only to dream about us and i can escape to that place in my heart, where we are never apart.

love You with all my heart and soul kitten

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