I unlock the door and step inside, closing the door behind me. Putting my bag down, I hear my answering machine beeping. I grumble under my breath, swearing I need to get a silent one. I hit the play button as I search through the cupboard for something chocolate. I freeze when I hear your voice play on the machine.

“I hope you’re having a good day slut. It’s now 11, I will be over at one. By the time I get there, I want you freshly showered and shaved for me. I want you kneeling naked, in the position, facing the door. See you then.”

The machine goes silent, and I’m left there completely surprised; and now wet. I know if you show up and I haven’t done what you told me, there will be consequences. That’s something you stopped needing to tell me quite a while ago. It has been a long week and I could use the release, but it still comes as a surprise, though by now it shouldn’t. Somehow, you always seem to know when I need this. I look at the clock and see that it is now noon. “oh shit” I say aloud, realizing I have an hour and that I need to get my ass in gear.

Quickly relieving myself of my clothing I climb into the shower and quickly but efficiently wash and shave myself. I feel the slight urge to pleasure myself, but know that that is off limits too. Once I’m in role, touching myself without permission is a definite no-no. I sigh and step out, wrapping a towel around myself as I proceed to blow-dry my hair, and do my makeup. There is always that little voice in my head that says I’m not pretty enough, and what could you possibly see in me. I push it aside and finish up, removing the towel and checking my reflection. Not too bad, I think to myself, before going back into the living room. Checking the clock again, I see I have about five minutes before you said you would be here. Quickly I unlock the front door and assume the position, kneeling, with my hands at the small of my back, my head up and my eyes down.

The five minutes seem to take forever until I hear footsteps outside my door. I resist the temptation to look up as the door is opened and then closed again. Out of the corner of my eye I see you walking around me, inspecting me in a way. I arch my back a little more. A little like a pet on display. I feel like I must make some spectacle kneeling there. I know you see the flush on my chest, the slight tremor that goes through me occasionally, my hardened nipples, and even though you can see it, I know you are very aware of how wet I am. You brush you hand over my hair and lean slightly into your touch.

“Stand up,” you tell me.

I stand up, trying to be graceful, keeping my hands behind my back. You steps so you are standing right behind me, I can feel the warmth from your body. Reaching in front of me, you abruptly reach into my wet pussy, getting just a single finger wet.

“Wet already slut?”

“Yes sir” I reply quietly.

You bring your finger up to my mouth expecting me to clean it off. I don’t open my mouth though. This is one thing I still fight. You use your other hand and pull my head back by my hair, hard. I gasp and open my mouth to clean your finger off. Once satisfied, you remove your finger again and release my hair.

“That’s not a good way to start this afternoon. I hope your behavior improves, since I don’t want to have to punish you. I intended this afternoon to be an enjoyable one for you.”

I can tell you haven’t finished speaking as you lean closer to me ear and whisper

“Although I know its enjoyable for you anytime you get to serve me, to please me, no matter what I’m doing to you or having you do” I swallow hard as your comment hits a bullseye. I also know not to respond.

You step away from me

“You may look up. Go into your bedroom, we are going to go get lunch and unfortunately, you have to be clothed for that,” you say with a smile.

I turn and pad into my bedroom, as you follow. I start to go to my closet when you stop me.

“No, stand away, I’m picking what you’re wearing”

Step away obediently. This is something you started doing occasionally, picking my clothes when we were together. You told me it was a good way to build trust while still taking a choice away.

You pick out a simple, yet short skirt and a slightly sheer shirt. The next thing you do surprises me, you go into my dresser and take out a pair of panties. Placing the three things on my bed, you tell me to get dressed. I notice there is no bra, and with the state of the shirt, if anyone really pays attention, they’ll be able to see the outline of my nipples. I blush a bit at the thought, but don’t argue with you. I get dressed quickly, and put on the heels you also took out for me. They are my highest ones, which force me to walk much slower than I normally do. Unlike so many of the internet stories, where the girl has a collar every time she goes out, there is no collar that you put on me today. There isn’t a need for one; we both know who is in control. While I was dressing, cihangir escort you left the room, so I walk out to find you. When you see me enter the living room, you smile. Walking over to me, you lean down and kiss me. I respond as if I’ve been starved, putting my hands on your arms, and trying to make the kiss last, but you pull away all too soon and head for the door.

We get to the café and sit, enjoying the nice weather. The server comes and we each order, and then sit back to relax. We talk about everything, and laugh a lot. Our food comes, and we get a little quieter as we eat. Midway through, you stop and look at me.

“You will go into the bathroom and do two things. You will masturbate to the edge of cumming and then stop, and you will bring me your panties.” You say, speaking very quietly.

I look up at you, showing you that this embarrasses me, but the look on your face tells me not to argue. Getting up from the table, I head into the ladies room, sure that everyone can see how much I’m blushing. What they cant see is how wet your order got me. Going into one of the stalls, I sit down and being to masturbate. It doesn’t take long before I am breathing heavily and trying hard not to make noise. Thankfully no one has walked into the bathroom after me yet. I get to the point of cumming and force myself to stop. It is still hard, but this sort of control is something you have worked with me on. Letting myself calm down a little bit, I stand up and pull my panties down, stepping out of them. Balling them up as small as I can in my hand, I exit the stall.

The walk back to the table seems to take forever. I am incredibly self-conscious of the fact that I have my rather wet underwear in my hand and probably smell like sex. Getting back to the table, I sit down looking everywhere but at you.

“Look at me” you tell me.

I look up, biting my lip.

“Did you do what I told you?”

“Yes” I reply, almost in a whisper.

You never really have my address you as sir in public, but that is a privilege, one that can be taken away, and it doesn’t mean I can be disrespectful.

“Good. Now hand me your panties”

I pause for a moment, before very slowly bringing my hand up from under the table and handing you my panties. You don’t even look at them, as you put them in your pocket. You take my hand and kiss is quickly, before going back to eating your lunch. I sit for a moment, trying to calm down, before I go back to mine.

A short while later, you get the check, pay, and we head out. Driving back to my place, we stay pretty quiet in the car. However, about halfway back, you look over at me


The one word order surprises me and I look at you in disbelief for a moment. Obviously, that moment went too long, because the next thing I feel is your hand slapping my exposed thigh, hard. I let out a yelp, and you calmly repeat your order. This time I don’t hesitate, and sliding down in the seat a little, I slip a hand under my skirt. I start masturbating, and it doesn’t take long to get me close to cumming, since I was wet already. As I get close, I ask you for permission

“Please sir, let your slut cum.”

“No, but keep playing with yourself”.

I whine I little at this, but continue, trying very hard not to cum. After another minute or two, I ask you again

“Please sir, let your slut cum”

This time you can hear a bit of desperation in my voice.

“No” you reply again

I whimper but continue as you told me. This is still hard for me, and I fear I’ll fail you, but somehow I manage, and when we get to the parking lot, you tell me I may stop. I slowly remove my hand, wishing you had let me cum, but proud of myself nonetheless because I was able to keep from cumming.

We get back inside and without you even having to tell me, I strip and neatly fold my skirt and shirt, placing it on the couch. Turning back towards you I wait to see what you want me to do next. For a moment, you just stand there looking at me. This makes me blush, and look away from you.

“No, look at me” you say as I look away.

I reluctantly turn my head back towards you, as you catch my eye and step towards me. As you get within arms reach, I feel my body respond to your closeness, wanting your touch. You step within inches of me, and I fight the urge to just reach up and pull you towards me. I think you can sense that I want to do that, because I see small smile play at your lips. For some reason this reaction pushes a button in me, and I do what I know I shouldn’t. I reach up, placing one hand on the back of your neck, the other on your shoulder and pull you in to kiss me. Surprisingly, you let me, and kiss me back, letting me lead the kiss for a little bit, before you pull back. Before I comprehend what just happened, I feel the sting of your hand on the side of my face. I look at you, shocked for a moment.

“Did you really think I mecidiyeköy escort was going to let you try and have power? Was the kiss, the moment of control, worth the reaction you got, and my disappointment in your behavior?” I fume slightly at this, but then realize you are right, and you see when I realize that.

“Go into the bedroom, I’ll be right there”

“Yes sir”

I turn and start walking towards my room, when you playfully slap my ass, making me giggle a little. That’s something I always liked, that even when being serious, you know how to interject that sort of playfulness. I get to the bedroom and kneel by the bed, waiting for you. A moment later, you come in, carrying a glass of water. Placing it on my nightstand, you go into the drawer there, and take out my little collection of toys. It started as a joke, but my having a few basic things turned out to be a good thing. You don’t take out everything, just the wooden clothespins, the choke chain, the blindfold, and the small padlock you use to keep the collar on in the right spot. My vibrators stay in the drawer. Putting them all down on the table except the blindfold, you walk back over towards me.

“Stand up, and turn around”

I get up and turn so my back is towards you. You put the blindfold on me, making sure it will stay on. Turning me back towards you, you grab a handful of hair and pull, eliciting a soft moan from me, as you kiss me harshly, biting my lip hard before letting me go. You hear a small whimper escape me at the loss of contact. The next thing I feel is the coolness of the collar as it settles on my neck, and you adjust it, locking it in place. What goes through my mind surprises me, that the collar is really only a physical reminder of what is there whenever you want it, without any physical reminder needed.

A sharp pinch on my nipples brings me out of my thoughts, as you place the clothespins on me. After a moment, the sharp pain dulls slightly, and I am able to focus on something else; namely the sound of you getting undressed. After a moment, you stale me when you place a hand on my arm. Guiding me around, you have me kneel at the foot of the bed again. I sense and hear you moving in front of me, as you sit on the edge of the bed.

“I want you to suck my cock. Put your hands behind your back. You’re not to use them; you need to learn that you don’t get to control how deep you take me, that I don’t care if you gag. You’re here for my pleasure”

I cringe a little at what you say, but I know its true. Right now, all I want is to please you. You flick one of the clothespins, causing me to gasp a little, before you guide my head towards your cock.

I start giving you a blowjob, not going too far down, and you don’t try to get me to. For the moment, you seem content to just let me please you. As I’m doing this, I know how wet I am, but I try not to focus on it. This goes on for a few minutes, but then you rather harshly push my head away from you, and stand up. You don’t give me a chance to react before you grab my hair and shove your cock back in my mouth. This time I’m not giving you a blowjob so much as you’re just fucking my mouth, just using it as a another hole for your pleasure. You thrust deeply, making me gag a few times, but you ignore it. At one point, before thinking, I bring my hand up to try and control the depth, but you slap my hand away, and I know I’ll pay for that later. After fucking my mouth for a little bit, you pull out, and push me away. I fall back on my heels, red faced, and breathing heavily.

Suddenly, you’re behind me, and take the blindfold off me, dropping it next to me. Grabbing some of my hair, you roughly pull me up. Leaning in next to my ear you speak quietly

“You couldn’t even follow a simple instruction could you cunt?”

I whimper as you call me that, feeling a little ashamed, both at what you called me, and at my behavior. I yell out as you suddenly take the clothespins off, and don’t make a move to soothe them as you normally do.

“Does that hurt cunt?”

“Yes sir” comes my very quiet reply.


Normally, that sort of response would trigger a smartass comment on my part, or make me fight you. However, for some reason, this time all it does it make we want to try to make up for what I did. At the same time, much to my embarrassment, I feel the moisture from my pussy drip onto my leg. You must see the look on my face, because suddenly you bring a hand down to my pussy and thrust a finger into it. I moan and my hips move towards your hand without my thinking. You abruptly remove your finger, brining it up to my lips for me to clean off. I turn my head, not wanting to, but a quick hard blow to my ass makes me change my mind. I open my mouth and lick your finger clean. You remove your finger and bring your hand down, idly playing with my nipples.

“That made you wet didn’t it, being treated like that. Being used for solely for my pleasure, being my cunt” kurtuluş escort

I hate to answer this, but I know you expect me to. I swallow heavily, before answering as quietly as I can

“Yes sir, it does.”

“I didn’t hear you, speak up”

“Yes sir, it does” I say more loudly, looking down as I say it. I sometimes cant believe how responsive I am to you. I guess I’m forgiven for my mistakes so far today, because you suddenly become gentle again, turning my head back towards you, kissing me passionately. I sigh, and turn slightly so I can kiss you better. After another moment of this, you pull away.

“I’m in a good mood, so I’m going to give you a treat. I’m going to let you come, however it’s on two conditions. The first is, you may not cum until I tell you. You don’t have to ask permission, but you may not cum until I say so. The second is, you must stay standing, if you don’t, there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

Feeling pleased by what you’ve said, despite the catches, which while I still don’t like, I’m used to by now, I quickly respond

“Yes sir, thank you”

To my surprise, you don’t even make me get myself off. Stepping behind me, you reach down and start playing with my pussy. Under your very talented hands, it isn’t long before I’m close to cumming. You know this and remind me that you haven’t said I could cum yet. My legs shake a little, as I have trouble staying standing. However, I’m determined not to make you regret giving me this treat. As you keep playing with my pussy, I start having more trouble not cumming. I hate begging, but I don’t have a choice at this point, and it briefly hits me that that is probably exactly your point, to get me to beg. To remind me that when in this situation, my orgasms are in your control, not mine. Instead of pissing me off, as it normally would, I only get wetter. I give up and start to beg

“Please, sir, please let me cum”


I whimper and fight against my legs, which feel like they are about to give out.

“Please, sir, I’m begging you, please let me cum”

You don’t respond for a moment, and I’m afraid you’re not going to let me.

“Yes” as you say that one word, I cum hard. “That’s it, cum all over my hand like the slut you are” as you say this is just makes me come harder.

Unfortunately, despite my trying, my legs give out and I star to fall, but you grasp my waist hard and keep me from falling.

As I come down, I’m leaning against you, enjoying the feeling you and your hands on me, when I realize that I failed part of what you told me to do. I quickly turn around to you and apologize “I’m sorry sir,” you laugh, and I don’t understand.

I look at you, and you smile

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to punish you, I only told you that so you would really try.”

It takes a moment, but that finally sinks in with me, I get mad.

“What? Why the hell did you play with my head that way? That’s not okay, do you get that?”

As soon as the words are out, I realize my mistake. The smile quickly fades from your face, and you suddenly grab my hair, and throw me onto the bed

“Get your ass in the air, now, and don’t move. You’re going to learn when not to push me”

I whimper slightly, feeling nervous, and wishing I could take back what I said. I slowly get on my hands and knees, my ass in the air, not knowing what you’re planning doing.

The next thing I feel is a sharp pain go through me as you land five hard, fast blows with your belt, to my ass. The suddenness and harshness of it makes me cry out, mixing “I’m sorrys’” with pleas for you to stop. Thankfully though, you don’t draw it out. This isn’t for pleasure, this is pure punishment, and you make damn sure the point gets across. You stop, and run your hand over my ass, drawing a small gasp as your hand touches my now sore ass. Your hand wanders towards my pussy, and you see that despite the pain, my pussy is wet. When I realize you’ve found this out, it just embarrasses me more. Your hand wanders back up, over my ass again, up my back, down and up my arm, and down and up the other, relaxing me a little, before you move away again. The next time I feel you, you thrust into me from behind. I gasp and moan at the same time when I feel you enter me. You grasp my hips hard, using them to pull me towards you. My ass is sensitive and every time you come in contact with it, I feel it, and it only gets me more aroused. You reach around and pull me up a little with a hand on my throat. You let go after a minute, and I arch myself back towards you. I get close to cumming again and you can feel it as my pussy starts to clench around your cock. I remember at the last minute to ask permission

“Please sir, let your cunt cum.”

I don’t even realize what I said, until the words are out of my mouth.

“Cum for me, cum all over my cock slut” I cum hard at your words, my pussy clenching around your cock.

You don’t wait much longer either, and a moment later I feel you grip my hips and thrust once more, hard, as you cum. I know I’ll have marks on my hips from your hands, but I don’t mind, I sort of like it. As you come down, you put your hands down on the bed, and I put my hand over yours, wanting the contact.

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