His Hunt

Big Tits

Sweating, laying on the bed, I breathe a deep sigh of contentment and notice he’s here. Still next to me, laying where his body dropped him after ecstasy was done. His breaths are deep like his voice. His chest, rising and falling slowly. I drink him in with my eyes and feel peace and aches. Aches on my body as I stretch, realizing, it wasn’t just a dream. It was fantasy fulfilled.

The light shined in to the kitchen window where I stood, thinking about the day and what lay ahead. It was a gorgeous Autumn day. Warm with just enough of a chill to put on a longer sleeve shirt. I had done as planned. I had taken the day off work, not easy to do in my profession, but I needed the extra time for healing. After the last time we had played like this, I had to call in for two shifts due to sheet exhaustion and soreness.

“Mmmmm”, I moaned as I remember that session. Energy waves rippled through my body and I was transported back to the feeling and the high of it all.

I snapped myself back to reality and proceeded to pack a backpack, filling it with a delicacy of meats, bread, cheeses, fresh vegetables, fruits and a bottle of wine. The aroma of where the bag had been, kept trying to take me from reality to the past. I sighed, feeling the dampness grow between my legs and proceeded on with my tasks.

I dressed in my normal outfit, black leggings, sports bra, long sleeved shirt with the thumb holes, no panties, black ankle socks and my black running shoes. I pulled my long black hair into a pony tail and threw on a black headband. I threw the back pack on, keys in the bag, and left my house.

I took the route through the park, as planned, and found a bench next to the tunnel entry. I sat down, took a drink from my water bottle and suddenly it was pitch black. Something was over my head and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I felt my body move but without my vision I was unable to determine where my body was going.

I felt hands that were familiar and heard breathing that I had heard before. I was suddenly against something firm. I landed with an “OOF” and then there was a slam above me. The smell of oil engulfed my senses, an engine roared and I was moving over bumps; everything dark.

I don’t know how long I had been in this space but suddenly there was a click, a squeak, and whatever was over my head was removed. The light was so bright I turned my face away to shield my delicate eyes from the harshness. A hand went to my throat and I heard the words, “Scream and I’ll have your ass.” I nodded in agreement, my eyes now wide open, terror projected from them. I was in the trunk of a car. I thought that smell of oil was familiar, but I couldn’t place earlier. I was lifted out of the trunk, my wrists and ankles bound with duct tape.

His muscles, visible through his t-shirt, strained to keep me in line as I tried to wiggle free. He turned me around and carried me up the stairs of a house. I couldn’t tell where we were but kuşadası escort there was nothing around except trees and green grass. I was taken through the porch door and firmly sat on a stiff wooden chair. He said nothing, piercing my soul with his eyes. He looked me up and down, nodded approvingly and then moved towards me, my bag in his hand. He dropped the contents on the table, surveying them and then moved them to somewhere behind me.

I didn’t see what he did next, but I could hear metal and doors. Before too long, a bowl of soup was in front of me. “Eat” he ordered as he lifted the spoon to my mouth. The liquid was warm, clear and rich amber in color. The liquid, savory and aromatic, danced in my mouth as soon as it passed my lips from the spoon. There was a large bowl that he insisted I finish in its entirety. The knife, long and unyielding, was picked up from the table and brought towards me. How did I not notice that earlier? My heart dropped in horror. Then, the knife moved to my wrists, slicing the duct tape open before swiftly moving to the tape on my ankles. A deep sigh of relief escaped my mouth and I knew that as soon as the chance was available, I needed to run, but my feet were bare. That was going to pose a problem. I thought quickly and determined I would be fine because of the grass.

He took the bowl and walked to the kitchen. My opportunity presented itself quicker that I had anticipated. I seized the opportunity and booked it for the front door. I could feel my heart beating through my chest as I ran toward nothing and everything all at once. My feet rustled through the grass and I heard the slam. The slam of the door I had just come through followed by the thud of footsteps behind me. They were far, but I knew it would be sooner than later that they would catch up to me. I picked up the pace and sprinted towards a grove, finding the largest tree I could and catching my breath behind it, slowly trying to regain my head from the high and quiet myself.

Silence. No footsteps. No breathing. Nothing to be hear but a bird in the distance.

Then I felt it. The fist near my scalp, my head being yanked back by my ponytail, another hand being placed on my throat. “Thought you could get away, did you? Well… Now. Here we are, and you are MINE” he growled, pulling me by my hair closer to him. I could feel the bulge in his pants stab me in the back. This caused me to fight a little more. My fight let to him ripping my shirt off, thin as it was anyways, and using it to bind my arms behind my back. I was thrown to the ground and my leggings were pulled to my ankles, one leg removed, looped through my shirt and my leg placed back in to it. I was, essentially, bound with my own outfit. My headband was placed over my eyes and my bra ripped off and shoved in my mouth. Here I lay, on the ground in the grove, naked, bound, blind, gagged and covered in dirt and sweat.

I heard a snap but couldn’t determine what kuşadası escort bayan it was. Suddenly I felt a sting on my ass cheeks after hearing the swish through the air. It startled me, and I couldn’t help but let out a muffled scream. The strike happened again and again and again. I lost count, my mind spinning from the pain. I heard a grunt and felt a hand reach between my legs. Two thick fingers forced in to my asshole and I lay there, screaming with tears soaking in to my headband. The fingers pulled back and I was swatted again on the ass, but this time with a hand. I was so tender, all I could do was weep. Then I was rolled over. My breasts were groped, and my nipples were pinched by a torturous device that I couldn’t determine. The pain was excruciating but I could feel myself tingling with anticipation, my mind escaping slowly to my safe place, the pond.

The gag was removed and suddenly there was a cock in between my lips. By now, the consommé was in my stomach, slowly moving to my bladder and I could feel the urge to pee, but I continued to hold it. His cock was thick and warm filling my mouth, sliding to the back of my throat, leaving me gasping for air. I hungered for it and quickly used my tongue to lavish it as much as I could, tasting every area of his skin and the fluid that was building at the tip. My throat naturally wrapped around it, taking in every inch and still eliciting a gag as it was thrust harder towards the back of my throat. I could feel my nipples erecting further, my juices running down my folded-up legs. I found myself wanting to taste the warm cream from his cock in my mouth, but it was suddenly pulled from there and I was picked up, still bound like a triangle.

I was placed on my knees and the hands were brought to my throat once again. I could feel myself getting woozy as the blood rushed to my head, my airway slowly collapsing form the pressure. One hand found its way to the mouth of the cum trail and inserted itself. “Yesssssssss” he hissed, “That’s how I like my prey. Leaving a scent for me to follow. You made it too easy this time. I expected better from you. But I’m sure after last time you couldn’t help but get caught a little bit since you let your guard down.”

His fingers stroked me like a skilled violinist and all I can do is whimper in agreement. I could feel the anticipation leading to a very close orgasm, but it was soon ended by the removal of the hand and a firm whack across my tender nipples. “You will not cum yet. You haven’t earned it” he growled.

Soon, everything was removed as quickly and skillfully as it had been placed on me. He started to count: ‘5…” I scrambled to my feet.

“4” … Though dizzy, I ran as fast as I could through the trees, picking up speed as I regained my mind. I felt like a rabbit running from a wolf.

“3” he bellowed. I could feel my heart beating from my chest. Suddenly I saw a clearing and I bolted for it. I could hear escort kuşadası running water, a stream, something and I turned my direction towards it.

“2” I heard in the distance and felt the pound on the ground of his boots. He had stopped counting and was chasing me.

My sense of awareness heightened as I listened for his steps against the sound of my own. My breathing was ragged, panting, almost dog like. I was so concentrated on his steps and trying to see him behind me that I missed the stone in front of me and fell instantly, kissing the ground. I tried to pick myself up, but I was wounded. My leg, bleeding and battered; my ankle, screaming. I got up, hobbling to the water and that’s when I heard him. He was there, maybe 2 seconds behind me, catching up quicker now that I was injured.

Naked, shaking, sweating, panting and still leaving cum down my leg, I became trapped as he pounced. Tackling me, flipping me to my back, covering my face with his palm in a loud and sharp smack. Tears welled up in my eyes and soon I was being bitten. My lips, neck, breasts, stomach, inner thighs all with the same intensity of a lion that hasn’t eaten in days. My hips bucked as I felt his mouth, warm and wet, reach down to bite my pussy. “MINE” he growled.

The hand that had captured my palm moved to my mouth and was shoved down my throat in an unnerving manner, the other hand placed on my stomach, pushing as I gagged and puked the little bit of soup left in my stomach up on the ground.

By now I my bladder was screaming at me so bad that I could barely contain it. He knew. He relished in my uncomfortable situation, pushing his cock in to me now with a force that could move mountains. My face, now buried in his chest, gasping for air, could smell his adrenaline. The hand returned to my throat and I could feel the tension from my body building as I became so close to this orgasm I could taste it. He continued to push his hips in to my opened legs, choking me harder, watching my face change colors and my eyes begin to bulge. “Beg for it” he commanded. “AAAAKKK” was all I could get out, my windpipe seriously constricted and voice box unable to pass the air needed to produce sound. “Show me” came the other command. My eyes, already wide with fear began to weep, as if a natural reaction to the command. “Yessssss” he said with a low rumble.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. That word, his tone, his thrust, his power, everything swelled up at once and before I knew it I was squirting cum and piss all over him as he unloaded his own hot mixture of sex into me, biting me on my breasts as he came. I slowly started to fade out as I came. The power of the orgasm sending my body in to a shock wave that I could not control.

I woke up on a bed, bruised, bloody, starving and still, peaceful. He looked at me with his mahogany eyes, waiting for me to say something, anything. But I couldn’t. He produced a plate of food that consisted of the backpack contents, feeding me small bites and giving me sips of cold red wine to drink; regenerating the strength I had lost in the hunt. He leaned forward, kissed my forehead, then my bruised lip, gently petting me and said those magical words, “Good girl”. It was all I heard before I blacked out again.

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