Hiliad’s Special Gift


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story has the best of both worlds — BDSM and vampires, and just for the heck of it some lesbian action.

Reviews are always appreciated. I hope you enjoy!



Yorkshire, England

In the hidden corners of the world there are mysterious and intriguing creatures that are not meant to see the light of day.

Hiliad Fildri was one of those creatures and very rare in the eyes of his kind. Of course there were others older than his two thousand years of existence, but he preferred a solitary life. The fact that he owned a warehouse which he converted to a social club was irrelevant. It was used solely for his entertainment considering how stupid humans could be, as far as he was concerned. It was also source of nourishment for his kind — vampires.

His sidekick, Liza, was his one and only child. He changed her in 1878 on the streets of New Orleans where she was a Madam of a brothel. She lived her own life before she decided to assist Hiliad in the running of the club.

Connee Byers is a human who is brought to Naluchra by her Master, Daniel.

And now …

We walked into the bar that I had dreaded coming to, but Master made me come. I was in no position to argue with Him. I stood rigid behind Him, holding His hand tightly. I knew He would protect me, so I wasn’t afraid of the surroundings.

The lighting was minimal, to help with the atmosphere, I supposed. Multiple candles were lit on the walls and on every table. It was still fairly early so there were more humans than vampires, though I couldn’t be sure of that. I was afraid to look at anybody.

Standing at the bar, Master asked, “What would you like to drink, slave Connee?” It felt like he was looking right through me to ascertain my nervousness.

“I would just like a coke, please.” I wasn’t too concerned of His reaction, as on many nights before when He granted me a night out with Him I refused an alcoholic drink. Tonight was no exception.

“Very well,” He replied; there was no discontent in His voice and gave the order to the barkeep.

I looked around more as we waited. I could immediately tell which were human and which were vampire; most humans didn’t have fangs, but the ones that had the cheap, fakey ones were obviously trying to impress someone. The real vampires were pale, stern looking, almost threatening, even the look in their eyes were different. Then I knew which ones not to look directly in the eye to avoid being glamoured. Master had done research on the club and warned me of the proper protocol. Every one of them was permanently scarred into my brain.

Master carried our drinks to an unoccupied table set just on the outside of the small dance floor. There was only one couple dancing, and from their movements alone I knew which was which. The human woman appeared to be a hooker, although I’m sure she wasn’t. Those that took to the vampires tried to fit in but overdid it terribly. The vampire, on the other hand, was incredibly gorgeous and had the body of a light-weight boxer.

I noticed another vampire sitting in a booth behind the dancers. I could see he had shoulder-length, sandy-colored hair with a thick strand covering his forehead, the ends almost touching his eye. There was a woman standing across from him, almost in a protective pose. The aura of those two creatures was magnetic.

I looked at Master, ashamed of my thoughts because He was the only one I was interested in there I was observing others. “So, what do you think?” He asked curiously.

“It is exactly as I had pictured it, Master, if that makes any sense.”

He smiled. “Is there anyone here that suits you?”

“What?” I asked surprised at His question. I knew my tone gave away my thoughts. “May I speak freely, Master?”

He was speculative for a brief moment, looking deeply into my eyes. “You may.”

“The vampires are attractive but in an odd way. It’s more curiosity of their lifestyle, not by any means sexual. I am with the one I want to be with.”

He smiled widely and His eyes softened. “Thank you for your honesty. Slave, what are your thoughts if I chose to be with one that is here in this place tonight?”

My thoughts reeled. How could He ask me such a thing? He had never, ever challenged me with that before. I found it frightening that He had then, especially there. “Master, I would be disappointed if you left me here alone, but you are free to do so. I know if I were in any trouble while I waited you would protect me.”

Although I averted His gaze, I could feel Him searching my face, and even from out of the corner of my eye I could read something in it that told me I had said the wrong thing, although I again was honest with Him.

He leaned in slowly, placed His thumb and forefinger over my slightly elongated chin and whispered in my ear, “Yes, I am free to do just that. But if I did leave, I would not leave you alone.” He leaned forward. “Look at me, slave.” I did so, trying my kuşadası escort damnedest not to show apprehension. “There is someone I would like you to meet. I trust that he will keep you safe.”

So, He was going to be with someone in the club, I thought nervously. I fought the urge not to look around to see who had caught His eye, but I didn’t really want to know. “Yes, Master. Thank you.”

He rose, took my hand and led me to the blonde vampire I’d just noticed. Had Master seen me gaze at him? I wondered. As we approached I gathered the nerve to check out the woman at his side more clearly. She was tall and beautiful woman, one I would have loved to see the color of her eyes. Both their eyes were fixed on me, though I dared not look into their eyes. I could feel them staring at me, and it made me tense. Oh, what have I done to be in this situation? I cried to myself.

When Master stopped I stood at His side, my eyes glued to the floor before me. “Good evening, Hiliad,” Master said with a small bow. “Liza.” He knew these vampires? I was shocked shitless.

“Daniel,” Hiliad replied, his voice low and extremely alluring. “Who do you have for me this evening?”

This was pre-planned, apparently, and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it.

“This is my slave, Connee Byers,” He said, and I could feel Master’s breath on my neck.

“Evening,” I croaked then swallowed hard.

“Hello, Ms. Byers,” he said, a bit of sarcasm in the ‘Ms.’ “Well done, Daniel. Thank you for this gift.”

I wanted to shrivel up and die. I sure as hell wasn’t used to being thrown around from one Master to a vampire.

Without realizing it, I found my hand tightening around Master’s and shuffled my feet nervously, only loosening it when He knelt down beside me. His mouth was close to my ear, His head turned towards Hiliad. “If you’ll excuse us a moment, Hiliad, Liza, it appears I must straighten out my slave, here.”

“No problem. If you have any difficulty, I have a whip that I believe will clear up any . . . uncertainties on her part.”

“Thank you,” Master replied and pulled me away to a deserted section of the bar and roughly pushed me against the wall. There were a few edges of brick jutting out that dug into my back. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to wince in pain. “Slave, is there a problem?”

Shit, yes! There’s a major problem I hollered in my thoughts. “Nno, Master,” I answered, unable to meet His angry eyes.

“Look at me, slave.” It took me a few seconds to do so. “You have humiliated me, and I will not stand for it. Do you understand?”

My eyes burned as I fought back tears, but I couldn’t prevent my body from shaking. “Yesss, Master,” I muttered.

His face softened and He gently laid His hand on my cheek, rubbing it softly with His thumb. “Connee, I have not brought you here as punishment. It is an experience I hope you would enjoy.” My eyes never left His. “I have no need or desire to explain to you the circumstances, but I have agreed to give you to Hiliad tonight, as I said.”

A single tear dropped from the corner of my eye. I nodded but couldn’t tell if it was intentional or from my body shaking so badly.

“What you will do for me, for Hiliad, and for that matter Liza if she so desires, is be their submissive for the evening.”

“Master?” I asked, not sure if what I heard was correct.

“He will take you away shortly while I remain here. You will do as he says, everything he says. Do you understand?”

I wanted to say no, that I didn’t understand and run the hell out of there, but I hadn’t been trained that way, not by Master Daniel, my first and only Master that had ever trained me.

“You do find him attractive, do you not?”

“Nno, Master,” I answered, a little too quickly, I was sure.

He pressed his body closer to mine, making it a little hard to breath. “Do not lie to me!” He yelled angrily. “You know what happens …”

Yes, I knew all too well what happened when I lied to Him. I waited until He was done explaining to me my punishment.

“You understand I am your Master?”

“Yes, yes, of course, Master!”

“Who owns you?”

“You do, Master.”

“Who cares for you and protects you, slave?”

“You always have, Master.”

He smiled. “I have no doubt of your faithfulness and obedience. Like I said, you must obey him, and do anything he asks.”

Then He had gone too far. I was a smidgen away from screaming my safe word but stood my ground, as I had been working on recently, much to my ass’s chagrin. “Nno, Master.”

“What did you say?” He spat, showering my face with His spittle.

“May I speak freely?”

“No, you may not.” He stepped back, crossed His arms and glared me down, and I knew I was done for, but at least I could breath. “Is it important?” I nodded. “Then do so.”

“I cannot with any clear conscience be with him, Master! I am yours. I give myself to no one but you!” I pleaded, sincerity flooding in my voice.

Surprising me, kuşadası escort bayan He pulled me into His arms and wrapped them around me. He pressed my head into His chest, and I returned the sentiment, relaxing a little. I felt, for the first time since walking into the damned place, safe.

“My little girl,” he said sweetly, “You have not disappointed me. The one rule I have given Hiliad is that he cannot penetrate you, and he cannot disrespect that. If he does, you must, and will tell me.”

I smiled. “Yes, Master.” What exactly have I agreed to? I screamed to myself.

He pulled my head back gently and looked over my face. “He knows the appointed time to return you to me. He will not harm you, slave Connee.” He wiped the final tears from my face. “Now go into the restroom and wash off your face. Meet us back at Hiliad’s booth.”

I nodded emphatically. “Yes, Master.”

And He did the sweetest thing, something He rarely does, but that makes me fall for Him all over again. He bent down, slowly, our eyes locked, and kissed me gently and lovingly. Then He smacked my ass, which made me giggle nervously.

After I refreshed myself in the bathroom, I did as I was told and walked back to Master, who was standing beside Liza. She was whispering in his ear and grinning wickedly. I took a deep breath and stood in front of Hiliad, gathering as much courage as I could. As I have done with Master Daniel, I did to Hiliad, to let Master know that I understood what He wanted me to do. I knelt down on one knee, staring at the floor and waited for his instruction.

“You are well trained, slave,” Hiliad said. I could hear pleasure in his voice, but I remained silent. “You may answer me when I have spoken to you, and only then.”

I nodded. “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Hiliad whispered something to someone, although it was so low I couldn’t understand the words. Another whisper, feminine, Liza I assumed, then Master said, “Yes, but remember …”

A split second later, Hiliad told me, “Look at me.”

I hesitated. Big mistake. I knew there was only one rule with Hiliad that Master had given him, but I had remembered he told me not to look into his, or any vampire’s eyes. Then it dawned on me. Hiliad probably asked Master if he could have me look into his eyes.

Before I could even obey and look up, Hiliad grabbed the hair from the back of my head and pulled it back so roughly I winced and gasped, but quickly closed my mouth. “I said look at me,” he barked, but I already was. His eyes were a beautiful blue, and regardless of the death glare he was giving me I was lost. “When I give you instruction, you are to listen,” he emphasized.

“Yes, sir.”

“I have promised your Master I will not glamour you, and I will not. Are you afraid of me, submissive?”

“Yes, sir.”

The corner of his mouth curved slightly. “Good. It will do you well to remember that.”

He stood up and extended his hand to me. I took it, and he pulled me up to my feet with little effort. Stepping beside me, he dug his nose into my hair close to my neck. “Hmm, you smell tasty.” Master had never played such head games with me, and honestly it turned me on a little.

Placing his arm around my waist, he led me to the dance floor, and the few that were dancing immediately flew off the stage. He turned me around quickly and pulled me to him. Without even thinking, I put my hands on his shoulders and looked at his neck, just because I was afraid of meeting his eyes again. He started to lead me, our bodies moving slowly to a song that didn’t even register to my ears. His scent was strange—wild, stronger than musk, powerful, if power has a scent. But Hiliad sure did.

“Your Master has told me a lot about you,” he said softly in my ear. His voice was so low and gravelly it sent shivers down my spine. His breath was cold, too, making the tiny hairs on the nape of my neck stand on end. “He is very happy with you.”

“Yes, sir, and I am with Him.”

“Would you ever leave him?”

Okay, just when I thought another question wouldn’t make me swallow my tongue. I pulled back and looked at his chin to avoid his eyes. “No, never, unless He didn’t want me anymore.” I’d never thought those words, much less said them before.

“You avoided my eyes. The tell-tale sign of a liar,” he accused.

Addressing him directly that time, I replied, “Then I’m sorry for that, sir.” I hadn’t realized the tone in my voice was rude in a manner never to be used with a Dominant or Master. I never can keep my mouth shut when I should.

He laughed, which wasn’t the response I thought he’d give. “Point taken. Tell me, what will your punishment be if you ever talk back to me?”

“Spanking, sir,” I answered as he began spinning me around faster and faster. I wasn’t even sure how my feet were touching the floor.

“Oh, really? A lot of slaves like to be spanked for pleasure,” he said a little disappointed.

“Yes, sir, but not me.”

“Fine. You have used your escort kuşadası one free card.”

I nodded and forced a weak smile. “I understand, sir. Thank you.”

Before I knew it my hair was flying loosely behind me, and I found my shoulders going back, my hands behind his neck, locked tightly. I must have looked at him frightened because he put both hands behind my shoulders as we continued to whirl. It wasn’t fast enough to make me sick—in fact, I started to laugh and smile. If this was as close to flying as I would ever get, I would be happy.

Abruptly we stopped, and I looked into his eyes, a huge smile plastered on my face. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes,” I said with a giggle. “Thank you, sir.”

“You are welcome,” he said as he led me back to where he was sitting.

I was looking for Master to see His reaction, but He wasn’t there. I felt a knot in my stomach the size of a basketball. I didn’t like it. But I noticed Liza was still there and looking at me smiling. I wasn’t sure if it was a good smile or a bad smile.

“Don’t you just love fresh meat?” Liza asked Hiliad as we approached her. Her voice was sultry, her words spoken slowly and highly seductive.

“More than life itself,” he snickered. “Liza, would you like to join us?”

Again with the damned mind-numbing questions. I had never told Master I was interested in being with a woman, or being dominated by one, much less a female vampire! Well, maybe that wasn’t Hiliad’s plan. One could only hope.

“Yes, I would like that very much,” Liza told him.

“I will check with Curtis to make sure things are running smoothly in our absence.” She then walked away.

“Connee, I feel a bit of tension from you, now that your Master is gone. Are you a jealous slave?” he asked curiously, looking over my face intently.

“Yes, sir, well, no sir, not really jealous. It’s just that I’ve never been . . . without Him in a situation like this.”

“I will take good care of you, slave.” I nodded. “Do you trust me?”

I hesitated. WHAP! Hiliad had hit my right ass cheek hard, so hard it stung. I closed my eyes briefly at the pain and replied, “Yes, sir, I trust you.” Did I mean it? It didn’t really matter, did it?

Without a word, he took my hand rather roughly and rushed me out to the back of the club, throwing me against the wall just as Master had done. “Hmm, you don’t like it rough, do you?” he asked when he noticed the expression on my face.

“No, sir, not usually.”

“Not usually?” he repeated, one eyebrow raised, amused, I assumed. “We shall see about that.” He pulled a black leather blind fold from his back pocket and without asking me—not that I’d object—placed it over my eyes and tied it in the back. “Can you see anything?”

As I have done with my Master, I turned my head every which way to make sure no light came through. I learned my lesson the hard way once when I lied, being able to see a little motion. When Master figured it out, let’s just say I couldn’t sit for a week. “No, sir,” I answered truthfully.

“Excellent. Follow me. There will be steps going down, but I will be in front of you. Take your time and watch your step.”

“Yes, sir.” I wish I had a shot of Bourbon when Master asked me what I wanted to drink!

After we took the first step, Hiliad closed the door behind us and I followed, slowly and carefully. I made it down the wooden steps, nine by the count of Hiliad’s shoes hitting each one. I could smell no dust or mildew, nor was there a musty odor like in most basements. But then again, it wasn’t any old basement. It was completely quiet; even the music and noise from the club upstairs couldn’t be heard—which meant no one could hear me if this Dom vampire desired to have me as a cocktail.

He put his cold, huge hand on my elbow and slowly walked me to some location in the room and had me stop. For several seconds, I heard nothing in the room, no breathing, nothing.

Several more seconds passed, and I still couldn’t feel him around me. I plucked up my nerves and stood with my hands behind me, as I always did with Master. I finally heard feet scuffle beside me and felt his tall, erect, cold body press against my back, but I didn’t flinch forward. My hands touched his shirt so I clasped my fingers tightly so I wouldn’t touch him. A frigid blast of air hit my neck, and I inhaled deeply. He smelled so good, although I noticed nothing when we were dancing. But then again, I had one less sense available to me, which made my others extra alert.

I heard a click from behind me but didn’t recognize the sound. My breathing started to become heavier, and I grew hungry for some touch from him, or word, anything. Then there was something sharp on my neck—no, two sharp needles pressing against my neck. Automatically I leaned my head over to allow him access. He seemed to like that. Cool, damp lips lay on my skin and instantly I knew what they were. His teeth—fangs. He applied the tiniest bit of pressure, though not enough to penetrate my skin, and it grew hot, or was that me? After a second the spot where his fangs were was replaced with his cool tongue lapping, taking the slight sting away. I felt my head lean back into him but not my body. I was doing my damnedest to control my breathing, but it was increasingly becoming difficult.

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